Voyage Home


Callum leaned against the doorway of the stable, one hand on the half door, the other resting on his hip as he watched a working Dustin in the larger stall. A smile crept over Callum’s lips as he watched the lithe body work new straw into the stall with the pitchfork. Callum moved and stepped closer to the stall going in, Dustin had his back to Callum as he was bent over working. The smile grew a bit wider as he reached out his hand and touched the back of the pants before him running his hand over one of the firm mounds under the fabric.

“I could never do this aboard ship.” Callum said above a whisper as Dustin looked over his shoulder. Their eyes met as Dustin slowly rose to stand straight.

“I know, but I always wanted you to.” Dustin said, keeping his back to Callum. The hand on him gripped the firm mound and Callum stepped a step closer up behind Dustin. Dustin closed his eyes as he felt the other hand wrap around his thin waist. He could feel the warmth of Callum behind him and leaned against him a bit.

“I love to touch you.” Callum whispered into Dustin’s ear.

“And I loved to be touched by you, Quintan, but we have to be careful. Henry is right outside.”

“I know, but I can’t help myself.” Callum said as he mouthed over Dustin’s neck below his ear. Dustin moaned softly at the touch that he loved the most. He raised his arm and put his hand to Callum’s cheek, cradling it there against him, “I have to have you.” Callum whispered.

“You will have to wait until tonight.” Dustin whispered with his eyes closed. He was growing rapidly in his pants as he felt the touch of the hand there, the gripping of his length through the fabric.

“I don’t think I can.” Callum said as he continued to work the soft neck. The hands moved on Dustin, one rubbing up and down between the firm mounds at the rear, the other reaching lower below the hard length, cupping and kneading the twin orbs trapped in the fabric. Dustin lay his head back against Callum’s shoulder, his breathing was becoming deeper as he was worked. The hand in front let go and moved up slowly, gliding over the cloth of the pants and the fingers began to unbutton the flap.

“We shouldn’t.” Dustin whispered but wanted it to happen.

“You’re right, we shouldn’t.” Callum said between kisses on the soft skin of Dustin’s neck. The flap dropped open and the fingers touched the smooth skin of Dustin’s hard length, moving slowly up and down it, grazing it gently making Dustin exhale deeply with a soft moan. The grip of the fingers was on him now, pulling on the length back and forth sliding on the skin almost teasing in their touch, “You don’t really want me to stop, do you?”

“Not when you do this.” Dustin exhaled and then took in a short breath. He could feel the sliding of the hand on him, the other still sliding up and down at the rear of him, clenching him now and then. Dustin moaned softly as the hand on him moved faster, sliding on him, bringing that feeling to him.

“I didn’t think so.” Callum whispered and ran his tongue tip from the base of Dustin’s neck to his earlobe.

“I love what has gotten into you.” Dustin whispered and rolled his head over a bit on Callum’s shoulder.

“I haven’t got into you yet.” Callum smirked and went back to working the soft skin sliding his hand on it, pulling it rapidly.

“You’re going to make me…” Dustin panted. He took in a deep short breath and held it as he erupted in Callum’s hand. The pulsing over and over in the grip of the fingers was an incredible feeling to both of them. Callum growled in his throat softly as he kissed Dustin’s neck. He moved up and sucked on Dustin’s earlobe. The hand on Dustin’s length moved again slowly, sliding up and down the length. Dustin let out his breath and leaned against Callum more.

“Nice, so very nice.” Callum whispered. He kissed the neck one last time and Dustin straightened. He turned and faced Callum, leaning forward and kissed him deeply. Hands went to Callum’s face, holding him in place. Tongues worked against each other furiously for a long minute and Dustin pulled back. Dustin stared into Callum’s eyes and then lowered his hands, taking Callum by the wrist and pulled on him, leading him over to the far stall in the corner. Dustin turned and forced Callum against the stall wall, getting to his knees, hands going to the flap of Callum’s pants, fingers undoing the buttons rapidly as Callum looked down and watched. His own length was hard and standing up and to the right, trapped by the cloth. The flap dropped and his length was hefted out and Dustin opened his mouth as he held him at his base.

Callum watched as Dustin took him, sliding back and forth on him. The warm wet feeling was wonderful and Callum rested one hand on Dustin’s head, closing his eyes as he was taken. He could feel Dustin’s tongue work his tip as he pulled back before he slid back down on him. The motion that Dustin made was becoming more rapid and was getting tighter on him. He loved it and what he felt building inside of him. Another hand came and reached into the pants, pulling his sack out, rubbing it, working each orb one at a time. Callum licked his lips and opened his eyes, looking down at what was happening to him. Callum grunted softly as he was being worked, his fingers working into the soft brown hair below.

