"It's time my fellow brethren! It's time for our dark lord to be release from Hell itself!" Armen shouted in a demonic voice to everyone in the stadium. Thousands of possessed people and the demons themselves under the guise of the football players were standing in the stands or in a circle around a huge glyph in the middle of the field. The demons eyes were glowing red. Armens eyes were pure black. The demons hailed Armens speech with a monstrous roar! They all reared their heads back allowing the thick veins in their necks to pulse.

"For millennia we have waited for this moment; waited for our father to walk among mankind. To show the ones of light that we are there equals . . . no better. Our right to be here, to hold the hopes and desire of all who live here, that is our goal. The one of light tries to say we don't have the power to win over good. But we know that isn't true. We have won a lot of those epic battles, haven't we. Picture each person on this planet like a seed. Our dark lord has been watering his crop since it was created. We have been seeing a lot of these seeds growing into imperfect beings. The lord thinks perfection is something to aspire to obtain to be close to. We think it's something to fear. Well our dark lord with allow for intuition to win over morality and this sense of perfection. Evil is perfection. Unguided and unstoppable hatred . . . true freewill. Let us call forth Satan and open his prison gate once and for all." Armen said before looking down at his sacrifice.

Everyone in the stands had a blank stare on their faces; they all raised their hands and began to chant. All the men and women in town both old and young, even children were in the stands chanting in some ancient tongue. Armen smiled at his fellow "teammates". Even Paul, who was killed earlier by Morgana was back with a slightly indifferent look on his handsome face. He was standing next to a table in the center of the glyph in the middle of the football field. Behind him stood Jeff, Armen was at the head of the table and the coach was standing on the other side of the table across from Jeff and Paul. Between Jeff, Paul and the coach on the table lay a half naked man. He was very handsome, with a military cut and a toned sexy rugged body. He was tied up and gagged, struggling to get out of the rope tied around his hands and feet. He periodically screamed in frustration and terror looking at the cult-like ritual taking place before him.

The chanting from the stands grew louder. Armen raised his hands up, his black eyes had a small red glow right in the center where his pupil should have been. He made an incantation that was barely audible under the dreary mummer of the people in the stands and the man on the table screaming. Above, the moon disappeared under an incoming storm cloud, and there was a distant roar of thunder above. The wind began to pick-up as the other demonic football players joined in the incantation. Their mouths moved in unison, but with terrible inhuman voices, their faces as still and expressionless as masks. They all wore normal clothes. Armen dropped his hands and from the sky fell a single lightning bolt with a loud earthshaking crack. The aftermath was the entire glyph etched in flame. The inner circles of the glyph encircled the sacrifice table and seemed to weave around Armen, Jeff, Paul and the Coach.

With the glyph lit, the other team members relaxed and smiled at their work. "The first seal has been broken gentlemen," Armen said with a smile stretched across his handsome face. The others laughed.

---- ----- ------

"That's it, we need to strike now!" said Conner. "No wait!" said Maverick. "Roger just sent a transmission; we have to wait for the second seal to break."

"Don't you think that's cutting it a bit too close?" he snapped back. "I mean they are distracted now!"

"They won't get anywhere until they spill that mans blood on the glyph. Now wait for the second seal to break before Corey and Whitney here make their entrance," replied maverick.

They all shifted awkwardly in the stands. I was sweating bullets. I have to run out there with a stick and pretend like I don't have a clue what going on? Oh man . . . I hate this shit.

--- ---- ----- ------

Armen walked within the glyph around the table eyeing the sacrifice with a smirk. "Oh you are a cute one" he said. "Alright boys, it's time to get a bit more comfortable, have a little fun, go ahead and take'em off!" he said twirling his finger in the air lazily.

There was an inhuman howl among the team members. They all came together and started messaging each other. Armen grabbed the coach and kissed him hungrily. Jeff jumped to where Scott was kissing two other teammates in an inhuman bound. He grabbed Scotts head and kissed him. He bit down on Scotts lower lip and with a growl pulled it away. You could, for a moment, see the black demonic skin under Scotts skin before he let it go with a snap.

