Voyage Home


Callum knocked on the front door of the house known as Harbroughs. Dustin was beside and behind him slightly, Martha was behind Callum, holding Henry’s hand. The door was answered by a finely dressed Thomas Tomlin, who opened the door wide and bowed most respectfully to the group outside.

“Good evening.” Thomas said as he rose, holding the door open wider for them and stepping out of the way, “Won’t you come in?”

“My, we seemed to be a bit underdressed ourselves for this occasion, I do apologize.” Callum said.

“Think nothing of it. I myself would have loved to just wear a shirt and pants, but it was Christian’s idea to dress rather formally.” Thomas said as they all entered the foyer of the house, “You look very radiant this evening, my dear.” Thomas said to Martha and made her blush a bit as she came in, holding Henry’s hand.

“You look very handsome, I must say.” Martha said eyeing the elegant suit that Thomas wore.

“Thank you.” Thomas said and bowed his head slightly toward her, “And thank you for coming.” Thomas said as he closed the door behind them all, “Why don’t we go into the parlor and make ourselves comfortable.” He said and showed them the way. He escorted Martha to the settee and had her sit on it as she spread out her good dress that was bought for her some time ago by Callum but picked out by Dustin. Callum smiled as Thomas doted on her a bit. Thomas went over to a sideboard and lifted a decanter and poured glasses, he put the stopper back and set the decanter down. He picked up a couple of the glasses, handing one to Martha first and then to Callum. Callum took the glass and bowed his head slightly.

“It certainly smells good, whatever that is coming from the kitchen.” Callum said as he looked at Thomas.

“Perhaps I should go and lend them a hand.” Martha said as she went to get up from the settee, drink in hand. Dustin had sat down next to her, Henry next to Dustin on the other side of him.

“You certainly shall not, dear lady. You are a guest in this house this evening and you are not to lift a finger.” Thomas said with a slight voice of authority. She frowned at him and he cocked his head to one side.

“Good evening.” The voice said and all eyes turned and looked at the open stairs. Christian was coming down them and was even more elegantly dressed than Thomas. Callum had been taking a sip of his sherry and almost spit it out upon seeing him and Dustin was almost bug eyed as they both stared at him. There was no other word to describe how he looked but,…beautiful.

“Oh my lord.” Dustin whispered, Martha looked at Dustin and then back at Christian as he glided down the staircase like some kind of royalty, his chin up, chest out, and just simply beautiful in the way he looked.

The jacket was long with tails behind it, somewhat out of style but simply elegant in its shimmer because of the fabric it was made from, a satin cloth that was heavy but yet appeared light in the way it was hung on him. The pants matched, short like a breech but with a bit of flourish and stripe down the outside of each leg. They were well tailored and fit him very well, showing him off in the front a bit. The shirt was covered by a vest of the same color but was a different fabric almost dull to highlight the jacket. The shirt breast had ruffles to it and were pronounced by the vest and the tie that surrounded his neck was of the purist white as were the stockings. The shoes were black and polished and the buckles on them were silver and caught the light brilliantly. The cuffs of the shirt were out and puffed a bit with their lace and frill at the cuffs of the elegant jacket which was a deep blue. All of them were speechless as Christian came off the stairs and into the open parlor. His blonde brownish hair in a tail spread out over the collar of the jacket, his handsome face was seemingly surrounded by what he wore. There was a regal air about him and the way he moved, so smoothly and so elegantly, it was captivating to them all.

“I apologize for being tardy this evening. I had a bit of trouble with my necktie. I do hope that you are all comfortable and that Thomas has taken good care of you?” Christian asked with a slight bow of the head.

“Yes, he has been quite the host so far I must say.” Callum said in answer to the question with a nod in reply as well, holding his glass out slightly, “Won’t you join us, Christian?”

“I would be delighted, thank you, Quintan.” Christian said and stepped closer to him extending his hand. Callum took it, “My dear friend, thank you so much for coming.”

“It is our pleasure, and thank you for having us. I must say I have never seen you looking quite so elegant.” Callum said as Christian clasped his other hand about over Callum’s.

“My cousin from Cambridge had several things of mine packed and shipped here from the house before it went to auction, my clothes that I had left in my room there. I had almost forgotten that I had several suits. With tonight being a bit of a special occasion, I thought it was the right thing to do to wear one of them.” Christian said as he smiled.

“Well, you look very dashing I must say.” Callum said as he looked Christian up and down as he was close to him.

“I would agree with that.” Martha said as she set her sherry glass on a small table next to the end of the settee next to her. Christian took his hands back from Callum’s and turned to her. He stepped closer to her, taking her hand in his, bowed toward her formally and then kissed the back of her hand, again, very formally. He raised up a bit, but was still bent over slightly.

“And you, my lady, are a wondrous picture in your stunning dress. You look absolutely radiant this evening.” Christian said in a soft voice and Martha blushed, using her other hand to fan herself a bit.

“Such a charmer you are.” Martha said with a smile. Christian smiled wide and then winked at her kissing her hand again. Christian let her hand go and looked over at Dustin as he stood straight.

“Dustin, my friend, you look well this evening. I am sorry I was not there to tend the horses with you today.” Christian said putting out a hand. Dustin rose up off the settee, taking it.

“It is alright, I understand completely, you were otherwise occupied. Besides, Henry was of immense help to me today.”

“Was he now?” Christian asked as he looked at the smiling Henry, who was nodding as he sat on the settee next to Dustin.

“Yes, he was.” Dustin said as he looked down at Henry and then back at Christian.

“I see. Such a good lad you are, Henry. As a reward for being very good and helpful, how about tomorrow, you and I go out for a ride in the pasture. You can ride the stallion.” Christian smiled and Henry was wide eyed over it.

“Really?” Henry asked and wiggled a bit on the settee with excitement.

“Of course.” Christian winked at him. Thomas came up beside Christian and handed him a glass of sherry, “Thank you, Thomas.” Christian said as he took it from him. Thomas smiled, turned and stepped next to Callum. Christian held up his glass to all, “A toast.” He said. They all held up their glasses, “To family.”

“Here here.” Thomas said.

“To family.” They all said and then sipped from their glasses.

