I finished with my golden shower and Chance looked up and said, 'Thank you, Sir. boy loves the feel and taste of your piss, Dad.' I shook the last few drops on to my boy's face and then reached down and pulled him up. Still dripping with my piss Chance stepped out of the tub. I grabbed a towel and dried my pig boy off. Making sure to leave the smell of my piss in the boy's hair.

I then grabbed Chance's hand and led him to my bedroom his clothes clinging to his body from my piss. Standing in the bedroom I pulled the boy close and kissed him deep. Licking his tonsil with my tongue. The kiss only lasted a minute or two but it seemed like a hour. I pulled away from the kiss and Chance went weak in the knees. I had to steady him and sit him in the chair beside the bed.

Chance just sit there for a few moments not saying a word. Then just looked up and said 'Dad, can the boy get naked like you?' I just smiled and said, 'Sure boy but let Dad lay down on the bed and enjoy the show.' So I laid down and started stroking my cock while Chance stood at the foot of the bed and started to undress. When he took his shirt off I started stroking harder. Chance smiled, 'Dad looks so hot lying there. Does Dad's boy make Him hot?' I said grunting, 'The boy makes his Dad very hot.' I was pumping out pre-seed like crazy. Had a puddle forming in my belly button. Chance smiled as he unzipped his jeans. 'Don't worry Dad, boy eat that up, clean Dad good.'

Chance slipped his jeans over his hips and let them fall to his ankles. Standing there with his 7' sticking straight out I knew I would be fucking this boy. Chance stepped out of his jeans and started to crawl up from the foot of the bed. My piss smell was strong so it preceded him making me even hotter.

I had my back leaning against the head board stroking my cock watching this wanting, hungry boy crawl up to my feet. Smiling Chance picked up my right foot and started sucking each toe. Actually Chance was making love to my foot. Lovingly sucking each toe and licking my sole till my whole body tingled. The smell of piss was so strong making both of us dizzy with lust. I was so intoxicated by the smell of my own piss that I was now shoving all my toes into Chance's mouth.

Chance was in his own little world. Jumping from one foot to the other, grunting and growling. Taking half my foot, I could touch the back of his throat with my big toe. I thought to myself, 'What have I unleashed?' This boy was driving me crazy.

Now Chance moved to my crotch. I was laying there winded and defenseless. The smell of piss was making my head spin. It had been so long since I had been with a man like this. And here is was my 18 year old nephew. Chance was now licking my balls and the shaft of my cock. I looked down and saw the hunger in the boy's eyes. Then Chance started licking up all the pre-seed I had deposited in my belly button and on my stomach. He smiled a wicked smile and said, 'Your boy wants to taste your cum.'

I pulled my boy up to lay beside me with his head on my chest. The smell of my piss in his hair drove my crazy. Before I knew it I was sucking on Chance's hair, tasting my own piss. Chance moaned, 'Fuck Daddy, that feels so good.' I stroked his hair and said, 'Dad understands why boy likes His piss so much. It does taste good, doesn't boy?' 'Yes, Dad. Dad's piss tastes very good.'

'Ok, boy. You know if we go on there is no turning back. You got your Dad very hot, boy. Make very sure this is what you want, boy.' Chance nestled into my chest and started working my tit. Biting, licking, and sucking. Twisting the hair around it between his thumb and forefinger and pulling. Damn this was driving me nuts. All I could do was squirm and moan. Chance stopped and looked up, 'Does that answer your question, Dad?' I pulled him up and kissed him deep and then said, 'Ok, boy. You get to taste Dad's cum then.' Chance smiled and moved to my crotch and took the head in his mouth. He pulled off and said, 'boy can't wait to get this in his pussy, Dad.'

'All things at their appointed time, boy.' I said.




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