Chapter 1:

It was a Saturday night football game that had just come to an end. The crowds were leaving the brightly lit college football stadium; people were laughing, yelling, or smiling; some upset and bummed because the team they spent two hours cheering for lost. You heard the distant sound of drums from the marching band that made their way in militant marching form back to the school, to celebrate the win of their football team, The Devils. On the other side of the football field, opposite of where the fans were exiting, both football teams could be seen, their sleek helmets bobbed up and down as they jogged back to their respective locker rooms. The winning team (The Devils) wore dark red jerseys that were closely fitted to the pads and muscles of the player, white sleek skintight pants that showed the muscles working in every way as they moved, and their dark red helmets with two white streaks down the middle. They were cheering while head butting each other and hugging, the overwhelming excitement of their win uncontrollable, despite the other teams obvious disappointment about their loss. Both teams disappeared into the building, you could see the other teams buses up front, they were called The Vikings.

The men were singing and goofing off, striping from their dirty tight uniforms. They started to jump into the showers one by one, still talking about their huge win. Their bodies glistened in the water, stained with grass, mud, and some with blood. They massaged themselves with soap and shampoo, cleansing there bodies of dirt and sweat, because tonight they were going to party! All of these men were chiseled and lean. They were men that were thought of as the most attractive men in school. They all had handsome features, slightly sunken cheeks, toned abs, perfect shades, short hair...they were perfect; perfect until that night.

A man came bursting through the door. He was a large man also good looking but had a dangerous look on his face. He wore black leather jeans, a tight black T-shirt, and tight shin-high leather boots. The football team looked at him with a puzzled look on their faces. The man unfazed looked around as if seeing if this was the right place or group of people and then started taking his shirt off. The puzzled football team not knowing him or why he was in there locker-room stripping started telling him to leave. The man continued to take his shirt off. The man stood there for a second just watching the football player examining them with an evil interest. The man was ripped and very handsome. He had dark eyes and dark hair. He was obviously older than the football team, probably in his late 30's. His skin was very formed around his face, showing some age lines. His leather jeans fitted perfectly around his sculpted waist and thighs. He stood their at the doorway to the shower room just posed and watching the young men, as if deciding what he was going to do. Just then he suddenly had a freakishly evil grin on his face as he revealed his teeth. They were hideous, sharp and black. The football team started getting mad and approached the man. The man started to convulse slightly and hunched over. His muscles were tense and leather pants tight against his large thighs. His eyes suddenly glowed an eerie red and his smile became more twisted, the skin on his face wrinkled more than before. The football team then heard a low growl deep from within the mans' throat. Although they were brave and upset, the young football players stopped their advance with a look of puzzlement and terror. His boots became tight and wrinkled around his what seemed to be growing feet. His back was hunched over every muscle seem to slide and move under his skin, almost like what was underneath was trying to get out; but then, suddenly, the smooth tan skin ripped apart to reveal a slimy black surface. He reared up, the growls becoming louder, his handsome face now wreaked with pain. His abs seemed bigger and tight, but you could see something underneath moving beneath his smooth skin; just then a rip formed from his waistline, his skin slid aside, the split climbing up his chest exposing a black slimy surface. His toned rear started to contort, his pants ripped, a sleek black tail jutted out from his tailbone area just as his thighs (both black leather pants and skin underneath) started tearing away. The Man then reached for his now smiling face. Claws popped at the ends of his fingertips as the skin from his arms began to slide off his black, sculpted muscles; he then dug his sharp long fingernails into the top of his now slightly disproportionate face. His neck was wrinkly and showed many...inhuman veins. He then began to pull his face down slowly, the perfectly tanned skin and once handsome distinguished features wrinkled away as the skin was pulled top down, then you saw a hideous demon-like face with red eyes emerge from the gruesome unmasking. This 'mans' skin made a sickly slap on the locker room floor. You then heard a loud tear and his tight sexy boots tore open to reveal hideous dinosaur-like feet. The men stood there with a look of terror on their faces. The monster-demon now stood before them in his true form.

He looked at them daring one to make a move. He stood well over 7 feet tall and looked like a black slimy human with reptile-like feet, a long tail with what appeared to be a stinger on it, and a demonic head with two long black horns (which had now finished protruding from his skull with the sound of sandstone scraping together, some of the human scalp hung on the left horn). His bright red eyes were now glowing with anger. The men started to scream and run away from Suddenly from the monsters stomach came 18 tentacles. They popped out and wrapped around each one of the football players. There was nothing they can do but scream....even that was short lived as you heard a sickening rip come from each of them. Seconds later you heard many thumps and saw that each of these football players had been skinned alive! This nightmarish creature then consumed their now skinless bodies eagerly. All was consumed...everything but the skins of this creature's victims.

The creature stood there for a moment as if it had ate something poisonous. The creature then hunched over and puked up black blobs...18 of them. The blobs started moving slowly at first but then started to move faster and faster until they were all shaking violently. One by one they started to pop open revealing another ...smaller version of the monster. The large monster suddenly puked up a huge mound of blood, guts, skeletons, and God knows what else. The smaller versions of this demon attacked the mound and ate it. The mother creature, ignoring the mound of feed it just created, started to pick up the skins of its earlier victims, like a mother picks up laundry around a house full of kids. The smaller creatures then started making loud screeches and began to convulse like the parent creature did when it transformed. They grew in size, there horns, feet, bodies, everything started growing. There was a sick cracking in the room, like people eating at a crab-leg bar. The creatures were becoming the size of the mother monster. As soon as they became the same size as the first demon, they began screaming again as they started to shrink! The horns retreated back into their demonic skulls, their feet shrank to what appeared to be human-like feet; the claws retreating on both the feet and the hands of these creatures, and there tails retracted into human-like rears. They took on the forms of the men in the room, chiseled, lean, ripped; they had perfect male forms...but they still had shinny black slimy skin with terrifying red eyes. Just then the parent creature, now once again larger than its offspring, started handing out the football players' skin, like a coach hands out jerseys! The creatures accepted it with their human-like hands and seemed to know exactly what to do with them. They opened the backs of the skin where the bodies were torn out from, and stepped inside feet first. The skin stretched over there legs like spandex, the skin was wrinkly yet snug around the monsters bodies. They then started putting their arms in the skin; you can see the football players' arms that were once empty and flimsy become filled with a lean human-like arm. The chests then started to fill the skin, but the human skin was still a little wrinkly and awkwardly stretched over the demons body. Lastly the monsters started to stretch the faces over their own. The necks of the football players expanded over the demons head, then settled once past the tight neck area, the demons human-like head settled into the human like face. The Face of the handsome football players became awkward and stretched harshly over the demons own face. With the demons now completely in the human skin the parent demon went around to each of them and regurgitated a pink paste over the backs of the skins to seal them. The pink goo immediately blended into the tan skins of the earlier victims. The human-like monsters then started to massage the skin, smoothing out all of the wrinkles of their human skin-suits. The monsters reached up to there new faces and began to pull and push on them so better fit there own face. The handsome features of the skins started to look more like the demons own human-looking face. They opened and closed their mouths like someone who had been jacked in the jaw during a sport. They smoothed the skin around their still red eyes for a better fit; then used a pink spit to fit the openings of their human faces around theirs. The football players were now reanimated from a brutal death...just not as themselves.

The demons stood there naked in their new human forms, admiring themselves in the mirrors. They flexed and touched themselves as if this was the first time they had ever witnessed such beauty. They had now completed what the mother demon wanted. They began to screech loudly which, seconds later, became an exact replica of the voices of the mother monsters victims...the ones they are now wearing. The mother demon then retracted its' tentacles and hoisted itself up into the vents. The demon was now waiting for its own disguise...a handsome male. All of the demon men started to put on human clothes and some started to clean up the mess on the floor from all the blood. It was perfectly done. This was the birth of a football team...a demonic football team, the football team from hell! They want to trick humans into giving them there souls by any means necessary; extortion, bribery, torture and seduction (which is there favorite), but will they succeed? What better way to do this than to take on the form of a famous college football team! Evil now has a new face...and it attends to use it.


