'All in good time,' I said.

Chance smiled and moved back down to my crotch. I again had a puddle of pre-seed filling my belly button. Chance stuck his tongue in the pool and lapped it up. Pre-seed dripping from his lips Chance said, 'I love your pre-seed, Dad. Can't wait to taste the real thing.'

With that Chance swollowed my cock. The back of his throat was gripping the head of my cock. All I could do was moan and growl. Chance had me in his power. This boy knew how to suck cock. For what seemed like an hour I don't think I ever saw the boy come up for air. I pulled Chance off my cock and said, 'boy, Dad is getting close. Be prepared, Dad gives good, big and creamy loads. Don't loose any, boy. Dad's seed to precious to waste.' Chance smiled. Didn't say a word, just preceeded to deep throat my cock. I grabbed my boy's hair and started to fuck his face. Pulling out till felt the boy's teeth hook on my mushroom head and ramming my cock back. Burying my muscle deep down the boy's throat.

I was in heaven. The boy was taking a fucking in his mouth most men couldn't handle in the ass. My boy's mouth was so sweet and warm. The smell of my piss still in the boy's hair was driving me mad. I lost all control. Two more deep thrusts and my balls tightened up. I erupted my Dad seed into the back of Chance's throat. I just kept cumming and cumming. 'Fuck, boy. That was one great suck,' I said. I was so drained. Chance still had my cock buried in his throat. Just lying there his face in my crotch.

My cock started to go soft. Chance kept sucking it like a bottle. 'Cup and play with Dad's balls, boy.' Not missing a beat with my cock the boy cupped my balls and gently rolled them in his hand. Chance did this for a few minutes when my piss started to flow. boy dropped my balls and pushed his face as hard as he could into my crotch.

Chance drunk every drop of Dad's piss. Drinking it all down. Looking up and licking his lips Chance said, 'Two treats at once. That was nice Dad. Made the boy so hot to take both Dad's seed and piss.' I just smiled and pulled him into a kiss and licked the taste of my own piss and cum out of the boy's mouth.

We fell asleep for a couple hours when I awoke to Chance sucking on my balls. boy had both in his mouth rolling them around with his tongue. I moved and raised my head to look. Chance spit out my balls and crawled up and laid his head on my chest. 'Didn't think you would ever wake up, Dad.' I laughed and said, 'You wore this old man out, boy.'

'We have just begun, Dad.'. And with that Chance bit down on my nip and started sucking. One of my hot zones are my nips. Can't be too rough with them. Chance moved from one nip to the other. Driving me crazy till I finally had to pull the boy off. Chance laughed and said, 'Can't take it old man.' I reached over and grabbed his left tit and twisted. Chance yelped, 'You not old, Dad.' 'Time to get something to eat, boy.' Lets run down to the burger joint get something to bring back. On the drive down Chance laid in my lap with my cock sticking out my zipper giving me the best head. We got our burger joint order and headed back home.

Chance again laid his head in my lap and preceeded to suck on my cock again. About half way home Chance was really working on my cock. I know he wanted me to cum again but I had other plans for that seed. So I released my piss and let the boy drink.

When we got home we ate in the living room while watching some TV. We finished and Chance cleaned up. While the boy was in the kitchen I stripped naked and sit back in the recliner. Chance finished up in the kitchen and walked back in to see me stroking my cock. 'Dad you are so beautiful.' I just smiled and shook my head.

Chance came over and crawled up into my lap in the recliner. He nuzzled his face into my neck and shoulder. 'I love you, Dad.' Chance whispered in my ear. 'I love you too, boy.' With that my hand traveled down and squeezed his cheeks. Chance just moaned and pushed his ass back into my hand. 'I so want you, Dad. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel my boy hole gripping your muscle, my ass walls engulfing your Dad cock.'

I pushed my finger between his cheeks and found his virgin hole. I just gently rubbed around his hole. Lightly touching. I could feel the boy's hole contract each time my finger brushed over his hole. Chance just moaned and growled. I brought my hand to the boy's mouth, 'Suck Dad's fingers, boy. Get them good and wet with your spit.'

I had the boy's spit dripping off my elbow. I took my hand and moved back down to the boy's ass. This time there was nothing gentle. My finger found the boy's hole and pushed right in. Chance let out the loudest growl. 'Fuck, Dad. Your finger feels so good.' I started fingering fucking the boy's hole. Twisting my finger around. Loosening that tight hole up.

I put in two fingers and the boy just about jumped off my lap. I smacked the boy's ass and said 'lets take this back to the bedroom, boy. But stop at the toilet first.' So into the bathroom we went. 'Assume the postion, boy.' Into the tub Chance gets, on his knees, hands behind his back, head bowed. He stayed like that for a few mintues then I said, 'Look up, boy.' Just as the boy looked up and opened his eyes I let my piss fly, hitting the boy right between the eyes. 'Fuck yeah, Dad. Give me that man piss. Make me smell like Dad.' The boy was drenched. Hair all plastered to his head. Hair dripping piss into his mouth. Damn this boy did love piss for sure.

After drying off we headed back to the bedroom. I had Chance lay on his back and pull his legs up to his chest. I started to spit on the boy's hole and take my fingers and rub it in. Chance was moaning and pushing his hole out. Such a nice looking little rose the boy had. I couldn't resist and buried my face into the boy's ass. My tongue went deep. Driving Chance crazy. 'Damn, Dad. That feels so great.' 'Your hole tastes so sweet, boy.'

Now I had his hole all nice and wet with my thick spit. I stuck my finger back in. And started back to loosening up that hole. I had been using 2 fingers for a few minutes when I decided to go for 3. So I pulled my fingers out of the boy's hole and re-entered with 3. Chance just let out a low slow moan. I started to finger fuck him again but with 3 fingers now. I got in a few strokes with my fingers when Chance yelled, 'Dad, I am gonna cum.' I got up, still fingers buried in the boy's hole and took Chance's cock into my mouth. 'Oh, Dad. You make me feel so special.' 'Fuck Dad. Here it cums.' And with that Chance coated the back of my throat with his boy seed.

I swallowed Chance's seed and slowly pulled my fingers out. Brought my fingers to the boy's mouth, 'Suck them clean, boy.' The boy just about took my whole hand into his mouth. 'Damn, boy. You are turning into one little pig.'

Chanced smiled, 'Dad's little pig only.'




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