“You bring it on me.” Callum whispered, Dustin looked up but still kept moving. Callum tilted his head back a little as he felt it, letting out a breath, “It’s here…” Callum exhaled and looked down. Dustin was using his hand now and pulled his mouth back and held it open. Callum felt it surge through him and let go, watching himself erupt into Dustin’s mouth, coating his tongue and his upper lip, “Oh God…” Callum exhaled and pulsed as the hand kept working him, pulling it out of him. Dustin slowed his hand and worked his tongue on his lips, pushing what he held about, showing it off to Callum and then closed his mouth, swallowing what he held. Dustin opened his mouth again and licked his lips and used a finger from his other hand to push what was on his upper lip into his mouth, licking his finger and then swallowed.

“That was nicer.” Dustin said and gave Callum a dreamy eyed look.

“You are amazing.” Callum whispered and leaned forward breathing a bit hard. Dustin rose on his knees and met him, wrapping a hand to the back of Callum’s head. They kissed long and deep, Callum was able to taste himself in Dustin’s mouth.


“Grandfather?” The young voice and the touch to his arm brought the old man back from his memories. His eyes shifted to the young face and he saw his Dustin sitting before him for a moment, not his grandson. His eyes burned for a moment, holding back from misting.

“I’m sorry. I was lost in thought for a moment.” The old man said and cleared his throat.

“You miss him, don’t you?” Dustin asked. The old man smiled out of the corner of his mouth.

“There are many things that I miss, my boy.” The old man said softly, he nodded a bit, “And yes, he is one of them for certain.”

“You should think of going to bed, Grandfather, it is getting late.”

“Have I been talking incessantly again?” The old man asked. Dustin smiled and pat the old arm.

“Not incessantly, no.”

“I suppose I should.” The old man said and got up slowly out of the armchair. Dustin sat back on the ottoman and watched the old man go by him. Andrew set his notebook on the settee.

“Good night, sir.” Andrew said as he watched the old man walk away slowly.

“Good night, my lads. Don’t stay up too late.” The old man said without looking back. Andrew looked over at Dustin and realized that he was looking at him now. Their eyes met and Dustin smiled a bit. Andrew gave him a look of question. Dustin moved off the ottoman and came over to Andrew on his knees, putting his hands on Andrews knees and rested on his haunches.

“What is on your mind?” Andrew asked.

“Him.” Dustin said and nodded his head a bit toward where the old man had gone, “His heart is heavy with pain.”

“I can see that as well.” Andrew said. He lifted a hand and cradled Dustin’s cheek, “He doesn’t speak of what they had together. Why is that, I wonder?”

“It must be deeply personal to him. Perhaps he might speak of it to you if I weren’t in the room or in the house.” Dustin said.

“I would never ask him.” Andrew said. Dustin smiled.

“I know. That is the kind of man you are.” Dustin said and leaned close, going nose to nose with Andrew, “That’s what I find so attractive about you.”

“Is that the only thing?” Andrew asked and raised an eyebrow. Dustin smiled wider.

“Well, there are other things as well, you know.” Dustin said and flashed his eyes.

“Such as?” Andrew asked.

“Such as this.” Dustin whispered and leaned in the rest of the way, brushing his lips against Andrew’s. Dustin teased him a bit before kissing him. Their touch was tender, brief, and Dustin pulled back, “And there are other things as well. Would you like me to show you?” Dustin asked and flashed his eyes.

“Very much.” Andrew said and reached up, running his hands up Dustin’s sides. He slid them around Dustin and lay his head over a bit and they fell into each other.


Dustin stood before Callum, looking down and was buttoning the flap of Callum’s pants. Callum watched Dustin’s face as he was completing his task and Dustin lifted his eyes. They gave Callum a soft look and a smile crept over his lips.

“What are looking at?” Dustin asked.

“Someone of great beauty.”

“Hardly that.” Dustin whispered and blushed. Callum put his hands on Dustin’s hips and gripped him tight. He pulled Dustin to him, both leaning against the stall wall.

“There is no one as beautiful as you, Dustin, no one at all, to my eyes.”

“I would argue that, Quintan. I think Christian is far more beautiful than I could ever be.” Dustin whispered as he put his hands on Callum’s arm, “I think love has blinded you.” Dustin said and smiled.

