They stood around the SUV with Mike's body lying on the roof. The roof caved in a little from the impact. Anthony looked at the other two and laughed. "Jason" stood above from the busted out window laughing as well. With a low grunt he jumped down beside the SUV. Bragging about his find, he lifted Mikes body off the SUV with one arm and threw him in the back.

"The fucker tore my face!" he yelled as he himself got in the SUV with Mike.

The others laughed again as they shut him in the back. Anthony told the other two to drive Jason and Mike back (with an annoyed tone); he wanted to check the area for any witnesses. They climbed in the car and drove off towards the school.

Anthony listened hard for anyone who might be hiding. You could see the muscles in his chiseled jaw tense up as he silently listened. He tilted his head to one side as his eyes turned a bright blood red; he then scanned the house and the yard. He could see a white aura of anything living with a soul. The outlines were all either lying down or hunched over what he was assuming was a toilet. Nobody seemed to be awake. He looked up and with one inhuman bound he jumped up to the busted out window Jason came from.

He looked around and with a sigh he mumbled, "I always have to clean up after him...".

He smoothed out his white T-shirt, which hung tight against his large athletic body; he then walked out of the moonlight into the dark room. He looked down at the floor and saw part of Jason's human face on the floor. He picked up the wrinkled tan piece of Jason's face and stuffed it into his jean pocket. He tore a piece of the sheets off and wiped up little drops of blood from the floor and the bed.

"He had fun with this one", he said with an amused smile.

He looked at the door and noticed Jason sealed it. He rolled his eyes walked up to it and with one swift pull, busted it open. He didn't want people to notice this strange damage to the door; he would rather have them think it was a drunken break-in.

Just then there was a bright light from the woods. It was so bright Anthony squealed in pain shielding his eyes with his thick muscular arm. The bright light faded and he saw a women dressed in a gothic black dress with white hair approach from the woods. He snarled as he jumped out of the window and with a slight chaotic smile on his face he started to walk towards this beautiful women.

"Morgana!" he said in an inhuman raspy voice. "I see you survived our masters last encounter."

She continued to walk towards him with an intense stare. Her eyes were completely white! She looked to be about 25 years of age. She had a beautiful thin long black dress on with some gothic emblems on it. Her athletic body was noticeable under the thin flowing dress. Her silvery white hair flowed behind her in the wind that seem to come from nowhere since she arrived.

Anthony smiled as he stopped his advance. Lets take this to a place that's a little more secluded. With a deep evil laugh he opened his handsome mouth unnaturally wide to the point where his face stretched awkwardly off the demons true face and a black mist came out swallowing both him and Morgana! When the black mist cleared they were in an open field in the middle of no-where.

"You were always a polite demon," she said in a strong mature voice that seemed to echo throughout the valley.

She stood there in front of him. "I see Armen has taught you some new tricks".

"Us demons are stronger than you know witch!" Jason yelled. "You should see what we can do in bed...interested?" he said with a playful grin stretching across his handsome human face.

"I don't think I'm your type", she said with a smile on her face as well.

"Don't say I didn't offer." He responded and with that jumped at her with a ferocious growl. His face twisted in a way that was more animal like than any human could possibly recreate.

She immediately thrust her palm forward and blasted him with a wave of fire. He flung back with a screech and landed with a thud some 30 feet away from her. The grass around him was black and smoldering. Morgana started to approach the area where he landed with a triumphant look on her face.

"I have learned a few new tricks myself, you'll be happy to know I took a few notes from the black arts!" she said with her vibrant fearless voice. "Ironic, isn't have no idea what I am capable of, you have no chance of defeating me...none of you do!"

With that she lifted her arms and a strong wind began to pick up. Her white eyes stared intently at the smoldering circle in which her pray lay. As the thick black smoke cleared she saw that Anthony stood in the middle of the charred circle completely naked. His eyes were bright red and had a satanic smile on his handsome face. His muscular body was perfectly chiseled, lean, and tanned. He began to laugh, placing his hands on his tense abs.

"You are stupid enough to use hellfire against a demon?"

"I mean it is a little annoying to have my name brand clothing attire blown off, but I'm sure I could sell that dress of yours for the money it will take to get it back!"

He began to approach her again.

She responded with a smug look on her face, "of course I knew it wouldn't kill you; what a girl can't have some fun before she kills a demon?" He stopped with a concerned look on his face.

Then he smiled and said, "why, you like what you see?"

"Am I a form of eye candy for you ... good witch? You know Armen picked it out himself."

