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Training a Jock Slut – Chapter 7 

Brody the speedo boy 

It was a day after Brody’s church ordeal and the jock was trembling by his gym locker. He held out the white garment in front of him. He had lost his bout with Jimmy and now he had to suffer the consequences.

He had been dreading practice today. He could not sleep all of Sunday night, knowing the humiliation awaiting him Monday afternoon. He swallowed with fear and he observed the speedo in his hands closer. It immediately became abundantly clear to Brody that Coach had tweaked the swimsuit in his hands.

The inner lining of the speedo had been entirely removed. This all but guaranteed that there would be no protection of modesty. And the translucent white color meant that barely a few drop of water would make the suit completely see through.

Brody’s head was spinning with emotions. How had he been reduced to this? The other wrestlers used to worship the ground he walked on. Now they looked at him in contempt. They truly enjoyed seeing their hero being viciously exposed.

Speaking of the other boys, they had all entered the locker room. They sniggered as they saw Brody holding the wisps of fabric in his hands. They waited with bated breath, unsure of what the stud would do.

Unfortunately for Brody, he did not have any more time to grieve for his old life.

“Get your suits on girls,” barked Coach. He walked into the locker room and sat down right across the boys. He was not going to miss this.

There was an air of excitement in the room as each boy slowly took their clothes off. Brody blinked back his tears and took a deep breath. He quickly took off all his clothes to expose his beautiful golden body.

Coach sprang a boner instantly. He could see two light tan lines along Brody’s ass where his jockstraps rested. Coach chuckled when he saw them. What an interesting effect of wearing nothing but a jockstrap all day long. He could not wait to point it out to the Reverend.

Brody started blushing as he felt several eyes on him. He put his legs through the suit’s openings and hastily pulled it up. Brody realized with horror that the suit was too small for him. He looked back and saw Coach’s devious face. Brody hung his head low and knew that it had all been done on purpose.

The suit barely covered Brody’s beautiful ass cheeks. They filled the suit out completely and stretched the material. The front of the suit was even worse.

If it had been any other man, the suit might have been semi-acceptable. But Brody was blessed with a thick soft cock and balls the size of two small eggs. Normally, the size of his package made Brody proud. But today, he found himself cursing his family jewels.

The thin swimsuit material was barely clinging to Brody’s meaty bulge. His balls were partially uncovered on either side. His soft cock was straining against the material. His cut cock was easily visible against the threadbare fabric. And because of the ample package, the suit came up to right above the base of Brody’s dick. His soft blonde bush was on full display. The speedo was nearly bursting the seams, stuffed full of soft man-meat.

Coach pinched himself to make sure the sight in front of him was real. He was practically drooling. Brody had never looked so hot. And so slutty. The other boys who had been so prepared to laugh watched in stunned silence. Practically every inch of the jock was exposed. His body was so perfect that it intimidated the other boys. Jimmy on the other hand was over the moon. It made him incredibly happy to see the cocky bastard embarrassed.

After what seemed like a long awkward minute, Coach collected himself and cleared his throat.

“All right boys, let’s get going!”

Brody spent the rest of practice desperately trying to make sure his junk did not pop out of the suit. Of course it didn’t help that Coach was exacerbating the situation by making the boys do squats and jog on the spot. Many times Brody’s cock or one of his balls would slip out. It entertained Coach greatly to see the slut scramble to stuff his man parts back into the skimpy speedo again.

Coach wanted to rip the swimsuit to pieces and plow his slut’s cunt right there, in front of everybody. He was so horned up he could not even think straight. But he kept control over his throbbing member. He had a good thing going and he was not going to risk ruining it.

The speedo was so tight that it would ride up Brody’s ass every so often. This meant that his sweaty ass would be almost completely exposed. The other boys used this opportunity to make up a game. Every time one of Brody’s slick cheeks came into view, they would race to land one hard slap across them. Coach pretended like he did not notice so that they could have full reign over the stud’s ass.