“If it has blinded me, then it will only let me see you. And to look at you is all the sight I need.” Callum smiled.

“You have the heart of a poet, Quintan.” Dustin said and kissed Callum softly.

“You make it so.” Callum whispered.

“I need to finish what I was doing.” Dustin said and stepped back to free himself from Callum’s grip.

“Let me help you.”

“If you wish. I need to go over to the barn and pump water into the trough as well.” Dustin said as he turned to leave the end stall.

“I can do that for you if you need to do something else.” Callum said as he followed Dustin into the larger stall.

“No, there is nothing else I need to do.” Dustin stopped as he took the pitchfork in one hand. Callum had taken the other and was about to start into the straw, but Dustin put a hand on him and made him stop. Callum looked at him, “What is this about, Quintan?”

“What do you mean?” Callum asked.

“I mean you,…this.” Dustin said.

“It is merely that I wish to help you. You work far too hard around here and I seem to be doing nothing. I think it is high time that I took more of an active part that’s all.” Callum said softly.

“You do enough. I appreciate the thought, but…” Dustin said.

“I want to spend time with you. Is that so wrong?” Callum asked. Dustin softened in his look.

“No.” Dustin said and shook his head a bit, “I apologize. With all that has gone on, I seem to be thinking there are hidden messages in everything.”

“It is understandable.” Callum said and leaned on the pitchfork with both hands, “I have been feeling the same myself lately. It occurred to me this morning that I have not really spent much time with you since coming home. I have missed doing that.”

“As have I.” Dustin said and smiled, “But with everything that we have been through, we have been in a constant…”

“Do you remember when you first came here, that evening with my trunk?” Callum asked.

“How could I forget?”

“It became the best day of my life.” Callum said quietly.

“How is that?” Dustin smiled softly.

“It became the best day of my life because you became a part of my life. We made love that night right here for the first time.” Callum said as he looked over at the spot. He looked back at Dustin and smiled softly, “You showed me what it is to truly care for someone.”

“You always knew how to do that, Quintan.”

“It goes beyond duty, to the ship and to the crew.” Callum said, shaking his head a bit, “No, you showed me the way it should really be between two people. It took me a while, but it came to me.”

“What are trying to say?” Dustin asked, cocking his head slightly.

“That I love you. With every part of me, Dustin,…heart, mind, soul, and body.” Callum said.

“You certainly are a poet, Quintan.” Dustin smiled. He reached up and put a hand on the back of Callum’s that rested on the pitchfork handle, “You taught me what it is to love as well, you know. And not just love with my body, but with my heart. You have given me a home, a family, a purpose in this life, and I will always be grateful to you for that.”

“Quintan? Dustin?” The voice called out. They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled briefly at one another.

“In here, my dear.” Callum called out as he stared at Dustin. Dustin moved and started into the straw pile. Martha came into the stable and stopped at the door, “Everything alright, my dear?” Callum asked as he turned toward the door.

“Yes. I was going into the village to the Square and wanted to let you know.”

“I see.” Callum said and smiled a bit.

“I will take Henry with me to help me carry a few things, if that is alright.” Martha said.

“Of course.” Callum said as he leaned the pitchfork against the stall wall, he moved toward her and stopped close in front of her, “You know, I am thinking that we may need to purchase you a dog cart or something to make it easier for you and these trips that you make.”

“Nonsense.” She said in a scolding tone, “I could never drive one of those. Besides it would take too long just to catch the horse and hitch it up and all that other nonsense.” She said and Callum chuckled.

“It might provide a bit of entertainment to see you try and catch a horse out in the pasture, your long skirt and petticoats rustling.” Callum said, folding his arms over his chest. Martha slapped one arm and scowled at him.

“Scamp.” She snapped and he chuckled even more. She picked up her dress and turned to walk away, “Henry, come along dear, we’re going into the village.” Henry stopped what he was doing with the colt and the dog and trotted to catch up to her. Callum watched the pair head for the house and turned back to Dustin, who was working on the straw again. He walked over to where Dustin was working and stood behind him for a moment. Dustin felt it and stopped. He looked over his shoulder and sighed and stood straight with a slight smile.

“We seem to be alone, imagine that.” Callum said and noticed that Dustin lost his smile looking beyond Callum.

“I don’t think we are.” Dustin said softlyand nodded slightly toward the doorway beyond Callum. Callum closed his eyes for a moment.

