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Training a Jock Slut – Chapter 5 

Brody Continues his Lessons 

In a few weeks, Brody’s perfect pussy had been stuffed with thick cock over fifty times. And Coach knew he could not have achieved this milestone without the good ol’ Reverend’s help. Coach smiled with amusement as he thought of the retired man’s renewed vigor. Fucking the slut’s luscious ass seemed to have given the Reverend a second life.

To Brody, it felt like he was constantly being filled in either end. He spent an inordinate amount of time on his back, his legs splayed and pinned behind him.

And despite the numerous poundings, Brody’s ass remained a marvel of nature. Coach had never seen anything like it. Although it was indeed easier to slip his eight inch pecker deep into the velvety orifice, it never felt loose or worn out. It was as tight as ever!

It was a hot Saturday morning and they were on Coach’s porch. Coach was lying back lazily in his armchair while Brody was doing all of the work to pleasure his master. The Reverend was reading the newspaper on his own porch, not batting an eye. It was clear this sexual situation was routine now.

“You got yourself a magical cunt there boy”, Coach growled into Brody’s ear as the jock impaled himself onto the massive dick.

Brody blushed. He hated being talked to like that. He was still not used to being treated like a piece of meat.

In his psyche, Brody was a still a heterosexual male. But he could not understand why his body responded with such pleasure to the abuse his tormentors inflicted on him. Even now, his glistening body quivered with pleasure every time Coach’s meat slammed into his guts.

And every so often, the cock inside him would brush up against a spot that made his eyes roll into the back of his head. Brody looked down and saw his own beer can thick cock practically bursting out of the jockstrap he was wearing.

He noticed that the strap was soaked through with precum already. He was never a big leaker before. But now, his dick would leak like a tap by just having his hole filled. He could not figure out why his body changed the way it did. Even his nipples had undergone a transformation. Just touching them caused them to harden, while causing his cock to plump up simultaneously.

Coach told Brody these changes happened because of the pussification process. He explained that when a man gets a cock into his asshole, certain physical changes occur that are usually permanent. Coach could barely keep his face straight as the naïve slut believed him, with a single tear rolling down his beautiful face.

What Brody still did not realise was that Coach had altered his body responses using a sexual stimulant. Coach intended that his slut never found out. He could see the inner turmoil that Brody was going through. And it turned him on greatly that he was able to mind fuck the boy into doing his bidding.

“Fuck, I love your rock hard body against mine. Mmm yea, keep grinding those perfect ass cheeks into me. Yes slut, take my cock deep inside your cunt, balls deep.”

Coach sighed as his entire cock was enveloped by soft, buttery warmth. Brody’s tight sphincter was gripping the base of his dick like a vice. The sensations were driving him wild.

Brody bit his lower lip as he felt stretched to the limit. He was just glad it did not hurt like it used to. Well, not as much anyway. He felt Coach hands explore his body, before finally settling on his perfectly muscled pecs. Or tits as Coach would call them. Coach’s hand squeezed and massaged the meaty muscles, sending a jolt down Brody’s back every time a nail scraped a nipple.

Brody felt his abuser pull him close. He could feel Coach’s thick body hair pressing into his smooth back. Coach’s full bush prickled Brody’s ass. Brody wanted it to end soon so he started rocking his ass back and forth over the thick cock inside him. With shame, Brody knew that this would get Coach off soon.

And he was right. Within a few minutes, Coach was grunting like an animal, coating his slut’s insides with a thick layer of cum. Brody whimpered as he felt the flood of warmth inside him. He wearily pulled himself of Coach’s still hard cock. Coach leaned forward to look at the damage. The slut’s hole was gaping, with the first trickle of man-seed slowly seeping out. He quickly grabbed the medium sized buttplug and forced it into the well-used hole. It slid right in.

“Waste not, want not, right slut? Speaking of which…”

Coach grabbed his whore’s head and forced his slimy cock down the blond stud’s throat. Brody knew what he had to do. He licked and swallowed all the remaining cum and ass juices that coated the cock in front of him. It was almost second nature to him now.

“Now go over and wish the Reverend a good morning”.