The entire team starting stripping off their clothes, including Armen and the coach. They slide off their shirts, pulled down there pants, kicked of their shoes, peeled off their socks. Before long they all stood naked before the stadium full of possessed people, and us. There hard, toned, muscular bodies glistened in the firelight. They all looked at each other with keen interest, smiles stretched across their handsome faces. Then continued to message and kiss each other. Some got down on their knees and starting giving head. Armen pulled away from kissing the coach with a snap and bent him over. His eyes glowed red. The man on the table looked around, confused. Armen thrust his dick into the coaches ass with a low animalistic growl. His muscles tensed up, his smile slumped into a determined look. The muscles under his face twitched, his jaw clenched as he started to fuck him. The coach let out an unusual loud roar as his teeth broke to a sharp inhuman set. His muscles pulsed with each movement. Everyone was groaning and humping. There hard muscular bodies slid over each other. Faces wrinkled where lips met, hands gripped flesh as orgasms flourished. Armens abs and body looked god-like. His perfectly tan skin glistened in the moonlight. Everyone started to become more beast-like. Perfectly styled hair became matted, smooth skin became worn and soft, teeth broke, nails protruded, eyes glowed. They all, around the same time, started to cum. Butts, abs, biceps, lips, forearms, calves, quads and toes started to tense or curl as they peaked. Armens eyes looked as tho they would shoot fire as he roared, every muscle under his skin could be seen. Something could be seen moving under the coaches' skin; shifting as if wanting, pleading to escape. They all breathed hard. A thin smile spread across their faces. They all looked to Armen.

Armen gave one final nod and everyone except Armen, Paul and the coach started to growl and moan. Jeff laughed as he reached up to the back of his neck and began to scrape the skin aside, slowly pulling it apart to reveal a slimy black surface beneath. His handsome faced slacked as the human face was pulled down and off to reveal a demonic head underneath. The others pulsed, the muscles slide under the perfectly smooth human skin as they reached either behind their heads or in front of their faces. There human looking fingers dug into the flesh and pulled. They all scraped and pulled at their human skin disguises in different ways. Tails tore through toned asses, horns poked through scalp. Skin bubbled and stretched awkwardly as it was pulled or shed away. Faces became slack or wrinkled as they pulled them down. Abs became wrinkled and bunched up. Backs tensed and burst open allowing the demonic bodies to slide out of their confines. Fingers burst open to reveal long black nails. Feet stretched and popped apart to give way to demonic dinosaur-like feet. The sexy faces and perfect bodies were nothing more than shredded pieces on the ground. In each football players place stood a shiny black demon with bright red eyes and tall curved horns, shaking off any remnants of their human disguises. They were free from their tight skins. They breathed easier and seemed happier. The coach seemed aroused by the reveal. He wasn't taking his skin off, and neither was Armen or Paul. I guess they want to savor the last moments they have to be in them; maybe they wanted to play it safe in case it all goes wrong. Either way they smiled at the site.

I was personally disgusted and terrified. Of course that's when Maverick gave me a nudge. Corey was already headed towards the field. I picked up a club and thought to myself, and action!

I ran towards the group of newly freed demons. I screamed wildly and approached the circle behind Corey swinging my bat.

"Mike! Don't worry! We're getting you out of here!!!" I screamed hysterically. The group of demons snarled in surprise, crouching down to what looked like the beginning of a life ending pounce.

"Stop!!!!" yelled Armen. I noticed he changed his eyes to look human again. He giggled with a puzzled look on his face. He looked around the field to see if anything else was weird. He approached slowly. With a half worried/playful/confused tone he asked, "What are you two doing here?" The demons parted for him as he approached the edge of the circle. The demons eyed us suspiciously.

"Mike, I'm here to get you out of here! These demons have done something to the town and . . . just I have no time to explain . . . we have to leave!!!" I said in a pretend shaking strong voice. Mike just stared at me with his hands behind his back . . . naked. "Really." He said. "You really believe I would think you just ran in here with a bunch of demons while I'm naked and unbound . . . and not know what was happening?"

I kinda just stared, oh shit this is it. I'm gonna get eaten. "Wha . . . what are you talking about Arm . . . er . . . Mike?" I stuttered embarrassed. Oh well I tried.

Armen laughed and nodded towards the two of us. The demons grabbed us and brought us towards him. The demons in a blink of an eye had Corey by the arms and pulled him towards Mike. I felt a hot strong grip on my right arm and screamed. I kicked as they dragged me over the fire and towards Armen . . . wait, towards Armen. That's means I'm within the barrier. I did it . . . ummm, I did it. Where the fuck are they, as the pain multiplied with each step the demon took towards Armen.