Chapter 2:

The young football players now fully dressed, looking at the now perfectly clean locker room, not one spot of blood or any evidence that may lead to 18 brutally murdered men could be seen. Their eyes glowed red for a moment then dimmed to the appropriate color of their human skin host. They looked up at the open vent, knowing who lies inside, they knew what they had to find...a skin for their demon leader. They heard a low growl come deep within the vent and a pair of bright red eyes appeared. The growl increased in volume and then there was a raspy inhuman voice.

'Get me a host, I want a human who is attractive and large, I hate small skinss', it said.

The men nodded with evil smiles. They turned to the door and filed out, as if they were in the military. A tall short-haired blond turned to the group of handsome 'men' and told them to spread out and mingle with the humans, take any women's soul you want in the process but keep your eyes open for a host. When you find him, contact me. They nodded, checked themselves in the mirror one more time, some pulled on their face to smooth it out, and then they left to go to the festivities of the night.


At the party I looked around and saw everyone with the familiar red cup in the hand. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, some of the class clowns were up on a table mimicking a poor complaint from the Vikings coach about a penalty call. Everyone was hanging out in his or her respective clicks, the cheerleaders, the geeks, the preps, and the jocks. Usually at parties like this, the cheerleaders hang out with the football players; they are usually what the party centers around because so many of the players on the team are dating the cheerleaders. What I find weird was the fact that none of the football players had shown up yet, and this party was thrown because of their win. I looked and looked but I could only see the girlfriends of the players and Mark, who is actually one of the football player's, named Jason, boyfriend. It was hard for them to come out, but since his boyfriend is the star quarterback on the team, it made it a little easier on them. I see other people at other Universities and how cruel people are, and I'm proud and surprised to see that our school has a couple who is respectful and modest about their relationship, no matter how different, and are still accepted by most of the students at Carlton University. Mark sat with some of the jocks, laughing and talking about the big win. He is quit a handsome man, although not quit my type, he has dark black hair, a little shaggy, and had a sexy small athletic figure. He was wearing a tight black button-up shirt and black pants. He is the cross-country team's captain and has won us 2 championships so far. I walked over to Jaimie, Anthony's girlfriend. Anthony has blond short hair and is the best receiver in the league. She was talking with some of the other cheerleaders, watching a couple of drunken people dance. She saw me and hugged me. I have always had a crush on her, but since she was dating Anthony I just acted like her bi-curious friend. I savored the little hug, but pulled away so as not to arouse myself to the point that she would notice. I looked in her eyes and smiled, she looked playfully (not knowing how I really feel about her) bobbing her head to the song 'Get Low'.

'So judging by the people who are here, I figured that the guys would have been here by now', I asked.

'Ya, I don't know what's going on, he said he would have been here 2 hours ago; I figure they maybe got held a little later for a pep talk from the coach or something.' She responded like it was no big deal.

I knew that wasn't true because I saw the coach leave the school parking lot right after the other team left the field, he had to get home because his son was sick. I decided not to pursue the issue, I didn't think much about it as an issue considering they all weren't here, they must all be doing something together. Just then we could see a series of lights in the window, they're here. Mark looked up from his conversation and smiled. I heard a couple of drunken guys cheer and yell that it was about time. Jamie left the group of girls and went outside. I decided to get another beer, and some snacks.

Just as I came back, the whole football team was grouped in the living room, looking around with weird expressions on their faces. They all stood their, handsome and big, scanning the crowd for what I would hope to be their significant others. I saw Anthony with his arm around Jamie, she looked a little worried, but she smiled and talked with the other guys. Mark saw Jason talking to some of the other cheerleaders who weren't dating any of the football team, I could tell by the puzzled look on his face that he wanted to know why Jason didn't say hi or even look at him twice since he came in the door. Mark smiled at the people he was talking with and excused himself. He got up and made his way towards Jason. All of the football players had their girls clutched in their arms, completely into them and no-one else. The girls all looked a little embarrassed and weirded out by the intense interest, but loved and laughed about it with the other people. But even then the men just stared intensely at their girl, not paying anyone else any attention.

I was standing a few people from Jason and heard him talking to the girls, he sounded a little different then normal. Usually he is more upbeat and hyper, but he was more gentile and flirtatious. I even saw him compliment one of the girls' hair, and brushed her bangs back at the same time. I saw a few of my friends and made my way towards them, I let Mark pass me as he walked up to Jason. I turned to see Jason ignore Mark for the first 15 seconds that Mark was standing there. Weird, I thought, as I continued to make my way on the other side of them where my friends Whitney and Corey were sitting. They were just talking, not really noticing anything going on next to them between Jason and Mark. I sat down, said hi, but continued to watch Mark and Jason. Jason was now talking to Mark, but not in a close way, he was kinda looking Mark up and down, like he was judging him. Jason had his arm around a girl named Shannon, Mark was clearly upset. Although Jason was clearly more muscular than Mark, Mark looked like he could have torn through him with his rage. Mark was confused and hurt, and all I could hear was, 'what is wrong with you, your soo different!'. Jason simply told him with a cold stare that he would be with him after he's done talking to Shannon, as he pulled her closer. Shannon didn't even care that they were lovers, she just looked up at Jason's handsome face with her hand on his toned chest and her legs around his thick thighs with a look of admiration and lust. Mark looked at Shannon with disgust and trudged off, knocking into Jasons' shoulder. Jason just followed Marks cold stare as he walked off. Jason then turned to Shannon and smiled, saying he was sorry about that. She said that she understood. He then asked her if she would like to go upstairs, she immediately said yes, the other girls smiled with red faces and watched them leave. Matter of fact, many of the football players were going up stairs with their girls, their intense stares following the women that they let lead them to the rooms. I couldn't believe how horny they all were. I wasn't the only one that noticed. Many of the players other friends were laughing and kinda joking about how different the whole team seemed. I looked at my friends who just kinda gave me that 'OMG' look and we continued to talk about the win and various other things. But I couldn't help thinking about how weird the whole football team seemed.

Later in the night as people started to pass out, many leaving, some of the football players came down the stairs, now leading their girlfriends instead of being the one's led. They all came down at around the same time. But it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. The football players had their pants and undershirts on, you could see their smooth tanned arms bulging as they continued to lead them downstairs. The girls on the other hand looked completely worn out, but had these looks of...what could best be described as possession on their now pale faces. They all looked the same. Worn out with these strange blank looks on their faces. Some people that were still awake hooted, but didn't really pay much attention. The players now had a very serious looks on their handsome faces. They kinda looked around, leading their women around passed out friends, with the opposite interest in them that they had going up. They all silently picked up the women's things and their own, and began to leave. The girls clueless, like the life was drained from there bodies.

I saw Jason and Shannon, he approached where I was sitting, leading Shannon between people on the floor; Shannon had that blank look on her face, her clothes loose and wrinkly. I looked at Jason, and he was looking straight at me with a surprising interest. I kinda flushed red, and looked away, but my suspicion was too much and I looked back. He was now gathering his, and her things right next to me. He was really close to me, bending down and picking up his new girlfriends things. I didn't even notice my friends had left. I was sitting alone at the table now, Jason two inches away. I was dying to ask him questions or hear something that explained why he was acting so weird. I have always liked Jason, but we never really talked. He was now putting Shannon's coat on for her; she looked a little like a puppet rather than a girl someone just made love to. Jason had a thick body, with perfectly toned muscles that were very visible through the thin shirt he was wearing. His face was handsome, his brown hair was perfectly cut to the perfect height. He suddenly turned away from Shannon and stared right into my eyes intensely. Without blinking he told Shannon to go to his car, still in a daze she turned toward the door and walked off. I didn't know what to do, or what he was going to say. I wasn't worried, I was pretty big myself; I'm the kind of guy that isn't into sports, but likes to work out. I have sandy blond short hair that is usually spiked in the front, and I take pride in the way my body looks. I have had many girlfriends and a few men that I have fooled around with. I looked up into Jason's face and nodded at him. He didn't change his seemingly plastic facial expressions for a moment before smiling and saying, 'What a night, right?' He sat down on the chair next to me and scooted it towards me. He leaned into where I was, elbows on the table. His handsome face pulled in close to mine. I saw the fine lines on his face, and noticed how...wrinkly he was, looked like he aged a few years in a matter of hours. It didn't take away from how hot he was, it made him look more distinguished. I felt a strange attraction to his seriously strange behavior. This was not the reaction I was expecting from myself, but I went with it in the interest of figuring out what happened.

