I write a lot about Walt and his huge cock fucking me, but sex with him is not easy and not as often as I would like. I'm lucky if he fucks me once a week! His cock is eleven inches long and at least three inches thick. The head is closer to being 3-1/2 inches thick. And he gets rock hard! It can be like having a baseball bat shoved up my ass! It hurts like hell most times. But with the pain, I get a lot of pleasure. Since he fills me completely, him moving in me hits the right spot and I can come two or three times during a session. Once he gets in and starts fucking me, the pain fades considerably. Sometimes it even disappears!

Training my ass to accept that monster is hard, but training Walt to just go ahead fuck me is proving to be harder. Early in our relationship, he tied me down and brutally abused me, thinking that was what I wanted. When he realized how badly he hurt me, it nearly broke him. I had to convince him that while I prefer gentle, occasionally, I life it rough. He can't stand to see pain in my face. I often have to beg him to fuck me harder.  After a rough and painful session , I often hear him crying "I'm sorry" when he thinks I can't hear him .We've been together nearly three years and are making progress.

Often, Walt will spend up to an hour licking my asshole, trying to loosen me. He also lubes my ass and his cock liberally. Other times we want each other so badly, he seems to slide right in, albeit very painfully. Sometimes, he can't get it in and I get so frustrated I scream at him to force it in. Many times we just stop and please each other orally. We spend one afternoon each weekend trying to train each other.

I like riding him cowgirl style. I love him playing with my breasts while I ride him like a rocking horse. My friend, and sometimes lover, Stephanie, suggested I try reverse cowgirl! Anything was worth trying, if I could get Walt to fuck me more often.

We tried several positions before we tried him sitting near the edge of the sofa. I lubed him generously. He guided my hips until his cock was against my asshole. I rested my hands on his thighs and eased back. He let go and told me I would have to ease it in myself. I could feel the head stretching my asshole open. I pushed against him, the pain nearly overwhelming me. This was a lot harder when he wasn't pulling me onto him! When the head popped in, I screamed in pain. Walt immediately pulled back out and refused totry again.

"Damn you, Walt! Fuck me!!

Again he refused.

"I don't want to see you until you decide you will fuck me!" I yelled. I went to the guest room, slammed the door, and lay on the bed crying. I'm doing everything I know to do to get him used to fucking me, no matter that it may hurt me.

After a couple of hours, I felt really silly and returned to the living room. Walt had left a note saying he was going for a walk. He returned after midnight. I was sitting on the sofa just as naked as I was when I stormed off. Without a word, he sat next to me, not even looking at me! I tried to sit on his lap, but he wouldn't let me. I stood in front of him ,forcing him to look at me!

""Angie, I'm tired. I don't want to fight and I don't want to fuck you right now."

"Well, I AM fighting. I'm fighting for my lover to be able to enjoy sex with me. I'm fighting for you!"

"My wife......" He started.

I slapped him hard! "I am NOT your ex-wife!" I screamed. "Don't you dare compare me to that bitch! She didn't want you to fuck her! I do, and I'm practically begging you to fuck me! I am TIRED of begging! Now, what are you going to do?"

I was really hot, but the anger I saw in his eyes scared me. I'd never really seen him angry before! I stood my ground, hands on hips and stared, challenging him. He suddenly stood before me and picked me up, carry ingto the guest room. He threw me onto the bed and left. I was confused! What the hell just happened?

After a few moments, Walt returned naked. He turned me onto my stomach and forced my legs apart with his. He used one hand pressed againstmy shoulders to hold me down. I started to fight back, but he is very strong. I started to complain.

"Angie, shut up and lay still!" He commanded. His tone brooked no argument! He never orders me to do anything. I pushed him too hard and now he was pushing back!

I felt something hard and narrow forced into my asshole. Something warm flowed in. As Walt pulled the object out, in felt warm liquid dripping around my opening. Walter placed this cock against my asshole and pushed inside. The head stretching me hurt, but it was sliding in. I felt something like a pop when the head made it in. Soon Walt was all the way in, almost balls deep. He started thrusting slowly, but soon worked up to hammering my ass with powerful strokes. I felt like I as getting fucked by a baseball bat!  I started squirming beneath him.

"I said be still!" Walt commanded again.

I started laughing. Walt suddenly stopped. I could see his puzzled expression.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"You should see your face!" I laughed harder."Besides, your hair is tickling my bottom!"

Walt stared a moment then rolled off laughing. We lay there holding each other, kissing and making up.

"Darling?" I asked as I rolled back onto my stomach, "would you finish what you started?" I spread wide. "I know how you like to stay with a job until it's finished! And I'm a work in progress!"

