On my way to class, I end up having to stop every couple of steps in order to readjust my thong that keeps on riding up my ass and to stop John’s cum from oozing out and drip down my legs. Entering class, luckily as the bells rings, I search for Andrew and quickly find him sitting our spot at the back of the classroom. 

Walking towards to the back, I realize Giovanni has the same class as me and perks of when he sees me. He smirks and secretly points to me and then his crotch and does the gesture of giving head. I just blush and get to the back. In the back row, Andrew is sitting in his usual seat, the seat on the right, leaving my seat open, which is on the left next to the wall, making it a perfect spot to be on the phone or take a nap like the many times I’ve done so before because of the huge computer monitors covering us.  Putting my stuff down, I slowly sit down, careful not to accidentally have my butt plug slip out and let all the collected cum in me ooze out. I sit, and I sigh as I feel the toy lodge itself deeper into me and with that I let out a small moan which I as soon as it comes out covered it up by clearing my throat.

And so class begins as usual. I kind of pay attention as I’m thinking about editing the video I took today and uploading it online. I take a few notes, and look around the class. Connecting eyes with Giovanni, he once again smirks and licks his lips, he then grabs his crotch and shows me how hard he is. He looks to be pretty big the way his bulge is filling his jeans.  I get a little excited for what is to come in P.E... Andrew in the mean while follows my glances and catches the interaction between me and Giovanni, and he starts to get hard.

15 minutes into the class, and I am dying, wishing for something, anything to happen to keep him preoccupied until P.E. comes next class. Sensing my restlessness, Andrews glances at me giving me a “are you okay” look. I just respond with a nod, and decide to use my toy to entertain myself. I click the remote control and put it on the lowest setting. And instantly I feel the toy get to work as it’s vibrating my ass and John’s cum. Because the teacher is showing a 30 minute video on statistical evidence, no one else hears my toys vibrations, except Andrew as unbeknownst to me. Slyly moving my ass on the chair, I bite my lips and wish I was getting fucked. Andrew does a side glance and looks at me as I am basically playing with myself in front of him secretly, as he just keeps on getting harder by the minute. Mustering courage, Andrew makes a move and grabs on of my free hands and puts it on his thigh.

I freeze. He freeze.

I look at my hand while he’s looking straight ahead at the video. I’m stunned, intoxicated by the feeling of the heat that I’m feeling of coming from his thigh underneath his shorts. He gives my hand a small squeeze, and in return causing my hand to squeeze his thigh. I just look as that causes his dick, which is now pitching a very large tent in his shorts, to pulsate. He moves his hand to take notes, and my hand is still on his thigh. Daringly, I inch closer to his crotch area, slowly, until I’m millimeters away from his tent. I can hear his breathing louder than usually, most likely anxious in anticipation of what’s happening. I grab hold of his cock, and he sucks his breath in. I smile.

I finally got him in my web.

Feeling around his crotch area, I soon realize that he is hung like a horse. And so, I start to jerk him off slowly through his shorts. Moving his loose shorts up and down, I caress his cock as it pulsates through the shorts, I hear him quietly moan. Really wanting to blow him in class, I rub my finger on his tip, and watch as he squirms in pleasure.

Wanting to go further, I decide to slide my hand under his short, in that moment I realized he was free-balling it. I smile even more. Going to the shaft, I feel his cock’s warmth as I go up and down it. Andrew just opens his mouth but says nothing and opens his legs slightly more. Taking this as invitation, I decide to pull out his cock from out under his shorts. Finally getting my first look at his cock, I fall in love with it. The way the head is shaped is perfect, and the coloring is perfect too, as well as the giant balls that he has. I resume to jerk him off, and just start to play around with his tip and the skin and the ball sack.

