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Training a Jock Slut – Chapter 8 

Brody the cam whore 

Coach looked at his slut’s sweat-slick body squirming in front of him. He had placed Brody in his favorite position. The jock was on his back; his muscled legs pinned back on either side of him. Because he was so flexible, Brody’s feet were practically behind his head.

The muscle whore was in his usual garb, a jockstrap and nothing else. The jockstrap was stretched out thin by Brody’s hard, thick cock. His slutty position gave Coach full access to the perfect cunt nestled between his golden cheeks.

And Coach was definitely making use of the boy’s vulnerable position. He had been fucking his slut’s pussy for the past hour. He had already shot one thick load into the jock’s insides. But seeing his whore wincing in discomfort had made him rock hard again.

Coach listened as he made Brody recount his experience at the clothes store for the third time. Seeing the look of humiliation on his slut’s face drove the beefy older man over the edge. He added another load to Brody’s cum collection.

Brody flinched as he felt Coach’s cock pulsating inside him, knowing what that meant. He had another man’s baby makers swimming inside him. He felt completely emasculated. What would his father and friends say? He would be shunned from the town.

Both men were drenched in sweat from their porn-like fucking. Coach leaned forward, with his softening cock still lodged in Brody’s ass, and started making out with his slave. Brody hated when Coach kissed him but knew better than to resist. He started to kiss back like he was taught, feeling Coach’s probing tongue raping his mouth.

Coach’s hand crept down Brody’s perfect body and slid under his jockstrap. Brody’s eyes bugged as he felt his Coach’s massive hand grip his sticky cock. Coach continued frenching the hunk as he started jerking his cock. Coach’s other hand was pulling at Brody’s left tit viciously.

Brody was in sensory overload. Coach’s beard was scratching up his face. The mauling at his pecs was flooding his sensitive nipples with pleasure and pain. And his cock being stroked was too much to bear. Within a few minutes, Brody could not control himself. He grunted into the Coach’s mouth as his cock spewed up thick spurts of cum, coating Coach’s hand completely.

Coach loved the power he had over his star athlete’s body. The lack of masturbation and sexual stimulants meant Brody often shot his load with nothing but a cock ramming into him. Nothing pleased Coach more than seeing the cocky stud squirt like a woman.

Coach finally broke off the kiss and drew his hand out of his slut’s jockstrap. His cupped hand contained a large amount of thick, creamy spunk. He slowly raised his hand over the jock’s mouth. An embarrassed Brody watched as Coach let thick spools of cum fall into his mouth.

In the past several weeks, Brody had swallowed hundreds of loads. But he still felt disgusted at the taste and texture. Coach noticed his slut’s obvious distaste for the cum he just swallowed. But if anything, it turned him on even more.

“You better get used to that taste soon slut. By the time I am done with you, you will be swallowing buckets of man-juice over the course of your life, whether you like it or not! I get really hot at the idea of other men using you. If I have my way, hundreds of men, if not thousands, will be plundering every orifice of your body.”

Brody trembled, unsure at how serious Coach was. He was still holding on to the hope that going to college next year would give him a break from his abusers. He just had to hold out for eleven more months.

Coach finally let his spent cock slip out of the jock’s sloppy pussy. He continued pinning the slut’s legs beside his head. Coach watched the wrecked, gaping hole slowly start to contract and close. Aside from some puffiness, no one would be able to guess that this hole had been stuffed with eight inches of pure man meat just moments ago.

Coach laid back in his bed and scratched his large hairy nuts with satisfaction. He reached over to his bedside table and took out a black dildo that was identical to his own cock, both in length and girth. He tossed the ridiculously large rubber toy to Brody, who was still passed out on his back, trying to ignore the aching pain in his ass.

“What you waiting for fuck-pig? Take your pretty ass back home and stuff your cunt for another hour with that,” Coach barked at the blonde stud.

Brody’s lower lip quivered as he gingerly picked up the obscene toy. It was half the length of a baseball bat. He had hoped his ass would get some rest. But the jock was quickly learning that he had to stop hoping for any good things in his life.

Coach watched Brody slink out the room and through the front door. Coach loved seeing the freshly fucked sweaty ass walk away from him. It made him want to hunt it down and plow it again.