He rubbed his cheek then ran his finger down to his wide chin, and winked at her with a sarcastic movie star smile.

I think it's a nice host ... er ... victim as well."

He began to pose for her, rubbing his sexy tanned body.

"You know, Armen particularly liked when Anthony, that's his name in case if you didn't know, screamed in agony as he tore his body out to make room for ... me. That's my favorite part too. But you're right, he is a sexy specimen." He looked up with an evil interest in how she would react.

Morgana had a sad look on her face, but quickly tried to hide it with a fierce angered look.

"You are all scum ... cowards!!!"

"You have to kill innocent people just to get off! I will truly enjoy killing you!", she said as she continued her approach to towards him.

"Oh, have I struck a nerve?" he said with a sympathetic look.

"You know, Anthony wasn't the only one ... no no no, we have 16 others who are here on earth who enjoy the same comfort as me." He brushed his hair with his large hand and posed again.

"But you know, just to make this fight, more "fair" since my sexy body is such a distraction to you, and because Anthony is just a little to tight for me...", He looked up at Morgana with his head tilted to one side and smiled as two horns began to push though the top of his head with a stony scraping sound, "I'll get even more naked for you".

He reached up to his forehead and dug his fingertips (that had torn away to make room for the demons long nails) into the tan skin. He began to laugh in a low monstrous tone as the demons muscles shifted under his handsome human skinned disguise. He pulled the skin on his face aside to reveal the demons black slimy looking face with bright red eyes. Anthony's handsome face wrinkled away. He continued to pull the skin down splitting it down the middle. The demon began to wiggle to allow the skin to slide off his broad muscular shoulders. Anthony's sexy tight skin continued to rip apart with a sickening slurping sound. It continued to part down Anthony's tight abs until the demon was able to pull the tanned tight disguise off like pants. The demons black tail appeared behind him like a separate entity. Morgana looked on in disgust and readied herself for an attack. The demon held the skin up like a prize then threw it aside like yesterdays laundry.

"Thatss better", it said in an inhuman voice.

With incredible speed the demon launched it's now 7 foot body right at Morgana. With a flash of white light she appeared on the other side of the demon. The demon crashed to the ground.

"Like I said before, you are no match demon", she said.

She raised her hands out in front of her and there was a blue flash of light followed by a cracking sound. Ice formed around the demon before he could even get up. She raised her hands above her head and began to mutter some incantation. Her hands began to glow with a white light. Her eyes began to glow with the same light as a wind picked up. Her silver hair fluttered around her as she continued to mutter the incantations. Her voice echoed around the valley with such volume that her words seem to have the ability to pierce diamond.

Suddenly the ice around the large demon shattered with such force it knocked her down. The demon reared up with such a roar that the mountains in the distance trembled. The demons eyes seemed to be on fire. Morgana looked up with a troubled dazed look on her face. The demon expanded his chest and blew a large stream of blue flames at Morgana. The flames shot out with such force that the demon shook. Morgana recovered just in time to teleport aside with a flash of white light. This time she was floating behind him with her hair flowing wildly behind her and her eyes glowing brightly. The Demon lashed its tail out at her right at her forehead. With a scream she put her hand forward and created a bright barrier to deflect the blow. She continued her advance towards the demon her hands glowing again she started to mutter the incantations.

"Even if you kill me, you have no chance against the others...especially Armen, he's changed, he has collect many souls since you last fought him", he said with a calm evil expression on his face.

Again he tried to strike her with his tail but she deflected the blow. Suddenly incantations stopped and her hands rose above her head.

"You will never know if that's true", she said softly.

With that, the light grew in area, almost like a massive beam, filling what seemed to be the entire field. The demon screamed and tried to shield himself from the light. The ground began to shake and the light got more intense. The Demons black flesh began to burn. The muscles began to shrivel and his eyes began to darken. Finally when the light dimmed, Morgana landed on the ground. Everything was silent. She smiled and approached the demons black motionless body. She simply touched the demons shoulder and he turned into a black dust which was carried away by the light breeze.

"And so it begins", she said as she disappeared with a flash of white light.


The SUV pulled up to the empty parking lot in front of the gym. The two football players exited the vehicle, carefully looking around for any spectators. They were medium height. One had black hair combed and jelled back and the other short brown hair that was spiked on top. The one with brown hair wore a black leather jacked and jeans while the one with black hair wore a gray muscle shirt with gym shorts.