I felt his cock against my hole. It hurt some, but nowhere nearly as much as earlier! I moaned with pleasure as he fucked me with long slow strokes. I arched my bottom upwards, encouraging him to take me harder.

Walt was lasting longer than usual, so I rolled him onto his back. I wanted to ride him. I wanted him to play with my breasts. I could also control how deep he went. Each time I ride him I can take a little more inside. I was ready for the day he was balls deep inside me. I savored the feel of him inside. Shortly, I came all over his stomach. I scraped up as much as I couldand licked my fingers clean.

Walt was smiling up at me. He could see my contented expression. He saw no pain in my eyes. I try not to show pain, trying to get him to relax and enjoy me. I could tell he was close to coming , so I rolled onto my back.

"Walt, I'm feeling soooo goooood, right now! I want to see your face when you come! You can take me hard now. Please, fuck me harder!"

He watched me as he thrust harder. I smiled at him and teased, "Is that the best you can do, Big Boy?"

Soon he was hammering my ass. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips. I held him close while he dumped his hot load inside me. He started to roll off, but I held on and was soon on top. I was still kissing him passionately.

"See, I didn't break!" I teased. "You feel wonderful in me." I wiggled my hips playfully.

Usually, we sleep with my back to him, his arm over me holding me close. This time we went to sleep intertwined, facing each other. He held me like he would never let go, and I was very happy with that.


I woke the next morning to Walt stroking my hair. He often wakes before me and tenderly wakes me. We were still intertwined.

"I'm sorry I said what I did last night," I whispered. "I know how much she hurt you. I shouldn't be such a little baby!" His only reply was to keep stroking my hair and holding me.

I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast when Walt came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He nuzzled my neck and ears a few moments before spinning me around to kiss me.

"Would you like to try again?" He asked.

"No......Maybe later?" I responded. Then I asked,"Do you still think I have nice breasts and a beautiful ass?"

Walt looked a moment and said, "I dunno.... Maybe if I saw them again," pulling my top over my head. I quickly dropped my shorts.

"I think if you spend the rest of the morning fondlingand kissing them, that might convince me!"


After lunch, we decided I would try to mount him again. Walt took the lube he used earlier and squeezed some into my ass and along my hole.He guided the head to my ass and let go again. I could feel his head stretching my asshole. I had part of it in and started rotating my hips. The head felt good against my hole. Suddenly, it slipped completely in! I kept wiggling untilI had half his length inside. I kept wiggling but couldn't get anymore in!

"Walt! I'm stuck! Pull me down!"

He laughed, and said, " I kinda like watching your ass move like that! I'm getting harder by the minute!"

I started laughing, too! Suddenly, I realized I had slid furtherdown. I'm just needed to relax! I slowly ground down until his head rested against the end of my channel.I leaned back against Walt and slowly ground against him. I was breathing heavily. I probably had a glazed expression on my face.

"Are you okay?" Walt asked, mistaking my breathing for pain.

"Oh, Walt, I feel soooo goooood! Hold me!"

He reached around to fondle my breasts and stroke my cock. I was harder than I've been in a long while! He stoked a couple of times and  Ifilled his hand with my cum. I pulled his hand to my face and licked it all up.

As I continued grinding against him, I felt him stiffening. Shortly he filled my ass. I could feel his warm load leaking out. Walt held me tight.

"Darling, I want to sit here a little longer. You still feel wonderful in me!"

"Aren't you hurting?" He asked.

"Just a little sore. Please hold me close."

I ground a little and soon felt him getting hard again. I turned around and rode him face to face. I wanted him to see I was okay. I wanted him to see how much pleasure he gave me! I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I rode him another half hour before I tired out.

I led him to the shower. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him while he soaped me up, paying special attention to my cock and my bottom. I didn't let go even when he washed my hair. He turned me around,nibbling my neck while he soaped my cock. I could feel his cock stiffening against my ass while he stroked mine. He started humping my crack. Shortly, I felt him coming on my back, and I came in his hand.

After the shower, Walt pleaded exhaustion (he is twenty years older than I am and nearly fifty!) and went to take a nap. I spent the remainder of the evening studying.

Walt took me to dinner and then dancing. He didn't mind me dancing with the other women. We both had a good time, more comfortable with ourselves than we'd been, lately.

We'd been in bed a little while when Walt pulled me to him.

"Are you too tired to...?" He asked.

I spread wide and pulled him onto me. I didn't bother lubing. He entered me, watching my face. I smiled at him as he slid in. It had been several weeks since he has fucked me this much in a weekend!


We practice every weekend. As long as I don't scream inpain, or show it in my face, Walt is more willing to fuck me. I think the problem was really me. When I'm relaxed, he's relaxed. But I want him in me,even when it hurts!


Angie K


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