Just then a bolt of lightning struck the demon dragging me along, he lurched up in the air and fell with a squeal of pain. There was a whip of dust as Mantis appeared on one of the demons holding Corey. She pulled out a blade and stabbed him in the face. With a demonic roar he turned black and bridle as cracks formed on its body like dying coals before he disintegrated in the wind. The other demon released Corey before he was blown into dusty pieces by Conner with his fancy shotgun. Corey backed up next to me. In that instant, there was a flash of light and the 4 members of Morgana's little crew appeared, including Morgana who's eyes were already glowing.

Armen snarled. "HOW DARE YOU . . . ," he stopped and smiled. "Ok, you know what; this little spat between us has been a long time coming. I've beaten your daddy there before, I guess you want to join the family legacy huh? He said playfully. He backed up next to the coach, who had a murderous look on his face, and Paul who still had an indifferent slightly scared look on his face. In front of him swarmed the other demons. Armen rose his hands in the air again, his muscles tensed up as he did so, and the black clouds above opened up as white ghosts came rushing down over the circle. Terrible screams came from each one. They plunged into the circle right into the ground and disappeared. Armen dropped his arms and smiled. "That's the second seal ya know, one more and I win."

With that he pointed towards us and the demons all ran at us. I screamed and ran out of the circle towards the stands. Morgana appeared before me with Corey. "Both of you get as far from here as possible, this could turn dangerous for anyone in the area." With that she disappeared with another white flash back in the circle. Me and Corey ran to the edge. Then I stopped below the bleachers. "I can't just leave them". Corey tried pulling me away but I refused. I at least have to see what will happen. We stood back and watched the fight.

Maverick was teleporting around. His hands glowed with white power as he drove them into the chests of the demons. Conner was firing everything in his arsenal. Demons blew apart like bottles breaking against a brick wall. He stopped only to reload or dodge a demons fire breath or tail stab. Mantis moved around almost like a specter, her black dust settled close to a demon as she manifested her body, a blade disappeared into the demons flesh before it could even snarl at her. Morgana floated over their heads, flinging spell after spell at the demons. Some were encased in Ice, others were blasted away by lightning. Occasionally, she obliterated a demon in a beam of light similar to what she did to Paul, who was standing back with Armen with a blank look etched on his face.

That was strange, had Armen summoned another demon to replace Paul? Why? I mean, it happened earlier tonight . . . I guess he needs every hand or claw he can get. The wind picked up over the cracks of lightning and gun shots. The storm cloud above was still raining down ghosts; I guess these were the souls Maverick was talking about. He needed them to open the 2nd seal. I noticed, despite all of the noise, that people in the stands were falling down. One by one they passed out. I don't think they are dying, but without a soul, maybe that's what happens. I noticed Mark was one of them. He slumped over just as I spotted him. Oh Mark, with everything you have lost maybe it's better this way. Why, why does this have to be this way. Why is mankind stuck In the middle of this war between Gods . . . humph. They are both like children fighting over an ant hill. They don't stop till one of them kicks it over, destroying their home.

The battle raged. 4 to 66. These aren't good odds, but we seem to be doing well. Demonic bodies turned to ash all over the churning battlefield. The whole field was wrapped in a black dust. I could occasionally see a flash of lightning, or Mantis appearing in and out of the chaos. I can't even tell anymore. I saw a blast of fire burst towards us. Within a second Maverick appeared before us to take the hit. The fire lit him ablaze. He calmly doused it with some blue light, but that was enough of a distraction. Right in front of our eyes a tail burst through Mavericks chest. With a growl a demon appeared attached to the tail laughing. Maverick teleported with a flash behind him and with a wave of his hand a dark matter appeared in a spiral. The demon screamed as it was sucked into this dark matter. It's limbs and body made a sickening crunch before disappearing all together with the spell. Maverick smiled before falling to the ground dead. I cried out, Corey held me back.

"Nooooo!!!" I cried out. With a flash Morgana appeared next to him with tears running down her face. Another demon approached, without even looking up Morgana blasted him away with a flash of light. The souls stopped streaming down from the sky. Everyone in the stands was unconscious.

Morgana stood up with a grim look on her face. "It's time to end this."

