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Training a Jock Slut – Chapter 10 

Brody and Jimmy 

Much to Brody’s relief, his father seemed to have no recollection of the previous night’s events. He saw Coach pick up his son for school and went back to bed to sleep off his hangover.

Brody had just managed to slurp up the last drops of Coach’s cum when they reach the school parking lot. Coach admired his slut’s ability to get him off just as they reached the school every time. It looked like all that practice was slowly starting to pay off.

Brody had a large mound in his jeans.  Coach had prevented him from cumming after last night’s pounding. His thick cock was aching for release and it showed in the tight jeans that the Coach liked him to wear. Wiping the excess spit from his mouth, Brody had no choice but to walk into school with a bag covering his erection.

Coach spent a few minutes admiring his slut’s ass walking into school before he too hurried to work. He hoped keeping the jock sexually frustrated would make for an interesting practice today.

And an interesting practice it was indeed. The other boys loved watching their hero squeeze into his tiny swimsuit. The sight of the muscular hunk barely covered by clothes never got old. Jimmy “accidentally” spilled a bottle of water on Brody right before they went into the gym. This meant that Brody’s cock could be seen through the wet white fabric right at the start of practice. His thick cock at this point had been seen by every boy on the team in various states of hardness. And Brody still could not help but feel humiliated. 

Today, his cock was chubbed up nicely from last night. Coach decided it was a good day for some one on one sparring. But he made sure Brody got to wrestle everyone at least once. Although Brody won each match, every single boy used the opportunity to try and take his speedo off. Jimmy came the closest to accomplishing this.

He had managed to pull the suit past Brody’s ass, exposing is beautiful cheeks that were met with wild laughter. Coach had hoped that the activity would cause his slut’s cock to go full-mast. But it appeared that the effort Brody was putting into keeping his suit on had prevented that.

After the arduous workout, all the boys went to shower. Everyone except Brody of course. He was in Coach’s office getting his ass fingered. Coach liked to call it Brody’s special practice. He watched two of his thick man-sized fingers slide into the jock’s tight cunt. The slut’s sphincter was practically cutting off the circulation in his fingers. Coach kissed one of Brody’s ass cheeks out of pure admiration for its perfect form.

After a good fifteen minutes, Brody’s pussy was finally given a break. Coach barked at him to take a shower quickly. They needed to get home so Coach could fuck him properly in the comfort of his bed.

Brody rushed into the shower area and was relieved to see that it was empty. Al the boys had left. Showering with his now hard cock would have been too much to bear. He quickly soaped himself and rinsed off. He did not want to keep Coach waiting too long. 

As he went to his locker, dripping wet and naked, Brody saw Coach talking to Jimmy before he left the locker room.

“Coach says I should drop you home. He has some work to finish. He took your backpack though. He said you can get it from his house later,” Jimmy said with a smug look on his face.

Brody acknowledged his junior and walked to his locker to get a towel. His stomach turned when he saw that it was already opened. He peered inside and saw that his gym bag was gone.

“So uh, one of the guys took your stuff. I tried to stop him. But he was too quick.”

Jimmy could not even say that with a straight face. 

“WHAT THE FUCK! How am I supposed to get home? I don’t even have my towel” Brody yelled furiously. His frustration rang clear through the locker room. 

“Calm down dude. You can use this,” Jimmy said coolly, tossing Brody a small washcloth. It was barely the size of Brody’s hand.

Brody’s chin quivered as he stopped himself from bursting into tears. He refused to give Jimmy the satisfaction of seeing him cry. He used the washcloth to dry himself. Jimmy could not contain his laughter at the sight. The muscular stud using a tiny towel was too comical.

After Brody’s futile attempts at drying himself, he gave up. He was still covered with a light mist of water and his blonde hair was still damp. He covered his privates nervously with the washcloth, hoping that the prank was over and he would get his clothes back.

But to his horror, Jimmy gave a nonchalant shrug and started walking out the locker room.

 "WAIT! Where are you going?” 

“Home. And you better hurry if you still want a ride.”

And without another word, Jimmy walked into the hallway. 

Brody was scared witless. He looked out he door and saw that the school was deserted. It looked like everybody had gone home. Still clutching the tiny fabric over his cock and balls, he took a deep breath and sprinted out. He ran as fast he could to the front entrance, where Jimmy had just walked through.

As he burst through the door, a cool breeze met his nipples, causing them to harden. They were still sore from the torture they received last night. Brody pushed past Jimmy and ran to the only remaining car in the parking lot. 

He tried to open the door and realized that it was still locked.  He looked over angrily at Jimmy, who was still sauntering lazily towards him.

Brody wanted to slap that smirk off Jimmy’s face but he knew better. He could not afford to piss off the only ride he had. The school was in the middle of nowhere and he could not risk walking all the way home naked.

“I can’t have you sitting in my car all wet. You need to dry out a bit.”

Brody stood there in shock. He wanted to protest but knew he had no choice. He stood naked in his school’s parking lot, covering his junk with a pathetic excuse for a towel. Every second in the open felt like hours. Any sound he heard made him turn his head wildly. He was the epitome of fear.

