After the renovations were completed, Miguel savagely used Silve and me whenever he was in town. When he was gone, Silve did the same!While I liked it at first, I slowly grew to hate our sessions. While I like rough occasionally, I also liked gentle and sweet. I was also upset I hadn't heard from Walt!

After many weeks of this rough and humiliating sex I finally told Miguel and Silve I'd had enough! I needed time to rethink what I really wanted! While I still loved both of them, I didn't think I could live like this with them anymore. I was wondering whether it was time to move on! And on top of that, I couldn't figure out how I felt about Walt!

I hadn't seen, or hard from, Walt since he tied me to my bed and fucked me. I didn't know whether to be glad or sad. We started off well and had several good weeks before that one night. While he brutally used my ass, I really liked him, and wanted to see him again! My feelings toward him were confused, to say the least. I wish he had called. I thought we were developing feelings towards one another!

Rosa found a few issues in our kitchen and Silve asked Walt to make the repairs. He started coming by for coffee, and checking on his crew. I could tell he was now uncomfortable around me. I dressed modestly around him. I wasn't quite ready to accept him, yet, but as the weeks passed, I realized I still enjoyed his company and still wanted to be with him. I realized he was coming by even when we had no issues. I felt he was coming to see me.

I finally resumed wearing my short denim cutoffs and tank top. I started going braless around him again. I even sat closer to him at the bar when he came over. One day, I kissed him when Silve left the room.

"I've really missed you," I said.

"I was afraid you might hate me," he said, looking at his feet. "I shouldn't have used you that way! I practically raped you!"

"Yes, you did! But I like you taking me forcefully, once in a while. Just don't tie me down! And don't leave me alone afterwards like that!, I don't hate you. I'm not sure what I feel!"

"Do you want me to leave?" He asked, nervously.

"Damn you, Walt!"' I shouted. "Don't leave me! Just let me sort my feelings!" I ran to my room and slammed the door!

When I came out later, he'd left. I was mad at him leaving and mad at myself for wanting him to stay. I was acting just like the little girl Silve warned me about!

I put on my coat and walked for over an hour. I found myself outside Walt's apartment. When he opened the door, I barged in past him and stood by his couch. He looked confused, but came over. I dropped my coat on the floor, then pushed him onto the couch. I sat on his lap and snuggled against him.

After a while, he put his arm around me and held me close. He sat there quietly and held me. I lay there content. He ended up holding me the entire night while I slept. I woke the next morning and could tell he  hadn't slept.

"Thank you!" I whisper. "This is what I need right now. I need you to be patient with me, please."

He drove me home and asked if he could see me again. I kissed him lightly and said yes.

Walt came over several times. We went to dinner once or twice. I was slowly feeling comfortable again. I would occasionally let him kiss me when he left.

I hadn't slept with either Miguel or Silve since I started seeing Walt again. While I like rough sex from time to time, that night, and the following nights, went too far! I don't know why I resented Walt, but not them. I no longer had sexual feelings for them, but still loved them as family. They seemed to be content with the situation as it is. If anything, they seemed closer to each other than ever!

At breakfast one morning, the three of us talked. "We didn't understand you weren't ready for what we did." Silve explained  "We were training you for a role to which you were never suited. We can never make it up to you, but we ask your forgiveness."

"We want you to stay, but if you go, know that you will always have a place here, and in our hearts," Miguel said.

"May I change my room back?" I asked. "I won't stay here, otherwise!"

They agreed and I had Walt remove the rings and replace my entire bed. I repainted. Walt put new locks in both doors and installed deadbolts. I began to feel safe.

We would eat together, but I refused invitations to go out with them. Oddly, they seemed more like parents than former lovers! I slowly grew to like that idea.

One evening we were sitting around discussing my classes when Miguel asked, "Do you like Walt?" I said yes, but wondered where this was headed.

"Silve and I are going to a formal art gallery opening and would like you to come with us. Would you like to invite Walt? You could invite someone else, instead, if you want."

I replied I'd be okay with Walt, as long as he met us there. Silve mentioned we would need new gowns, beautiful and alluring, but not sexy! I asked if we could have matching gowns and Silve brightened. It seems a trip to Jackie's was in order!

The night of the event saw me and Silve in matching formfitting, high neck, to the floor midnight blue gowns. Rosa fixed our hair. Miguel looked like the important and wealthy man he was in his tux.

Walt was waiting for us when we left the car. He looked handsome and distinguished. He was the consummate gentleman as he helped Silve, then me from the car. He offered me his arm and escorted me in. He made no moves to touch me inappropriately.

We had a wonderful time. We danced very dance. He would gaze into my eyes and smiled. He followed me around as I explained different art styles to him. He had plenty of opportunities to touch me, but only touched my hands. I hated the evening to end! Walt walked us back to our car and kissed my cheek before saying goodnight.

