After I moved in with him, Walt would occasionally call to meet me for lunch. Sometimes I would go by his office first. He is an architect/builder/renovator. While not really wealthy, he was very well off. He could pick his clients. He could do what he wanted, and spoiling me seemed to be his current want.

I came uninvited the first visit. I wanted to surprise Walt, but he was out. I don't know why I wanted to surprise him. Maybe, I still was having a hard time believing in him. Mrs. Daly, Walt's secretary, informed me Walt was meeting with a client and wouldn't be back for a couple of hours. I was disappointed and started to leave. Mrs. Daly, or Wren, offered to take me to lunch. We went down to a sandwich shop in the lobby and visited.

Wren is an older woman, one of those whose age is very difficult to determine. She had been with Walt since he started and knew his first wife. Her conversation led me to believe she was checking me out, to see if I was good enough for him. I found out later she is very protective of him, like Mama Rosa is of me. I was pleased with that. She mentioned Walt talks about me often. She could tell he was in love with me, but didn't want to see him hurt again!

Wren looked at her watch and said, "Walt should be back soon. Would you like to wait in his office? I know he won't mind."

She left me to look around his office. I noticed he had my photo on his desk. He also had one of Matt's sketches (fully clothed) on his wall. He kept a tidy office. His bookcase had several art and architecture books. He even had a book with all my term papers! That man really must love me to want to read those!

I was sitting on his sofa reading my book when Walt came in. He was distracted and was putting his stuff away. He finally turned and saw me. His eyes brightened and he gave me a wide smile. He drew me into his arms and kissed me passionately. When he released me, he asked Wren to hold his calls then shut the door.

He saw me holding the book and reddened slightly. "I asked Nina to get me copies of your papers. I wanted to be able to talk with you about art. They are very good! This is the only published copy." He smiled and asked, "May I have your autograph?"  I signed it "To my love, and greatest supporter!"

He smiled, and said, "Now, I have a rare first edition!"

"I think you need a picture of us!" He smiled and said he would arrange that.

I sat on his lap awhile, then he offered to show me around. He took me by the hand and led me around, introducing me to his partners, Martin and Carolyn, and their staffs. Carolyn teased him about his "trophy". Walt smiled at this: however, unlike Miguel, he never treated me as his " trophy". When we were alone, I whispered I wouldn't mind being his trophy. He could "mount" me wherever he liked!

We returned to his office and I prepared to leave when Wren told Walt, "I've rescheduled this afternoon's meeting and you have no further appointments. Enjoy the afternoon."

"You certainly made a good impression on Mrs. Daly," Walt remarked. "She doesn't let anyone she dislikes wait in my office. Everyone else likes you, too!"

"Let me take you to dinner, then I will work on impressing you when we get home!" We left arm in arm.

After we returned to our apartment, I asked if he would like dessert. He nodded yes. I undressed in front of him then walked, hips swaying, to the kitchen and returned with some ice cream toppings.

"You get a sundae, but I'm craving a cock sickle!"I knelt before him unzipping his pants. His eleven inch cock sprang out at full attention.

I knelt before him and took as much of him as I could into my mouth. He is over three inches thick, the head slightly thicker. He likes when I lick the underside of the head. I can usually get most the head between my lips. He likes my lips across the head. I would bob up and down on his cockhead, running my tongue along his slit, eliciting groans of pleasure from him.  It usually takes about twenty minutes to make him come, but this time, he came quickly. I held about half the head between my lips, my tongue ready to catch his delicious cum! He didn't disappoint me and filled my mouth. I could barely swallow it all!

"Now, where are you hiding my sundae?" Walt lustfully asked.

I lay on my back and covered my breasts with chocolate syrup, running a line down to my navel and covering my cock.

"Start down there and work your way up!" I throatily purred. Was this going to be messy!

Walt sucked and licked my cock until I came. He moved down and licked where my balls used to be. His rough tongue across that area had my hard again. He moved back to my cock and sucked again, licking my shaft and head. His tongue fucked across my slit, causing me to dump another load into his waiting mouth. He slowly licked his way up to my navel, spending many minutes licking it. I was squirming beneath him. He slowly worked his way up to my breasts. He would suck and bite one andt hen move to the other. When both were cleaned, he poured more on my breasts and licked them again.

Some syrup had run down to the hollow of my neck. Walt nuzzled me for what seemed like ages before he placed his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling deeper into the kiss. He lifted my legs above his shouldesr and placed the cock head against my quivering asshole. He slowly worked his entire length balls deep inside me! He started with slow, gentle strokes, gradually fucking me harder until every thrust hit the end of my channel, making me yelp. I wrapped my legs around him trying to get more!

"Ooohh, yeesss, darling! Fucked me harder! I love your huge cock filling my ass!"

Walt fucked harder and deeper,his balls slapping against me! My little cock rubbed against his hairy stomach. I felt a familiar ache and emptied another load between us. (I did say it was going to be messy!) I ran my nails down his back while writhing beneath him! I couldn't get enough! Even though I was now hurting, I needed Walt to come in me. I wanted him filling me with his love and desire! Walt fucked me about twenty minutes and finally emptied into me.

A few weeks later, I decided to pay him a special visit. I put my hair up and dressed in a nice silk blouse and a side zip tight, knee length skirt. I was wearing an open bra, panties , and garter set, one of my old work outfits from Jackie's. I also wore my spike heels. I decided to wear my large frame glasses. Walt has never seen me dressed like this, or wearing my glasses. I usually wear my contacts.

I received many appraising looks as I walked into the building. One man lightly felt my bottom on the ride up the elevator. I turned and blew him a kiss when I got off. I know how to walk to attract attention!

Wren was getting ready to leave when I walked in. She grinned and shook her head when she saw me.

"Please don't wear him out, he has an early meeting with a new client in the morning," she said, heading out the lobby. I sat at her desk to await Walt.

Walt came in and gave me a passing glance. "Goodnight, Mrs. Daly, " he said, then stopped and looked again. "Angie???"

I smiled seductively and said, "I thought you might need someone to take dictation!" I looked at his crotch and licked my lips.

I shut and locked his office door then guided him to his desk. He leaned on the edge as I unzipped him.

"I'm really good at taking dick!" I purred, pulling his straining bulge free. I took the head into my mouth, licking and sucking until he was moaning in pleasure.

I was pleased when he said, "Oooh, Angie, this is exactly what I need!" I continued to suck a few more minutes, then stood,unzipping my skirt. I let it fall to the floor, panties falling close behind.

I bent over his desk and exposed my waiting asshole .I took some lube from my purse and fingered my asshole. "I'm especially talented at taking dick here, too!"

I felt his cock head against my asshole. The light pressure at this point felt really good! He teased my opening a few more minutes before moving deeper. It hurt as he pushed past my sphincter. I hid my pain so Walt wouldn't stop. He'd lately come to worry too much about hurting me. I wasn't going to ruin this opportunity! After several thrusts, the pain faded and real pleasure took over.

Walt grabbed my hips and hammered my ass. I moaned all sorts of encouraging noises. Too soon, he stiffened, and with one final deep thrust, emptied his hot load deep in my channel. He pulled out and proceeded to lick me clean and cover my bottom with kisses.

Afterwards, I sat quietly on his sofa until he finished for the day.

As we left, I asked, "Do I get the job?" He grinned and said I might need another "interview".

I often came by and studied on the nights Walt worked late. I would like up to see him smiling at me. He really liked me in my glasses, so I started wearing them more often. I still take "dictation" from time to time.



Angie K


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