“A very interesting point you raised with His Lordship this afternoon, Christian.” Callum said, making Christian look at him.

“What point was that, Quintan?”

“About your not wanting to take up the posting of the Earl left by your father. I know you have said it in the past, but when you put it so bluntly as you did, it really as drove it home for me.” Callum said. Christian smiled a brief smile at him.

“I had thought about it once or twice after the demise of my father, truth be known, but it keeps coming back to me over and over that I would need to be in residence in Cambridge and not here where my heart truly lies. I have also said that I am too young to be accepted in The House of Lords to take up his seat, although they would be forced to accept my position if I did take it.” Christian said and then thought for a moment and shook his head, “No, I do not care for politics in any form, it, to me is a bit much and I would have to completely change my life around it to be effective in the seat. But, upon thinking about it, you on the other hand would make an excellent politician, Quintan. Proof of what I say was early this afternoon with His Lordship. The case that you pleaded was most excellent and inspiring to say the least, hence why I spoke up.” Christian said and smiled wide. The look on Callum’s face was priceless, the shock of what Christian had just said to him.

“Here here.” Thomas said again holding up his glass.

“I have said it a few times as well, Quintan.” Martha said from the settee, “You recall during the great storm not long ago and what you said and did to rally the village together to help Clyde and Marlene in their time of need. You spoke as a politician then, and spoke very well I might add.” Martha said and sipped her sherry. Callum looked at her.

“I take it then, my dear, you would want me to run for The House?” Callum asked.

“And why not?” Martha asked, “You understand the needs of the country, Quintan, and have a clear head about it as well and are not motivated by greed or power. You also speak directly to the point and there is no question that can be raised after which, would you not agree?” Callum just looked at her with a blank look.

“I suppose.” Callum said.

“Add to that point, it would put at home here in England, and not out to sea for months on end.” Dustin said as he took his seat next to Martha on the comfortable settee. Dustin lifted his glass and smiled briefly at Callum, who still seemed shell shocked a bit.

“They do have excellent points, Quintan.” Christian said, “You would be the perfect choice to represent to the community as a whole. Your family has been here for what, three generations now? At the least, you should be a Squire of the county.”

“Here now, just a moment,…this idea of my running seems to be being run down my throat. I,…” Callum was beginning to protest what was being said when there was a soft voice.

“Excuse me,” Hans said as he stood in the open area outside the parlor. All eyes turned to him, “Dinner…is….served.” Hans said with a bit of a struggle with the English rather than his usual Dutch.

“Wonderful, thank you, Hans.” Thomas said, setting his sherry down on the sideboard. He turned and clasped his hands together rubbing them palm to palm and looked about at all assembled in the room, “Christian, would you escort our dear lady into the dining room? Quintan, would you escort Dustin please?” Thomas asked as all rose to their feet. Thomas looked at Henry and smiled warmly at the boy, “And that leaves you, my lad.” Thomas said as he stepped in front of the boy and bowed formally, “Would you do me the honor, young sir, to have me escort you to the table?” Henry was a bit wide eyed and not knowing what to do for a moment. Thomas had been so distant from him all of their time together, but yet, Henry cared for him very much, as much as he did Christian. In Henry’s mind, Thomas and Christian were close friends and nothing more, sharing this house together. Christian was the one that always included Henry as Christian longed for children of his own and had warmed up to Henry from that very first day at the Cross when Callum had brought him home in the early evening. Thomas smiled at the young boy and Henry scooted off the settee and looked into Thomas’ warm smiling face and nodded. Thomas stood straight as the others were gathering and held out his hand, “I shall seat you next to me, Henry.” Thomas said softly as he looked down at the boy. Their eyes met and Henry had a loving warm feeling run through him at being included. He looked toward Callum, his father, and Callum smiled at him and gave him a brief nod of approval.


The dining room was on the other side of the wall from the parlor and off the kitchen. To reach it, you had to go through the kitchen and in through the wide doorway through a swinging door. The dining room itself was elegant furnished, a long table with eight high back chairs around it.

Christian escorted Martha through the door and into the room, holding out his arm, her hand resting on it as he guided her to her seat, near the end of the table at the doorway. She was seated to the right of where Christian was to be seated at the end of the table.

Callum led Dustin through the doorway following Christian and Martha and was amazed at what he saw. The table was elegantly set with china and flatware, stemware was set at each place setting. Flowers had been set at three points of the tables length in vases, Peonies, no doubt purchased in the Square as none grew on either of the properties. A cloth runner ran down the center of the table lengthwise, the vases sitting on them, one center, the other two were flanking it to each side. The flowers had been cut so as not to obscure the vision of the person across the table.

The room itself had an air to it, elegant yes, but also warm and inviting. The walls were white plaster, but the floor was dark in color, rich and warm. The furnishings about the room, the china cabinet and the built-in cabinets in one wall that acted as a sideboard, matched the flooring, that same color and texture throughout. Callum felt as if he was somewhere else other than Harbroughs, the house that had been purchased by Callum from his father’s friend and shipmate, he felt this room belonged in a great house in London or some other large city, an estate or manor possibly, rather than this country home. He was most impressed with everything that he saw as he and Dustin were shown chairs by Christian after he had seated Martha. Dustin was next to Martha in the middle, Callum to his right. Thomas came through the door as well, escorting Henry, placing Henry to Thomas’ right at the head of the table across from Callum. All of them were seated as Carson came in with the first tray, loaded with steaming roast beef that was sliced.

The aroma filled the room, Carson set the tray in the center of the table. All eyes were on it and then to Carson, who smiled at them all in reply. Hans came through the door with two large bowls, one was carrots, the other potatoes. He set them down as Carson walked back out the door. Hans stood there for a moment. Thomas looked at him and their eyes met.

“Is there anything else to bring in, Hans?”

“Only…bread,…Thomas.” Hans said softly.

“Then here.” Thomas said as he came to the boy, pulling out a chair next to Henry, “Go ahead and have a seat, my lad.”

“Thank…you.” Hans said. He sat next to Henry, across from Dustin, leaving the chair for Carson open next to Hans at Christian’s left at the end of the table. Carson came back in with another tray, sliced bread and a large plate in its center containing churned butter, a treat that was rare to them all. He set it down and Christian beckoned Carson to the chair that was held for him.