I was quiet on the ride home, my fingers on my cheek where he kissed me. Silve noticed tears in my eyes and asked what was wrong.

"I don't know!," I cried.

"You love him, don't you," she said. "That's why what he did hurt so! I told you once to be a woman for him. You were for a time, then you went back to being a slut, and he treated you like one! He didn't rape you. He only saw that you wanted to be used that way, so he did."

I cried softly, knowing everything she said was true!

Walt was outside our apartment when we got home. Silve and Miguel were surprised. Miguel asked him to wait in the living room. They took me to my suite.

"Do you love him?" Silve asked.

"I think I do," I said.

"No. Either you do, or you don't. Do. You. Love. Him?"


"Then let him in. In your life, your heart, and, when you're ready, into your bed."

I kissed Silve and went to Walt.

"Would you like to come in?" I asked Walt, then led him to my study.

We sat and talked awhile. Mama Rosa brought in a carafe of coffee and some cookies.

Walt was handling me like a fragile flower. I needed him to step back and look carefully at me. I sat on his lap and held his face, kissing him gently before proceeding.

"Walt, how do you see me? How do you see us? Am I just a passing sexual fling, a plaything to be roughly used and discarded?" I could see his consternation. "If we're going to work, you need to understand, I have desires and needs I will fill. I have friends for casual sex. However, when I'm with you, I'm yours alone. I want you to want me, not the sex doll you think you know! I want you to share with me, and respect me!"

"I understand," he quietly said.

We returned to the living room where Miguel, Silve, and Rosa waited.

"Walt, we've been friends a long time. We don't want to see our girl hurt again! We won't hurt her. You won't hurt her! Understand?"

"Miguel, you have my word. More importantly, Angela, you my word and my heart."

"I'm going to change clothes," I said. "Walt and I are going out. Please don't wait up."

Walt and I walked for over an hour. We said very little. I wasn't sure what I expected. Soon, I felt Walt's hand take mine. We walked quietly for a while. We stopped at an all-night cafe and drank a beer. When we walked again, I suddenly stopped and kissed him.

"Walt, I'm tired. Let's go to your place."

Walt was still a gentleman as we went inside, taking my coat. He showed me around.

"Walt, take me to bed. Sometimes I like it rough and sometimes I need it rough. But tonight, be gentle. You will probably always hurt me at first, but the pain goes away."

I undressed and left my clothes in his living room. I slid under his sheets. He stood in the hall looking stunned!

"Well, what are you waiting for? I forgot my lube, so you will have to be extra careful!"

He undressed and slid into bed next to me. He drew me close kissing me deeply. His explored my body with his mouth. When he got to my cock,he took me into his mouth. He'd never done that before. He knew what he liked when I sucked him and did the same on me.

"You might not like the taste. You don't have to swallow. I won't mind," I told him.

He seemed to like me running my hand through his hair. When I came he swallowed all my cum. He kissed down my legs then turned over and kissed his way back up my legs. He spent several minutes gently kissing and biting my bottom. He spread my cheeks and started licking my asshole. He spent several minutes gently licking and teasing my ass. He worked his fingers into me loosening my asshole.

I rolled onto my back and pulled my legs back towards my head. He leaned above me and started pushing the head into my still very tight hole. He watched my face for signs of distress. He finally got the head in and worked his full length in. He slowly fucked me for several minutes before the pain receded. I wrapped my legs around him and arched my bottom to try to take more of him inside. I also wrapped my arms around this neck. He smothered me with kisses.

"I really like your tongue in my ass," I said," but I think we need to keep plenty of lube on hand if we're going to keep fucking here."

He laughed quietly and said, "I'll buy it by the barrel if you want!"

It wasn't long before he emptied his hot load into my aching ass. I was very satisfied. He offered to take me home, but I told him I wanted him to fuck me again in the morning. We snuggled together and fell off to sleep.

I woke the next morning to find Walt gone. I was a little saddened, but then he came back. He was disappointed he couldn’t find any lube. I asked if he had any cooking oil, or maybe butter. He didn't. I go up and looked around until I found some hand lotion. I made him fuck me a couple of times before I let him take me home.

I never went to bed with Miguel and Silve after that. She was happy to have someone as a friend and companion. Miguel was satisfied to have me on his arm once in a while, letting people think I was his mistress. He still spent time in my study when I did my homework. I kissed him and Silve goodnight whenever I was home. They seemed to like that I hugged them when I came in.

I spend part of my time at Walt's and the rest at home with Miguel and Silve. Home. An interesting thought for what I'd been through. But both places are home!



Angie K


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