I decided to let Walt back into my life, not for what he did, but for what others weren't doing. Many claimed to love me, but really loved what I would do for them.

Dave loved his walk on the wild side. Jackie was in love with a submissive tranny plaything. Silve really didn't know what she felt. She fell in love with an idea, then came to resent Miguel's infatuation with me. Miguel was in love with a younger version of Silve. Dave out grew me. Jackie didn't want a relationship. Silve wanted a friend, and maybe a daughter. Miguel wanted Silve. Miguel is in love with LOVE. I satisfied their sexual needs. I used them to satisfy my needs, although, I really wasn't sure what my needs were! Making them happy seemed to make me happy. In the end, their demands caused me great pain and diminishing pleasure. Soon, my only release was to give them release.

Sex with Trevor, Matt, Nina, or Mia was very casual and mutually satisfying. But these flings were just that, flings.

I do enjoy rough sex: however, I just don't want it every time, or for hours on end! I want a whole lot more than they're willing to give.

Walt is different. He seems to want to please me first. He desired me, but was trouble by what appeared to be my "need" to be"raped". Silve and I had accidentally convinced him I only liked extremely rough sex.

Neither of us wanted each other for a while after that, but both of us missed what we had before the incident. Walt worked hard to regain my trust, and was extremely patient with my coming to terms with what I really wanted. He waited on me to initiate sex, and rarely made the first move, fearful I might run.


In many ways, Silve and Miguel seemed to like this new arrangement. We no longer slept together. Silve was happy to have someone to talk to (and to shop with). Miguel was happy to have people just think I was his lover. He seemed truly happy to have someone who shared his love for the arts! Sometimes, I would tease him and wear his shirt, especially if I wanted something. He'd laugh and tell me to go put some clothes on.

Walt would come by for coffee some mornings before going to work. He would drop me to class on his way. He'd take me to dinner and movies ,or long walks. He never tried to get me in his bed. I started spending a couple of weekends a month at his place. I was slowly coming to want to be with him more often.

With Miguel and Silve, I learned to appreciate wine. With Walt, I learned to drink beer. Miguel and Silve liked the arts: Walt liked movies and TV. Silve and Walt liked the outdoors.

Many evenings, I would sit on Walt's lap. We would talk while we watched TV. He would just hold me. I was getting to be more relaxed in his arms. I learned more about him these times than any other.

One evening, I noticed he seemed reserved. He had been very open with me. He made me sit beside him, instead of one his lap.

"I was married, once", he said. "She was ten years younger than me. Her father was my business partner. She didn't like sex, said I hurt her too much. One day, I found her in bed with a man younger than her. She left me. Then I met you, and you seemed to want sex all the time, the rougher, the better. I want you very much, but I'm afraid I'll hurt you. I'd rather just hold you than risk hurting you further. I don't want to lose you!"

I climbed onto his lap and kissed him.

"Oh, Walt. Yes, sex with you can be very, very painful. But the pain diminishes. When you're in me, I feel sensations I don't feel with smaller men, or with toys. I often have orgasms, and sometimes multiple orgasms when you fuck me. You take more time preparing me and seeing to my needs than anyone before!"

He held me tight and kissed me.

"But, you need to understand", I continued. "While I prefer men, occasionally, I want a woman. I won't have one here, in your home. I won't do that to you! I hope you can accept this."

"I can, as long as I still have you!"

"Walt, I'm yours as long as you will have me! I hope you'll want me a long time!"

"You don't have to go somewhere else. I'll finish one of the other bedrooms for your private use. But," he teased, "Would you mind if I watch, sometime? "

"We'll see!" I teased back.


I resumed treatments. My body, especially my hips and bottom, rounded out more. My breasts, however, were as big as they were going to get. Walt definitely approved how I looked. He finally began making moves towards me.

One afternoon, he pulled me to him, kissing me.

"I like how you look in your denim cut offs and tank top."

"I think my breasts are too small!"

He replied, "I'll be the judge of that!" He pulled my top up and lifted me enough to take a nipple in his mouth. He sucked a while and held me tight.

I started to panic. I fought him and he let me go. I backed away, ready to bolt. I saw the hurt in his eyes. I came to my senses and realized he wasn't trying to force me. His face relaxed as the fear left mine.

"Do you really like my breasts?" I asked. He nodded yes.

I finished undressing and straddled him, pushing a nipple to his mouth. "Then show me."

He gently caressed and sucked each nipple for several minutes. I started having a warm feeling deep inside. I took one of his hands and laid it on my bottom. I waited a couple of minutes and guided the other one down. Between him sucking my nipples and caressing my bottom, I soon was erect as I could get. I could feel him stiffening in his pants.