'Shannon's Hot, don't you think?' He said.

'Sure, I used to go out with her', I let him know.

He smiled at me without looking away. I had the strange feeling that he was into me, and I was strangely into him. I didn't know why, it almost felt like I lost control of my body. I blushed a little, but maintained my steady gaze into his eyes. He came in closer and touched my shoulder. His thick strong hand was warm against my body.

'So you have been out with her; have you always liked women?' he bluntly asked.

I knew he was gay, but after tonight and how he was acting with women now, more specifically Shannon, I couldn't help feeling a little awkward. I am openly bisexual, but I usually don't have this strong of an attraction right off the bat with someone like Jason, especially the way he had been acting tonight. I looked at him strangely, with a very suspicious expression; he just stared at me intensely with his crystal blue eyes. I felt so attracted to him, but I wanted to show him that I meant business and wanted answers.

'What about your boyfriend Mark?' I said.

He smiled, as if he knew that question would come.

'I'm just trying to figure out what I want, it was hard hurting Mark like that, but I knew that quick and cold was the way that it needed to be you understand?'

'Not really, but I can kinda see what you are going through...what about Shannon?' I replied.

'What about her, she is so out of it right now, I think she had too much to drink or something.' He said with a carefree smile.

I wasn't comfortable with that response, but I was so...hypnotized by him, it was almost unnatural. His blue eyes seemed to glow. I just stared. His perfectly bronzed skin, his perfect face, his sexy brown hair, his muscles, everything about him was perfect; but everything seems weird, from his drastic change in attitude towards the ones he once loved, his different appearance, his change in personality, the teams involvement and similarities to these changes, everything...but his eyes...they seemed to wrap around my vary soul and pull it towards him.

Jason suddenly averted his gaze and looked around the room, everyone was passed out asleep. He then grabbed my hand, again giving me that intense stare. His hand felt unrealistically soft, almost like treated leather. It was unnatural, and he was so warm, it felt almost felt as though he was running a fever. I was still enchanted, hypnotized by his eyes, and now his inhuman touch. I stood up, now grabbing his hand in response. He got up and got closer.

He pulled me up the stairs; I pulled back and asked again, 'What about Shannon?'

'Oh, she's walking home, she drove here, but she's to's only a 5 minute walk and she wanted to.'

I knew he was lying, but my body didn't allow me to care. I followed him. We went to the first door on the right, the room was empty and dark, I know became the controlling one and pushed him on the bed and kicking the door shut with my foot. I swear I heard a deep growl come from deep within his throat, but the thought was interrupted with him pulling me on top of him. His whole body was unnaturally warm and soft. His muscles hard and toned, the tanned skin draped over it, once again I noticed fine wrinkles, but I lost the thought as he kissed me with his even softer lips. Time seemed to slow down, I pressed my lips up against his, my face sliding over his, our noses pressed together. I put my hands to the side of his head and slid my tongue into his mouth, feeling for his tongue. I felt his slide over mine...but his tong felt weird, his tongue was rough, completely unlike everything else I experienced. It felt like I was running my tong over a sharpened cheese grater...but once again, I looked into his seemingly glowing blue eyes and didn't stop...immediately. When the pain became too much I reared up and practically tore my shirt off as I was still on top of him. The moonlight was bright; I looked down at his intense stare and the pain went away, his handsome features were relaxed and smooth. His lips were parted and I could see blood on his tong and the tips of his perfect teeth, but for some reason I wasn't freaked out...I wanted more, I couldn't explain it, but all my body craved was more of this...Jason. His face now looked hungry and wild. He slid his soft warm hands over my ripped stomach, all the way up until he grabbed the sides of my face, I continued to stare at his bright blue eyes. I tightly clenched my legs around his thick waist. I kissed him again, once again ignoring that razor like tong, I couldn't feel any pain, I ran my fingers up his face up into his soft sandy-blond hair. With the same hungry-like face, he raised his arms up. I sat up and lifted his shirt off. I clenched sides of his waist at the site of his toned sexy body. He looked at me with that hungry look and a half smile, his eyes now brightly glowing blue in the moonlight. I started to gently rub his abs and pectoral muscles. His skin was so soft and his body, now it was hot! I continued to message his hard muscles, enjoying the feel of his unnaturally soft hot skin. His handsome strong face flinched, his bright blue eyes rolled back and closed as he tilted his head back with a low grown. Our bodies began to pulse and shift as I continued to idolize his sexy body. I like to take it slow, so I thought I would message his body one more time, starting with his lower abs. I slid down his chest to the line where his pants started and then I started to message the abs. He moaned and tilted his head back. I started to rub harder, but then I noticed that his skin was wrinkling and stretching in an awkward way, it was almost like rubbing a silk blanket on a hard wooden table. He didn't seem to notice, his head was still reared back and was moaning. I was horrified, but still very curious. So I started to push his now rippled skin up towards his hard tense chest muscles. I continued to message harder and push up, and to my disgust his skin stretched awkwardly up, bundling up and pushing up the other once sexy features of his sexy body. I then pulled the unnaturally loose stretchy skin up. It was almost like Jason's skin was a loose fitting skin-suit...Jason was sick or something! Just then his head snapped up, his eyes were now bright red! His now angry looking face was contorted in an inhuman smile, now the many wrinkles on his face made him look crazy but still handsome. Something unnatural was at work here, Jason wasn't Jason anymore.

My chest went cold causing me to let go of Jason's skin, it made a sickening slap as it snapped back in it's contorted shape. I heard a low growl come deep from within Jason's chest as he grabbed my hand with such strength it felt like my hand had been severed from my wrist. Before I could even yell, he wrestled me down on the bed so he was positioned on top of me, I struggled but it was futile, with such inhuman strength on his side I didn't stand a chance. I tried to scream but he put his now extremely hot hand over my mouth. He came in closer, his face right up close to mine.

'I need you, so don't worry about dying...yet', he whispered with a raspy inhuman voice.

His eyes were bright red, his handsome face seemed tight like it was covering something inhuman...maybe an alien? This was crazy, I thought I was dreaming. He came in closer, pushed his face up against mine, his heavy breathing in my ear. Then with a disgusting grunt he produced an inhuman lizard-like tong and licked the side of my face; I felt it scraping my cheeks, I knew I was bleeding.

He stopped still close to my face and whispered, 'Oh, I shouldn't do that, we need you intact.'

We?...I thought. I was scared, this was a life or death moment, I used all my strength to knee him off my body. He fell off the bed with an animal-like screech. I screamed help and bolted for the door. He jumped up and tackled me to the ground, the air was knocked from my lungs; he got off me and allowed me to squirm on the floor from the impact. He stood over me, his stomach skin still awkwardly stretched over his muscles. He looked at his own stomach then smiled back at me. He started to pull the skin into the correct position on his body, and smoothed it back into place.

'That would have looked weird', he said playfully with that inhuman voice.