“This looks absolutely wonderful, I must say.” Martha said as Thomas moved about them pouring wine that he had pulled from the sideboard.

“The idea was all Carson’s, my dear, as I told you earlier. Christian has also remarked that the room doesn’t get used at all. A shame really, wouldn’t you agree, Quintan?” Thomas asked.

“Yes. I was just thinking to myself as we came in that this room belongs in some kind of manor or larger house, such as Captain Arvin’s. You recall, don’t you, Dustin?” Callum asked.

“Yes, I do. That room was immense as I recall. The table was three times this one in length alone.” Dustin said and looked around the room a bit, “But this room is brighter, not as dark as the dining room at Arvin Manor.”

“The house is called Arvin Manor?” Thomas asked as he came along the other side of the table pouring wine for Carson and Christian.”

“Yes, it has been held by his family for generations apparently. They were all Squires.” Callum said.

“Ah, there you have it, Quintan. Your friend, Captain Arvin, is no doubt a Squire himself?” Christian asked. Callum looked at him as they sat next to one another.

“He had told us that his grandfather was the last Squire that was an Arvin.” Callum said.

“I see. That’s too bad.”

“I know we have all laughed and joked about it, I myself am guilty of it, but to be a Squire in this day and age, I think the time for it has passed.” Callum said.

“You may be right in that, Quintan.” Christian said as he watched the trays and the bowls started to be passed about in a counterclockwise procession. Each filling their plates with the wonderful smelling food, “However, there is still representation that needs to be done in The House.”

“I would be out of my element, Christian, to say the least.” Callum said, “I have been told more than once, and I agree with it, I am but a simple sailor.”

“Nonsense, Quintan, you are anything but a simple sailor.” Thomas said as he passed the bowl of carrots down the table, “You have proved that time and time again.” He looked at Callum as he waited for the next offering to come toward him, “Fitzwarren spoke with me before Lord Hood took me aside in Southend. Fitzwarren as you know has a very high opinion of you and your abilities. He remarked that you can see what others do not and as a result can act upon it before others do, it is part of your success, Quintan.”

“I would agree.” Dustin said softly as he was next to Callum, “At La Rochelle, the way you were able to beat the French and Smythe at their own game. They were coming, it was obviously part of their plan, but you saw it before hand and took steps to ensure that they were defeated.”

“A lucky guess.” Callum said softly with a brief smile as he leaned to Dustin on his right, “I appreciate all this bolstering, but, as I have said, I would be out of my element as a politician.”

“I don’t think so, sir.” Carson said as he looked at Callum across the table, “The country would be far better off with you rather than without you, sir. Forgive me, but I overheard part of the conversation in the parlor earlier. I agree with Captain Holt, sir, you would be the right choice to represent this area. And as our dear lady said as well, you are not motivated by power or greed, sir.”

“Carson,…” Callum said as he was in a bit of a shock.

“I’m sorry, sir, for speaking out turn and so openly.” Carson said and started to fall silent.

“No, on the contrary, Carson.” Callum said as he passed the last tray along without taking anything from it, “You know that I value your opinion very much. I have said many times before that you are very wise, and I meant it.”

“Thank you, sir.” Carson said and blushed slightly.

“Perhaps one day, I might consider it.” Callum said as he looked about the table as they all looked back at him.

Conversation changed throughout dinner and Callum was relieved over it. They talked of the coming trip for Hans and Carson, the plan that was evolving and where Hans would go to be out of reach and out of danger. They spoke of the horses and the pasture along with the barn. Callum relayed what he had witnessed between Dustin and Bockman about the construction, noting how impressive it was to witness it all. Dustin blushed with a bit of embarrassment over it. He had dropped his left hand from the table and put it gently on Callum’s leg underneath where no one could see, resting it there as Callum spoke about Dustin with a voice of pride as well of love. Carson got up from the table to clear it and they all were getting up to help as well, Martha first, but Thomas gave her a bit of a stern look and she frowned.

“Dear lady, there is no need, as much as you have done for all of us over all this time, this evening is for you. Please, enjoy yourself and just be comfortable.” Thomas said and Martha eased back into her chair. Thomas put a hand over the top of hers on the table top and smiled warmly at her.

Dustin got up as did Henry and Hans. Carson took plates and went back through the door into the kitchen. Dustin and the boys helped with clearing everything, leaving Callum, Christian, Martha, and Thomas alone.

“Shall we wait until after dark, Quintan, as we did last night?” Christain asked.

“Yes. I know they are there and are watching the house. If they think he is still here, so much the better.” Callum said.

“You really think they will come?” Martha asked.

“They have no choice, my dear. I am sure that they saw His Lordship this afternoon. They will act and very soon, mark me.” Callum said, “We must all be ready.”

“We will be, Quintan.” Thomas said as he sat in his high back chair at the head of the table, his elbows resting on it, his fingers interlaced.

“The plan will go forward.” Callum said and then looked at Christian, “Did you speak with Owen?”

“Yes, he is ready.”

“Excellent.” Callum said.


The night was upon them. The moon was shining what light it could on the pasture. Callum watched for any sign of movement out of the kitchen windows at the Cross. There was nothing as of yet. His vantage point at the windows let him see the road and the front edge of Harbroughs as well as the front of the house off in the distance. He waited in the low candlelight.

Martha and Henry had already gone off to bed. He was waiting silently for Carson and Hans to come as they had done last night, around the barn, staying low to not be seen, then along the back of the property on the north side along the stone fence that bordered the road as it went toward Dudley. The sweep of the knoll came down to the stone fence and they could stay hidden until they reached the back of the old stable, then over the stone fence and come up the knoll of the Cross to the house into the back door.

Callum felt he was not alone in the kitchen but he did not have to look as he could catch the wonderful scent of Dustin and then he felt his warmth next to him. Callum smiled briefly at it and how it made him feel to have Dustin near him and then he felt the hand on his waist.

“Do you see them yet, Carson and Hans?” Dustin whispered.

“No, not yet.” Callum whispered as he looked out the windows. Callum felt Dustin come closer to him, putting his body behind Callum and the other hand went to his waist as well.