Coach pulled on a pair of white briefs and sat in front of his computer. He looked at the webcam feed open on his screen. It was crystal clear live video of Brody’s room. He had been using it to make sure the slut was not touching himself. He also made sure that Brody went into the shower with a hardon for only 5-10 minutes and came out with the same erection. It was an easy way of ensuring the slut did not jack of where the camera could not see.

And the Reverend was definitely keeping an eye on the jock through his window. Coach made Brody remove his blinds completely so the older pervert could see the muscle stud’s body whenever he wanted.

Brody did not realize, however, was that Coach was using the webcam for an entirely new purpose. Coach had successfully made Brody give up all his holes by threatening to expose him. What the poor jock did not know was that evil men like Coach could never be trusted.

Because at this very moment, there were numerous perverted eyes waiting for the jock to put on his weekly show. Coach, in a moment of inspiration, had found the perfect way to expose his new toy to the world.

It had initially started as a small little cam show. There were five other men as they watched the muscular Adonis fist his oily cock into a sticky explosion. Within two weeks, the news had spread like wildfire.

Tonight, there were no less than seven hundred men, all waiting with baited for the appearance of the beautiful stud. They could not wait to see how the jock would debase himself this time.

Just last week, the chat room exploded with excitement as the blond hunk slipped a finger into his perfect ass while jacking himself off. What no one knew was that the Brody had no power over his actions. He had been given specific orders on what to do on the camera for his master. He had no idea that he was also putting on a show for several other men.

“The bitch would probably pass out if he knew,” Coach thought to himself wickedly.

Reading the nasty comments made by random strangers made Coach very excited. He loved that so many men were desperate to catch glimpse of a slut he was screwing daily. What other men were coveting was his personal cum dump. It made him feel especially powerful.

Coach leaned back in his chair and put his hand into his briefs. He pushed past his thick bush and grabbed his fattening fuckstick. He settled into his seat and waited for his whore to expose himself.

There was a flurry of activity in the chat room when Brody finally entered his room. He was covered by a sheen of sweat, the only evidence of the pounding he had just received. In his room, Brody looked out his window and recoiled as he saw the Reverend watching him like a hawk.

He hated that the Reverend would be seeing him humiliate himself. Little did the dumb jock know how exposed he truly was. He went to his bed and lied down on his back, with the large black dildo in hand. His pink pussy was being broadcast online in total clarity.

The chat room exploded with messages at the sight of the toy. Coach could barely keep up as he read all of them. He was rock hard reading the horny stuff being sent out.

“They haven’t seen anything yet,” Coach muttered. Sweat was collecting at his temples as he started sliding his hand up and down his thick salami.

Back in Brody’s room, the jock was lubing up the dildo with his mouth. That was the only lube he was ever allowed anyways. Coach had told him it would train him to be ready to fuck in any situation. The thick black dildo stretched his pink, pouty lips. He pushed it deeper into his mouth, barely causing himself to gag. He knew if he did not do it, Coach would make him pay ten times worse.

It was a truly whorish sight. And the men ogling the pornographic scene could definitely attest to that. There were already messages in the chat room from men saying they had shot their load.

“Fools, they should have saved themselves up for the main attraction,” Coach mused.

And right on cue, Brody removed the dildo from his mouth and lowered it to his hole. With as much resilience as he could muster, Brody starting pushing the disgustingly large toy into him. Coach almost heard the collective gasps of all the men online. The chat room was silent for a few seconds. Then the sight sank in. Coach had to stop reading. It was all a blur. He looked at the view count and the number of men watching Brody stuff his cunt was reaching nine hundred.

Coach turned his focus back to Brody’s cam feed. The sight of the slick glossy dildo being pushed to the hilt into Brody’s pussy was unbearable. But what brought the bear of a man over the edge was his slave’s own rock hard cock, dripping its clear boy juice all over his defined six-pack. His navel was completely filled with precum.

Coach’s systematic abuse was slowly turning the jock into a whore with a penchant for humiliation. Brody pumped the dildo into his ass a few more times before he felt the all too familiar waves of pleasure boiling over near his fuck-nut. The intense sensation quickly spread to his balls, causing them to churn out another huge deposit of man batter. Brody looked down as multiple streams of his cream erupted from his thick cock. They coated his chest and neck.