I stood and said, "Go ahead and undress. I'll be back in a minute."

When I returned, he was naked, stroking his erect cock. He was eleven thick inches of pleasure! His head was a little thicker, looking almost like a Tootsie Roll Pop! Getting that head in is always the roughest part! After I loosen, the feel of him inside me often makes me come!

I lubed his cock and straddled him. After I lined the head up with my tight asshole, I grabbed his shoulders and wiggled my ass, slowly working him in. It burns as it slowly goes in. I always grimace in pain, sometimes scream, until he fucks a few strokes. I pulled his mouth to my nipples as I slowly rode down his length. I still couldn't take him all, but, one day, I'll take all of him.

I held his head against me, encouraging him to suck. I wiggled and rose on his cock, taking a little more each stroke. I rode him like a rocking horse. The pain went away, but I wasn't going to come this time. I was going to ride him until he emptied into me. He held my cheeks and guided me down. I rode him maybe fifteen minutes before he groaned and released his load into me. I stopped and milked his cock with my ass. I could feel cum leaking past.

I wouldn't stop riding. Even limp, he filled me completely, staying deep inside.

"Walt, darling, do you think you can fuck me again?"

He answered by holding me tight and standing up with his cock still inside me. Walt is a very strong man, easily capable of carrying me wherever he wants. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on tight as he carried me to the bedroom. I could feel him stiffening inside me. He gently lowered me to the bed. I drew his face to mine.

"I want to keep fucking me. I need you inside me tonight, and every night! I want to learn to take all of your magnificent cock!"

Walt gently fucked me for the next hour. His cock rubbed every part of my ass wall. My cock rubbed against his hairy stomach. I came a couple of times while he slowly fucked me. When he finally came, he pulled out and emptied his load on my stomach. I lay on my side. He snuggled against my back, his arm over me. Everything thing felt right. Once again, I felt comfortable in his embrace.

When he thought I was asleep, he whispered, "I love you, Angie."


After that, we slept together every night I stayed over with him. I started spending every weekend with him. We tried many positions to find what would please each other. Walt preferred to fuck face to face, seeing my face the whole time and kissing me when he came. I liked starting that way and finishing on my stomach, bent over a thick pillow. My orgasms were more intense in that position. He would fuck me doggy style, as long as he could see my face in a mirror. Most days together we would only fuck once. He wasn't the bull Miguel was, but I didn't care. The fact he always wanted to see my face meant more than anything to me.

I often lay across his lap, letting him use his fingers to loosen my ass. I was content to lay there as long as he would let me.

One evening, he had worked four fingers in me when I suddenly stopped him and sat straddling him.

I held his face and smiled brightly at him, saying, "Walt, I've been terrible to you. I've made you wait too long to hear this. I love you. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else!"

His eyes held tears of joy. He pulled me close, hugging me tightly. Kissing me gently.

"I heard you all those times you whispered 'I love you' when you thought I couldn't hear you. I love you, Walt!"

We held each other close, kissing, an laughing an crying. We ended up holding each other till it was time to go to sleep. We both had to getup early the next morning.


Monday morning came and we went our usual separate ways. I wouldn't see him till next Friday. I didn't feel I could wait that long. I called Mama Rosa and Silve, saying I was going to stay till the following Monday. After class, I rushed back to Walt's place. I stuck dinner in the oven and prepared myself. I waited naked in the living room.

9 o'clock rolled around and Walt hadn't showed. I was worried, and a little suspicious. After all, I didn't know what Walt did when I wasn't there. 9:30, Walt came in, looking exhausted. When he saw me, he rushed to me, picking me up and squeezing me!

"I've been looking all over for you! I wanted to see you and went to the colleges to pick you up. I had just missed you! When I got to your apartment, you hadn't arrived. Mia didn't know where you were. I waited outside your suite, then drove back to the college. I came home, hoping you might call"

"I'm sorry, darling. I came here wanting to see you!"

Dinner was ruined, by that point, so Walt offered to take me to supper and drive me home. I just held onto him.

"Walt, love, I'm already home!" I said smiling . "And I will cook supper!"

After supper, I led him to bed. He told me we were out of lube.

"Then you will just have to take it slow and easy!"

For some strange reason, it didn't hurt so much when he fucked me. He got to see my smiling face the whole time, his magnificent monster was buried in my ass!

It took us two years to rebuild what we once had, but I'm finally home!


Angie K


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