“I love you, Quintan.” Dustin whispered. Callum turned his head and looked behind him. Dustin’s face was there. His soft brown eyes looked almost black in this low light.

“I love you as well.” Callum whispered.

“I cannot stop thinking about what you said during dinner.” Dustin whispered. Callum half turned and put his right arm around Dustin’s shoulders.

“What did I say?” Callum asked.

“It’s really not what you said, but how you said it. The way you spoke to the others about me with the construction of the barn. You warmed my heart and I felt ashamed about the way I have been with you since you have returned.” Dustin whispered. Callum could see that Dustin’s eyes were becoming wet in the low light.

“Dustin,…” Callum whispered, “you have nothing to be ashamed of. If there is any shame to be felt, it is to be from me, not you. I have never felt such a pride as I feel toward you, the way that you have become, the way you are dealing with all things that are here. What I said this evening, I meant,…all of it. My love for you has grown leaps and bounds. I could not be happier with you, and I also know that I do not need to worry about a thing with you in charge here in my absence.” Callum was running his eyes back and forth over Dustin’s soft face, falling in love with him all over again.

“I feel I must apologize again for my behavior with you. I have missed you so.” Dustin whispered and stepped into Callum, sliding his hands around Callum’s back, turning his head and resting his cheek against Callum’s chest. Callum wrapped his arms around Dustin and held him tight.

“Not as much as I have missed you, my love.” Callum said, “I dreamt of you constantly when I could sleep. You were always just out of reach to me, and now, here I am with you, holding you, feeling your warmth against me, and Dustin, I am the happiest man in the world because of it.” Callum whispered as he kissed the base of Dustin’s neck. Dustin lifted his head and they looked into each other’s eyes for the longest moment.

“That’s one of the most beautiful things you have ever said to me, Quintan.” Dustin whispered.

“Then I should speak more often. It’s how I feel, Dustin, I more than love you.” Callum whispered and Dustin leaned closer and their lips touched just briefly.

“Will you make love to me?” Dustin asked holding his place just touching Callum’s lips.

“Over and over.” Callum whispered and then leaned in closer touching lips even more, closing his eyes. The kiss was tender, lips rubbing, touching softly with one another. Dustin exhaled through his nose and rubbed himself against Callum as they melted into each other. Callum could feel the hardness growing against him that was Dustin and he himself was growing because of it. Dustin parted his lips and Callum fell into it, taking Dustin fully, thrusting his tongue forward a bit at a time. Dustin moaned softly as he let it enter him, wanting more and more from his wonderful man that held him. Callum turned his head and opened his eyes a bit and caught movement outside. He grabbed Dustin and pulled back from him. Dustin groaned softly and looked where Callum was looking now.

Two figures were crouched and coming up the path from the stable. Callum straightened, his hands sliding down to Dustin’s hips as they separated from one another. Dustin turned and looked at Callum in the low candlelight.

“Do not for a moment think this is over.” Dustin whispered, “I am going to have you this night.”

“Believe me when I say, my love, I would never argue against that.” Callum whispered as Dustin turned and stepped toward the back door. He blew out the candle that was on the small table next to the door and opened it. The two figures came into the kitchen, Dustin softly closing the door behind them.

“Thank you.” Carson said in a whisper to Dustin.

“Did you see anything, Carson?” Callum asked in a whisper.

“Nothing at all, sir. It seems to be very quiet.” Carson said.

“The calm before the storm, I’m sure.” Callum whispered, “You both must be very tired. Dustin, would you take them upstairs and let them get to bed?”

“Yes, of course.” Dustin said, he looked at Callum for a moment, “Are you coming?”

“I will keep watch for a while longer, then I will be up.” Callum said. Dustin frowned in the dark, Callum knew it but couldn’t see it in the dark where Dustin was. Dustin turned and led Hans toward the doorway into the parlor, taking him by the hand.

“Good night, sir.” Carson whispered.

“Good night, Carson.” Callum said in a whisper giving him a nod then turned to look out the windows again.


Callum stood in the dark for some time, watching. The hour was growing late, near midnight now, he knew it as the moon was now set at its zenith. There was no movement out on the pasture at all but for the grass as a slight breeze had come up now. His thoughts went to Dustin, the taste of him was still on Callum’s lips and he wanted to join him upstairs in their room. He wondered if Dustin had gone to sleep or not. He smiled to himself, looked out the windows again, turned and went toward the doorway of the parlor. He went through, turned and went up the stairs as quietly as he could. He reached the top and put his hand on the doorknob, turned it and opened the door. It creaked softly. He went through, closing the door behind him.

The moonlight was shining through the window above the bed, bringing a stream and showed Callum what was there. Dustin was lying in the bed, under the coverings, laying still. Callum came over to the bed slowly as he watched his sleeping lover. He smiled openly at what he saw, Dustin was bare of any clothing on his upper body. Callum wondered if he was completely nude.

He came to the edge of the bed and slowly sat on it, trying not to stir Dustin at all. Callum had said many times that Dustin could sleep through cannon fire and it was very true of him. Callum reached out his right hand and put it to the soft warm skin that was exposed on Dustin’s chest. It was smooth and soft under Callum’s touch. He loved how Dustin felt to him, his warmth. Callum had to pull back covers many times when in bed close to Dustin because of the heat he put off. He knew that he would be warm in the winter sleeping next to him and it filled his heart. Callum slowly rubbed his hand over the soft skin and Dustin breathed in through his nose.

“There you are.” Dustin whispered, “I was beginning to feel slighted.” He moaned under Callum’s touch.

“Perish the thought, my love. I would never slight you, you are far too desirable.” Callum whispered as he leaned down closer to Dustin. They went to nose to nose, gently rubbing each other, Callum smiled softly as he felt hands sliding up his back.

“Then get out of these clothes and join me in our bed.” Dustin whispered, “You did say you were going to take me over and over, did you not?” As he pulled the shirt out of Callum’s pants. Callum kissed Dustin softly and then rubbed his nose tip with his again.

“I did.” Callum whispered and sat back. He looked down at Dustin and slowly took the coverings of the bed and pulled them back, revealing more and more of Dustin, “You are so beautiful, becoming so defined, Dustin.”

