Heading to class, I sit in the back of my science class and for the next 45 minutes, slowly die from boredom.

The bells rings. Someone shaking me, I wake startled, looking around and seeing every going to the next class. Looking up I see that it’s Andrew giving me “the look” to hurry and move. Gathering my stuff in hurry, I go to the main office, I sign in and go to the vice principals office for my assistant hours block. Knowing the vice principal is never there or has anything for me to do, I head straight for the restroom by the cafeteria. The one that no one ever uses unless you’re bored or horny and need to get away, and the only one with a broken camera. Walking into the restroom, I go into the big stall, which has a wall mirror, and lock the door. Putting down my backpack and my phone to record next by the mirror, I grab some lube and I unbutton my jeans and take them off along with my shirt and jacket leaving on only my thong. I, then turn to the mirror and look at my bugle with the dry pre-cum over it and watch as I get semi-hard. Turning to my side, I grab my cheeks, pulling them up, I then let them drop and watch as they jiggle. Retrieving the control for my toy from my jacket, I click the button and turn on the toy. Feeling it vibrate within me, I shudder and moan.

Dropping to my knees, I start panting as the toy hits me in all the right places. Still kneeling in my skimpy thongs, I start to twerk my ass and feel it touch the ground slightly. Shaking my ass up and down, I feel my toy speed up and strengthen its attack on my asshole. Biting my lips in pure pleasure and closing my eyes, I put my head close to the ground as I raise my ass making it twerk in bigger movements. Putting two fingers in my mouth, I lick them over until their coated with thick saliva and start playing with my nipples. Pinching one and twisting the other making it shiver and harden to the touch of cold wet fingers, a moan escapes my mouth. My dick hard now, I turn around with my back to the floor, and playing with nipples even more. My hard dick barely being contained by my thin thong is flopping around trying to escape as my ass is hammering the floor to further lodge my toy deeper into my ass to fill me up completely.

After 10 minutes of just moaning because of the toy, I decide to stop it and take it out. I go grab some more lube and lay on my back as I start to finger myself into to loosen up even more. Moaning louder and longer, I slide one finger all the way in, then two fingers, and now up to three fingers in. clenching my boy pussy and stretching out, I moan “god I need to get fucked”. Standing up to grab my dildo from my backpack, I put a condom on it and lube. I stick the dildo to the floor. Squatting in front of the mirror, I slide down on the 10 incher. Slowly going down on the tip, I pause to take a breath, as the dildo stretches me out. Continuing to go down, I yelp and feel my asshole stretch. After I have 5 inches in me I decide to go back up and give my hole a little more lube and time to rest. After a couple of seconds, I go back down. First the tip, then the first inch, then the next, and the next, 5 inches down and I’m moaning like a bitch in heat. Wanting so bad for a man to breed me with their baby juices, I slide even further. Taking 2 more inches, being 7 inches deep, I decide to go back up. Going back down, I get to taking 9 inches, finally feeling my ass cheeks touch the floor. Now I start to slowly go up and down. Faintly hearing the sound of my ass cheeks hitting the floor, “pop…. Pop.” Going a little faster, all that’s heard is “Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop…”

Going up and down and feeing the dildo fill me up then retreat until only the tip is in, I start panting and moaning for more, until I hear the bathroom door open. “Fuck, I forgot to lock it”, I think as I’m panicking. Silently, I wait for whoever it is to do their thing and leave. The guy opens and enter the stall next to mine, and takes a leak. A full minute passes till he stops pissing. Hearing him fumble with his belt, I quietly sigh and think it’s good. But then he stops, and passes his black cock through a hole, mere inches from my face. I stare at the cock, and see its semi-hard, looking so delicious. I freeze not knowing what to do. My cock still hard and all 10 inches of the dildo now fully in me, I contemplate sucking it. Then I hear, “suck it boy”. I gasp. “I know what you been doing in there, the camera in there isn’t broken, people just think it is. I seen you fucking yourself and then riding that dildo. I must say, you is a slut, through and through. You is a whore, one of the best I seen, considering you take 10 inches like every day along with your toy that you have in you. I be watching baby boy. Now suck it”. Finishing hearing him, I grab hold of his black cock, being at least 11inches, and kiss the tip. “Boy, I know I didn’t say kiss it, I said suck it”, I hear him say. Completely hooked, I open my mouth as wide as I can and start slurping on the black cock.