He then bent down and grabbed me by the neck with one hand and lifted me up. I am no lightweight at 214 pounds. His hands were burning my closed throat; I continued to squirm, feeling my head throb and my eyesight fading. He looked up at me with his red eyes smiling, his head slightly tilted to the right. I was weird inhuman veins in his large neck. He then threw me against the wall and pinned me up against it with his forearm. My nose was bleeding now, I felt the watery liquid run over my mouth and on to his arm. With that tilted head stare, he released me from that hold and looked at his forearm with my blood on it. He smiled and licked his arm.

This was my chance. I jumped up and punched him as hard as I could in his face. He flew back with a screech and landed on the floor. I ran over to his head and kicked him in the face. He turned over on his stomach. I saw his back muscles sliding under his skin and I knew he was getting up. I tried another break for the door, but he was to fast, he grabbed me and slammed me up against the wall. I looked into his face and was horrified to see part of his once slightly sunken cheek hanging off his face, half of it completely torn off! Underneath Jason's sleek skin was a black slimy surface. I screamed, again to be muffled by his hot hand. His eyes glowed even brighter, and I immediately felt my tong and the roof of my mouth throb with pain, I knew these were the wounds from his tongue earlier. I closed my eyes in response to the pain.

'You're a feisty one aren't you' he said with a low rough laugh.

'It looks like I'm going to need some help', he said, his smile fading.

I once again need him in the stomach and punched him in the face, my fist connected to the torn part of his face, I felt a burning sensation on my fist. He stumbled back; I turned and reached for the doorknob again. I heard a loud rip and a black slimy snakelike thing wrap around my waist and I was flung on the floor, it was burning my waist. I saw that Jason was standing to the side of me, the black thing was a tail coming from Jason, some of his skin was on the tip of the tail. I had tears in my eyes from all the pain, I couldn't even yell anymore. He released me from his tail, it slithered behind him and he once again sat on me, straddling my body.

'If you don't cooperate I'll have to kill you', he said with an almost sympathetic voice.

'And that wouldn't be fun now would it', he snarled as he grabbed my hair.

I reached up and grabbed his face with one hand and poked his eyes with the other, he let out a horrible screech. In response he grabbed my neck. I reached up and pulled at Jason's face. To my surprise the skin gave way. The handsome part of his face wrinkled away as I pulled the now warm skin away from the black skin underneath. He pulled his head back causing more of the skin to tear away. I gave one more pull and his entire face peeled off with a slurping sound into my hand. I looked at the hole in the human skin that was once his eye that was left in my hand. I screamed. I looked up and saw that the red eyes were brighter than I have ever seen. Horns began to push out from his skull with the sound of stone grinding together. I was terrified. I dropped Jason's face and punched the demon thing in the face. I heard a terrifying laugh come from it. The tail came up over his head and jabbed me in the neck. I then felt my body go cold, I couldn't move!

The demon thing rose to its feet. I saw the demon things' head with its bright red eyes, but the rest of his body looked like Jason's. There was part of Jason's hair and neck skin, but the face was revealed as this demons'. It was so unreal; I just closed my eyes and said to myself this was a dream. But the pain, it was too much. I watched as the demon thing walked to the door, it put its hands on the sides of the door and put its hideous face close to the door knob. I heard a coughing gagging sound come from the demon and a bunch of black liquid came from its mouth onto the doorknob, their was a sizzling sound and smoke; the doorknob and metal door fixtures melted and dripped down the side of the door. He was sealing me in. I tried to move, but my body would not allow it. He then pulled a rock out of his jean pocket and talked into it like you would a walky-talky. A symbol seemed to glow on the back of the oval rock:

'I need three of you to get back to the party, pull around to the back of the house with the SUV, make sure no-one is around, my disguise is torn.' He casually said into the rock.

'Sure thing', voices said from the rock.

He came back up to where I was lying to stand over me, straddling me. His demon face smiled. I could see the human skin part of him, still perfectly fit, tanned skin; everything was still sexy, except for his face...his hideous demon face. The demon smiled at me and knelt on my chest. His hands rose to his human hair behind his horns and he grabbed it and pulled; the rest of the human skin around his head peeled back like a hoody. He laughed again.

'You know, I have been dying to take this shit off since I put it on, so for that I must thank you', he taunted.

A single tear ran down my cheek. He laughed and licked my face again with his razor-like tong. He got up and went to the window, I couldn't really see what he was doing there because of where I was on the floor, but I heard more talking and responses from that rock. A couple of minutes later, although it seemed like hours for me, I heard cars pulling up around the house and doors slamming. Jason, or whatever it was, laughed saying how it was about time. He once again came up to me, this time picking my body up from behind. I was being carried towards the window. I tried to fight back, but nothing happened. He pulled me close to him; his demon face was close to mine again.

He whispered in an evil tone, 'You see our leader needs you; he needs your skin!'

I was frantic, my mind was racing, what could I do? How could I get out of this! The demon then wrapped his human arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his own.

'You know, your quit a fine specimen, the perfect look for our leader.'

He started to gyrate and rub my body while laughing evilly. Then without warning he kicked out the window and positioned me out of it, I was hanging out of the second story window by my armpits! He was holding me like a mother would a child, but without care. I looked below and saw three members of the football team. They had an SUV pulled up underneath me. Anthony was there, along with two others I didn't know the name of.

Anthony yelled up at the demon. 'Go ahead and let him fall, Armen won't care if the bones are broken, he just doesn't want the skin ruined.'

The demon laughed again and let me go! I was screaming, but no sound came out. I fell on my right side with a loud metallic thud. I heard my bones break and felt all of the pain...this is it, this is how I am going to die, everything was blurred...blurred and dimming...sound...laugh . . .


Chapter 3:

They stood around the SUV with Mike's body lying on the roof. The roof caved in a little from the impact. Anthony looked at the other two and laughed. "Jason" stood above from the busted out window laughing as well. With a low grunt he jumped down beside the SUV. Bragging about his find, he lifted Mikes body off the SUV with one arm and threw him in the back.

"The fucker tore my face!" he yelled as he himself got in the SUV with Mike.

The others laughed again as they shut him in the back. Anthony told the other two to drive Jason and Mike back (with an annoyed tone); he wanted to check the area for any witnesses. They climbed in the car and drove off towards the school.

Anthony listened hard for anyone who might be hiding. You could see the muscles in his chiseled jaw tense up as he silently listened. He tilted his head to one side as his eyes turned a bright blood red; he then scanned the house and the yard. He could see a white aura of anything living with a soul. The outlines were all either lying down or hunched over what he was assuming was a toilet. Nobody seemed to be awake. He looked up and with one inhuman bound he jumped up to the busted out window Jason came from.

He looked around and with a sigh he mumbled, "I always have to clean up after him...".

He smoothed out his white T-shirt, which hung tight against his large athletic body; he then walked out of the moonlight into the dark room. He looked down at the floor and saw part of Jason's human face on the floor. He picked up the wrinkled tan piece of Jason's face and stuffed it into his jean pocket. He tore a piece of the sheets off and wiped up little drops of blood from the floor and the bed.

"He had fun with this one", he said with an amused smile.

He looked at the door and noticed Jason sealed it. He rolled his eyes walked up to it and with one swift pull, busted it open. He didn't want people to notice this strange damage to the door; he would rather have them think it was a drunken break-in.

Just then there was a bright light from the woods. It was so bright Anthony squealed in pain shielding his eyes with his thick muscular arm. The bright light faded and he saw a women dressed in a gothic black dress with white hair approach from the woods. He snarled as he jumped out of the window and with a slight chaotic smile on his face he started to walk towards this beautiful women.

"Morgana!" he said in an inhuman raspy voice. "I see you survived our masters last encounter."

She continued to walk towards him with an intense stare. Her eyes were completely white! She looked to be about 25 years of age. She had a beautiful thin long black dress on with some gothic emblems on it. Her athletic body was noticeable under the thin flowing dress. Her silvery white hair flowed behind her in the wind that seem to come from nowhere since she arrived.