“Bloody hell.” He whispered, opened his eyes and turned, “Owen! You have returned.”

“Hello, Quintan.” Owen said and looked beyond Callum, “Hello, Dustin. I am sorry if I am interrupting something.”

“No, my friend, nothing as of yet.” Callum said as he stepped forward holding out his arms. Dustin followed him and stopped as Callum hugged Owen, patting him on the back, “It is good to see you, and this means that you were successful as well.”

“Yes, I was. Your instructions were perfect as always. They are safe and sound.” Owen said as Callum let him go. Dustin stepped in and hugged Owen as well, “It is good to be home.”

“And I am glad that you are here, my old friend.” Callum said as Dustin backed up.

“Did I miss anything while I was gone?” Owen asked as he looked back and forth between the two of them.

“A few things.” Dustin said and rolled his eyes. Owen gave a look of question at Dustin and then looked at Callum.

“Yes,…a few things. But we can discuss that at another time. I was wondering, I know you must be tired from your journey, but could I press you for another favor?” Callum asked.

“Of course.”

“Martha was just going into the village. Would you drop them off at the Square? They can walk back as they were going to do after their shopping.” Callum said.

“Certainly. She was just getting ready to leave as I came around the house and spoke to her.” Owen said.

“I will go and stop her then. Thank you, Owen.” Callum said, smiled, and walked away.

“Think nothing of it, Quintan.” Owen said and went to follow, but Dustin put a hand on Owen’s arm and stopped him. Owen looked back and Dustin raised an eyebrow to signal him. Owen waited as Callum walked up the path toward the back of the house, “What is going on?” Owen asked.

“There is someone that is staying at Harbroughs, someone you know, but he is here to see Callista. He is off on an errand for Quintan in London but should be returning tomorrow afternoon.” Dustin said softly.

“Darin?” Owen asked and Dustin nodded, “What does this have to do…”

“I tell you as you can be prepared when you visit Harbroughs. Also, I think your father has a little problem with Darin.” Dustin smiled. Owen shook his head.

“My father would have a problem with any young man that wanted to court Callista. God help the boy that wishes to court Muriel when she reaches of age.” Owen smiled and put a hand on Dustin’s shoulder, “Thank you, my friend, for looking out for me in that respect.”

“Of course. It seems to be the thing to do these days around here.” Dustin said and rolled his eyes a bit.

“We will have to talk later.” Owen said as he narrowed his eyes a bit for a moment. He gave Dustin another hug, turned and walked up the path to the back of the house. He opened the back door and went inside.


Callum came back into the stable and looked about but did not see Dustin. The mare and the colt were back inside their stall. Callum went over and the mare came to him at the door. He pat her forehead and scratched behind the ear of the colt for a minute, turned and walked out of the stable. He went around and through the opening in the stone fence and started across the pasture toward the barn. He saw no horses about and thought to himself that he now knew where Dustin was. He came to the corner of the barn and went around it. All the horses were there at the trough and he smiled to himself. He came around the horses and before he saw it, he could hear the handle of the pump being pumped.

“Once again, I seem to be remiss in my helping you.” Callum said as he came up behind Dustin. The handle still pumped and Dustin did not look up.

“It is understandable.” Dustin said, “I am glad that Owen has returned safely.”

“As am I. I do apologize for being a bit late.” Callum said and Dustin stopped the pumping and looked over his shoulder. He reached out a hand toward Callum.

“Quintan, come here a moment, please.” Dustin said and Callum stepped forward. He reached near Dustin and knelt down taking Dustin’s outstretched hand in his, “Understand something. You have given me my dream. I was the one that always wanted horses about me and you have provided that. As I told you earlier, you have also given me a home, a family, and more importantly, someone to love. I could not be happier than right at this moment. What I am doing is all part of it, my dream come true. Don’t you see?” Dustin smiled and shook his head a bit, “I know what has to be done, and I love doing it. I don’t see it as chores. Do you understand?”

“I do, my love. But, as I said, I want to spend time with you. I was trying to explain that in the stable to you.”

“And you did.” Dustin smiled wider and squeezed Callum’s hand, “If we have these moments like this, then I am even happier.”

“As I said, you are amazing to me, Dustin.” Callum said and lifted Dustin’s hand and kissed the back of it. They locked eyes and Callum smiled wide. Dustin took his hand back and started to pump the handle again.

“Why don’t you let me do that?” Callum asked.

“It will strain your shoulder and your side as well. When you have healed enough, I might let you.” Dustin said and Callum shook his head.