The vigorous workout was making Brody sweat like a pig. And to add insult to injury, the sweat was making the speedo practically transparent. The slut may as well have been working out naked. Of course, this new development led to more jeers from the other boys, and an extra squirting of precum in Coach’s underwear.

By the end of the practice, Brody’s ass was as rosy red as his face. Each boy had managed to manhandle his ass several times. He was so humiliated that tears were welling up in his beautiful blue eyes. But he kept it together. He could not let the other boys see him cry like a girl.

As the other boys joked around and made their way to the showers, Brody walked awkwardly to his own locker. He was picking at the material bunching up in his crack. He was relieved the day was over.

“It’s always worse on the first day. You will get used to this,” the hunk was convincing himself. His handsome features were twisted in anguish at his situation. He felt so hopeless. Maybe it was time he accepted his fate.

Just then Brody heard Coach’s voice calling for him. He walked into Coach’s office defeated, knowing full well of what was expected of him. He assumed his position. Head low on Coach’s desk, his perky ass bent over giving his master full access.

“You fucking tease,” Coach hissed into Brody’s ear from behind. One hand was rubbing the jock’s back while the other was pushing Coach’s old used sock into the slut’s mouth.

“This won’t be fast bitch. I am going destroy your pussy. You looked like a true jock-slut today. Keep it up and you’ll be getting meat injections from the whole team too. And I will probably let them. Like I said, a hot snatch like yours needs to be shared with everyone.”

Brody whimpered at the thought. He did not think his body could take any more abuse.

Coach pulled the speedo material away from Brody’s pussy. He coughed up some spit and used it to lube his own monster and Brody’s winking hole. Of course it was not enough lubrication at all. But Coach did not care. His rammed his thick cock into Brody’s buttery hole in three thrusts.

Brody screamed into the sock in his mouth. Coach began hammering the slut in earnest, not giving his whore any time to adjust to the intrusion. All Brody could do was take the pounding, while his teammates laughed and frolicked in the showers next door.

Brody and his father go shopping 

Brody waited outside his school for dad to pick him up. He was tapping his foot impatiently. He just needed to get away from this place.

His mind flashed back to the long-dicking he had just received. Coach was relentless in his fucking. Brody felt every uncomfortable inch spearing his guts. The anal punishment was almost too much to bear.

But with every thrust, Brody’s dick just got harder. He felt utterly humiliated. He was getting fucked like a hooker in his skimpy speedo. And even though he knew in his heart that there was no way he was a faggot, the hot meat sliding into him was giving him pleasure. In fact, the pleasure was so undeniable that Brody creamed his tiny suit just as Coach unleashed a torrent of cum inside him.

Brody’s attention was snapped back to reality by his father’s honking.

“Get in Brody. It’s father-son shopping day,” Brody’s father Hank yelled out the car window. He loved embarrassing his son. But he had no idea of the humiliations Brody was suffering through every day.

Brody got into his father’s truck gloomily. He could not believe how easily his father had believed Coach. But his father was a trusting man. Almost to a fault. He claimed that a good Christian believed in the goodness of everybody. But for Brody, his father being a good Christian meant another level of suffering.

The truck shuddered to a stop and Brody glanced at the store he was about to go into.

Vance’s Tailor Shop was a Plainsville institution. Every man bought his clothes from there. Since the town was so small, there were no big department stores. The shop brought in clothes from the city and sold them here.

The bell at the door chimed as Brody and his father entered the store. The store was empty except for an elderly man perusing some jackets.

“Hank! I haven’t seen you in months!” The store’s namesake owner practically ran over to the store entrance. At 45, Vance Fields was a year younger than Hank. They had both gone to high school together, where Vance had practically worshipped the senior. Hank, much like Brody, was one of the top jocks in school. And Vance was truly delighted that the younger Brody was built just like his father. And with an even more beautiful face.

Vance himself was a toned man with impeccable hair and always wore perfectly tailored clothes.