Anthony smiled as he stopped his advance. Lets take this to a place that's a little more secluded. With a deep evil laugh he opened his handsome mouth unnaturally wide to the point where his face stretched awkwardly off the demons true face and a black mist came out swallowing both him and Morgana! When the black mist cleared they were in an open field in the middle of no-where.

"You were always a polite demon," she said in a strong mature voice that seemed to echo throughout the valley.

She stood there in front of him. "I see Armen has taught you some new tricks".

"Us demons are stronger than you know witch!" Jason yelled. "You should see what we can do in bed...interested?" he said with a playful grin stretching across his handsome human face.

"I don't think I'm your type", she said with a smile on her face as well.

"Don't say I didn't offer." He responded and with that jumped at her with a ferocious growl. His face twisted in a way that was more animal like than any human could possibly recreate.

She immediately thrust her palm forward and blasted him with a wave of fire. He flung back with a screech and landed with a thud some 30 feet away from her. The grass around him was black and smoldering. Morgana started to approach the area where he landed with a triumphant look on her face.

"I have learned a few new tricks myself, you'll be happy to know I took a few notes from the black arts!" she said with her vibrant fearless voice. "Ironic, isn't have no idea what I am capable of, you have no chance of defeating me...none of you do!"

With that she lifted her arms and a strong wind began to pick up. Her white eyes stared intently at the smoldering circle in which her pray lay. As the thick black smoke cleared she saw that Anthony stood in the middle of the charred circle completely naked. His eyes were bright red and had a satanic smile on his handsome face. His muscular body was perfectly chiseled, lean, and tanned. He began to laugh, placing his hands on his tense abs.

"You are stupid enough to use hellfire against a demon?"

"I mean it is a little annoying to have my name brand clothing attire blown off, but I'm sure I could sell that dress of yours for the money it will take to get it back!"

He began to approach her again.

She responded with a smug look on her face, "of course I knew it wouldn't kill you; what a girl can't have some fun before she kills a demon?" He stopped with a concerned look on his face.

Then he smiled and said, "why, you like what you see?"

"Am I a form of eye candy for you ... good witch? You know Armen picked it out himself."

He rubbed his cheek then ran his finger down to his wide chin, and winked at her with a sarcastic movie star smile.

I think it's a nice host ... er ... victim as well."

He began to pose for her, rubbing his sexy tanned body.

"You know, Armen particularly liked when Anthony, that's his name in case if you didn't know, screamed in agony as he tore his body out to make room for ... me. That's my favorite part too. But you're right, he is a sexy specimen." He looked up with an evil interest in how she would react.

Morgana had a sad look on her face, but quickly tried to hide it with a fierce angered look.

"You are all scum ... cowards!!!"

"You have to kill innocent people just to get off! I will truly enjoy killing you!", she said as she continued her approach to towards him.

"Oh, have I struck a nerve?" he said with a sympathetic look.

"You know, Anthony wasn't the only one ... no no no, we have 16 others who are here on earth who enjoy the same comfort as me." He brushed his hair with his large hand and posed again.

"But you know, just to make this fight, more "fair" since my sexy body is such a distraction to you, and because Anthony is just a little to tight for me...", He looked up at Morgana with his head tilted to one side and smiled as two horns began to push though the top of his head with a stony scraping sound, "I'll get even more naked for you".

He reached up to his forehead and dug his fingertips (that had torn away to make room for the demons long nails) into the tan skin. He began to laugh in a low monstrous tone as the demons muscles shifted under his handsome human skinned disguise. He pulled the skin on his face aside to reveal the demons black slimy looking face with bright red eyes. Anthony's handsome face wrinkled away. He continued to pull the skin down splitting it down the middle. The demon began to wiggle to allow the skin to slide off his broad muscular shoulders. Anthony's sexy tight skin continued to rip apart with a sickening slurping sound. It continued to part down Anthony's tight abs until the demon was able to pull the tanned tight disguise off like pants. The demons black tail appeared behind him like a separate entity. Morgana looked on in disgust and readied herself for an attack. The demon held the skin up like a prize then threw it aside like yesterdays laundry.

"Thatss better", it said in an inhuman voice.

With incredible speed the demon launched it's now 7 foot body right at Morgana. With a flash of white light she appeared on the other side of the demon. The demon crashed to the ground.

"Like I said before, you are no match demon", she said.

She raised her hands out in front of her and there was a blue flash of light followed by a cracking sound. Ice formed around the demon before he could even get up. She raised her hands above her head and began to mutter some incantation. Her hands began to glow with a white light. Her eyes began to glow with the same light as a wind picked up. Her silver hair fluttered around her as she continued to mutter the incantations. Her voice echoed around the valley with such volume that her words seem to have the ability to pierce diamond.

Suddenly the ice around the large demon shattered with such force it knocked her down. The demon reared up with such a roar that the mountains in the distance trembled. The demons eyes seemed to be on fire. Morgana looked up with a troubled dazed look on her face. The demon expanded his chest and blew a large stream of blue flames at Morgana. The flames shot out with such force that the demon shook. Morgana recovered just in time to teleport aside with a flash of white light. This time she was floating behind him with her hair flowing wildly behind her and her eyes glowing brightly. The Demon lashed its tail out at her right at her forehead. With a scream she put her hand forward and created a bright barrier to deflect the blow. She continued her advance towards the demon her hands glowing again she started to mutter the incantations.

"Even if you kill me, you have no chance against the others...especially Armen, he's changed, he has collect many souls since you last fought him", he said with a calm evil expression on his face.

Again he tried to strike her with his tail but she deflected the blow. Suddenly incantations stopped and her hands rose above her head.

"You will never know if that's true", she said softly.

With that, the light grew in area, almost like a massive beam, filling what seemed to be the entire field. The demon screamed and tried to shield himself from the light. The ground began to shake and the light got more intense. The Demons black flesh began to burn. The muscles began to shrivel and his eyes began to darken. Finally when the light dimmed, Morgana landed on the ground. Everything was silent. She smiled and approached the demons black motionless body. She simply touched the demons shoulder and he turned into a black dust which was carried away by the light breeze.

"And so it begins", she said as she disappeared with a flash of white light.


The SUV pulled up to the empty parking lot in front of the gym. The two football players exited the vehicle, carefully looking around for any spectators. They were medium height. One had black hair combed and jelled back and the other short brown hair that was spiked on top. The one with brown hair wore a black leather jacked and jeans while the one with black hair wore a gray muscle shirt with gym shorts.

"It's clear Jeff", the dark haired one said.

Jeff walked around to the back of the SUV and opened the gate. As he lifted the gate the other jock opened the door to the lockeroom, which was still open because the coach always trusted the team captains Jason and Anthony with locking the doors. Jason emerged from the back. He was in nothing but his jean pants and tight socks. His human face, everything from the neck up, was missing. His eyes glowed bright red and his black face glistened in the moonlight. Everything else about Jason was human looking like his sexy hard body, which also glistened in the moonlight as he dragged Mikes limp shirtless body out of the back of the SUV shutting the door with his black tail. Jason threw Mikes large muscular body over his equally large shoulders and walked into the school with Jeff close behind.

"Common Paul", he said at the dark haired man standing by the doorway. When they got inside the lockeroom the mother alien jumped from the vents with a growl.

"You have had that disguise for 5 hours and you have already ruined it!", it yelled at Jason who threw Mike at it's large black feet.

"A minor setback Armen, I assure you it will not happen again", he said lightly. "Although it was worth it, this one was a fighter...", he smirked. The mother demon smiled and looked down at Mikes lifeless body.

"You picked wisely Jason, you are forgiven", he replied.

It's stomach opened up like it did before to reveal black long tentacles. She rose Mikes body in the air and with one slice and a disgusting ripping sound held Mikes skin in one hand and his body in the other. The mother demon eagerly ate the body tossing the skin at Jason to catch. After it ate Mikes body it screeched and groaned as it shrunk in size. You could hear what sounded like bones cracking and clothes tearing. The demon shrunk in size and its horns and tail retracted into its human looking body. He was now exactly like Mikes body. Sexy, tight, large, and muscular, but was black as night with demonic red eyes. Jason approached and handed the demon Mikes skin. The demon opened up the back and stepped into his skin. He smoothed the skin around his legs and feet, then pulled it up around its body. It then filled Mikes tanned wrinkly deflated arms with a lean muscular arm. Then he pulled Mikes handsome face over its own, smoothing out the wrinkles.