Opening his legs even more, I decide to be true to my nature of being a slut and quietly, go down on him. This causes my toy to deepen into me. My jeans lower themselves down as I bend over to take him in my mouth and my ass is halfway showing. My thong is in the open air, and Andrews sees my thong and smirks. As I get face to face with his cock, I admire it, and then I finally taste it. I kiss the tip. Slowly. I lick the tip and watch as he shudders from just having his cock licked. I open my mouth and I swallow it slowly. As soon as the head is in, I hear Andrew whisper, “holy fuck”. Going further down, I stop, I look up at him and then come back up. I smile at him, and whisper “5 dollars says I can make you cum before class ends”. Andrew just looks at me with a smirk and says, “Bet”. With that I go back down, except this time, I go back down fast, and start bobbing up and down his cock.

I start using my tongue to play with his tip, and when I go down, I make his cock as wet as lick as possible. Getting half way down, I start to gag a little bit, but not taking “no” for an answer, I brave it and go further down on him. I start to deep throat him, knowing most girls he’s been with can’t even take half. Bobbing up and down, all that heard is my little slurps in order to keep his cock wet and his heavy breathing. I go, and then I go even lower towards his balls. I smell them, taking in their scent. I smile. I then open my mouth and put one ball in. Quietly sucking on it, I lick it and kiss it. I then move on to the other, while I jerk him off and play fondle the first ball with my hand. After both balls have been in my mouth and are left wet, I go back to his cock, and go down again. This time taking his cock all the way down, my face gets to his crotch an my nose smells his pubes. He smells like a man. I go back up and down. Each time drawing out the time it takes me to get up or down to make the buildup as tortuous for him as possible.

Andrew there with his legs open as his best friend, me, is blowing him in the back of class, bites his lips from moaning. Looking at my ass, he sees the thong that’s peeking through. Deciding to pay me back for drawing out the blowjob and not letting him cum, he goes to not only squeeze my ass, but also pull my thong. He smirks as I moans with a full mouth of cock. He then winks as he once again pulls the thong and causes me to moan again. I, still going up and down on his cock, keeping it constantly wet, Andrew rubs my ass and then pulls on my thong, unbeknownst to him, making my toy go deeper in me. While pulling on my thong and making my toy deepen, I moan as I wish he was in me fucking me senseless.

15 minutes left in class, and I switch to “slut mode” and start to deep throat him while also playing with his balls. Andrew is breathing hard, as he has his eyes half closed, he keeps on pulling on my thong. Moving my hands under his shirt, I start to play with his nipples and twist them as his delicious pre-cum is filling my mouth. He just quietly moans, and calls me a “dirty slut” as he uses his free hand to push my head lower onto his cock. I create suction in my mouth and make Andrew bite his lips harder. Soon after, I feel Andrew start to lose control as he is slightly shaking from his organism. And he starts to cum, the biggest load I’ve ever had to swallow. While this is happening, the statistics video is coming to an end, and Andrew is gripping my ass hard, making me even hornier as my toy is still buzzing in my asshole, faithfully vibrating John’s cum. I continue to swallow as his cum starts to drip down my mouth and onto his shorts. After I finish swallowing what best I could, I come off his cock and lick it clean. I look to Andrew and wink as him as I lick lips and then go back down to suck any remaining cum from his short. “I’d hate to waste any”, I think as I’m finishing up.

I finish, and I sit back up. Andrew still has his hands full of my ass. I pull his shorts over his cock, and remind him of where his hand is. He blushes a little, gives my thong a small pull and gives my ass a small squeeze before letting go. I then pull up my jeans over my ass, and turn off my vibrator. I then lea over to Andrew and whisper, “just so you know, that buzzing sound wasn’t my phone, but my vibrator”. I lean back and smile as I see that take him off guard. I look over to Giovanni, and notice that he had this look full of lust, and see that he has a boner that could rival that of Andrews. He just put to my lower cheek next to my mouth, I lick the area and realize he noticed I had some left over cum. He winks at me and smile knowing next period is his turn to get off. I blow a kiss to him and settle with only a few minutes in class left.

Andrew turns to me and hands me five dollars, paying me for a bet. He then whispers to me, “keep it inside of you, I wanna play with it when we get to work”. I look at him and smile at the idea of him controlling me through the toy while at work.

The rings and it’s time for gym.  



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