            Using both hands, I grab the thick cock and start taking as much as possible into my mouth. Bouncing up and down the dildo faster, you still hear my fat ass slam against the floor, while I’m French-kissing the cock in my mouth making sure it’s constantly wet for me. Then going 5 to 6 inches down, I hear the guy, most likely the black janitor, John- the only one who has access to the cameras- moan. “Yeah baby boy, you’re a true slut, aren’t you? I seen you all day every day for the past 3 months in here the same time, just riding that dildo of yours. I bet you wish you had a real man fucking you, don’t you?” I just reply “mhm”, as I go down further on him and use suction to taste all the pre-cum that is pouring out of him. “Oh yeah slut, take it all. You’ve done this before. You nasty slut, I bet guys in your hood love yo ass. Baby boy, you were born for cock sucking, and I bet once I get a taste of that fat booty, you’ll be begging me to fuck you into next year”. John moans as I just suck even more pre-cum out of him, enjoying his salty semen. Bouncing up and down on my dildo, I moan feeling in heaven that both my holes are filled with cock, almost wishing for double penetration.

            After a couple more minutes of John moaning and me riding my dildo, I hear John say “bitch boy, open up” as he pulls out of his stall. I stand and open the door to the stall and this big muscular black man enters with his giant cock out ready for me to suck. As he’s entering and sees me, he whistles and says, “Damn baby boy, I knew you was a slut through the cam, but you is definitely a real life slut, turn around for me”. I still semi-hard and in my pink thong with white polka-dots, give him a full 360 view of me. When I show him my ass, he stops me and says, “Wow, baby boy got an ass.” Grabbing my ass cheeks, he pats them before making them bounce, then squeezes them. While the whole time I’m biting my lips to hold back my moans. Soon after, he goes to sit on the toilet. He then commands me to ride the dildo in front of him, with my ass to the mirror where my phone and camera are recording the whole thing. Going down on my dildo as I move my thong from my hole, he grabs a fist of my hair and make me swallow his cock one more. Taking completely control he just grunts as he’s making me take his daddy seed and watched me ride the dildo like the whore that I am. Going ham on the dildo, I end up smacking my ass cheeks on the floor, the only sounds that can be heard in the room are my ass cheeks, “Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.”, as well as my lips on his cock, “slurp. Slurp. Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.”, and John’s deep grunts and moans. Hunching over me, letting me continue worship his cock, he smacks my hard making a loud sound, and my ass jiggles even more. He just laughs and tells me, “Baby boy, you have an ass made for taking dick, alright!” After a while of him smacking my ass as I slide down my dildo and sucking his gorgeous dick, he tells me to get up and pick up the dildo to hand it to him.

            After handing it to him, he tells me bend over. I do and he laughs at my underwear choice. “Baby boy is a bitch, only bitches wear white polka-dotted thongs”, he moves the thing string up and down my ass, making me moan, “yes sir, let me your bitch” the whole time my hard cock is swinging still in the skimpy thong dripping heavy pre-cum, almost making a puddle on the floor. He laughs and says, “Okay, you’ll be my thong wearing bitch” and then he starts fucking me with my dildo. Slow at first as he takes a hard look as I take in the dildo. He starts licking my ass cheeks and playfully biting them. I look at the mirror and see myself being used and abuse by my temporary master, looking in his eye’s reflection I see his pure unlimited lust. Minutes after having his fun of fucking me with my dildo, he spread my ass cheeks apart and starts to lick me. I moan “Oh daddy” as he’s rimming, he stops for a second and replies, “yeah bitch, I am your daddy and this boy pussy hole now belongs to me”. He then goes back to rimming me, making sure my hole is constantly wet and ready for a good fucking. He then after what seems an eternity of me moaning and calling him daddy, and him rimming me ruthlessly, starts to finger me. I realize that his fingers are larger and fatter than mine. He savagely goes all the way down then all the way out with 2 fingers. Then 3 fingers. Then 4 fingers, fingering me for 10 minutes straight. He spanks my ass, watching as my mounds just bounce for daddy. I’m moaning and looking at the mirror in front of us, watching his attention fully directed to my rear, I then turn to the cam and wink at it.