And the whole time, Jimmy watched him with a sense of power. Seeing his rival do his bidding was exciting to the younger wrestler. He was built like a stud himself. But he was smaller than Brody. And it always ate at him. But now, he was top dog. He was making the school hero whimper like a bitch in public. And like before, a rumbling was starting to grow in his teenage loins.

After what felt like a millennia, Jimmy unlocked his car. Brody jumped into the front seat. His looked over at his raven-haired tormentor. Jimmy flashed a wicked grin and started his car. As they rolled out of the parking lot, Jimmy grabbed the washcloth still covering Brody’s meat and threw it out the window.

“I don’t want it dripping it on my seats,” Jimmy snarled before Brody could say anything.

The stirring in Jimmy’s pants grew as he saw the blonde jock butt naked beside him. He had his hands clamped over his Johnson like it might fall off. And his eyes were wide in terror. Jimmy had done this, and it made him feel great. And he knew he could push his rival even more.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

“What?! You are fucking kidding me. No fucking way!”

Jimmy stopped the car at the side of the road. He cleared his throat and continued.

“Put your hands behind your head or I’ll stop right here and call the Sheriff. Not even your pretty face could talk yourself out of your appearance.”

Jimmy let his words sink in. He knew who was in control here. All he had to do was wait. And right on cue, Brody spoke out in a small voice.

“Fine, I’ll do it. Just..just don’t call the cops.”

 Brody raised both his hands and placed them behind his head. His plump cock was now exposed completely. If anyone looked into the front passenger window, they would have seen everything. He was mortified.

Jimmy on the other hand, felt like a king. Putting Brody down exhilarated him. But then he peered down and saw Brody’s impressive package. It was bigger than Jimmy’s and it pissed him off. He slammed the brakes. They were at the entrance of the road that would take them to Brody’s house.

“Get out!” Jimmy snapped at Brody.

“What do you mean get out? It’s 4 miles to my house from here!”

“I don’t care. Just get out. I don’t want your nasty ass in my car anymore.”

Jimmy was clearly pissed off about something and Brody knew he would not be able to convince him. There was too much bad blood between them. He really regretted teasing Jimmy for the past few years.

He stepped awkwardly out of the card, with his left hand cupping his privates. 

"Can you let me a borrow…”

Jimmy sped away before Brody even had a chance to ask for a towel.

Brody glanced to his right and saw the one house that was near the main road. The Pattersons lived there. Luckily, it looked like they were not home. Brody scurried up the road, desperate to reach home before anyone saw him.

Since he was barefoot, he had no choice but to walk on the road. If he had his shoes with him, he would have sprinted home through the field next to him. No one would have seen him then.

He broke into a quick jog. He was forced to leave his cock exposed in order to run properly. The warm heat was making him glisten with sweat. His meaty package flopped around everywhere. And the constant movement was causing his dick to harden.

Brody was barely halfway down the road and he was exhausted. The practice had been really brutal and there was no way he would be able to run the remaining 2 miles home. His cock was hard and had been swinging wildly for the past 20 minutes. It had left a trail of precum all over his sweaty abs every time it hit his stomach.

Brody slowed down to a walk when he heard a bell ring behind him. The sudden sound made Brody jump and made his hard cock deflate almost instantly. He looked back and groaned. 

It was Kevin Patterson. The freshman who lived down the street. He was a scrawny, short kid who got picked on in school a lot. Kevin was a strange kid. He had gained a reputation for being obsessed with sex. Many guys had found him jacking off in the school washroom. There were even rumors that he was gay.

“Go away Kevin. Get your fucking ass back home.”

“So what’s with the new look Brody?” Kevin inquired with genuine curiosity. He looked at the naked muscled hunk with greedy eyes. The jock’s muscles were perfectly accentuated by the sweat dripping over them. And Brody was too exhausted to even try and cover his cock. Kevin practically drooled seeing thick piece of soft meat swinging between Brody’s thighs.

Kevin continued riding his bike slowly beside the naked stud. He would sometimes fall back to gaze at Brody’s sweaty, perfect ass. Kevin thought he was keeping his glances pretty inconspicuous. But he was wrong. Brody now knew whenever he was being leered at. He chose to keep his mouth shut because he did not have the energy for it. He did make a mental note to kick the little shit’s ass tomorrow. So he quietly fumed the whole walk home. Kevin kept bombarding Brody with questions that the senior found difficult to ignore.

They had finally reached Brody’s house and Brody had reached his limit. He saw Kevin’s furtive glance at his cock and he exploded.


Kevin nearly fell off his bike at the outburst. He turned beet-red from embarrassment. He thought Brody had not noticed. A gloomy expression spread across his face as he turned back around to go home. Brody had cupped his privates with both hands and was shaking with anger and humiliation.

“Stop right there Patterson!”

Kevin saw that Coach had walked out. He seemed furious. The younger teen took a gulp and knew he was in troubled. As Coach walked towards them in the circular shared driveway, Kevin scrunched up his face, bracing for a verbal tirade from the notoriously strict man. 

But to his surprise, Coach’s anger was directed at Brody instead!