“I have an example to follow.” Dustin whispered as he arched his back a bit, moving up slightly in the bed. Callum could see even more of him now.

“Would that example be Christian perhaps?” Callum asked as he took his hand from the covering and put it back on Dustin’s skin, feeling the firm abs that were coming out more and more with the hard work Dustin was doing every day.

“You find him desirable as well, do you not?” Dustin asked as he watched Callum’s face in the soft moonlight. Callum flashed his eyes to Dustin’s.

“No one is as desirable as you, my love, in my eyes.” Callum whispered and Dustin melted at his words and his touch, “But I am sure that after the way Christian was dressed this evening, Thomas must surely be enjoying him.”

“I have no doubt.” Dustin whispered and arched his back a bit more, wanting Callum to touch him even lower then what he was doing right now, “I know Owen enjoys him as well.”

“Really? And what is it that you know besides what you have told me already?” Callum asked as he brushed the tip of Dustin’s leaking head making Dustin exhaled sharply.

“Christian has said a few things to me about it.” Dustin whispered. He was breathing a bit harder now under Callum’s touch.

“Does it excite you?” Callum asked.

“Your touch excites me.” Dustin whispered.

“What has Christian said?” Callum asked.

“Only that Owen is very gentle with his manner when they are together.” Dustin whispered in a slight moan.

“I can see that about Owen, how he would be that way.” Callum whispered as he moved his hand down further, barely touching Dustin’s hard length with just fingertips, “He is quite handsome as well.”

“Yes,” Dustin exhaled and moaned in a whisper as Callum reached even lower on him. Dustin arched his back even more, “and…is quite…”

“Quite what?” Callum asked as he drug fingertips over Dustin’s smooth balls, tracing each of them, bringing even more desire out in Dustin. Callum watched as Dustin’s mouth fell open at the touch, what he was doing to him, “Quite what?” Callum asked again. Dustin licked his lips as Callum moved even lower with his fingers, tracing the line and found Dustin’s opening.

“Large.” Dustin whispered.

“I remember the paintings of him over there. Are they true to life I wonder?” Callum asked as he traced a fingertip around the opening.

“From what he says…yes.” Dustin whispered and then threw his eyes open wider as Callum entered him with his fingertip, “Take me,…take me, Quintan.” Dustin whispered as he started clawing at Callum’s shirt, trying to pull it off him, “I want you in me so bad.”

“Music to my ears, my love.” Callum said as he entered Dustin even more.

“You have never done this to me before like this.” Dustin whispered trying to catch his breath a bit.

“Do you like it?” Callum asked with a smile as he watched Dustin’s reaction to what he was doing.

“You tease me so.” Dustin whispered.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes.” Dustin whispered and focused his eyes on Callum’s, “Very much. It has me so…”

“Excited?” Callum asked, “You are so beautiful, Dustin.” Callum whispered and pulled out his finger slowly, making Dustin moan softly again in an exhale. Callum turned on the bed, lifting his leg, pulling off his boot, setting it down. He lifted the other, doing the same for the other, setting it down on the floor. Callum felt a shift on the bed behind him and then felt Dustin against his back, hands rubbing down Callum’s chest and then his over his stomach, pulling at the shirt that was still tucked in the pants in the front. Dustin was kissing Callum’s neck, making him tilt his head to one side. Callum moaned softly at the touch.

Dustin moved up and took his ear, tonguing it furiously. Callum reached up his right hand and touched the back of Dustin’s head. Dustin pulled away and lifted the shirt, bunching it up as he went to the collar, Callum lifted his arms and the shirt came off. He could feel Dustin against his back again, his hard length rubbing against him, Callum smiled as Dustin ravaged Callum’s neck again for a minute and then put his hands on Callum’s shoulders and leaned back, rolling his hips, dragging his hard length across Callum’s back, leaving a trail of sweet nectar on Callum’s skin, making Callum smile again and moan.

“I love what you do, but I would like something else.” Callum whispered with his eyes closed.

“What is that?” Dustin asked as he moved his tip back across the skin in the other direction.

“This.” Callum whispered, turning himself on the edge of the bed. He saw Dustin on his knees, legs spread out a bit. Callum reached up his hand and cupped Dustin’s hanging balls and moved in quickly opening his mouth and swallowing Dustin halfway. Dustin gasped, putting his hands on Callum’s head and tilting his head back as he was being taken into the warm mouth. Callum reached to himself with his other hand and undid the buttons on the flap of his own pants as he slid his mouth back and forth on Dustin’s length. Dustin was making soft grunting sounds as Callum moved on him.

“Oh God, Quintan,” Dustin groaned in a whisper, “you do that so well.” Callum hummed on the length in his mouth in response and then swallowed even more, taking him all in, shaking his head a bit and then backed off halfway. Dustin hissed through clenched teeth, Callum knew he loved it, exhaled through his nose and did it again to his lover. Dustin clenched his fingers into Callum’s long hair, holding him tight to him as Callum bottomed out on Dustin, Callum pulled on Dustin’s balls that he still held, tossing them in his fingers for a moment. Dustin wanted to scream at the feeling he felt, the pure joy in it, his man working him like this, loving it all so very much, “I’m going to erupt soon.” Dustin whispered as he tried to catch his breath.

Callum knew Dustin was beyond excited, was at the cliff edge in ecstasy now. He moved his mouth on Dustin more and more rapidly, wanting it to shoot and to fill his mouth, what he wanted most of all from his love, his seed, to taste him, to swallow him. Dustin clenched his fingers again and Callum felt Dustin’s balls move up a bit, knew it was about to happen and moved to pull back a bit, wanting it on his tongue to enjoy Dustin fully and Dustin groaned a bit as he released. Callum swallowed the first volley and then gathered the rest as Dustin pulsed into his mouth again and again. Callum moved his mouth a bit slower, bringing more of what he wanted into his mouth, taking all of Dustin and what he gave. Callum fought not to swallow what he held, slowly he pulled off. Dustin put his hand under Callum’s chin and lifted him, panting a bit as he bent to meet Callum.