Brody stifled a sob as he went to the next house, ready to repeat the ordeal once more. And of course, his still hard cock was leading the way.

Luckily for Brody, the Reverend was overly excited and dumped his load in the jock’s hole within five minutes. Brody was then ordered to go shower and meet the Coach in his house later in the afternoon.

Happy for some respite, Brody took a long shower, taking special care to clean out his ass because he knew more fuckings were a guarantee.

After lunch, Brody walked over to Coach’s house with trepidation. Dreading the new tortures awaiting him, he rang the doorbell.

“Ahh, my star player is here!” Coach said mockingly. The Reverend laughed with abandoned glee. He could not wait to witness Brody’s next lesson.

Coach had a vision for his jock slut. He wanted the boy to be trained in all the ways of pleasuring men. A perfect ass and mouth like Brody's needed to be experienced by every man out there. And Coach's monster was proving to be the perfect practice instrument for the budding whore. Although it took some time, Brody was now able to deep throat Coach’s monster relatively well. Sure, he gagged a few times but nothing a few hundred more cock-sucking sessions would not fix.

Brody also proved to be adept at taking a cock up his ass. He had cried the first ten times but now Coach was able to stuff that cunt up to his balls in three pushes. Eventually, Coach hoped to plunge the full length of his cock in one push easily. But that would also come with practice.

The lesson plan for today however, was kissing.

“Kissing?” Brody asked incredulously. This could not be happening. He was already taking a cock up his ass and mouth. Now he had to kiss a man? No way! He would be a complete homo.

Coach smiled at the indignant boy. He wondered how long the kid would hold on to the idea that he was straight. By the time Coach was done with him, the slut would never know the touch of a woman.

“Yes, kissing. And not the kind you see on movies. No gentle smooches. I want you to learn how to kiss like a true slut pig. It needs to be nasty. And you bet your ass it needs to be sloppy!” Coach practically yelled at the trembling stud.

“I will first show you how it’s done. Then the Reverend can take over.”

The older man on the couch nodded enthusiastically. The bulge in his pants was obvious, and he made no effort to hide it.

“Now get naked first. Your first real kiss will be etched in your memory forever. And I want you to remember that you were naked, hard and leaking when you first kissed a man. No romantic bullshit.”

A sob escaped Brody’s mouth as he stripped nude. A few sharp tugs on his swollen tits were enough to bring his cock to full mast.

“Now you look perfect. Ok. First thing to remember is that you always let the other man take charge. But once he starts, don’t lie there like a dead fish. You need to actively kiss back understand?”

Brody nodded his head slowly to indicate he did. This was proving to be so humiliating for him. It was a new low for the once proud hunk.

And before he could brace himself, he felt Coach’s mouth on his. The older man’s tongue entered his mouth, swirling their spit together. Coach’s two day stubble was rough against his smooth, perfect skin.

Brody had only kissed a girl once before and there was never any tongue involved. All the girls in this town are such prudes, he had thought to himself. But what he would give to be kissing that prude again. Instead, the Coach was basically devouring his face. He mustered up all his courage and started kissing his master back.

Coach got an instant hardon when Brody started reciprocating.

“Perfect,” he thought devilishly. They continued for a few more minutes. Brody’s pouty lips had become slightly swollen and red. Most of his face was slick with spit. And he was gasping for air.

“Now that is what a pig should look like while kissing!” the Reverend exclaimed with gusto. He was openly playing with his hard cock, watching the unbelievably hot display in front of him.

Coach finally broke off the face sucking session with the jock. He was so turned on. His thick cock had hardened along his pant leg. But he wanted to save his load for the evening pounding session. He had some errands to run anyway.

“Well, looks my instruction is over. Reverend, would you please take over? This boy needs plenty of practice.”

The Reverend quickly took Coach’s place.

He had also taken his pants off. Brody looked pleadingly at Coach. He could not do this with yet another man.

But Coach was not moved. He was incredibly turned on at the idea that this old wrinkly man was going to be making out with a Greek god look-alike.

He watched as the Reverend latched onto Brody’s face and mauled him with his tongue. He was also playing with the jock’s pecker, making it dribble its juices. He wished he could stay and watch. But he needed to get groceries.

