This is a true story of how my nephew became my boy/son. Our names have been changed as we still live in a small town but we are quite happy with our lives. This story was read and approved by Chance also. As a matter of fact after reading the boy was hot for a fuck.

Chance is my nephew and had just turned 18 years old when this happened. Me, 48 years old, not bad shape but don't do the gym. Full beard, hairy, some what of a belly. I had always fantasized about Chance but never thought anything would ever cum of it.

It all started one evening after a long day working in the hay fields. Me and Chance were at the barn finishing up stacking the hay. We climbed out of the loft and went down to have a rest in the coolness of the lower barn. We got a dr. pepper out of the cooler in the truck and had a seat on the bales on the floor.

We just sit there awhile when Chance said, 'Uncle Dan, can I ask you a question?' Chance's Dad had passed away a few years earlier and I had stepped in as a crutch for Chance.

I said, 'Sure, boy. You know you can ask anything.' Chance was silent for a few minutes then just stuttered out, 'You ever thought about other men, Uncle Dan?'

I was stunned. Chance was a strapping young man, muscled, hairy, and from the looks of his crotch has a very nice cock too. Never would have thought he would have ever asked this. I took a deep breath, trying to keep my own cock from getting hard and said, 'boy, its natural for young men to experiment and try things out on each other. Nothing to be ashamed of. Chance seemed to relax after that some and asked, 'Uncle Dan when I am with a girl I think about men, mostly older men like you. I have never been with a man but really want to try. I fantasize about you alot, Uncle Dan.'

I was speechless. Here was my nephew telling me he jacked off to me. I said, 'boy, your old Uncle Dan is flattered that you feel that way but sure a hot stud like you could find you a much younger man to experiment with.'

Chance just smile and said, 'From the look of this, I think Uncle Dan would not mind being my first.' Chance suddenly reached out and had my hard cock in his hand, massaging his Uncle Dan's muscle thru His levis. I was getting so hard but feeling guilty at the same time. Chance was so hot looking, such a nice bubble butt. Made my mouth water just thinking about sinking my tongue up that boy hole. I knew I should stop and pushed Chance away. He had such a hurt look in his eyes. Tears forming he said, 'What's wrong, Uncle? Did I do something you didn't want me to do, Daddy.'

That did it. When Chance called me Daddy all my resistance dropped away. I reached up put my hand behind my new boy's head and pushed his face into Dad's crotch. I lost all control. Unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I became very verbal. I kept saying 'You like Dad's muscle, don't you, boy?' Chance would look up and let my cock slip from his mouth just to smile and say, 'Yes, Daddy, sir. Your new boy can't wait to feel his new Daddy's cock up his ass.

Chance continue to enjoy his new Dad's cock. Deep throating it, holding it deep till Dad said to come up. Chance kept wondering if he could hold his Dad's cock so deep for so long but Dad seemed to know his limits. Letting him come up for air at just the right time. Before the night was over Dad had Chance trained very well.

I was so enjoying this young stud of a boy's attention. He was a cock pig. Loved to lick his Dad's piss slit, stick his tongue as far as he could. Chance kept saying, 'Daddy, I have wanted this for so long, wanted it before Dad died. Have always wanted it to be you.' With that I reached up grabbed my boy's head and sunk my cock deep in his throat and started to piss. Chance got wide eyed there for a moment but was soon happily drinking down his Dad's piss. I have alot of piss but the boy took it like a man. Only let a little dribble out the corners of his mouth.

Finished pissing I pulled the boy up and forced his mouth open and buried my tongue deep and swirled it around. Nothing I like better than to taste my own piss inside that special boy's mouth. I pulled my mouth off of Chance's and he was so weak in the knees. I had to help him to sit back on a bale. He was breathing hard so I got behind him and started massaging his shoulders. After a few moments he turned his head up, smiled and said, 'Damn, Dad. That was so hot, you know your boy came while you where pissing down his throat.' I smiled and said, 'boy, Dad saw and approved. Dad loves his boy to enjoy His piss. Wait till your Dad fills that boy hole of yours with His warm, life giving piss.'

Chance just moaned and stood up and pushed his ass against my cock. My cock was so hard and sticking straight up it just slipped right between Chance's ass cheeks. Chance moaned into my ear, 'Please fuck me Daddy. Your boy needs it so much. Maybe once Dad fucks the boy, boy can become Dad's son. Dad's son, Dad's to use only.'

Damn, this boy knew what buttons to push on me. I was filling up his ass cheeks with pre-seed. I always produced copious amounts of pre-seed. Never needed lube, always used my pre-seed. Nice thick and plentiful. Chance moans, 'Damn Dad feels like you got a river flowing between your boy's cheeks. Feels nice and sticky in there, Dad.'

'Fuck, Chance. You got this old man so hot for you.' Chance just smiled and said, 'Do I make you happy Uncle Dan? Do I make you feel like a man? I spent my boy around and stuck my tongue as deep down his throat as I could. I still tasted my piss in there. When I was done I said, 'Chance you don't know how happy you make your Uncle Dan. I haven't felt like this, like such a man in a long time.'

'You don't mind me calling you Dad, do you Uncle Dan? I do so like that. But would only do it in private, while the boy was servicing his Dad. Taking Dad's seed and piss.' I just smiled and said, 'boy, you can call me Dad any time you want, any where you want.' Chance started to cry, I reached out and pulled him to my chest and my boy cried for a good long time.

I knew then that it would not be long before I was calling him son.




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