Now, as instructed, Brody looked directly into the webcam and scooped all of his cum into his mouth. The men online watched as the hunk onscreen filled his mouth with his own spunk without swallowing.

Once all the cum had been gathered, Brody walked unsteadily over to the webcam to give a clear view of the slimy contents in his mouth. Then, with a grimace and some hesitation, the sweaty stud swallowed. This lead to a fresh riot of messages in the chat room.

Coach sat back as his own cock rapidly deflated. His hairy stomach was covered in cum. The slut just got him way too horny. And judging by the comments online, Brody had a similar effect on others as well.

A grin broke out on Coach’s face as he saw that over a thousand men had seen the jock’s sex show. He could not wait to see how large the audience would be next week.

Poor, unsuspecting Brody went to clean himself up. He was completely oblivious to how exposed he truly was. And how exposed he was going to be in the future.

Brody’s photo shoot 

A week had passed since Brody’s humiliating experience at the clothes store. In that time, Brody had spent two more wrestling practices in the speedo Coach gave him. Brody had hoped he would get used to it. But the body-shy hunk felt humiliated every time.

The other boys on the team also seemed to be enjoying tormenting their hero more than ever. In addition to spanking Brody’s beautiful cheeks during practice, they had also resorted to groping his package whenever Coach had his back turned. This, coupled by Brody’s lack of jacking off, lead to some interesting sights.

It was not uncommon to see the blonde stud lifting weights with his thick boner popping out of his suit. Since he needed both hands on the bar, he had no choice but to let his meat lay exposed for all to see. The boys would snigger as Brody’s whole body turned a tomato-red from the shame.

No one enjoyed this more than Jimmy. He felt utterly triumphant that his victory had lead to Brody’s downfall in the team. He definitely was not gay but witnessing a strong powerful jock like Brody at the team’s mercy elicited certain erotic feelings in his pants.

Coach would get so worked up that Brody would often leave practice with a load in his ass. He would then go home and let the Reverend use his jock body next. His whole routine seemed to revolve on who would be fucking him next.

Fortunately for Brody, his father Hank was back home this weekend. While Brody was still getting plowed in school by Coach, the Reverend was faced to keep his perverted hands off the jock.

It was Friday night and the Weathers family had just finished dinner. The phone rang loudly as Hank hurried to pick it up.

“Hello? Oh hey Vance! How is it going bud?”

Brody’s blood ran cold as he heard his father talk to his newly minted tormentor.

“Tomorrow morning? Yes that is completely ok by me. Of course, it is no trouble. It is the least he can do for the free underwear. Ok. I will drop him off then. See you.”

Brody watched as his father walked back into the living room and plopped himself on the couch.

“You will be helping Mr. Fields out at the store for a few hours tomorrow Brody. Be a good man and do as he says. He has been very kind to you.”

Brody fumed in silence. He knew that he had no say in this. His father’s word was final. And he had no intentions of revealing the torture he was going through. His father would be disgusted at him. He resigned to his fate for tomorrow. He went to bed in nothing but his tight briefs and tried to sleep without a blanket covering his body. Even with his eyes closed, he could feel the Reverend’s nefarious gaze violating him through the window.

The next morning, Vance was making his final adjustments when he heard his store’s front door open followed by the screeching sounds of a truck driving away. His heart started beating faster as he hurried to the front. He was met by Brody, wearing tight jeans and a flannel shirt, looking as sexy as ever. The jock was nervously tapping his foot, his face overcome by worry.

“Mr. Fields, I wanted to talk to you. I think it’s best if we keep what happened last Monday quiet...”

Brody did not even finish his sentence before the store owner had walked up to him and hugged him tightly. Brody felt Mr. Field push his face into his neck and take a deep breath. The older man’s hands explored his back before clutching his meaty cheeks. He started squeezing them like he was making bread.

Brody tried to protest but his mouth was quickly covered by Mr. Field’s mouth. Brody contained his tears as he felt the man’s mustache tickling his nose. After a few minutes of the forced makeout session, Vance finally broke the kiss.

“Listen kid. I don’t give a fuck what you think. Because for the next three hours, your body belongs to me. Now just shut up and follow me.”