“Do not coddle me. I am far more resilient as you know.” Callum said.

“Yes, my invincible warrior, you’re right, as I do know full well.” Dustin said and stopped pumping. He looked over his shoulder, “But I want you good for tonight and not strained.” Dustin said and then winked. Callum chuckled. He looked over at the house known as Harbroughs and saw no sign of movement.

“I wonder what they are up to?” Callum asked.

“Christian probably has Thomas tied to the bed I would think.” Dustin said went wide eyed at what he had said out loud. Callum gave him a look of surprise.

“Is there something else that you know about them that you have not told me as of yet?”

“Uh…why do you ask?” Dustin asked as he went back to pumping.

“One, you volunteered that fairly quickly, two, I think that the trough is full enough for another herd.” Callum said and crossed his arms over his chest. Dustin stopped pumping and looked at him.

“I suppose it is.” Dustin said quietly. He rose to his feet, Callum followed him. Dustin looked at him and swallowed hard, “I should not say. It was something that they let slip once and I overheard it, that’s all.”

“Are you saying that Thomas likes to be tied?”

“Not Thomas.” Dustin said and averted his eyes.

“Christian? Really?” Callum asked quietly and looked back at the house.

“I don’t know that for fact, just what they were saying, and they may have been teasing, I don’t know.” Dustin said and blushed.

“I think you do, my love.” Callum said and stepped close to him. He put his hands on Dustin’s arms, feeling the tight muscles under the shirt, “I think you know way more than you care to admit about a number of things.” Callum said and smiled warmly, Dustin looked into his eyes, “And that is fine. You can keep secrets about those that you care for, and I can appreciate that. It makes you a good friend, a confidant, that and what you did for Owen earlier.” Callum said and Dustin went wide eyed, “He said something to me about it in passing only, how much he appreciated your caring of their situation.”

“I see.” Dustin whispered.

“It makes me value you even more.” Callum said and leaned in, kissing Dustin on the cheek.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“What? Be a good friend? A confidant? Of course you did. You are completely trustworthy, Dustin. We all know it. I rely on it without question as I think the others do as well. It makes you a special person, very special.”

“So are you.” Dustin whispered. Callum shook his head.

“I can read the situation, act on it. It makes me reactionary. They trust that I will get it done and see it through, but that is not the same as you, you offering complete trust to all about you. Henry especially,…he is drawn to it. That is why he does not buck against you, like he does me, not because you haven’t left him, because he trusts you completely, as do they.” Callum said and nodded his head toward the house.

“I love you, Quintan.” Dustin said and put his arms around Callum’s neck, being careful of the wounded shoulder. He went crotch to crotch with Callum and rubbed himself against him, “Let me show how much I love you.”

“What about tonight?”

“There will be that as well, I promise you.” Dustin said and kissed Callum and pulled back, rubbing nose tips with him, “Come with me.” Dustin whispered, turned and pulled Callum and led him to the unfinished barn. They went inside and Dustin let him go and walked on a few more steps. Callum stopped and watched as Dustin pulled his shirt out of his pants, pulling it over his head, tossing it away. He lifted a leg and bent it, pulling off his boot, dropping it. Dustin switched legs, pulling off the other boot and dropping it. He undid the buttons of the flap of his pants and let it drop open. Callum smiled and his eyes began to have a hungry look to them. He marveled at the slender muscular body that was stripping for him. Dustin pushed his pants down and revealed all of himself to Callum, dropping the pants to the ground, “What are you waiting for?”

“Come and do it for me.” Callum said softly. Dustin smiled and went to him slowly with a look of mischief on his face.

“I’d be happy to.” Dustin said as he came closer. Callum was looking him up and down and it more than excited him to see Dustin like this in full light, “You like what you see, don’t you?”

“Very…very much. As I said before, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Callum whispered as he eyes were still running up and down Dustin. They finally locked eyes, Dustin stepped in and kissed Callum tenderly and then became more forceful with it, pushing in deeper as he put his naked body against the clothes. Hands and arms went around Callum’s neck and shoulders being mindful, yet driven and Callum fell into it, wanting this more and more.


