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Training a Jock Slut – Chapter 2

Brody Gets Trapped

Coach went to school the next day in earnest. He had to teach two Gym classes for 9th Graders before wrestling practice. His cock was hard and leaking the whole day from the anticipation. He was going to use Brody's mouth today. He just could not wait to gag the slut with his thick meat stick.

Coach waited in his office, located in the locker room. He left his door open so that he could see the boys changing. The school was very small, so the team only consisted of five boys, with Brody being the only senior player. And among these five boys, Brody was a standout physically. He was blond, built like a natural bodybuilder, and had a model face. Coach could not wait to see those perfect lips wrapped around his cock.

He watched from his office as Brody entered the locker room nervously. He watched the jock take of his shirt to reveal his built chest and abs. In person, the sight took Coach's breath away.

Coach watched eagerly as his object of torment started working on undoing his belt. And as Coach had hoped, removing the pants revealed two bare globes of muscle, covered by a dusting of blonde peach fuzz. He was facing the locker to avoid showing his cock to the others.

"Hmm, we need to fix his shyness" Coach schemed, as he groped his own growing bulge under the desk.

Coach was thrilled. This was much easier than he had anticipated. It was remarkable how this hot piece of ass could be controlled with such little effort. The other three boys sniggered as they saw their senior come in without underwear.

"Going commando huh Brody?" one of them teased. Another used a towel to whipped Brody's bare ass as he blushed a bright red.

"Keep your mouth shut or I'll kick your ass!"

The junior players quickly shut up as the much larger stud yelled at them. They knew Brody could beat all of them up if he wanted to.

Coach decided this was the time to walk out.

"Ok boys, today's practice will be in full wrestling gear. No exceptions!"

"Hey Coach," Brody quietly spoke up. "I forgot to bring my jock today. Is it ok if I practice in my gym shorts?"

"No Brody. You have to face the consequences of your actions. Put on your wrestling gear like everyone else. And I don't want any more attitude or you get detention!"

A grumbling Brody put on his wrestling spandex singlet, much to the glee of Coach and the other boys.

"Nice package you got there Brody", they jeered.

And what a package it was. Without a jockstrap on, Brody's cut soft cock outline was clearly visible through the stretched spandex. And his two egg sized balls completed the obscene bulge. The other boys could not stop giggling. Brody turned an intense shade of crimson.

"Well, looks like we have all suited up. Hopefully you won't forget your jock next time Brody. I might just make you practice naked."

Coach smiled as Brody physically recoiled at the idea. It was so easy to push this kid's buttons. Coach could not wait to step up the humiliation.

Coach spent the rest of the session gawking at Brody, while his own cock was straining in his briefs. He had increased the temperature in the gym and made the sets vigorous. This combination made the boys sweat like pigs. And it certainly made Brody look like a really nasty slut. His spandex suit was completely drenched, making it stick to his skin. The end result was him looking like he was posing in some gay jock themed calendar. There was no mistaking his cock and balls in the outfit. 

Coach was having a blast making them do squats. Brody's man parts would be flopping around all over the place, while the suit would keep riding up his bare ass crack. Coach had to stop himself from ripping the slut's suit off right then and there. The other boys spent the whole session smacking Brody's lewd bulge and ass, embarrassing the stud even more.

Coach handed out protein shakes to the five boys halfway through the workout. He had added something special to Brody's drink. It was a little something he picked up from the gay sex shop in the big city called BottomsUp. It was supposed to make certain body parts more sensitive to touch. He could not wait for his plan to unfold.

After the hour-long session was up, the boys went back to change while Coach sat back in his desk. He could see Brody looking flush in the face. Coach knew his additive was doing its trick.

"Brody! Get in my office NOW! No, don't change first. Do as I say boy or I'll kick you off the team!"

A horrified Brody looked down at his crotch as Coach barked at him from his office. He had an uncontrollable boner in his suit. And he could not will it to go away, no matter how hard he tried. And in his sweaty spandex, every vein in his bulging cock was visible. He was even precumming! The friction against his cockhead and the spandex was causing a white frothy spot to appear on his suit. With Coach yelling at him, Brody just grabbed a towel and covered his crotch as he walked to the office, praying his team mates would not see his hard on.

"Close the door behind you. We need to talk about the wrestling meet next month. Drop that towel boy. Do it now!"

Brody let out a defeated groan and dropped the towel.


Coach needed to scare this sweaty looking jock first.

"First you forget your underwear. Now you are sporting a full on boner...Don't apologise boy. I think you were planning this. Yea, it all makes sense now. It looks like we got a flaming queer here. I think I should come over today and let your dad know. That's the neighbourly thing to do. Your dad needs to know what a horned up gay whore his son is turning out to be."

"Please Coach. Not my Dad. He'll kill me. Please Coach. Give me detention instead. I'll wash your car for a month. Anything!"

Watching this sweaty, glistening hunk beg for leniency almost made Coach feel sorry. Almost.

"Well, I guess I have to administer my own punishment. He did say he would do anything", Coach thought to himself.

"Ok, Brody. Do as I say and your dad will be none the wiser. Understand boy?"

 A curt nod from Brody indicated he did. 

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