            After more time passes of him fingering me and biting my ass and licking my hole and I just moaning like a bitch in heat, he stops. “You’re gonna feel what a real man’s dick feels like now baby boy, and best believe this boy pussy is mine now”, he says as he grabs my lube and splurging it all over my hole and his cock. We then shift to him on the ground and I squatting above his cock, waiting to take it all in. “Come on baby boy, I wanna see your face is you take daddy’s big toy”, he smile. I start to lower myself down on his monster cock, as soon as his tips in, I sigh. Feeling so elated and complete, I lower myself even more. Grimacing, I stop for a second to adjust to his monster girth. While I’m adjusting, still in my thong, he start to pull the thong as to make it smack my body, and start playing with my nipples, such as squeezing and twisting. I just moan, more so, as when he starts rubbing my hard-on. “Bitch boy, hurry up and take it all”, he says impatiently. So I start to go lower, already having 8 inches in me, I gasp, feeling all of him when he spanks my ass. “Daddy do that more, please”, I guiltily beg. “Oh so my slut likes it when his booty is punished, eh” he laughs. I blush and go even lower, he being even more impatient, slams his pelvis up, and makes me take the rest of his 3 inches. I moan and gasp, “OH FUCK DADDY!” “Yeah bitch take it” he replies.

And so, now, I’m slowly going back up until the only very tip is in me. Realizing, I feel fucking empty and miss the warmth and thickness of his cock, I push down and swallow him. He’s just groaning in pleasure, smacks my ass making it jiggle, in turn making me moan in lust. “Yeah bitch, take it. You gonna love daddy’s dick today”, he says as he’s pounding my asshole. Wrecking my boy pussy for the next 20 minutes, all that’s heard is the moans from both of us, and the panting and his dirt talk insults. “Damn bitch, I told you, you were made for being fucked, like the dirty little slut you are”, John moans, as he is going faster and deeper into me. I moaning, louder and louder, as he drills his giant black cock into my fat ass and pussy. I tighten my cunt and I moan more as I hear him say, “Yeah baby boy, you is tight alright, even after taking this cock like a whore”. He then smacks my ass as I bounce faster, up and down.

            While in this sex frenzy, we hear the bathroom door open once again and a guy comes in talking until he stops from hearing us. We don’t care as moan and pant pleasure we’re both in. The bell then rings, my signal for lunch. I look at him, and while still driving his cock deep into me, he tells me, “My cum-slut isn’t getting off until I cum and he’s leaking.” Hearing this, the guy leaves, and I smile at my daddy as I accept his challenge. I then redouble my efforts and go wild on him. I start moaning, and nibbling on his ear as he’s playing with my nipples. Moaning heavy breaths next to his ear, I moan to him, “Come on Daddy, and breed me. Let me feel your hot load in me and give me the chance to have your babies.” He smiles. I start doing down on his god piece faster and faster as I tighten my boy pussy as much as possible. And then he bursts. After 10 minutes past the bell ringing, John cums a giant hot load into me. It feels like it went all the way to my stomach making me feel full. I get up as cum is leaking out of my ass, and John the Janitor just laughs. He then grabs my vibrating butt plug and plugs it into my asshole to keep his come from leaking out. After that, he smacks my ass, and tells me to clean his cock. Getting on my knees, I deep throat his cock and get a taste of my ass and his cum mixing. “It tastes so good”, I think. Finishing cleaning his cock and swallowing any cum that was still coming, I stand. He then grabs from and pushes me towards him until I’m in his embraces. As he plays with my ass and pushes my toy deep in me, he whispers, “Best believe this is happening tomorrow and the next day, and the next, day until you graduate baby.” He lets me go and leaves me full with him in my once again wet thong, now with a limp dick, since unable to cum.                                                      

            Wiping all the cum still on my thong and legs and ass, I lick and swallow it. I then adjust my thong, and put on my clothes. I then put away my dildo in my backpack and grab my phone near the mirror and press stop recording and save it. I then grab my backpack and walk towards the restroom door. Opening it, I see the guy who walked in on us, one of the guys from my afternoon P.E. class Giovanni. He looks at me and smirks. He walks towards me, smack my ass, forcing me to remember John’s cum gush around in my ass, and whispers to me, “We are gonna have some fun in P.E. today”. With that he walks into the restroom, and I walk away to find Andrew. I go into the cafeteria and immediately go towards the table where Andrew is sitting. Walking behind him, I stare and smirk as his as poking out from the chair and get to see a little bit of his underwear. Sitting down, I once again feel John’s cum in me. Shifting to settle down in the chair, Andrew looks at me and asks, “Are you okay”. I just smile and reply, “Yeah just tired from math and office hours”. We both laugh and the lunch bell rings. “Time to go to statistics, se you there”, Andrew says. He stands, and I see a slight boner, and walks away. Still sitting, I just recount what’s happen to me, while unbeknownst to me, Andrew is looking back at me to see the peaking thong from my jeans. He turns around with a full hard-on that he’s hiding with his book.

I sigh, I stand, I adjust my jeans and jacket. And now I go to statistics, to meet up with Andrew.




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