"It's clear Jeff", the dark haired one said.

Jeff walked around to the back of the SUV and opened the gate. As he lifted the gate the other jock opened the door to the lockeroom, which was still open because the coach always trusted the team captains Jason and Anthony with locking the doors. Jason emerged from the back. He was in nothing but his jean pants and tight socks. His human face, everything from the neck up, was missing. His eyes glowed bright red and his black face glistened in the moonlight. Everything else about Jason was human looking like his sexy hard body, which also glistened in the moonlight as he dragged Mikes limp shirtless body out of the back of the SUV shutting the door with his black tail. Jason threw Mikes large muscular body over his equally large shoulders and walked into the school with Jeff close behind.

"Common Paul", he said at the dark haired man standing by the doorway. When they got inside the lockeroom the mother alien jumped from the vents with a growl.

"You have had that disguise for 5 hours and you have already ruined it!", it yelled at Jason who threw Mike at it's large black feet.

"A minor setback Armen, I assure you it will not happen again", he said lightly. "Although it was worth it, this one was a fighter...", he smirked. The mother demon smiled and looked down at Mikes lifeless body.

"You picked wisely Jason, you are forgiven", he replied.

It's stomach opened up like it did before to reveal black long tentacles. She rose Mikes body in the air and with one slice and a disgusting ripping sound held Mikes skin in one hand and his body in the other. The mother demon eagerly ate the body tossing the skin at Jason to catch. After it ate Mikes body it screeched and groaned as it shrunk in size. You could hear what sounded like bones cracking and clothes tearing. The demon shrunk in size and its horns and tail retracted into its human looking body. He was now exactly like Mikes body. Sexy, tight, large, and muscular, but was black as night with demonic red eyes. Jason approached and handed the demon Mikes skin. The demon opened up the back and stepped into his skin. He smoothed the skin around his legs and feet, then pulled it up around its body. It then filled Mikes tanned wrinkly deflated arms with a lean muscular arm. Then he pulled Mikes handsome face over its own, smoothing out the wrinkles.

"Jason, since you don't have a face to worry about getting messy, please seal the back", it said with its demonic voice.

Jason walked over and gagged fleshy goo over the demons opening in the back of the demons new human body suit. It sealed and blended the hole. He also spit some out on his cheek to mend the cuts he made from the nights earlier ... festivities. Mike stood before the other demons naked with bright red eyes. The demon flexed and smoothed the skin down over the hard muscles. The red eyes turned into green human eyes. The demon then began to screech and growl until its voice sounded exactly like Mikes. The demon was now Mike ... in the flesh. He admired his new body in the mirror, thanking Jason for the pick.

"He's perfect", Mike said.

He than opened a locker and found some gym shorts and a practice jersey. He put them on and faced the others who awaited his instructions, but noticed that Anthony was missing.

"Where is Anthony, I thought he was with you guys?", Mike said.

They looked at each other with a confused look on there handsome faces (except for Jason).

"He stayed behind to see if anyone saw what happened between Jason and this human", Jeff said.

"Well I suppose he found something...."; just then the coach burst through the doors carrying some boxes. He didn't notice them until he put them down in his office. He was relatively young at the age of 31. He was a relatively large athletic type of man who was very handsome for his age, very distinguished. He looked up in horror to see Jason with a demons head. He just stood there stammering and pointing at Jason. The demons looked at each other and smiled. Mike just stood by Jeff and Paul and watched as Jason approached the coach with a sadistic smile on his demon face. The coach backed away and tried to run in terror. Jason used his tail to pick up the coach and throw him into the shower room.

"Don't want to have to clean up a big mess again", he said with a smile.

The others laughed. Mike turned to the other two and told them to find a place for them to meet and carry out the plan; and with that they left. Mike turned around and sat down to watch the show Jason was about to put on, his eyes began to glow red again as he smiled.

"What the hell are you!!" the coach yelled as he got up and backed up against the wall.

Jason continued his approach and said with Jason's voice, "It's me coach, don't you recognize me?"

Jason started to pull his pants off followed by his tight gym socks. He stood naked in front of the coach. He then reached down to his stomach and grabbed the skin over his toned abs. He began to pull it apart slowly. The Coach looked on in horror and began to scream. Jason laughed as he pulled the rest of Jasons skin off his slick black demon body. The skin made a slapping noise on the shower floor. The demon then reared up and its stomach popped open to reveal its own set of tentacles, although not as many as Mike. You heard the familiar scream and rip. About three minutes later the demon came from out of the shower with the coaches skin in his hand. Since the demon was about the same size as the coach (slightly bigger) he didn't bother changing anything about himself. He pulled the tan smooth skin on feet first. It was a little tighter than normal but Mike reminded him that it was his own fault for ruining Jasons disguise. The demon pulled the coaches own chiseled face on with some difficulty. He smoothed it back against his slightly larger head.

