I hugged Chance for a long time while we sat on the hay bales. Neither of us saying a word. Chance's tears dried up and we soon knew we would have to be going.

Chance looked up at me and said, 'Uncle Dan can I see you again soon? I so want you to fuck me.' I just smiled and said 'Thought it was going to be Dad? 'Ok, Dad,' Chance said, 'Will you fuck your boy soon?'

'I think that can be arranged, boy.' Chance just smiled and got dressed. On ride home we were pretty quiet, just holding hands as I drived us home. As we got close Chance looked over and said, 'Dad, this boy hopes this is not a one time thing.' Made me hot this boy wanted me so bad. I just reached over grabbed his crotch and said, 'All you can handle, boy.'

Chance's mother was there on the front porch when we drove up. My brother took over the farm after our parents passed away. I never had much interest in it, till my brother passed. I live in a trailer a couple miles away on the river. Chance and I got out of the truck and went in the house. I talked for awhile with Sara and then started for my own place. As I was walking to the truck Chance ran out and whispered, 'Please Dad your boy needs you soon.' I told him not to worry as soon as he could get away we would. He smiled and said great Dad. I climbed in my truck and headed to my place.

As Chance went back in his Mom said, 'Chance, what was that all about?'. Chance kinda half heartedly said, 'Uncle Dan wants to go fishing this weekend. You know I don't like to fish, Mom.' Sara said, 'Go, son. Have a good time. Your Uncle likes having you around. Its good for you.' Chance was silent for a moment and said, 'Maybe you are right, Mom. Uncle Dan has been good to both of us. Maybe I will go fishing with him.' His Mom said, 'I will be fine by myself. I'll call and go over to neighbors house at night, Chance.' 'Ok, Mom. I will go. But I would have to go now and ride my bike over to Uncle Dan's to make sure I catch him.'

So here was Chance racing along on his bike heading to his Dad's place. Mean while I had just got home and was walking in letting my dogs out. Decided to have a quick dinner and popped a frozen pizza in the oven. While the pizza cooked I thought about what had happened today between Chance and I. How could something be wrong that felt so right. We both said this was what we had been looking for.

I had just sit down to eat the pizza and watch a little tv when there was a knock at the door. I was just in my tighty whiteys so went to the door and just pulled the curtain back and looked out. There stood Chance bent over, out of breath. I opened the door and pulled him in.

'What in the hell you doing here, boy.' Chance just smiled and said, 'Mom thinks you are taking me fishing for the weekend.' 'Oh does she,' I said. 'Yep, and now we have the whole weekend to ourselves. And by the looks of that tent you are making Dad, you are glad to see your boy.' I didn't even know I gotten hard.

Chance sunk to his knees and pulled the front of my briefs down and hooked them under my balls. I have an average cock in length about 6.5 inches but it is wide and thick. The boys seem to like to suck it and be fucked by it. Chance took my cock and buried it deep in his throat. All I could do is moan and growl cause it felt so good.

Chance pulled off my cock and looked up and said, 'You taste so good Daddy. I love sucking your muscle. Makes your boy feel like such a man.' I just grabbed my boy's head and pushed it back down all the way on my cock and again pissed down my boy's throat. As you all know I love to taste my own piss in a boy's mouth so when I was finished feeding the boy I pulled him up and kissed him deep.

Chance than said, 'Dad your pizza is getting cold.' We went into the living room and ate and watched a some tv. The whole time Chance sat at my feet with his back pushed into my crotch, keeping my cock hard. After he was done eating Chance truned around and again hooked my briefs under my balls and started to nurse like a littel baby. He kept saying, 'Can the boy have some more of Dad's piss? boy really likes Dad's piss.' I stood up and pulled Chance up with me ant took him to the bathroom. 'boy, in the tub on your knees,' I ordered. Chance obeyed without hesitation. The boy was still in his shirt and pants and shoes. Chance got on his knees in the tub with hands behind his back looked out with those wanting eyes.

Without hesitation I let my golden syrup flow from my cock and cover my boy's face and body with it. I held my cock so the stream hit my boy in his mouth.

Chance was turning out to be a regular pig boy.




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