“Give it to me.” Dustin whispered and dove into Callum’s mouth. Their tongues touched and then played with one another, Dustin trying to take what came from him into his own mouth. Callum kneaded Dustin’s orbs in his hand and Dustin moaned into Callum’s mouth and then pulled back. There was a string of the shared fluid that hung between them from their lips. Callum could clearly see in the moonlight that Dustin’s lips were coated with himself, it was the most beautifully erotic sight Callum had ever seen. He leaned in and licked Dustin’s lips with his still coated tongue and Dustin slid his weakened arms over Callum’s shoulders letting him take his mouth the way Callum wanted to, loving everything about this moment they had. Callum took everything that was offered and swallowed it all. He pulled back and looked at his beautiful lover in front of him.

“Now,…” Callum whispered, “still want me to take you over and over?”

“God, yes.” Dustin moaned in a whisper, “I can never get enough of you when you are like this with me.”

“Then perhaps I should be like this all the time?” Callum asked as he leaned in and kissed Dustin again. Dustin shifted a bit under Callum, moving his hands and arms, reaching down and pushing the pants off Callum’s hips, letting them drop to Callum’s mid-thighs. Dustin pulled back and dropped lower on the bed to get at them, wanting what Callum had in them, all of it and now.

Dustin wrapped fingers around the base of Callum’s firm length and held it in place as he traced his tongue around the wet and leaking head. Dustin worked it furiously taking all of the clear fluid in, swallowing it and went back for more. He put his tongue tip in the slit and licked it clean, then moved along, tracing his tongue along the backside of the length to his hand, his other hand cradled Callum’s large hanging balls, rolling them about and Callum looked down, seeing Dustin under him on the bed, legs spread, the slender cheeks were spread and Callum reached out his hand, touching the soft warm skin, running his hand toward the tight globes that were before him. He dropped a finger down into between them and Dustin moaned as he swallowed Callum as much as he could the first time.

Callum let his finger go down even further and he found what he was wanting, the tight opening that was there. He rubbed his fingertip over it a few times, teasing it some more and then entered Dustin with his middle finger. Dustin groaned as he swallowed Callum a bit more, breathing heavily through his nose as best he could. Callum used his other hand to rub over Dustin’s back as he leaned a bit more over Dustin, pushing his finger into the opening further. Dustin couldn’t help but let go of Callum. He dropped his head to the bed and let Callum take him even more.

“Oh God, Quintan,…yes.” Dustin whispered in a deep groan as he was entered even more. Callum spun is finger just a bit and found what he was searching for and Dustin took in a deep sharp breath, the lump inside of Dustin that was so swollen from desire, want, and lust. Callum rubbed it over and over with his finger. Dustin could do nothing but hold his breath and clench the sheet tight in his fingers as he felt the waves of total pleasure wash through him, his stomach tightened deep inside and his eyes rolled back in his head.

“I think I found something.” Callum whispered as he rubbed over it again and again. Dustin was frozen in place wanting it more and more, this feeling that was swallowing him whole like a whale might. The need for air finally took him, and Dustin moved, had to get away from what was happening to him so he could breath. He turned on the bed and Callum let him and looked down at his lover. Dustin was panting heavily, his chest was heaving as Callum removed his finger from him and bent down.

They kissed, Dustin on his back, Callum lowering himself on the edge of the bed. The kiss was upside down Dustin reaching up, putting his hands on Callum’s temples, holding him tight. Dustin legs and body were spread out across the bed, beyond Callum’s head as Callum worked his mouth upside down over Dustin’s. Callum slowed his assault and lifted his face and tilted his head back, looking up and across the bed, seeing Dustin’s beautiful body laid out. Callum smiled and looked back into Dustin’s glazed eyes.

“You have never made love to me like this before.” Dustin whispered as he looked at Callum.

“Perhaps we have been doing it wrong all this time. Do you prefer this?” Callum asked.

“There is nothing wrong in the way that we have made before, nothing at all, but perhaps the frequency of it. This night,…I hope it never ends.”

“Now there is a thought.” Callum smiled and whispered, “If we were somehow locked into a night for the rest of our lives, making love over and over to each other for all eternity.”

“I can think of nothing better to spend eternity doing. Especially with you.” Dustin whispered. He lifted himself off the bed a bit and kissed Callum again and then dropped back into its softness.

“Neither can I.” Callum said in a whisper. He stood up and bent a bit, pushing his pants down to his ankles. Dustin watched him, seeing the long length that stood out in front of his wondrous lover, the large sack that was below the length holding the two large ovals. Dustin shifted on the bed, getting under them as Callum stepped out of the pants, letting them drop to the floor in a heap.

“My turn.” Dustin whispered.

Dustin lifted his head, taking one of the large ovals in his mouth fully, tracing his tongue over it as it was captured fully. Callum closed his eyes and let out a soft breath, letting Dustin have him now. Callum opened his eyes and looked down at the body across the bed. Dustin dug his heels into the mattress and used them as leverage, a hand went to Callum’s length, fingers wrapped around it and gripped it gently, pulling on it back and forth, the other hand went around Callum’s leg and slid up and down on the back of his thigh. Callum looked down and saw that Dustin was hard again, pointing directly up Dustin’s tight abs toward his chest. Every time Dustin moved on Callum, his hard length moved as well. Another beautiful sight, Callum thought. Dustin let him go out his mouth and moved to the other large oval, swallowing it as well, tongue chasing over it, rubbing the smooth skin. Dustin let the oval go with a popping sound. Callum pulled away and climbed up on the bed. Dustin went to roll but Callum stopped him, leaning close to Dustin’s face.

“This night belongs to you, my love,” Callum said as he held Dustin down, “I was not done with you. I am to take you over and over again, remember?”

“But, I…” Dustin started to protest in a whisper, but Callum shook his head at him.