She slowly floated up in the air above her father. Her eyes were glowing white. The tears on her dusty cheeks looked like diamond. The air picked up. The dust over the entire field blew away. Conner and Mantis were in the middle of killing a demon when they looked up. Morgana Held her hands forward. The cloud above turned white and glowed. There was a deep grumble across the land that shook your core. Her white hair flew back with her dress elegantly. Armen, the Coach, Paul and the sacrifice all looked up in fear from the center of the flaming rune. Armens eyes turned black as he raised his hands up in the last second before the bright cloud above unleashed massive, bright white lightning bolts down on each demon that was left. Each demon screamed as the light intensified. Conner raised his arms and shut his eyes before I lost sight of everything. There was a loud earth shattering crack before all the light disappeared.

There was silence. When the spots finally cleared my vision all I could see was Morgana, Mantis and Conner standing in front of me facing the circle in the center of the field. All of the black demons were gone. Not even the black dust that usually came with their deaths remained. However, in the middle of the circle was Armen, the coach and Paul with the sacrifice. They didn't die. They didn't even look fazed. Armen stood there naked with a smug look on his handsome face. The coached sneered and Paul just had an empty look on his face. The sacrifice was hysterical. He started pleading again when the sight returned to his eyes as well.

Armen stepped forward, clapping his hands. "Oh Morgana, that was . . . impressive" he said with almost sincere admiration on his face. "For one witch to take out 30 demons, that's feat your father could barely accomplish."

Morgana face flinched with her fathers name.

"Ooooo, too soon?" he said toyingly. "Oh honey you didn't think this would all be that easy did you?" He started walking around the altar to the front of the screaming, pleading man tied on it. "Honey, I've been around for lifetimes. Longer than civilizations, longer than cultures . . . even."

He stood there and flexed his chest muscles and smiled. "Oh how I do love watching you guys fight tho. Even this human can hold his own," nodding at Conner. He spit at his feet and cocked his gun.

"Ok, well I don't want this epic showdown to end just yet, soooo lets see you take on Coach here. He's been dying to . . . join the fight." He looked over at the coach and gave a quick nod. The coach stepped forwards with a deep growl. The muscles under the skin shifted as the coach clenched his jaw. He wore a serious look on his strong defined face. He approached the demon hunters. I saw the muscles work under his tan skin, they pulsed with each step. Why do I get the sense that he's not going to be like the other demons we saw?

The coach stood before them with eyes blazing. His huge muscles bulged. A sadistic smile slowly stretched across his face revealing sharp black teeth. With sounds similar to people eating crab legs, his body began to convulse. With a loud inhuman roar that made every beam in the stadium quake he began to grow. His smile grew grotesque and wide as the teeth protruded into a muzzle. The skin slide back and started ripping at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were literally on fire, smoke came out of his nose as it wrinkled up over the newly formed dog-like muzzle. The skin on his back split open and a black muscular furry back came loose. The skin on his legs and arms and feet snapped open and slide away. A giant creature came forth, continually growing. The skin stretched away and soon was at one gnarled foot of a 20ft tall dog-like beast with 2 rows of teeth almost like a sharks.

It immediately spewed a column of fire at the group. Morgana raised her hands to create a large white wall before them. As if she were pushing the back of a car, she slipped back. The fire washed over the wall. The others scatted. Conner shot holes into the thing as he went off to the side of the things view. Mantis turned to dust and climbed up to the things head. Two horns finished protruding as Mantis reappeared on it's head. She raised a dagger no sooner than the beast raised a hand up to crush her like a fly. Before she could do any damage, she turned to dust, only to reappear on top of the things hand with the dagger raised. She plunged it into the hand. With a shriek the beast blew fire at Conner. He dodged then responded with a grenade! It flew towards the beasts head. It turned its beam of fire towards the grenade setting it off. There was a massive flash of light that made the beast stumble and howl. Its hand spewed black blood. With other hand it lashed out at Morgana who was preparing another spell in midair. With a smoky appearance Mantis stepped in the way with two short swords. Each slashed at a finger before it even reached Morgana. Morgana teleported with a flash to the other side of the beasts paw. As the fingers spewed blood Conner shot at the beasts head multiple times. Black gore came exploding from its head. At that instant Mantis rammed her blades down on its first three fingers severing them at the knuckle. The fingers fell to the ground with a thud. The beasts howled in pain.