"Jason, since you don't have a face to worry about getting messy, please seal the back", it said with its demonic voice.

Jason walked over and gagged fleshy goo over the demons opening in the back of the demons new human body suit. It sealed and blended the hole. He also spit some out on his cheek to mend the cuts he made from the nights earlier ... festivities. Mike stood before the other demons naked with bright red eyes. The demon flexed and smoothed the skin down over the hard muscles. The red eyes turned into green human eyes. The demon then began to screech and growl until its voice sounded exactly like Mikes. The demon was now Mike ... in the flesh. He admired his new body in the mirror, thanking Jason for the pick.

"He's perfect", Mike said.

He than opened a locker and found some gym shorts and a practice jersey. He put them on and faced the others who awaited his instructions, but noticed that Anthony was missing.

"Where is Anthony, I thought he was with you guys?", Mike said.

They looked at each other with a confused look on there handsome faces (except for Jason).

"He stayed behind to see if anyone saw what happened between Jason and this human", Jeff said.

"Well I suppose he found something...."; just then the coach burst through the doors carrying some boxes. He didn't notice them until he put them down in his office. He was relatively young at the age of 31. He was a relatively large athletic type of man who was very handsome for his age, very distinguished. He looked up in horror to see Jason with a demons head. He just stood there stammering and pointing at Jason. The demons looked at each other and smiled. Mike just stood by Jeff and Paul and watched as Jason approached the coach with a sadistic smile on his demon face. The coach backed away and tried to run in terror. Jason used his tail to pick up the coach and throw him into the shower room.

"Don't want to have to clean up a big mess again", he said with a smile.

The others laughed. Mike turned to the other two and told them to find a place for them to meet and carry out the plan; and with that they left. Mike turned around and sat down to watch the show Jason was about to put on, his eyes began to glow red again as he smiled.

"What the hell are you!!" the coach yelled as he got up and backed up against the wall.

Jason continued his approach and said with Jason's voice, "It's me coach, don't you recognize me?"

Jason started to pull his pants off followed by his tight gym socks. He stood naked in front of the coach. He then reached down to his stomach and grabbed the skin over his toned abs. He began to pull it apart slowly. The Coach looked on in horror and began to scream. Jason laughed as he pulled the rest of Jasons skin off his slick black demon body. The skin made a slapping noise on the shower floor. The demon then reared up and its stomach popped open to reveal its own set of tentacles, although not as many as Mike. You heard the familiar scream and rip. About three minutes later the demon came from out of the shower with the coaches skin in his hand. Since the demon was about the same size as the coach (slightly bigger) he didn't bother changing anything about himself. He pulled the tan smooth skin on feet first. It was a little tighter than normal but Mike reminded him that it was his own fault for ruining Jasons disguise. The demon pulled the coaches own chiseled face on with some difficulty. He smoothed it back against his slightly larger head.

Mike came up behind him and pulled the skin tight to close the gap. He than coughed up that fleshy paste and sealed the hole. The coach stood in front of Mike naked. He messaged and flexed his body.

"It's soo fucking tight", he said as he tried to stretch it by tightening the muscles. His pecks tightened so much that the tanned skin tore down the middle of his chest revealing the black slimy surface again.

"Dammit coach!" Mike yelled with a smile. They both laughed.

Again Mike opened his mouth unnaturally wide to regurgitate the fleshy paste that seals the skin.

"Your stuck with it so make it work", he said with some annoyance.

Mike started to open the lockers to find coach some clothes. The coach stood in place pulling at his face and the skin at his hips. Mike found some football jersey tights and a black T-shirt. He threw them at the coach.

"Put those on and collect me some souls!" he snapped as he walked towards the door. "We are already falling behind", he said as he disappeared into the night. Coach mimicked him as he put the tights on over his sculpted tight ass.

Jeff and Paul exited the black SUV and looked around the party house for any signs of Anthony. Jeff pulled out a black rock with a red inscription on it. It glowed bright red as he talked into it like a walki-talki.

"Anthony, where the hell are you!" he snapped.

Pauls eyes glowed red as he searched the house for any signs of human movement.

"Nothing", he said in his deep voice.

They walked around to the back and noticed that the air smelled of sulfur.

"Do you think he teleported somewhere?" Jeff said.

Pauls eyes turned deep black and he searched the back yard for signs of a teleportation track, which is usually only left behind by a demon.

"Yes" he said his black eyes focusing on a spot near the woods.

Jeff opened his mouth wide and a black mist came out and they both disappeared. They reappeared in an open field.

"There was a fight here", Paul said.

Jeffs eyes were bright red as he searched the area. Paul noticed a patch of black grass. He walked over and smelled the charred dirt. His eyes grew as he growled.

"He's gone", someone has defeated Anthony. With that they both looked around nervously.

"Lets go", Jeff said as his mouth again spewed the black smoke to transport them back to the yard.


Whitney walked up to Corey after anxiously leaving her anatomy class.

"Have you seen Mike lately?" she said in a motherly tone.

"No, have you?" he replied with a slightly concerned expression.

"No, ever since that party about a week ago I haven't seen him."

They both looked at each other with confused expressions on their faces. They both walked to Whitney's car and got in. Whitney started the car just as the coach walked by with Jeff, Paul, and some other football player she forgot the name of. They looked right at her and smiled. A harsh chill ran down her back.

"Have you noticed that ever since that party everyone has been acting strange?" she said to Corey. He was fumbling with his seatbelt not noticing the weird stares from the football team. "I mean the whole football team is horny and secretive all of a sudden, every girl that has been with any of those guys have been acting weird, and Anthony, who was acting weird at that party, is gone."

Corey looked up and looked at her with an understanding gaze.

"I mean isn't it weird that Jason is missing now and he was who Mike was looking at the whole time at the party!" she said with a worried expression. "It's just weird, this whole situation is weird", as she started the car.

"I know, but I can't explain anything...I'm sure Jason and Mike are fine." He replied as they drove off. "I mean maybe they hit it off and they are taking a "road trip" somewhere together", he smirked as he said this.

"And what about know Jasons BOYFRIEND!" she snapped back.

As they pulled out of the parking lot they saw a women with white hair tied up in a bun with black glasses walk towards the school. She was beautiful and young looking. She had this black business dress on and a white button up shirt and alluring green eyes hidden behind thick black frames. As they passed her she looked up and smiled. Whitney smiled back and Corey hooted at her.

"Your such a pig" she said as they drove off.


Mark sat on the bleachers after cross-country practice changing out of his worn old running shoes. He lifted one of his shoes up and sniffed.

"Ugh" he said as he threw them in his gym bag.

His body glistened in the sunlight from the sweat. He was tanned and perfectly toned. He had a smaller athletic body. He had 8 perfectly proportioned tight abs and his pecs where tight and rounded. He began to take his wet socks off his large smooth feet and threw them in the bag. As he was putting a new pair on he felt someone's presence behind him. Sure enough a large shadow emerged over him. He looked up, his handsome face squinting to make out the person who was standing against the sun.

"Can I help you", he said.

The large man stepped down and sat closely next to him smiling. It was the football coach. He had a kind intense stare and checked out Marks body as he put his feet up on the bench in front of them. He was wearing a black tight T-shirt and kacky pants that fit nicely against his large thighs.

"Hey Mark", he said in a gentile voice.

"I heard about Jason, I came to see how you're holding up." He cracked a small smile because he knew what actually happened...I mean he was Jason at the party.

Mark looked down and continued to pull his other shoes on.

"What did he tell you" he responded.