There were always rumblings about Mr. Field’s proclivity towards the same sex. However, the rumors stopped when Vance found himself a wife and had three daughters. Soon, the small town suspicion over the shop owner had all but vanished.

Unbeknownst to everyone however, was that Vance did indeed enjoy men. He had stash of gay porn magazines in the shop storeroom he regularly jerked off to. His main source of fantasy was none other than Hank Weathers. He had been frustrated greatly in high school by being so close to the object of his desires. This frustration had carried on for nearly three decades. The sight of the two hot Weathers men made Vance’s cock plump up a bit.

“So what can I do for you Hank? Finally going to let me tailor a suit for you?”, Vance asked a little too eagerly. He had dreamed of running his hands all over the older stud and taking measurements would be the perfect excuse.

“Not for me Vance. I am here for my boy. I have been travelling so much and I’ve neglected Brody. We need the same stuff the other wrestlers got.”

A quizzical look spread across Vance’s face.

“What the other wrestlers got…?” Vance questioned before he was cut off by Hank.

“Yeah. I had no idea that loose boxers could cause boys to become infertile. I can’t have my son shooting blanks. He needs to make me lots of grandbabies. That’s the way God intended.”

Vance was still nonplussed. What was Hank talking about? And he could see Brody turning redder with every second.

“So about the underwear. Coach Nate said they needed to be plenty tight. Just like what the other boys are wearing. I want you to give me the best stuff you’ve got.”

The gears in Vance’s head started turning. He slowly licked his lips. He could see Brody looking at him with pleading eyes, like he was trying to tell him something.

“Of course, the new underwear. It slipped my mind for a second. So boxer briefs?”

“Boxer briefs? I thought Nate wanted the boys to wear bikini briefs, made of spandex. Full support right?”

Vance’s cock was at full mast. It snaked down his pant leg. This was feeling too good to be true. He cleared his throat.

“Ahh yes. Those briefs. Sure Hank. I got some in stock. What size do you wear kid?”

Brody turned crimson and mumbled “Large sir.”

“So I guess we need to get Medium right Vance?”

Vance almost shot a load in his pants. Hank’s son was not objecting to any of this. What did the Coach have on the boy? Whatever he did, Vance wondered how far he could push it.

“That’s right, a size smaller. I’ll go see what we have in stock.”

Vance went into the back giddy with excitement. No one ever bought this style other than kids. He bought a few in men’s sizes years ago in the hope that he could start a hot underwear revolution. However, every single man in town stuck to boring, baggy boxers.

Vance looked through the small stack of spandex briefs. He picked out a package that were light blue. Vance knew that the seamless design and colour would really make Brody’s package pop.

He went back out and handed them to Brody. Hank went up to the cash register to pay when Vance decided to push his luck.

“Actually Hank, I need Brody to try them on. For health reasons you see? All the other boys have done it.”

Brody scoffed. What was this creep up to? But to his shock, his father agreed.

“Well, of course. If it is for health reasons.”

Vance hoped his precum was showing through his pants. He eagerly took Brody by the hand to the back of the store. Hank busied himself by looking at the displays. Vance pushed the protesting jock into the change room and closed the curtains. Brody knew as usual, he had no choice. He had slowly come to the realisation that every man was a pervert deep inside. He shuddered as he felt the older man hovering right outside the change room.

He pulled off his jeans and jock strap. He removed a pair of the baby blue bikini briefs. The spandex material felt soft and smooth. He pulled them on and struggled to even get them over his muscled thighs. It was the speedo situation all over again. Before he even got them over his ass, Brody heard the curtains open behind him.

Before he could react, the jock felt the storeowner’s breath on his ass. Vance was crouching down, his moustache barely tickling the hot ass in front of him.

“Oh my! What do we have here?” Vance exclaimed as he used a finger to scrape some cum that was leaking out of Brody’s ass.

“Mr. Fields! Get out of here you queer!”, Brody said indignantly. How dare this man touch him like that?

“Tsk Tsk, watch your language Brody. You really shouldn’t be making accusations like that when you clearly have a man’s load inside of you.”