“What do you think you are doing bullying a younger kid?! I should tell your Dad and the school and get you expelled!”

“But Coach, he was looking at my junk!”

“Shut your filthy mouth! You must think pretty highly of yourself to think that everyone wants to get in your pants. And why on earth are you naked? You some kind of sex freak? If anyone here seems to be of a different affliction, it’s you boy. You got your ass out for the whole world to see. Now shut up and apologize to Patterson.”

Brody looked at Coach, then at Kevin in disbelief. He wanted to complain about the unfairness of the situation but he caught Coach’s stern look.

“I’m sorry,” Brody mumbled to Kevin. He then turned around and went towards his house, praying that the house key was still under the doormat.

“Sorry isn’t enough boy. You threw out some pretty serious threats against Patterson. And I think it’s only right if you get an appropriate punishment. Unless of course, you would like your father and the principal involved.”

Brody stopped in his task and clenched his fists. He knew what was coming next.

“Now listen up Patterson. I’ve been needing some help keeping Brody in tip-top shape. He is our best shot at the state championship.  But I have noticed him slacking off in his morning workouts. How would you like to be my assistant-coach? It would look great on your resume. And you would really be helping me out.” 

Brody let out a low groan. He knew where this was going. Kevin was eyeing his naked body, the gears whirring inside his perverted head.

“That would look great on my resume...I don’t know. I don’t want to be given a hard time by Brody in school.”

“I will give my word that Brody won’t hurt you. In fact, when you are coaching him, you will have the same power I do. He’ll do anything you say,” Coach replied, placing emphasis on the word anything.

The Patterson kid was cute. In a twinky kind of way. He was 5”6 and barely weighed 100 pounds. But he had large brown eyes and creamy white skin.  And he was built like a lithe swimmer. Coach always had a suspicion that the kid was as perverted as he was. Maybe even more, if the hard bulge in his shorts was anything to go by. And nothing turned Coach on more than seeing his handsome slave being used by physically inferior men.

“Anything huh? Can I tell him what to wear?” Kevin asked a little too hopefully. He always wanted to see the handsome jock flop around in some baggy sweatpants.

Coach chuckled.

“Sure kid, as long as it’s decent.”

“I’m not wearing anything this asshole tells me to wear,” Brody muttered bitterly under his breath. 

Unfortunately, Coach heard him loud and clear.

“Well it looks like Mr.Weathers hasn’t learnt his lesson. Tell you what Patterson. For thirty minutes every weekday morning,, you will be Brody’s coach. He will call you Sir whenever he addresses you. And he will wear ANYTHING you tell him to. I don’t care if he is in his shorts or tighty-whities. Heck, you can make him run a mile butt-naked. It sure looks like he enjoys it anyway.” 

Kevin looked at Brody expecting some sort of defiance. But there was none. He just saw the school alpha lower his head in shame. Kevin could not look more pleased. His own 6 inch cock was throbbing in his pants painfully. He could not wait to test out the waters in his new position.

“Well, that sounds interesting Coach. I guess I will see you both tomorrow morning at 8.”

Coach smiled as he watched the kid scurry off. No doubt to rub one out. Coach thought he would see the kid’s pants bust right open. He was thrilled with how his plans were playing out. It was almost like everything was being handed to him on a silver plate. It was a clear sign that he was doing God’s work. He was making a perfect pussy boy that would satiate even the pickiest man. He could not wait to see what new humiliations his bitch would undergo under his new tormentor.

He then turned his attention to Brody, who was still staring at his feet in shame. With his hands firmly clasped over his cock and balls, Coach almost felt sorry for his slut.  But his feelings of pity quickly made way for lust.

He grabbed Brody’s hands and yanked them away from his privates.

“You never hide yourself from me? Understand whore?”

Coach then pushed his slut onto the lawn, face down. The teenage scent emanating from Brody’s sweaty body was intoxicating. Coach fished out his hard cock through his fly and aimed it at the jock’s pussy. He let a glob of spit drop from his mouth onto his thick cockhead, which was already wet with precum.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this,” he growled into his whimpering victim’s ear. Then, he slowly pushed himself into his bitch’s hot cunt.

“I am going to pound you so hard the grass will have an imprint of your body. I wish the whole world could see what you have become. You are a mere receptacle for cock. Look at how perfectly your hot ass stretches to fit my cock? It’s just like a pussy. Actually, it’s even better than a pussy. It’s a hot cunt. Too bad your Dad headed out. I bet he would have loved seeing his only son being bred like a pig out in the open.”

Brody flinched at the verbal filth being thrown at him. He felt the soft grass getting crushed underneath his body, making his slick with grass sap. The sensations on his now hard cock were incredible. Within a minute of being pounded, he had shot his load. But Coach kept on ramming him with cock until he thought he would pass out. After twenty minutes of ass torture, Coach let out a guttural moan and emptied his balls into his slut.

“Stay right here bitch. Looks like the Reverend wants in on the action.”

Brody looked up to see the older man walk over from his porch without his pants. Brody buried his face in the grass as he felt the Reverend’s cock enter his wrecked hole. He felt his own cock stir to life as the Reverend started to drill him mercilessly.


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