“No, I will take my pleasure in pleasuring you this night.” Callum whispered. He leaned even closer and kissed Dustin briefly but softly and then went further down Dustin’s body, going to the other edge of the bed on his knees. He got in between Dustin’s legs, scooping up Dustin’s tight slender globes in his hands and lifted, Dustin being raised up off the bed, his weight resting on his shoulders at the edge. Callum supported his arms at the elbows, resting them on his thighs as he scooted in closer under Dustin. He used his thumbs and spread Dustin’s tight slender butt apart, Dustin’s legs spread and went wide in the air. Callum lowered his face quickly and buried his tongue deep into Dustin’s spread opening, making Dustin gasp. Hands went to the top of Callum’s head as the tongue pounding started, Callum going deeper and deeper into his young lover. Dustin’s eyes rolled back in his head and he became lost in what was happening to him, loving it as much as he loved the man that was doing it to him.

“God, I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I hope you never lose it.” Dustin whispered as he panted. Callum pulled back his tongue.

“Seeing you like this, I don’t think I ever will.” Callum said and dove back in. Dustin gasped again, his fingers went into Callum’s long hair and held on as he was being pummeled by the powerful tongue without mercy. Dustin was in complete heaven, his breathing was becoming shallow with the continued onslaught when off in the distance, a muffled boom could be heard. Callum pulled back. Dustin was trying to catch his breath as Callum eased his grip a bit but still held onto the soft skin. Another muffled boom. Callum let Dustin go.

Dustin rolled away from Callum, getting to the edge of the bed, jumping to his feet, Callum was right behind him, getting off the bed. They started to get into their clothes as quickly as they could. Another muffled boom could be heard in the darkness.

“Damn.” Callum said as pants went up over his hips. He reached down for his shirt, picking it up and dropping it over his head, then reached for his boots. Other sounds could now be heard in the house, a door opening.

“Quintan!” Martha called out from downstairs.

“Coming!” Callum yelled out as he stamped one boot on the floor, then pulled on the other boot, stamping it as well. He straightened and went across the small room to the bureau, the loaded pistols that laid on its top, he snatched one in his left hand and grabbed his sword that was in the corner. He went for the door, throwing it open as Carson opened the door opposite, “Stay here. See to his safety in case we fail.” Callum said, Carson nodded in reply as Callum bounded down the stairs, Dustin right behind him. Callum came off the stairs, going around the corner into the kitchen, Martha was standing there, a lamp in her hand. Callum came up quickly behind her, sliding behind her and out of the house, Dustin right behind Callum on a run. Henry walked up to stand beside Martha in the doorway watching the pair running down the knoll to the opening in the stone wall.

“Go to the front.” Callum said as he and Dustin were running together across the pasture, pistols up, swords in their scabbards in the other, “I’ll take the back.” They split up as they reached the gate in the fence that surrounded the drive. Another boom could be heard from inside the house. Callum sprinted for the back door, going around the corner of the house. He heard shouts and then screams as he reached the back door, crashing through it.

“Thomas!” Callum yelled, trying to catch his breath. The kitchen was dark and then he felt the impact from being hit across the chin hard. He staggered back and hit the edge of the opened door. He shook his head and he saw movement.

“Stand fast you bastard!” The voice in the dark said. It was familiar to Callum, he knew it in an instant, it was Christian. Then Callum was hit again in the dark, this time it was full contact with a body, knocking Callum off his feet and back out the door onto the gravel. A figure grappled with him, holding Callum’s wrist that held the pistol, the grip was almost crushing, Callum dropping the pistol to the gravel. The figure that held onto him was clothed in black and was hard to make out. The black figure was grunting and Callum struggled against him and then felt his opening, he brought up his leg quickly and caught the dark figure up in between his legs as he was straddled over Callum, making him groan and roll off Callum to the gravel.

Callum got to his feet as the dark figure rolled to his knees, Callum lifted a boot and sent it flying, kicking the dark figure in the face, knocking him back to the gravel in a sprawled out position. Callum spun his head as he heard crashing of pot and pans and then dishes crashing and breaking. Callum charged back toward the door, going into the dark, colliding with those that were struggling inside. Callum narrowed his eyes, the embers from the spit in the center of the kitchen were giving off a soft glow and he could see the figures, one lighter than the other struggling together to his left. Callum jumped for the dark figure, getting an arm around the throat from behind him, pulling tight, making him choke, the lighter figure got free from the grip on him, spun, and then hit the dark figure again and again. He slumped, Callum dropping him to the floor.

“Christian?” Callum asked.

“Quintan, hurry.” Christian said out of breath. Callum kicked something on the floor and it slid. He bent down and picked it up as he moved to catch up with Christian into the wide hallway. There was a crashing sound and then a smack and a grunt. Christian made the turn into the parlor and was knocked back by a reeling Dustin, both of them going to the floor in a tangled heap. Callum holding his sword by the pommel, swung the scabbard, making it hit the wall and then the floor exposing the blade. He stepped into the parlor and saw movement. Callum held the pistol out in front of him in his left hand and pointed it at the dark figure. He used his thumb to cock the pistol, still pointing it.

“Move and I will fire.” Callum said flatly, “Get some light in here.” He did not move his eyes at all as there was a crash upstairs and then a thumping sound. Another thumping sound and another, “Get up there and help him.” Callum growled. A match was lit from behind him and the lamp on the staircase wall came to life. Callum did not turn his eyes away once, staying focused on what was before him, the dark figure was bent over slightly, hands on his knees breathing hard. Callum heard the stairs being taken behind him and then there was a cry out in the low light, a cry of pain.

“Oh, dear God!” Christian cried out as he hit the door, more crashes could be heard. Callum looked up and over for only a fraction of a moment, but it was enough. He was charged upon by the figure in black. Callum spun his head back and pulled the trigger but nothing happened as the hammer hit, the pistol had already been fired. The impact of the two men was deep, making Callum grunt as he was hit in the midsection with a flying tackle. They both hit the floor and slid to the bottom of the stairs.

The struggle for control of Callum’s sword was on, all four hands going for the pommel that Callum still held. Callum tried to spin away and out from under the black figure but he was pinned too tight. Callum looked with only his eyes and he saw the flash in them from the other man and then heard the growl from him. He worked hard and quickly and got behind Callum, forcing Callum onto his left side on the floor. The hands were on the sword pommel as arms were stretched above their heads. The man in black held tight, Callum was trying to look over his shoulder, and then let the sword go, he bent his arm and used his elbow to send it hard into the black covered ribs, the man grunted, Callum slid away from him a bit and sent the same elbow bend him but up into the face of the man, slamming the head into the floor hard, Callum did it again rapidly and then spun, going onto the man, taking his sword back from him. Callum spun the sword up, point down and drove it home through the body under him and into the floor under. There was an audible gasp from the throat of the man in black and the grip released on Callum. He got to his feet and pulled his sword and looked at the lifeless man under him for a moment, he started to lift his head to look up the stairs when he caught movement and then the shot went off.