“Have fun you two!” Coach chirped cheerfully before closing his front door. The muffled whimpers of the tortured slut were barely audible as he left.

Brody’s wrestling practice 

After losing his virginity to two slabs of man meat, Brody’s transformation from an alpha stud to a jock-pussy was almost complete. His ass was getting stuffed a minimum of three times every single day for the past week.

His first fuck of the day would be in Coach’s office, early in the morning. It would be a hard and furious fuck that left Brody breathless and leaking. Brody then got speared by the Reverend as soon as he went home. This hole wrecking would often take a good thirty minutes. It appeared that the retired man would spend all day looking up new sex positions to try on the slut. And being as athletic as he was, Brody did not have much trouble being folded like a pretzel, presenting his pink, winking hole for a good stuffing.

Brody would then be plugged up and sent home to do his chores and homework. Around 6 pm, Brody would take his jockstrap off and lie face down on Coach’s lawn. Coach would then come out and plow him into the ground. Coach seemed to relish fucking his bitch out in the open. In full view of the Reverend jerking on his porch, Brody would get power fucked for a good hour.

The Reverend also never gave up an opportunity to spank the jock's perfect ass. He truly enjoyed those two perfect mounds of tanned muscle being turned a rosy pink. Brody struggled to hide his red cheeks in school after a particularly rough spank session. His teammates giggled to each other about how Brody still got spanked at home. All Brody could do was to endure the humiliating whispers.

Because of his extra sensitive prostate and lack of masturbation, it appeared that all of Brody’s cumshots were only happening because of a hard cock in his ass. He no longer jerked off to get off. It was a fact that Brody struggled to accept. He was once a virile stud who now shot his huge loads simply by having a cock in him. He felt like a woman. And being made to kiss the older men like a girl definitely cemented this feeling.

Coach had decided to wean his slut off the sexual stimulant. But it appeared as though the damage was done. Brody’s nipples and prostate remained as sensitive as ever. Coach was practically celebrating. This wonder drug was better than he had expected. He just hoped that the effects would last forever.

In wrestling practice the other boys had gotten used to seeing their idol with a constant hard-on stuffed in his jockstrap. One of them had even stolen Brody’s jockstrap from his locker once, forcing the stud to put his hard leaking cock on display in the spandex suit for the whole practice.

Gone was the cocky attitude the blonde hunk used to posses. Now, he was a bundle of nerves that exuded sex and desperation wherever he went. Surprisingly, the frustration from his constant erection had indeed improved his game. Coach was delighted. He proclaimed loudly to his team that maybe every boy will have to stop jacking off. He enjoyed seeing them squirm at the thought.

Fortunately, the obscene state that Brody was in seemed to be restricted to practice. He was able to hide himself well during classes. And none of the other boys messed with him outside of practice. It appeared the team did not want to incur their Coach’s wrath.

One day, Coach came into practice with a grin on his face.

“Listen up boys. I thought we can make our workout interesting today. The wrestling meet is coming up and I need my top athlete to be in tip top shape. So I will need one of you to be Brody’s sparring partner”.

“We don’t want his boner touching us” a voice shouted out. This prompted raucous laughter from the team. Brody turned crimson.

Chuckling, Coach continued.

“Ok Ok, that is enough. To make this interesting, I thought we could make a bet. The winner gets to take next practice off, and gets a full rub down courtesy of me. The loser however…”

With that, Coach held out a white speedo.

“The loser will be wearing this rest of the school year for practice.”

There was pin drop silence. None of the boys volunteered. They would have loved to see the school’s golden boy in the skimpy speedo but they knew he was a force to be reckoned with. They could not risk losing and being humiliated. Especially when Brody was easily the best wrestler on the team.

Just then a voice from the back yelled out, “I’ll do it”.

It was Jimmy, the second best wrestler on the team. He was shorter than Brody, weighed 30 pounds less and had only been wrestling for two years. He had always been envious of Brody’s looks and successes. He harbored this inferiority complex and wanted to bring down the star by a few more notches.