Mike came up behind him and pulled the skin tight to close the gap. He than coughed up that fleshy paste and sealed the hole. The coach stood in front of Mike naked. He messaged and flexed his body.

"It's soo fucking tight", he said as he tried to stretch it by tightening the muscles. His pecks tightened so much that the tanned skin tore down the middle of his chest revealing the black slimy surface again.

"Dammit coach!" Mike yelled with a smile. They both laughed.

Again Mike opened his mouth unnaturally wide to regurgitate the fleshy paste that seals the skin.

"Your stuck with it so make it work", he said with some annoyance.

Mike started to open the lockers to find coach some clothes. The coach stood in place pulling at his face and the skin at his hips. Mike found some football jersey tights and a black T-shirt. He threw them at the coach.

"Put those on and collect me some souls!" he snapped as he walked towards the door. "We are already falling behind", he said as he disappeared into the night. Coach mimicked him as he put the tights on over his sculpted tight ass.

Jeff and Paul exited the black SUV and looked around the party house for any signs of Anthony. Jeff pulled out a black rock with a red inscription on it. It glowed bright red as he talked into it like a walki-talki.

"Anthony, where the hell are you!" he snapped.

Pauls eyes glowed red as he searched the house for any signs of human movement.

"Nothing", he said in his deep voice.

They walked around to the back and noticed that the air smelled of sulfur.

"Do you think he teleported somewhere?" Jeff said.

Pauls eyes turned deep black and he searched the back yard for signs of a teleportation track, which is usually only left behind by a demon.

"Yes" he said his black eyes focusing on a spot near the woods.

Jeff opened his mouth wide and a black mist came out and they both disappeared. They reappeared in an open field.

"There was a fight here", Paul said.

Jeffs eyes were bright red as he searched the area. Paul noticed a patch of black grass. He walked over and smelled the charred dirt. His eyes grew as he growled.

"He's gone", someone has defeated Anthony. With that they both looked around nervously.

"Lets go", Jeff said as his mouth again spewed the black smoke to transport them back to the yard.


Whitney walked up to Corey after anxiously leaving her anatomy class.

"Have you seen Mike lately?" she said in a motherly tone.

"No, have you?" he replied with a slightly concerned expression.

"No, ever since that party about a week ago I haven't seen him."

They both looked at each other with confused expressions on their faces. They both walked to Whitney's car and got in. Whitney started the car just as the coach walked by with Jeff, Paul, and some other football player she forgot the name of. They looked right at her and smiled. A harsh chill ran down her back.

"Have you noticed that ever since that party everyone has been acting strange?" she said to Corey. He was fumbling with his seatbelt not noticing the weird stares from the football team. "I mean the whole football team is horny and secretive all of a sudden, every girl that has been with any of those guys have been acting weird, and Anthony, who was acting weird at that party, is gone."

Corey looked up and looked at her with an understanding gaze.

"I mean isn't it weird that Jason is missing now and he was who Mike was looking at the whole time at the party!" she said with a worried expression. "It's just weird, this whole situation is weird", as she started the car.

"I know, but I can't explain anything...I'm sure Jason and Mike are fine." He replied as they drove off. "I mean maybe they hit it off and they are taking a "road trip" somewhere together", he smirked as he said this.

"And what about know Jasons BOYFRIEND!" she snapped back.

As they pulled out of the parking lot they saw a women with white hair tied up in a bun with black glasses walk towards the school. She was beautiful and young looking. She had this black business dress on and a white button up shirt and alluring green eyes hidden behind thick black frames. As they passed her she looked up and smiled. Whitney smiled back and Corey hooted at her.

"Your such a pig" she said as they drove off.


Mark sat on the bleachers after cross-country practice changing out of his worn old running shoes. He lifted one of his shoes up and sniffed.

"Ugh" he said as he threw them in his gym bag.

His body glistened in the sunlight from the sweat. He was tanned and perfectly toned. He had a smaller athletic body. He had 8 perfectly proportioned tight abs and his pecs where tight and rounded. He began to take his wet socks off his large smooth feet and threw them in the bag. As he was putting a new pair on he felt someone's presence behind him. Sure enough a large shadow emerged over him. He looked up, his handsome face squinting to make out the person who was standing against the sun.