Brody trembled as Mr. Fields snapped at him. He followed him to the back of the store where he saw a couch and lights setup. He almost jumped as he saw an elderly man seated in a corner of the room. Upon a closer look, Brody realized it was the same man who had been in the store as Brody was paraded around in his underwear.

“You remember Mr. Lehrman I hope? He quite enjoyed your show last week so I told him he could come watch today. Now let’s get started.”

The old man gave Brody a wink, causing Brody to blush. Vance picked up his camera and started taking some pictures.

“What are you going to do with those pictures? Please don’t put my face in them. I beg you,” Brody pleaded.

“Don’t worry kid. This is for my eyes only. And since you requested, I will keep your face out of them,” Vance answered.

Of course, he was not being entirely honest. The pictures would indeed be for himself. But his expensive camera was capturing every inch of Brody’s handsome face. This would be Vance’s porn stash for years to come and he fully intended on capturing every glorious detail.

And thus began Brody’s new level of humiliation. Mr. Fields barked orders at him as the jock was ordered to strip off his clothes, one article at a time. He was forced into several slutty poses. He was on his knees, on all fours. He was made to hold legs held to his chest and expose his pink hole to the camera.

Both men had their cocks out and were stroking them as they made the jock pose like a porn star. Vance brought out a box of various kinds of men’s underwear and made Brody try every single one of them.

There were boxers, briefs, speedos, Y-fronts, singlets and jock straps. Everything was revealing, tight, and definitely gay looking.

Vance took several shots of Brody in profile because he looked exactly like Hank. Vance almost blew his load as he saw his longtime crush’s look-alike son pose for him like a whore.

After an hour, an exhausted Brody slipped off a pair of mesh briefs and sat on the couch. They were the last pair of underwear in the box. Mr. Fields had taken almost three hundred photographs.

“Okay slut. Round two,” Vance announced as he brought another box over. Inside were an assortment of phallic looking produce. Cucumbers, bananas, corn and carrots. The largest of them was just slightly bigger than Coach’s monster cock.

Brody gulped as he saw Mr. Fields bring over a bottle of baby oil.

“You know what to do...” the older man growled into Brody’s ear.

Brody let out a whimper as he lubed up the smallest carrot first. He was then photographed a few hundred times more as he filled his elastic hole with produce that was ever increasing in size.

At one point he looked up to see Mr. Lehrman handing him a freshly shucked ear of corn.

“Ribbed for her pleasure,” said the old man with perverted glee. The joke caused both men to roar with laughter. A tear rolled down Brody’s face as their laughter stung his destroyed ego.

And of course, all the pummeling his ass was receiving had caused his own cock to harden. His abusers got even more excited at the site of this, forcing their victim to ram his hole ever harder. Soon, Brody had managed to go through all the vegetables and fruits. He had currently stuffed his hole with the largest cucumber as far as it would go. Mr. Fields had taken away the baby oil halfway and forced the jock to continue the anal assault with only his ass juices for lube.

“Okay that’s enough.”

Brody exhaled with relief as he pulled the massive, oblong melon out of his ass. He felt his hole gape before it slowly tried to close.

“Now eat it.”

The words rang in his ears. He looked at Mr. Fields to see if he was joking. But the camera pointing at him assured him it was not a joke.

Forcing himself to not think about it, Brody slowly started chomping down on the cucumber. It was still slick with his ass juices.

“Fuck, that is so hot and nasty. And look at his cock. It is still hard. Where has this kid been all my life?”

Vance was in heaven as he captured every lurid detail on film. After Brody had taken several bites, he was told to stop.

Both men stripped naked and sat down on the couch on either side of the sweaty, naked stud. Their hard cocks pointed up into the air, dripping with precum. Brody felt a hand on his head lowering him to Mr. Lehrman’s cock while Mr. Fields had stuck two fingers up the slutty jock-cunt.

Brody was then used like a piece of meat for the next hour in every position imaginable. After he had taken a load in both holes, he was allowed to leave.

He watched his father drive up to the store and he waited outside with Mr. Fields. He almost gagged as he saw Mr. Fields hand his father a basket of vegetables, claiming they were from his garden. Brody instantly recognized them from his ass session from earlier.

“I hope Brody was a help to you Vance!” Hank said enthusiastically as he accepted the gift.

“He sure was Hank, he sure was,” Vance replied with a smile. 

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