"I haven't seen him, but I heard that at the party he was with this Mike kid" he said in a sympathetic tone knowing how Mark would respond. Marks jaw clenched.

"I don't care, it's his decision...I mean he's not obligated to stay with me" he said as he seemingly choked back a hurt face. He leaned down and pulled a white T-shirt from his bag and pulled it open to put it on. Coach leaned over and stopped him.

"I think you need to vent, come down to my office and lets talk about what happened", he said with a fake smile. His handsome face looked concerned and his hazel eyes almost glowed. Mark couldn't look away. He dropped the shirt and stood up with the coach. The coach grabbed his hand. Mark noticed how warm he was. His skin felt so soft against his. He felt himself become aroused. He had always thought the coach was hot, especially when he visited Jason in the locker room after games, but he always thought the coach didn't approve of gays. He didn't care. He followed the coach into the locker room and into his office. He watched his toned ass shift as he walked in front of him. The coach allowed him to walk in first and he slammed the door. His handsome face now looked serious and even more handsome. He pulled his shirt off and loosened his pants. Mark, already without a shirt, pulled his shorts off and kicked the shoes off his feet. Mark immediately jumped at him locking his toned thighs around his waist as the coach held him up in his massive arms. Mark wrapped his arms around his hot neck. He pressed his lips against the coach's lips. It felt soo smooth and soo hot. The coach began to message his tight ass. Mark slid his tong into the coaches parted mouth. He flinched as he noticed that his tong was rough, but when he looked in the coaches bright hazel eyes the pain went away. He started to pump against the coaches bulging cock. The coaches' muscles tensed up with each pump, his face wrinkled as they continued to make out passionately. Suddenly the coach laid Mark on the floor and straddled him. His whole body was glistening in the light. He smiled wildly at Mark who's tense muscles moved as he messaged the coaches abs. His skin felt so tight and hard, but soft and warm. The coach lifted his head back and groaned. Mark thought he heard an inhuman growl from deep within the coaches' large neck but didn't care. The coach came down and kissed him again. The coaches' bowed in lifting his butt in the air which tensed up with each pump. The muscles of his back moved under the tanned skin with each movement. The coach stopped kissing Mark and moved his lips close to Marks ear. Mark could hear heavy breathing and the unusually hot breath flow past his ear. Mark groaned and rubbed his cock up against the coaches' tight pelvis.

"Give me your soul", he whispered in an inhuman voice.

The coach backed off and rubbed Marks tight chest. Mark didn't stop pumping. He gasped as the coach licked his nipples. The coach came up to his ear again and again whispered, "Give me your soul."

With that he flipped Mark over with inhuman strength. Mark breathed hard in anticipation. The coach straddled Marks back sitting on his toned rear. Marks tight muscles tensed as the coach rubbed his back. With Mark being unable to turn around the coaches eyes turned bright red. The coach grabbed Marks briefs and tore them off with one hand. Marks smooth butt glistened with sweat. The coach then ripped his own boxers off revealing his large stiff cock. They both breathed hard. The coached looked up and rolled his red eyes back. A lizard like tong protruded from his sexy tense mouth. All of his muscles tensed up.

"Give me your soul", he said in his demonic voice. Marked breathed harder, his eyes widened and there was a hit of red that appeared for a second.

"I GIVE IT TO YOU!!!" he yelled in desperation. With that the coach laughed his eyes grew brighter. With his muscles tensed up as he thrusts his thick long cock into Marks ass and pumped. He leaned over and kissed Marks neck. Mark moaned and rolled his eyes back. The coaches back glistened in the light and the muscles tensed and moved around under the tan smooth skin. He pumped harder and harder. Just then the skin on the coaches back ripped apart and the large black back of the demon showed from under the skin. The demon screamed along with Mark as they both peaked.


Chapter 4:

The lights gleamed off The Devils dark red helmets as the rain pounded down on the field. We are losing badly. Three team members have been hurt to the point where they had to go to the hospital. These guys are out for blood it seems. The quarterback seemed to stutter as he told us the play. I knew it was hopeless. It was 70-0 in the 4th quarter. This is the first time I had played all year as an offensive guard. I'm usually on the bench. "BREAK" we chanted . . . weakly as we took our positions. Sweat and rain pored into my eyes, I crouched down and looked at The Devils linemen. They all had crazed looks on their smooth faces . . . what were they on? They all twitched and shifted there feet in anticipation . . . like rabid animals.

"You ready to bleed human!" the lineman in front of me yelled.

"Wha?" I said with surprise.

The rain came in sideways; the guy in front of me had black hair matted on his crazed face and was about the same size as me. I heard a deep growl from the one next to him. I shuddered and waited for the mark to plow into him. I looked into his eyes, angry and surprisingly scared. These guys seem crazy. His eyes seemed to glisten red in the shadow of his helmet.

"HIKE!", I launched at him with all my strength. My pads landed against his helmet and it flew off. But his charge threw me back with such force I was desperate for air before I even hit the ground. He had a twisted look on his face as he stood over me in triumph, despite having his helmet knocked off. My nose was bleeding, and my body felt like I was repeatedly run over by a tractor. The lineman looked down at me with a wide smile on his face as he laughed. My blood was all over his forearm and he looked at me, brought his forearm up to his face and licked my blood off his arm. He smiled and laughed at the sight of my disgusted look on my face. There was mud on my face, I looked around and saw my other teammates flat on their backs as well. Our quarterback was clutching his leg and crying out in pain.

"Ok we are done, we forfeit!" our coach yelled. He was running on the field to our quarterback. There were no paramedics left. No one was in the stands except for the concerned parents. I stood up and watched as The Devils celebrated and started to make there way to the locker room. The man with dark hair looked at me and licked his lips. I lost it. I ran at him with all my might, I swung my fist at his face with all my might. With inhuman speed he dodged my attack and came up behind me putting me in a chokehold.

"You weak little human, when you die I will personally harvest your soul and torture it until the end of times!" he whispered in my ear with an inhuman voice. With that he licked the side of my face.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" I yelled with such hatred, such passion . . . but there was nothing I could do about it.

"That's enough Paul", said there coach. Our coach came running up, "what's going on here?"

"Oh nothing, seems your team member here attacked Paul here, he just defended himself, I'm sorry if he hurt him". He looked my way and smirked.


Later that night I told my coach I was going to go home with my parents, which was a lie. I had a friend pick me up and we headed to Carlton University. I told him to wait down the street for me while I took care of some business. I grabbed a crowbar from his trunk and headed towards the school. I'm going to find out what the hell is going on with this team once and for all. This Paul guy, hell the whole team seemed off. They probably take steroids. I pulled a camera/video cam out of my pocket and made sure the flash was on.

I snuck up to the back parking lot where the team parks, right in front of their locker room entrance. I actually went to Carlton my freshman year, so I know this private school inside and out. As I approached the door, making sure no one was in the parking lot, I saw a light on the other side of the door. That's weird because it's almost 4 hours after the game. I heard the voices of the team, talking and seemingly goofing off. As I approached the door I noticed that it was cracked open. Perfect, breaking an entering will not be an issue tonight.

I peaked inside to see all the lights in the hallway were on, many voices could be heard from the locker-room door to the right. I snuck down the hallway and entered the closet door next to the locker-room, shutting and locking it behind me. I turned on the light, and pushed a box under the vent so I could sneak up and spy on them. I could picture them shooting up juice, while bragging about how well they are doing this year. Ya right, these guys are phony and I'm calling them out on it.

I heard the coach yell, "Armen, I wouldn't worry about her, she's too late, we already gathered more than half the souls needed to release him already, she doesn't seem to know which one of us is you anyways, and until she knows she won't do a damn thing!"

Great, some kind of drug/cult thing. I sighed and climbed up to the vent and pulled out my camera to ready my little video shoot. I turned the flash off because it was already lit in the room. I looked in and saw they were all naked, sitting around this guy I have never seen before, he had sandy blond hair, well built; one of these model types . . . although they all looked good. These guys are so gay, I muttered as I readied my camera/video cam.