Callum woke in a pile of straw as he thought he heard something, someone calling to him. He focused his eyes and looked. He saw the blue of the sky, a few clouds floating by and the timber framing of the roof. He took in a deep breath and listened but heard nothing except the snorting of horses now and then. He turned his head and looked over. In the straw next to him was a sleeping Dustin, naked as he was and it made him smile seeing the love of his life like this and he was completely at peace with it all, that feeling that he had felt only twice before in his life, and Dustin was there both times as well. He rolled a bit in the straw and reached up a hand, gently stroking Dustin’s tanned cheek with the backs of two fingers. He did not move or respond in any way. Cannon fire, Callum thought to himself and then he heard something outside, a voice. He sat up in the straw and looked about for his clothes. It was too late.

“Ah, there you…are.” Christian said and was wide eyed at what he saw. He swallowed hard and then turned around, “I beg your pardon, Quintan. I did not mean to…intrude.”

“It is quite alright, Christian.” Callum said as he stood in the straw, “Thankfully it is you and not Henry…or Martha.”

“Yes, that would be rather….uh,…I was wondering, Quintan, Thomas and I were speaking about it earlier and wanted to extend another invitation to dinner to you…all. And make it less formal this time, of course.” Christian said. Callum was pulling up his retrieved pants now and was buttoning the flap. He looked at the back of Christian for a moment and gathered Dustin’s clothes and went back to him with them. He knelt in the straw.

“Of course. I thank you for that, Christian. However, I think that needs to be discussed with the lady of the house as she is undoubtedly preparing supper as we speak. By the by, would you happen to know what the time is? I can’t see the sun from in here.”

“Yes, it is around three I believe.” Christian said looking up at the sky himself through the open roof.

“Were you thinking of supper for this evening?” Callum asked as he was in the straw next to Dustin.

“Uh…you make a rather good point about Martha and her preparations. I should speak with her. How about tomorrow evening instead?” Christian asked as he held up a finger but still had his back to Callum.

“Christian?” Callum asked making Christian stiffen in his stance a bit, “Christian?”

“Yes, Quintan?” Christian asked.

“It is quite alright. You may turn around if you wish.” Callum said. Christian slowly turned around, his eyes closed, Callum smiled and shook his head, “Christian, it is alright, I assure you. Open your eyes.” Callum said softly. Christian opened his eyes and saw that Callum was partially dressed, Dustin was covered with his own clothes, but just his lower half and parts. Callum smiled wider and Christian stepped forward, looking down at the sleeping form, “It was a rather long night and he worked hard today.”

“I have no doubt…on both counts.” Christian said and blushed as he looked at Callum, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean…” Callum tried to suppress a laugh.

“It’s alright, Christian, truly.” Callum smiled and came close to Christian, standing beside him. They both looked down at the sleeping Dustin in the straw.

“He is quite captivating, isn’t he?” Christian asked.

“Yes, he is. I always have a difficult time taking me eyes from away from him when I see him.” Callum said as he stared at the sleeping form.

“I would imagine that you do. He asked me right after you left to help him, to sculpt his body as he also remarks about mine and wanted his to be more defined.”

“Is that so?” Callum asked flatly, “I was saying to him earlier that he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. He replied that you were far more beautiful than he could ever be.”

“I would argue against that.” Christian said quietly.

“Kind of you to say, but Christian,” Callum said as he put a hand on his muscular shoulder and turned him to face him, “you are beautiful as well, you know that.”

“As are you, Quintan. If I did not have Thomas, I might be in pursuit of you and him.” Christian said and nodded down toward Dustin.

“There is Owen.” Callum said and Christian looked at him with wide eyes.

“Yes.” Christian whispered.

“He is a very fine looking man and has a heart as big as the world.” Callum said.

“He does.” Christian whispered again.

“You have trouble, do you not?” Callum asked.

“What makes you ask?”

“You seem conflicted.” Callum said, touching Christian’s arm.

“No. I have Thomas, my rescuer, my true love.” Christian smiled briefly and then looked down, “And I have Owen as well, as you know I’m sure.” Christian said and cocked his head a little, “Oh, I know it is nothing that Dustin said, he wouldn’t, it was probably what you saw for yourself when you returned home when I did as well, that evening that we all had supper at your table you teased us both.”

“He has returned, you know.” Callum said. Christian widened his eyes and looked at Callum.

“Has he?”

“Yes.” Callum said quietly. He smiled briefly and then looked a bit more serious, “Remind me to tell you about Farrow Dunhill another time.” Callum said and Christian gave him a slight look of question, “It is…complicated.” Callum smiled briefly again, He slid his hand up Christian’s arm and around his shoulder, pulling him to him and hugged him tight, “You’re a good man, Christian, and I am fortunate that I can count you as one of my closest friends, a brother.”