Brody began to open his mouth in protest when Coach started whispering fiercely to him.

‘Listen up bitch. I decided to give you a chance to get out of this mess. If you win, I destroy all the tapes and I will make sure no man ever enters that hot pussy again. That sound good to you slut?”

A look of determination spread across Brody’s face. This was it! It was his chance to escape his torture. He knew his ass would never be the same again. But at least the countless fuckings would stop. He could go back to straight stud he once was.

“Ok, let’s do it,” Brody said through gritted teeth.

He knew he was the best wrestler on the team. He clearly outweighed Jimmy. Plus he had never lost a match against his team mates yet. He had this in the bag.

He walked over to the mat, failing to see Coach whisper something to Jimmy. If only the poor jock knew of the evil plan being plotted against him.

Brody psyched himself up as he stood to face Jimmy. The kid was looking much too cocky for Brody’s liking. But he brushed it aside and prepared for the match. Everything depended on this bout. And there was no way in hell he was going to lose.

“All right boys, wrestle like you mean it! Go!” Coach bellowed.

Immediately the two jocks went at it. It was very apparent that Brody was the superior athlete. He outmaneuvered every one of Jimmy’s attempts to pin him down. Surprisingly, Jimmy was proving to be pretty skilled on the mat. Brody had never seen him wrestle this well. For several minutes, they made futile attempts at placing each other in a hold.

Brody noticed that his crotch was constantly being manhandled during the match. His cock was at peak hardness. He had last cum two days ago and it was showing. His fat meat stick was straining against his jockstrap, leaking profusely. Anymore rubbing and he would shoot. Brody started to panic but tried to clear his mind.

The other boys were going giddy with excitement. They were clearly rooting for Jimmy. They really wanted to their idol to be put on display in that skimpy speedo. Though they were all straight, the idea of their once powerful senior being completely humiliated was an exciting prospect to them.

Coach, on the other hand, was in heaven. Seeing the two boys wrestle in their tight spandex suits was an unbelievably sexy sight. And seeing Brody with the impressive bulge stretching the suit fabric was the cherry on top. He wished he had brought his fucking camera.

Back on the mat, the two studs were still grappling with each other. Brody knew that patience was key. He had been wrestling much longer than Jimmy. Sooner or later, this extra experience would come in handy. And it definitely did. Brody saw an opportunity that left Jimmy open. He immediately lunged in and pinned the other boy down. Brody’s heart soared. He had done it! Coach was counting down to ten. He was going to be free!

Then it happened in a blur. Jimmy stealthily reached back and gave Brody’s pumped up pouch several hard squeezes. Brody did not even realize what had happened before his throbbing cock betrayed him once more. Brody started shooting a huge load into his jockstrap, spasming with each squirt. Jimmy took this moment of weakness and easily got out of Brody’s hold and pinned him down instead.

Everything happened so fast that Brody had no time to react. He could not comprehend how he was face down on the mat with Jimmy holding him down. He heard Coach’s voice reaching zero in the countdown amongst wild yells from the boys. Brody slowly got his bearings and realised what happened. Jimmy had won. Brody felt his cum leaking out of his jockstrap and onto the front of his suit. He continued lying face down as a triumphant Jimmy got off him. The other boys went into the locker room, cheering for their hero.

Brody blinked back tears, still lying face down on the mat. He could not get up and risk having the whole team see his soiled suit. Thankfully, they did not notice what happened in the match. As Brody panicked about wearing the tight swimsuit for future practices, he saw Coach’s size thirteen feet walk up to his face.

Coach’s crouched low and growled into Brody’s ear, “And that’s why you should never think about escaping this setup ever again. You are my slut, and always will be my slut. Now get your spunked up self over into my office. Get naked, bend over my desk and spread your legs wide. The match got me real horned up and I am going to take it out on your sweet, pink cunt. And don’t you DARE clean up your cummy jock body. That jizz and sweat is the only lube you are going to get.”

Coach got back up and threw the speedo at Brody, who was still sprawled on the mat. He left to go cheer with the rest of the team. It took everything in Brody to not break down in tears. He waited until the other boys left before he went to Coach’s office to do as he was told. 

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