Chanced smiled, 'Dad's little pig only.'

The boy knew the right words to say. I pulled Chance down and kissed him deep the smell of my piss driving me crazy. I laid make and said, 'Suck your Dad's meat, boy. Get it all nice and wet for Dad to fuck you with, boy.'

Chance buried his face in my crotch. Taking my whole Dad cock down his throat. The boy could suck cock for sure. All the boy could do is moan to answer Dad's questions. I have great control so Chance sucked me for about an hour.

Finally I said, 'Get up here and straddle Dad's cock boy.' Chance looked up and smiled, 'You gonna fuck your boy, Dad. Fuck you boy nice and rough. Fill your boy's hole with your cock and seed.' 'Hell yeah, boy. Dad gonna fuck you dizzy,' I said.

With that Chance straddle my cock and sit right down. No getting use to Dad's cock. Dad's boy just took it deep. Took it deep like a man should. Dad's boy let out a long low grow. 'Fuck, Dad. Your cock feels so great. Fills your boy's hole.' 'Go ahead, boy. Make yourself Dad's boy. Fuck yourself on Dad's hard cock. Feel Dad's muscle massage your happy spot.'

Chance rose his ass up then pushed down hard again. Now it was Dad's turn to growl. The boy's ass walls were engulfing Dad's cock. Sucking my cock in, not letting it go. The boy started picking up speed. Fucking himself hard and deep. Dad laying back letting the boy do all the work. Letting the boy get pleasure from pleasuring His Dad.

'Fuck yeah, boy. Ride Dad's cock.' I moaned. 'Your ass feels so sweet inside, boy. Dad likes. Dad likes His boy's hole.' Chance stopped, rested on my cock buried deep up his ass. 'Am I your boy, Dad.' He asked. 'Yes, Chance with the fucking you are giving Dad you are His boy. Maybe before the night is over the boy will become Dad's son.' Chance smiled and said, 'I hope so, Dad.'

This whole time Chance was sitting on my cock tightening his hole around my cock. It was driving me nuts. Chance bent down and said, 'Smell your boy's hair, Dad. Smell you piss in his hair.' Fuck that was it. I had to fuck this boy and fuck him rough. Make the boy my son. Plant may seed in his hole.

I told Chance to get off and get on all fours on the floor beside the bed. The boy learns so quickly. Without question he did as told. I got down behind Chance and inserted 3 fingers into his hole. I kept turning my fingers, loosening the boy's hole even more. Then all of a sudden my fist slipped all the way in, boy's sphincter clamped tight around my wrist.

Chance let out a long deep moan. Then growled out, 'Fuck Dad. Don't know what you did put keep it up. This feels great. I reached around and grabbed a small rectangular mirror and held it up. 'Turn your head around and look, boy.' Chance turned and looked up and into the mirror. There was the boy's Dad with His fist buried in his ass. 'Oh, Dad. That looks so hot and feels so good.' I looked at Chance, 'Makes you feel like a man, doesn't boy?' Just moaned out, 'Yes, sir.' 'Ok, boy. Dad gonna do some fist fucking you before He pounds the boy's hole doggy style with His cock.' I slowly pulled back till Dad's boy rose started to show. Then I pushed back in. Chance moaned out, 'Oh yeah, Daddy. Fist fuck your boy.'

I pulled out and pushed back in slowly a few times. 'ok, boy. get ready. Dad gonna start punching the boy's hole. boy let Dad know if boy wants to stop.' 'Ok, Dad boy will.'

So I pulled back exposing more of my boy's rosebud. I punched hard making my fist slide about 3 inches past my wrist into Chance's fuck hole. Chance growled, 'Fuck, Dad. Do that again. Punch harder this time.' Who was I do deprive my boy of his pleasure. So pull back again and put I punched hard, trying to get as much of my forearm up inside my boy's hole as I could.

I couldn't believe it but here I was almost elbow deep up my boy's hole. This was the first time the boy had ever been fisted. He took it like a man. 'Fucking yeah, Dad. Now you own this boy. Show the boy with the mirror again, please sir.' Chance begged. So I held up the mirror and Chance shot his cum right then. 'Sorry Dad. This made the boy so hot. Couldn't hold it.' I smiled and slowly pulled my fist out. The boy's hole closed up tight. 'Not to worry, boy. Now its Dad's time to cum. Time for Dad to mark the boy. Time for the boy to become Dad's son.' 'Thank you, sir,' Chance smiled.

'On all fours again, boy.' Again no questions asked, boy assumed the position. 'Now, boy. Dad gonna fuck you like the man/boy you are, rough, long and sweaty.' Chance's ass hole quivered and winked at these words. I came up behind the boy and mounted him. Pushed my cock all the way in, buried pubes deep in the boy. With out much words I proceeded to fuck the boy. Pulling my cock out, letting the boy's hole grip onto my mushroom head and then plowing back in. Buried deep in my boy's hole. Chance couldn't take it. Kept screaming out, 'Fuck me Daddy, fuck your son. Yeah, Dad fuck the rougher the better for this boy.'

This was making me so hot. I started smacking the boy's ass cheeks with every inward thrust. Making Chance moan out, 'Daddy, you make me feel so good. Please fuck me, please plant your seed.' By now the sweat was dripping off me and puddling on Chance's back. I just couldn't get enough of this hole. The boy was talented. He know how to use it. His ass walls would grip my cock so hard it was an effort to pull back while I fucked him.

I was getting close. I could feel my balls tingling. So I said, 'Here is cums, boy. Here is Dad's seed. Dad feels so much building up. Dad gonna coat His boy's ass walls.' 'Damn, Dad. boy gonna cum again himself. Fuck here it cums.' With that the boy's hole clamped tight around my cock and I exploded into my son. Planting my seed deep. Marking the boy as Dad's son.

I clasped onto Chance's back. Don't know how he did it but held us both up. 'Thank you Dad. That was great. That fuck may your boy feel like such a man. Feels great to have Dad's seed deep in His boy's hole.' Told him to ease down and I laid on top for a couple minutes to catch my breath. My cock still hard I began to fuck Chance again. Nice slow deep thrust. This was a time to pleasure the boy. Also I wanted to get my seed all good and mixed in with my new son's ass juices for what would come later.

Chance moaned, 'Your boy thanks you Dad. This feels so hot.' I stopped fucking and rolled off and said, 'No, son. Dad thanks His new son. That was such a great fuck you gave your Dad, son.' Chance rose up on on elbow and looked at me tear in his eye. 'You mean it, Dad. After tonight, I will be your son for good. A son Dad would use for His pleasure.' I smiled and said. 'Let Dad show you how much He wants you to be His son, Chance.'

With that I pushed Chance on his back and pushed his legs up over his head. Without hesitation I buried my tongue deep up my son's hole. Twirling it around, scooping up as much Dad's seed as possible. Chance was moaning out, 'Oh yeah, Daddy. Eat your son's hole. Fill it with that big tongue of yours.' After getting my mouth full of both my seed and my son's ass juices, I crawled up the boy and without missing a beat Dad kissed His new son deep. I began sharing the boy's ass mixture with my new son. Chance was lapping it up. Sticking his tongue deep down my throat. I pulled back and smiled. 'You have to save Dad some, boy. Dad did all the work to get it out of the boy's well fisted and fucked hole.'

Chance smiled, 'Ok, Dad. There is more where that came from. The End.




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