Brody’s heart sank. Mr.Field’s knew. He let out a gasp as the man behind him pulled his cheeks roughly apart.

“Just as I suspected. You have been fucked. Look at how puffy and pink that hole is. And the white spunk leaking out tells me this happened barely a few hours ago.”

Brody covered his face. He felt so vulnerable at this very instant.

Vance, on the other hand, was overjoyed. He had never been able to get his hands on Hank. But now, he was receiving karmic justice. His idol’s own progeny was being presented to him on a silver platter.

“What would your Dad say if I told him about this I wonder?”

Brody’s head snapped back.

“Please Mr. Field’s, don’t tell my father,” Brody pleaded as his voice cracked.

“I’ll do anything.”

The words were music to Vance’s ears. He stood up, unzipped his pants and fished out his six incher. He pulled of the jock’s shirt, exposing his perfect chest and pink nipples. Without a word, he slipped his rock hard meat inside the jock’s cunt. The cock pushed in easily because the hole had been well-fucked and lubed by Coach’s cum.

It was a beautiful sight to behold in the dressing room. The mirror clearly showed the stud’s scrunched up face as he got pounded. The blue briefs were still snagged around Brody’s knees. The small change room quickly filled with the smell of sweat and sex. After barely two minutes of rapid thrusts, Vance could not contain himself. His cock’s spewed its juices, adding to the load already inside the slut.

He reached around and felt for the jock’s cock. To his delight, he found it rapidly deflating and covered in Brody’s own cum.

“I’m glad you liked it too baby.”

Brody did not say anything. What could he say? Once again, he had cum from just having a man’s tool inside him. He heard Mr. Fields zip up. Then he felt the older man’s hands wipe up his cummy hole and cock. Finally, Mr. Fields pulled up Brody’s briefs. They fit him really snug. His now soft cock and balls formed a big bulge in the front. But at least they covered him up better than the speedo.

Then before Brody knew what was happening, the tailor had pulled him to the front of the store. The jock instinctively covered his crotch. But Vance slapped his hands away.

“Well Hank, they look like a perfect fit. They provide his testicles with much more support.”

The old man in the store stopped looking at jackets and started staring at the exposed jock, his eyes ablaze with lust.

Brody’s father looked with amusement.

“It looks like he takes after his old man,” he joked.

Brody could have died. His father hadn’t seen him like this in years. And he was terrified someone else might walk into the store.

“But don’t think its a bit revealing Vance? I mean, I can tell his religion, pardon my language. And there is a bit of his hair peeking out the top. It looks a little bit...fruity.”

Brody blushed an even deeper red. He felt humiliated that his father was seeing him like this, as clueless as he may be.

But Vance just brushed away Mr.Weathers’ concerns.

“That’s how all the boys are wearing them these days. These aren’t your grandparent’s underwear Hank. And if the hair is bothering you, you can trim it to be decent. I would recommend shaving it all of anyway. Its better for a boy’s health.”

Brody’s father nodded and shrugged. What did he know about kids these days anyways.

Then without any warning, he walked up to his son and stuck a finger in the sides of the briefs. They barely squeezed through. He nodded approvingly, happy that Coach’s requirement was met.

Vance sprang another boner when he saw Hank do that. He watched his childhood hero reach for his wallet when he stopped him.

“It is a gift Hank. For your son.”

But Hank was not having it. He continued to attempt to pay when Vance had another idea.

“Instead of money, could you let me borrow Brody for a few hours next week? I need a strong boy to help me unload some new inventory.”

“Of course Vance. That is perfectly acceptable.” Brody’s father agreed, not realising he was sending his son for another round of abuse.

And Vance definitely had plans. He had always wanted a model for some of his more salacious garments. He couldn’t wait to try out his new camera with the sexy jock.

Brody lumbered back in his tight underwear to the dressing room for the rest of his clothes. Another cock had entered him. He felt disgusted with himself. His father watched him proudly, failing to notice the wet patch forming near his son’s leaking hole.

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