I asked Walt over to supper with the Garzas a few days afterI decided to move in with him. Although Miguel and Silve already knew him, I wanted the Garzas, especially Mia and Nina, to get to know him better.

Seems they all knew him better than I thought. Mama Rosa knew him from the renovation work ( and approved of him). He and Felipe were fishing buddies. He was the girls' godfather.

Nina and Mia were pleased for me, although they said they would miss having me around. I reminded them we were still "sisters"and would still hang out. Mama Rosa offered to teach me to cook (I definitely needed lessons). Miguel and Silve told me my suite was still mine, if I wanted to visit.

Walt had rented a sailboat for the following weekend and invited every one to come. Rosa and Felipe declined, but the girls were excited. Miguel and Silve accepted, too.

The next weekend found us sailing from Santa Monica. The weather was warm, with a nice breeze. Soon, all us girls were down to our bikinis. I felt a little self-conscious since I was a little more rounded from my treatments. Nina and Mia were absolutely gorgeous! Even Silve looked stunning in hers. Miguel was practically drooling over her. I'm amazed how men will stare at a woman wearing just a little clothing quicker than at a naked one!

Walt stood behind me and whispered, "I'm damned lucky.I have the hottest one in the lot!"

His arms around me felt wonderful. I turned my head and smiled. "I'll show you just how hot tonight!" He grinned and kissed me.

When we were far enough out, and no other boats nearby, Nina and Mia shed their tops. Not to be outdone, Silve shed hers. I had the wheel.Walt came up behind me and untied my top. My breasts are smaller, but Walt cupped them, whispering. "I like yours best." That man knew all the right things to say!

Suddenly, my bottoms were undone! Walt had untied them! I was embarrassed, but then thought, if Walt wants to look at my body, then who am I to deny him! Silve and the girls stared a moment, then removed theirs.

Walt stood behind me and held me tight. Nina and Mia were laying on the deck catching some sun. Miguel and Silve slipped off to the cabin below.

Walt noticed me looking wistfully at the girls. He knew I occasionally slept with women. Although I wanted one, I wasn't going to until I'd settled in with Walt. He comes first. I could see him wondering, though.

"No, darling, not any of them. I don't  fuck family. I won't even chase your sister!"

He laughed. His sister is very sweet, but not very pretty. I'm not picky, but she doesn't even come close to arousing me!

"When Silve and Miguel return, we'll go to the cabin. Miguel can take the helm. Sex on a sailboat is fantastic!" He informed me,continuing to hold me close.

We soon heard Silve in the throes of passion. She can be very loud when coming. Nina and Mia were getting an earful. The were close to the vent hatch.

"Shall I be loud? Or quiet!" I teased Walt.

I don't know if I want the girls listening," he mused.

"They're both adults. Besides, I think I should let everyone know how great a lover you are! Maybe I should scream out you rname!" I teased.

He reddened, but looked secretly pleased. I was going to get a great fucking, later. Let the girls be jealous!

Miguel and Silve came back on deck, Silve's expression let everyone know she'd been seriously fucked. She forgot to brush her hair. We could see a little come leaking down her thighs. The girls giggled and Silve rushed below to clean up. When she came back up, not a hair was out of place.She walked to the girls and whispered something that made both of them blush. She walked back with a self satisfied look on her face.

Walt and I went below. I lubed my ass a little and crawled into a bunk. Walt started to lube his cock, but I motioned him to stop. He crawled on top and lifted my legs to his shoulders. His cock sliding in hurt, but less than it normally would. He thrust into me slowly until he could get most of his huge cock into my ass. He kissed me while rocking me with each stroke.

I started to yell out in ecstasy, but he quickly put hishand over my mouth. We both were laughing. I was enjoying the boat rocking slightly. Walt knew how to match his thrust to the rocking motion of the boat.We both came at the same time after several minutes. We rarely came together! This was nice!

When we finally returned to the deck, I grabbed Walt's hand and acted like I was going to drag him back to bed. He reddened and the others laughed.


After we left the marina, Miguel treated us to a seafood dinner. Seating was limited in the waiting area. I sat on Walt's lap and stuck my tongue out at the others. Miguel immediately sat in Silve's. She then pushed him off and sat in his when he found a seat. The girls took turns sitting in each other's laps. We had an enjoyable evening and went home.


I was kneeling, trying to take Walt in my mouth. He was just too damned thick. My jaws hurt trying to open enough. He was content to let me suck the head and lick his shaft and balls. I felt him stiffening and placed my lips over his head and licked underneath. He filled my mouth with his warm, salty cum. I had to work to swallow it all. When I finished, I sat on his lap.He fondled my breasts and kissed me.

"Mmm, Walt, that feels sooooo good!" I exclaimed. Ever since he proclaimed how beautiful my breasts are, I've encouraged him to suck them long and often.

Walt finished, then went to our room. We he didn't come right back, I went to him. I found him lying face down across a pillow, legs spread wide. He was lubing his asshole. He looked back at me and smiled.

"Think you can get hard enough to fuck me?" He asked. "I'm willing, if you like."

I'd never considered fucking him. I'm mainly a bottom , and content being one. I occasionally fuck women or other trannies. I prefer to eat and suck them, especially while I'm being fucked. However, Walt's sweet gesture couldn't be ignored.

I wasn't sure I wanted to fuck his hairy ass. I crawled onto him and placed my cock against his asshole. He flinched as I pushed inside. He was incredibly  tight. I'm only five inches erect and not more than an inch thick, but I was having a hard time sliding into him. I didn't like the feel of his hair against my pelvis. I managed to fuck him several minutes, then came inside him.

"I didn't think it would hurt this much!" He exclaimed. " I must be really hurting you every time I fuck you! Why do you let me do this?"

"Yes it hurts, but I'm slowly getting used to you. Sometimes I want the pain. But I also get a lot of pleasure. And finally, I love you and can't get enough of you inside me! Now, shut up and fuck me!"

I rolled over onto the pillow and spread my cheeks.

"Maybe if you licked me for an hour or three, you can think about how much I want you buried deep in my ass!"

Walt enthusiastically licked my ass, running his tongue along the rim. I moaned every time he stuck it in me. I was writhing underneath him, begging for more. He may not have licked three hours, but it definitely was a longer than an hour!

"Walt, I'm lubed enough! Fuck me now!"

I remained face down, wanting him to take me like I'd taken him. I don't know whether it was because he fucked me often or because I really wanted him now, he was able to slide into me all the way. I felt the head ram the end of my channel, flinching every time. It hurt, but I wasn't going to let him know.

I enjoyed being filled by him and squirmed and moaned underneath him. I wished he could fuck me all night. He bit and kissed my neck and ears. I couldn't come, but I didn't care! I just wanted him to fill me with load after load of his hot cum! He fucked me nearly an hour before I had him pull out.

I turned over to let him take me face to face. I wrapped my legs around him and scratched my nails down his back. He responded by fucking harder!

"Damn, damn, damn!" I cried with each deep thrust! He came in me but kept fucking! He was still rock hard! I held on tight. I soon felt his balls slapping my ass. I was finally taking all eleven inches in my ass! It hurt, but felt wonderful at the same time!

I could feel him beginning to tire. "Please, Walt, come one more time in me!"

He grabbed me tight and emptied his load in me, totally spent. I lay there, him filling me with that fantastic cock!

I knew it would be several days before he recharged, but Iwas content. I knew I could take him completely!

I lay there next to him, thankful I'd finally found the love of my life. He would allow me my flings, but I would always be his, first and foremost.


Angie K


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