Armen looked on and smiled. Morgana shot forth a white beam, disintegrating it's right leg. Before it fell, it grabbed Conner with the other hand. Conner dropped his guns and screamed in pain as the beast went down with him in its grip. Morgana and Mantis teleported on the fist with Conner while Morgana flung a lightning bolt at the beasts head. Before it stuck the beast there was a crack within the beasts' fist as Conner fell limp in its hand. The lightning bolt blew it's head apart that next second while Mantis cut open the beasts knuckles severing Conner from its hand. Conner lay among the beasts fingers in a gnarled bloody mass. He smiled at Mantis before dying. Mantis seemed to cry out in a soft whisper.

In anger she teleported next to Paul who didn't even react as her blade ran through his chest. She started fading away into dust again when Armens eyes turned black and her body flashed before a ghostly figure flew up and into the ground within the glyph. A mummified corpse emerged from the dust cloud and shattered on the ground.

Armen smiled at Morgana as she floated in front of him with a shocked look on her face. "Ouch, you just lost three of your comrades in one fight. How do you feel right now?" he taunted. He walked forwards to the pile of just and shook his head with a smirk. "Stupid bitch, why would she fling herself in a soul trapping ward created by an arch-demon?"

"YOU MONSTER!!!" Morgana screamed in tears. She flung every spell imaginable at him. Armen waved them away as if they were leaves falling from the sky. She teleported behind him and blasted him with a beam of light. His naked body flew forward away from the pedestal, out of the circle and landed with a thud in front of me. He got up laughing. His handsome face was speckled with bits of mud. His smooth tanned body shifted and tensed as he got to his feet. I noticed that Paul was on the ground next to Morgana dead. But he didn't disappear in a black gust of smoke like the others. He was on his side with an empty dead look on his handsome face, with blood dripping from it's . . . wait blood! Demons don't bleed! Morgana began walking towards Armen. I noticed the man on the table smile. With inhuman strength he snapped his confines walked up behind Morgana! I immediately screamed, "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!" The demon raised its human hand and with a cracking noise the skin broke open like a banana peel to reveal sharp talons. Morgana turned around and blasted him with ice freezing him in place.

Armen turned towards me and said, "Nice save bitch!" in an inhuman voice. A sharp pain seized my throat and I fell to the ground. Morgana blasted him with light sending him flying with a screech. The ice broke around the "sacrifice". He grabbed Morgana around the waist with one arm as the rest of his skin came apart. His handsome face sloughing off like a wet paper bag. Morgana screamed as she exploded with light disintegrated him into dust.

"ENOUGH ARMEN, IT'S OVER!!! You lost all your demonic minions!!!" she yelled with eyes blazing white.

Armen backed up with a slightly worried look on his face. Then the glyph changed color. The flames turned to a dark black color and the ground shook. I noticed the skin on Paul's face came off a bit to reveal a human corpse beneath!! Wait Paul was already dead. That is another corpse! I noticed something about it . . . it was looking at me, tearing and pointing at me . . . wait. I immediately turned around to see Corey's red eyes before he grabbed me! "NOOOO I cried."

Morgana flashed behind him and hit him with that light that killed the demon in Paul before. Corey's skin emptied before it crumpled to the ground. "When did he . . . " I cried out in tears and I slumped to the ground. Morgana stood between me and Armen eyes blazing again.

"Whaaaaahahahahaha" Armen cried out in a deep demonic voice. His smile stretched wide, his perfect teeth showed beneath his lips, but an inhuman serpent-like tongue protruded as if to taunt us. "IT'S TOO LATE!!!! Whaaahahahaha" he bellowed. The ground shook more violently. The glyph glowed surprisingly bright with the dark fire. The stadium lights went out one by one. Armen put his hands in the air as red lighting struck the area around him blasting me and Morgana back against the stadium wall. His smile stretched wider as his hair stood on end and his back hunched over. Every muscle in his body was tense. He stood on his tip toes, the nails on his hands and feet grew out black and sharp. The muscles on his back shifted before the skin split apart. Huge black bat-like wings jutted from his back. His eyes turned pitched black with serpent-like red slits in the middle. His abs and quads flexed. His feet elongated and tore open as black reptilian-like feet emerged. The skin on his strong hands burst apart to reveal black sharp animal-like hands. A thick tail emerged behind him black as night. A grinding noise drew attention to Mikes head as the skin bubbled out and popped open to reveal demonic horns. His chest and abs fell off as he continued to grow in size. He reached up to his face, the only recognizable part left on him and pulled at it. His face stretched awkwardly. It tore around his horns before coming off in one piece revealing a smiling demonic face. He threw the empty face at Morgana's feet as the rest of the skin slid off. He continued to grow. Larger and Larger, he grew beyond the size of the dog demon they fought before. His black titan-like demonic form was terrifying. Every part of my body froze and shook. Morgana even shied back. The ground within the glyph gave way and fell to the depths of hell. Fires lept up and out.