“It is I that is fortunate, Quintan. To have you, and all of them about me. I love you dearly.”

“I love you as well.” Callum whispered in Christian’s ear and pat his back gently. Callum felt the arms around him, powerful and caring and he felt good about it. He smiled wide for the longest moment and then Christian pulled back.

“I must see to Thomas. I left him resting upstairs.” Christian said and blushed again, “I do apologize for interrupting you.”

“Think nothing of it. Remember we have bathed together you and I, it is nothing that you haven’t seen before.” Callum grinned and flashed his eyes.

“You are incorrigible, Quintan.” Christian said and smirked.

“You wouldn’t have me any other way, I think.” Callum turned the smirk to a smile.

You’re right,” Christian smiled and leaned forward. He kissed Callum on the cheek and then smiled, “I wouldn’t. Never change that about yourself, Quintan. I will see you later.”


Callum heard the deep inhale through Dustin’s nose and looked over at him as they lay in the straw. Eyes fluttered open and focused on the handsome face next to him and Dustin smiled wide at what he saw.

“My handsome warrior, you are here. I thought I was merely dreaming.”

“You were.” Callum said and rolled to his side to face Dustin. His shoulder ached from the move and the pressure on it, but he ignored it, “How was your sleep?”

“How long?”

“Quite some time.” Callum smiled and reached up and touched the tanned cheek with his fingers, “We had a visitor while you slept.” Callum whispered and Dustin went wide eyed.


“Christian. He came in looking for us and found us both in the straw…in our glory.” Callum said and Dustin looked panicked, “It is fine, I assure you.” Callum smiled, “We were both merely sleeping when he came in.”

“Yes, but…”

“I covered you, but not before he admired you.” Callum said, “He has a wandering eye, you know.”

“Yes, yes, he does.” Dustin said and Callum raised an eyebrow. Dustin saw it, “It is evident with Owen.”

“Yes, of course. We spoke of him as well.” Callum said and watched Dustin’s face and its reaction to his statement. It revealed so much to Callum, “Dustin, believe me, I understand what is happening between them, but I am wondering, and I trust you with not only the truth, but is there something that has happened with them and you?”

“Not with them, Quintan.” Dustin said and sat up, his clothes that Callum had covered him with dropped off his thin muscular body. Dustin put his hands over his face, his elbows on his thighs, “It is Christian.” Dustin said quietly. Callum sat up and wrapped his arms around his legs.

“What of him?”

“When he and I went to Cambridge. We took a room in the inn for the one night.” Dustin said and lifted his hands from his face and looked away from Callum, “I am ashamed, Quintan, I have not really spoken of it to you.”

“Dustin, I doubt that anything happened between the two of you.” Callum said and scooted closer to Dustin. Dustin turned and looked at Callum.

“You’re right, nothing did happen, not really. We kissed only…as we shared the same bed.” Dustin said and swallowed hard as he looked at Callum, “But, for a moment, a very long moment, I tried to sway him, and he, me…Quintan, I have never…”

“Dustin,” Callum smiled, He put his arm around Dustin’s shoulders, pulling him close, “I love you, and I trust you. Christian is like a brother to me. We are bound together in what we do, and you know that. He and I talked earlier as you slept.” Callum smiled as he looked ahead from where they sat, “He had said that he would be tempted with us if he did not have Thomas in his life, and I believe that. If you tell me that nothing happened between you two, I would believe you. You have never lied to me, and I do not think that you could. I love you far too much, Dustin, to have something like a tryst between you and Christian to come between us. If you were to tell me that it didn’t happen, then that would be an end to it. I would never raise the point again.”

“Why? Why are you this way with me?” Dustin asked. Callum chuckled at the question, shaking his head.

“Apparently, I am not getting through to you.” Callum said and pulled his arm back, “Let’s try another way. Do you have feelings for Christian?” Callum asked and Dustin looked at him with a questioning look, Callum rolled his eyes, “Do you wish to take him to your bed?” Dustin narrowed his eyes and shook his head, “Do you wish to take him when I am gone, like the last time?”

“No.” Dustin said and cradled a hand to Callum’s cheek.

“Alright. Then what happened on that trip to Cambridge, was what happened, nothing. Would you not agree?”

“I suppose.” Dustin said and was still confused.