"Can I help you", he said.

The large man stepped down and sat closely next to him smiling. It was the football coach. He had a kind intense stare and checked out Marks body as he put his feet up on the bench in front of them. He was wearing a black tight T-shirt and kacky pants that fit nicely against his large thighs.

"Hey Mark", he said in a gentile voice.

"I heard about Jason, I came to see how you're holding up." He cracked a small smile because he knew what actually happened...I mean he was Jason at the party.

Mark looked down and continued to pull his other shoes on.

"What did he tell you" he responded.

"I haven't seen him, but I heard that at the party he was with this Mike kid" he said in a sympathetic tone knowing how Mark would respond. Marks jaw clenched.

"I don't care, it's his decision...I mean he's not obligated to stay with me" he said as he seemingly choked back a hurt face. He leaned down and pulled a white T-shirt from his bag and pulled it open to put it on. Coach leaned over and stopped him.

"I think you need to vent, come down to my office and lets talk about what happened", he said with a fake smile. His handsome face looked concerned and his hazel eyes almost glowed. Mark couldn't look away. He dropped the shirt and stood up with the coach. The coach grabbed his hand. Mark noticed how warm he was. His skin felt so soft against his. He felt himself become aroused. He had always thought the coach was hot, especially when he visited Jason in the locker room after games, but he always thought the coach didn't approve of gays. He didn't care. He followed the coach into the locker room and into his office. He watched his toned ass shift as he walked in front of him. The coach allowed him to walk in first and he slammed the door. His handsome face now looked serious and even more handsome. He pulled his shirt off and loosened his pants. Mark, already without a shirt, pulled his shorts off and kicked the shoes off his feet. Mark immediately jumped at him locking his toned thighs around his waist as the coach held him up in his massive arms. Mark wrapped his arms around his hot neck. He pressed his lips against the coach's lips. It felt soo smooth and soo hot. The coach began to message his tight ass. Mark slid his tong into the coaches parted mouth. He flinched as he noticed that his tong was rough, but when he looked in the coaches bright hazel eyes the pain went away. He started to pump against the coaches bulging cock. The coaches' muscles tensed up with each pump, his face wrinkled as they continued to make out passionately. Suddenly the coach laid Mark on the floor and straddled him. His whole body was glistening in the light. He smiled wildly at Mark who's tense muscles moved as he messaged the coaches abs. His skin felt so tight and hard, but soft and warm. The coach lifted his head back and groaned. Mark thought he heard an inhuman growl from deep within the coaches' large neck but didn't care. The coach came down and kissed him again. The coaches' bowed in lifting his butt in the air which tensed up with each pump. The muscles of his back moved under the tanned skin with each movement. The coach stopped kissing Mark and moved his lips close to Marks ear. Mark could hear heavy breathing and the unusually hot breath flow past his ear. Mark groaned and rubbed his cock up against the coaches' tight pelvis.

"Give me your soul", he whispered in an inhuman voice.

The coach backed off and rubbed Marks tight chest. Mark didn't stop pumping. He gasped as the coach licked his nipples. The coach came up to his ear again and again whispered, "Give me your soul."

With that he flipped Mark over with inhuman strength. Mark breathed hard in anticipation. The coach straddled Marks back sitting on his toned rear. Marks tight muscles tensed as the coach rubbed his back. With Mark being unable to turn around the coaches eyes turned bright red. The coach grabbed Marks briefs and tore them off with one hand. Marks smooth butt glistened with sweat. The coach then ripped his own boxers off revealing his large stiff cock. They both breathed hard. The coached looked up and rolled his red eyes back. A lizard like tong protruded from his sexy tense mouth. All of his muscles tensed up.

"Give me your soul", he said in his demonic voice. Marked breathed harder, his eyes widened and there was a hit of red that appeared for a second.

"I GIVE IT TO YOU!!!" he yelled in desperation. With that the coach laughed his eyes grew brighter. With his muscles tensed up as he thrusts his thick long cock into Marks ass and pumped. He leaned over and kissed Marks neck. Mark moaned and rolled his eyes back. The coaches back glistened in the light and the muscles tensed and moved around under the tan smooth skin. He pumped harder and harder. Just then the skin on the coaches back ripped apart and the large black back of the demon showed from under the skin. The demon screamed along with Mark as they both peaked.




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