"Whaahahahaha" laughed Armen in a deep epic voice. "It's all over. Here he comes, my father, the worthy son of your God . . . Satan."

From it a small figure walked from the flames onto the football field. He wore nothing at all. He was breathtakingly handsome with an almost bored look on his face. He looked around. He looked at Armen for a moment before drawing his eyes to Morgana. He smiled slightly and snapped his fingers. The fires went out the glyph disappeared along with the wreckage around it. In its place there was a table with a single chair and a glass of wine. A fine suit appeared on his perfect body. He smugly sat down and sniffed the wine.

We all stood there in silence and shock. Armen looked anxious but stayed silent as well. Some time passed when Armen finally spoke. The man was halfway finished with his wine. He had just been looking around patiently as if enjoying the evening on the patio of a fine restaurant.

"Welcome master, I have at last freed you!" he said as his massive form bowed low before this man I'm assuming was Satan.

The man looked slightly annoyed. He delicately set down his wine glass before he spoke. "Armen" he said in a normal voice, "I don't remember ever asking for your help to free me . . . am I wrong?" he said looking at his fingernails.

"Master I . . . I figured you would . . . "

"You figured I would want to be freed. Freed from what may I ask?" he interrupted.

"From the confines of hell of course master," Armen responded, clearly unnerved with his masters reaction.

"What in the universe made you think that A.) I needed the help and B.) I was trapped to begin with?" he replied.

"But the last time I tried to do this you told me to leave hell and . . . " he replied desperately.

"I told you to leave, that is all. I never told you to summon me here and start this entire calamity. You were simply annoying me. I spared your life and instead told you to come here. I wanted you to find a hobby so you could stop with the constant blab la bla bla, whaaaaaaa whaaaa I wanna get out of hell, whaaaa" he said mockingly. I created hell. I like hell. Why would I want to leave it you idiot? I was never trapped, I simply decided to stay there. My father, their God, as he motioned to me and Morgana, asked me to never set foot on this world. And I never have until now. I already have hold of the majority of the people here. I have already conquered this plane. Why would I ever have to get my hands dirty? God knows it. He just wants the game to be played fair. He doesn't interfere directly and I don't interfere directly, those are the rules and you just forced me to break it."

He gently stood up and adjusted his suit. "I'm very displeased Armen. Very displeased. I'm hoping Jehovia will let this one slide as long as I put everything back the way it was and of course punish you . . . which I . . . will . . . do." He said dangerously.

"Master please, I didn't know!!! I'm sorry, please don't . . . " Armen started but was interrupted with Satan's hand raised for silence. "You almost cost me my win Armen, for that you will suffer." He said lightly. With a snap of his hand a giant inferno opened up from the ground under Armen. Armen fell with a giant scream. He tried pulling himself up digging huge chasms in the field, but the pull of hell was too much. He fell and the void closed, with it Armens screams ended along with the screams of the damned.

"I'm so sorry about all this . . . kids ya know." He said walking towards us. I will be returning everything back to normal. I wish it could have been this way he said evilly with a smile, but rules are rules."

Morgana frowned and gathered herself up. "You won't get away from me!" she said as her eyes glowed white again.

"Oh please girl," he said laughing. "You couldn't kill me with all the powers of all the realms in the universes. No no no. You just relax. I love this game too much to leave you in your state of despair. With a snap of his fingers all damages were repaired and the people gone. "Everyone is back at home sleeping. Everyone who's skins were stolen by my boy are alive and well and not demons." He said with a chuckle. "And last, you will never know that any of this will happen." He said with a wink. He snapped his fingers again and . . . .

--- ---- -----

There was a knock on my door. I woke up with a start. My roommate walked in. "Hurry and get ready! Corey will be here soon to take you to the party because we are going ahead. See ya!" she said before she shut the door.

"Really? A dream? I said. "That's fucked up."



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