“We are all human, Dustin, and have wants and desires. Christian is very desirable, would you not agree?” Callum asked and Dustin nodded slowly, “There you have it. You have wants and desires. You shared a bed with a very desirable man. Had I been in your place, I might have pressed a bit harder myself. Thankfully, I was not there, and thankfully, you remained true to me. It is complicated, I know, and I can see your confusion in this as it has me there as well. But, know this, Dustin, I am yours, and no one else’s. I will remain yours until my last day on this earth. That is my word and my bond to you and you alone.”

“I love you, Quintan.” Dustin said quietly.

“I love you and no one else, Dustin.” Callum said as he looked at Dustin and gave a slight smile, “Now, perhaps we should get back to the Cross before we are interrupted again.” Callum said as he watched Dustin stand up in the straw, dropping the clothes that had covered him. Callum moved his eyes up and down the slender muscular body and was marveling in what he saw. Dustin saw the eyes moving as they were on him.

“I would think that you would have me like this all of the time if it were just the two of us.” Dustin said as he reached down for his pants.

“I will not deny that, yes.” Callum said, “You simply take my breath. It is not often that I have seen you in the daylight like this, only in the candlelight of our room.”

“There were times, in Portsmouth and in London as well.” Dustin said as he put one leg into the pants.

“They were brief at best.” Callum said softly as he watched Dustin dress, “And not like this.” Dustin stopped dressing, his pants just barely up over his hips, the flap open in the front, his manhood exposed still shining in the light.

“I see the desire in your eyes, Quintan.” Dustin said quietly as he looked down at Callum sitting in the straw. Dustin pushed the pants back down, his length starting to thicken and grow again, “You want me again, don’t you?”

“I always want you, Dustin.” Callum said as he looked up further and met Dustin’s eyes. Dustin stepped out of the pants and stepped over Callum, straddling over him in the straw.

“Take me again then. You know I want it as well.” Dustin said above a whisper.

“You were not sated with what we did earlier?” Callum asked as he leaned forward a bit getting closer to Dustin hardened length.

“You always satisfy me.” Dustin said as he looked down. Callum reached up a hand and cupped Dustin’s smooth orbs in his palm, “But I have never had you be like this before. It is new,…and wonderful all at the same time.” Dustin said as he exhaled a bit. Callum leaned closer and put his tongue tip to underside of the length and traced it to the tip. Dustin groaned softly as he looked down. Callum slowly rubbed his nose and then his cheek against the soft smooth skin as he kneaded the orbs in his palm.

“Then perhaps I should satisfy you once more.” Callum said as he moved down the length, leaning a bit more and took his hand away, opening his mouth, tonging one of the orbs and then took it in fully, sucking it, licking it and then let it go as Dustin closed his eyes and moaned. Callum took the other and did the same as he did to the first. He let it go with a popping sound and traced his tongue back up the length to the tip, circling it and opened his mouth letting it go in, closing his lips around it and worked his tongue on the slit, taking what was coming from it, the sweet fluid that he loved so much.

Dustin put his hands on top of Callum’s head, resting them as he was being swallowed. He tilted his head back and exhaled, loving the feeling of what was happening to him. He could feel the tight suction on him, moving up and down on him. He moved his hips a bit in and out going slowly, wanting this to last forever. His eyes were closed and he felt something else, the sliding up of hands and then the clenching of fingers on his tight mounds behind him, and then he felt it. He opened his eyes and tilted his head forward and saw that he had been swallowed all the way, Callum had his nose into the thin soft hair and was moving his head back and forth and was humming a groan, almost like a growl that sent a wave through Dustin. Callum pulled back and went at it again and again, sliding on the length, bottoming out, using his hands to hold Dustin in place.

Fingers crept around and pulled, spreading the mounds apart and kneaded them and as Callum bottomed out once again, a finger found the target and entered the warm wet hole and entered. Dustin was beginning to pant and clench Callum’s hair, Dustin groaned as he looked down, Callum slid his finger in further and it was all too much for Dustin. He groaned as he felt it build up inside him, so sudden, so wonderful in its feeling and he gave no warning as he tightened and clamped his muscles on the finger and let go into Callum’s mouth.

Callum swallowed all that was given and pulled back to the end of the length, hearing the soft groans above him coming from his lover. He traced his tongue around and around, taking it all and swallowing it.

“Quintan,…you do it so well.” Dustin said quietly and stroked the blonde hair below him. Callum pulled off and looked up.

“You make it easy for me.” Callum said and smiled.

“What will we do tonight then?”

“Whatever you want, my love, whatever you want.” Callum said as he sat back in the straw taking in the picture of that beautiful young man that stood naked before him.



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