Callum spun from the impact of the ball to his left shoulder. He grunted loudly but stayed on his feet and saw the two men coming toward him. Callum grit his teeth and lifted his sword. He made a few tight circles in the air with the tip and waited for what was coming. He watched as they came toward him together, then they split up, one still coming slowly, the other going more into the wide opening of the parlor. Callum watched them intensely and then he saw what the one was going for, a sword on the floor of the parlor. Callum went to move, but the man jumped for it and then hand it in his hand in a flash.

“Surrender your sword, Captain, and then take us to the boy.” The man with the spent pistol said.

“Over my dead body.” Callum growled.

“That would be the other alternative.” The man said as there was a crash on the landing upstairs above the man’s head. Callum lifted his eyes only and saw what caused it. Dustin and Christian both tackled another man in black on the landing and were struggling with him, “We seem to have the advantage here, Captain. You have a man down, you are wounded, and we have you outnumbered. Be sensible, Captain, surrender and we can end this.”

“I think not.” Callum said as he glanced up. Dustin was using the pommel of his sword to smash into the face of the man in black over and over again as Christian had him pinned down to the landing with his body. The man’s head fell and stopped struggling, “You were saying?” Callum asked. He ducked as the pistol was thrown at him, it crashed into the wall near the open front door. The other man with the sword charged at Callum.

The two blades clanged together, steel to steel. They backed up from one another, the other man began to circle the other way, flanking Callum, he tried to stay with him, keeping one eye on the sword, the other on the other man.

“Now, I would suggest that you not breathe.” Christian’s voice could be heard from behind Callum, “Move and I will run this blade across your throat so deep, your head will fall off.” Callum wanted to see what was happening but didn’t dare look away, “He’s all yours, Quintan.”

Callum focused on what was in front of him fully. The eyes of the man in front of him flashed and he lunged, Callum blocked, then back swung, the man ducking the blade. Callum was ready and then another lunge. Callum was ready and blocked him easily. The pain in Callum’s shoulder was becoming more intense now and his arm was stiffening under the wound. He could barely move it. Another lunge and Callum stepped in, ducking the point and then swung, catching the back of the man, slicing him a bit across his own shoulder. There was a deep groan that came from him.

“Damn, more blood on my floor, Quintan.” Christian said.

“I am sorry, Christian.” Callum said without looking, “Shall I take him outside to finish him off?”

“If you please, that would be most considerate of you.” Christian said from behind Callum. Callum backed up to the open front door slowly and went to go out it, the man following him, a burning rage was in the eyes, sword up.

“Are you sure you would not like to surrender? There is an excellent surgeon here in the village.” Callum said.

“Your friend upstairs can use him. He is cut to ribbons already I am sure and is probably close to death at this moment. You can fight me or you can save him. All we want is the boy.” The man growled and Callum narrowed his eyes in anger.

“Or I can kill you and save him anyway and keep the boy.” Callum said.

“You’ll die trying.”

“I think not. You must be very skilled at slicing throats in the dark, but your prowess with a sword leaves something to be desired.” Callum said, “I have fought against Frenchmen that are more skilled than you. Or should I say,…French women, and they were old ones as well.” Eyes narrowed and there was a growl from the throat of the man and he leaped forward swinging the blade, Callum ducked it back and forth without lifting his own and backed up further in the gravel drive, letting the man swing and swing at him, growling even louder as he came on even more. Callum finally stood his ground and lifted his blade, blocking each swing, countering each swing and then finally just stood still. The man was becoming more and more frustrated as he could not gain ground against Callum. A smirk slowly grew on Callum’s face as he stood there blocking each swing, and then Callum finally shook his head, “Enough of this.” Callum said, blocking a swing and then jabbed his point into the man. A look of surprise came over the man’s face. Callum pulled his point back and waited a moment. The sword of the other man lifted, Callum rolled his eyes and then ran him through. The sword dropped in a clatter to the gravel, a cough came from the man as the sword was pulled back by Callum out of the man’s heart in the center of the black covered chest. Callum stepped forward, putting a hand on the shoulder of the man and pushed him a bit, he fell sideways to the gravel like a tree. Callum bent down and picked up the other sword and walked toward Harbroughs going through the open front door. He closed it behind him.

Callum looked at Christian, who stood on the stairs, holding a broad heavy knife to the throat of the man in black over the top of the railing at the newel post. Callum smiled as Christian had been fighting this entire time in the dark apparently in the nude. Callum came forward, holding out his sword toward the man in black.

“I’ll take him, Christian.” Callum said. Christian released the hold on the man, and pushed him away from him, “How is Thomas?”

“Dustin is with him right now. He is cut very badly, but I think he will be alright. He’s breathing at least. What kept you outside?” Christian asked.

“We can discuss that later.” Callum said, “First, you might want to get some clothes on while I have a bit of a further chat with our talkative friend here. Secondly, you might want to fetch the good doctor from the village for Thomas. The others that are wounded here can simply bleed to death for all I care.” Callum said as he glared into the eyes of the man in black before him, “Now, let us have our chat, shall we?”

“I will tell you nothing.”

“Oh, I think you might.” Callum said and stabbed his point into the man’s shoulder, making him grunt and cry out once, “Who sent you? Was it Upton?” Callum asked and there was no answer. Callum stabbed his point into the other shoulder. Christian winced and then headed up the stairs, shaking his head as he went, “I’ll ask you again, was it Upton?” Callum asked and all he received was a glare, “You have broken into my home, you and your men have been watching us for days, you come to take an innocent boy in the dead of night, and you have nothing to say? Let’s begin again, shall we?” Callum asked with another stab to the first shoulder. A cry of deep pain came from the man and Callum cocked his head a bit and raised an eyebrow.



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