Just then I saw that Paul kid walk into the locker-room. He had on his football tights and no shirt or shoes, just blood stained socks.

"All the doors are locked now, windows are shut, area is secure." He said.

"Good" said this blond guy acting like the leader.

He stood up and I noticed his eyes glowed bright red! "wha the?" I whispered. A knot grew in my stomach, this was unbelievable. What the hell was going on? I held up my camera and started to record. I felt that I was in over my head, or that I was being punked . . . or at least I hope I was. Paul smiled and stripped out of his football tights and peel off his wet socks. His perfect muscles shifted as he moved. They all stood up and looked at this blond kid in the middle. He was very handsome and just as big as the football players in the room, I don't remember seeing him on the field tonight.

"So can we finally feed tonight . . . Mike?" the teams fullback said with a smirk.

"Well as you all know, the "missing students" are causing suspicion among the students and the parents, so I had Scott here get us someone no-one in this town would miss, it's not prim meat but it will do for the time being," said this mike guy.

Just then a guy with dark highlighted hair walked in with a screaming older women. She was unkempt and clearly roughed up, she had on high heals and looked a bit like a worn out leather bag. She was obviously a hooker. She looked at them and smiled, she looked drunk and high. Well boys, all you had to do was ask . . . you didn't have to kidnap me. Shit, I would do all of you for free! She stumbled into the arms of Mike. He caught her and smiled at the others.

"I'm so sorry for how Scott treated you, he glanced at him and winked, we just needed someone as beautiful as you to satisfy out . . . um . . . hunger," he said with sarcasm.

She slumped down on the floor and smiled at all of the football players. "Well, are you guys like gay or something? You are all so fucking HOT!" She pulled a bottle of Jack out of her purse and took a swig.

"Tell you what, I will fuck each and every one of you if you guys kiss, call it a little fetish of mine," she smiled revealing her brown broken brown teeth and laughed, then took another swig.

Mike smiled at her and looked around. "How bout it boys, wanna give her a show, since she will be doing us such a favor later on," he had to choke back his laughter. The men looked at each other and smiled. One of them shouted, "common I'm hungry, let's just dig in!"

The hooker looked up with a puzzled look on her face, but didn't seem to care. She scratched her ass and nestled the bottle back into her purse. She stood up and sat on the bench in front of one of the lockers. "I'm ready when you are." She crossed her legs like she was trying to be dignified, looking at them with admiration.

Mike walked up to Jeff, grabbed his head and kissed him passionately. There faces smooshed together, I knew that they were using tongue. The other football players began to admire and touch each other, started to kiss, rubbed their bodies against each other. I noticed Paul who locked the door to the room with a key and walked up to Scott and began to message his pecs. It was a massive orgy, the entire football team and the whore.

"What the hell are they doing?" I whispered into the camera. The hooker smiled and began to giggle. "More more more, common you pussies, I want a show!" she yelled and smacked one of the men's asses. Mike pushed Jeff to his knees and made him start to suck his dick. He groaned rolling his eyes back, his muscles tensed up and pulsed. The others kissed each other with such passion. Some began to actually fuck. Scott pushed Paul down on his knees and thrust his cock into his ass. He kissed his neck and back. Paul let out a loud roar . . . it was animal-like, nothing like I have ever heard. I looked to the whore and she started groaning as she played with herself.

"This is some fucked up shit," I mumbled as I made sure I was getting this. I was a little aroused surprisingly. All these men were grinding up against each other, kissing each other with such passion. There bodies seemed to gleam as they rubbed up against each other. There muscles quivered with affection, the sounds they made sounded like a bunch of wolves fucking. Just then Mike roared and I saw his eyes turn bright red again.

"Let's get a little more comfortable boys, be careful tho, don't ruin them too much," he said in an inhuman deep voice.

I noticed his teeth were now pointed like a sharks. I began to shake in terror. The moans became louder and more intense. Jeff began to arch his back while sucking Mike off. Something seemed to slide under his skin of his back. The muscles seemed to grow underneath.

"Careful Jeff," said Mike who had his hands behind his head. The others were fucking harder, you could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh. The hooker was groaning with her eyes shut because of all the action. Just then I watched as one of the guys who was on top of another built team member roar, his face was contorted in a twisted evil shape; then I saw his skin split where his tailbone would be above the ass. A large tail shot out wrapping around one of the ceiling columns as he seemingly peaked. The guy he was fucking yelled as well and his back tore open to reveal a black slimy surface.

I was so scared, I lost my footing and fell, knocking over some folding tables in the process. Just as I hit the ground I heard the women scream. Then I heard carnivorous sounds like rabid animals, followed by a wet dripping sound. I struggled to my feet, I was breathing in panic. I don't know what they are, but they are eating that women and I have to get the fuck outta here! I looked down at the camera, it was still rolling. I got up, scrambled over the debris and opened the door.

There in front of me stood the man they called Armen. He seemed to tower over me. He was naked and seemingly sweaty, until I realized it was blood. An evil smile stretched across his otherwise handsome face.

"Can I help you?" he said with a sadistic smile. He seemed to be taunting me. I slowly backed up and stuttered.

"Oh me? Ha, well I was looking for the bathroom . . . . and . . . boy that fake blood is pretty cool . . . listen I won't say a word I promise." I knew I was in trouble, I was going to die, I'm so scared. Fuck it, I threw down my video recorder and launched myself at this Mike kid. Before I even made contact he grabbed my wrist and held me up with one hand without even flinching. He tossed me across the room to the other side.

"Oh I'm not worried about you saying anything." He said calmly as he walked towards me. His feet stepped on the sharp debris, he didn't flinch.

My vision blurred, I heard the sounds of the carnivorous animals in the next room. My stomach churned. I looked up at Mike, he was over me now with an evil smile spread across his sexy tight face, this time his eyes were bright red.

"Should have just let it go boy", he said in a deep demonic voice that was unlike his own.

He then reached up to his slightly parted mouth. He gripped both the bottom and top lips of his face with both hands then pull them apart. His mouth stretched unnaturally wide. I could see a completely different set of black lips under his human skin. I screamed and backed into the wall. There was this meaty slimy sound as he continued to stretch his handsome face back and over his head, revealing it to be slimy, black, and demonic like. He let go and the skin snapped around his large demonic neck. His handsome face was wrinkled beyond recognition; I could see the empty eye sockets behind his head on a face that looked a lot like a hood now. The creature rolled his head like someone working his neck muscles. I then heard this grinding noise and saw two large black horns protrude from his head.

I looked around, and to my left there was a broken leg of a desk. I grabbed it and launched the broken end of it into his leg. I heard a squeal. Good I hurt the son-of-a-bitch . . . that is until I realized it was laughing. I tried to get up but he grabbed my by the throat and lifted me up again. I could see purple spots, I kicked to try and get myself free.

"Do you have anyone with you?" he asked as he loosened his grip a bit to let me answer. No I said, tears were running down my face. "Goooood" he replied.

Just then he bared his teeth and bit my neck. The pain was unbearable, I tried to scream but it came out like a gurgle. Things began to get dark . . . I heard a wet tearing sound, the pain . . . this is unreal . . . a dream . . . I hope . . .


I slammed my locker and walked up to Corey.

"Are you ready?"

"I forgot my calculus book at home, could I look off of yours today?" he said.

I rolled my eyes and continued to walk to class.

"What? Common I did my homework, I just forgot the book."

"Why are you acting like nothing is bothering you about Mark suddenly acting like the other cheerleaders in this town and Jason and Anthony's disappearances! And oh I don't know, the fact that Mike suddenly returns after disappearing off the face of the earth for three days and he's suddenly besties with the entire football team. This is all fucking weird!" I yelled.

Mrs. Roberts who was walking by turned to give me an annoying scowl.

"My parents pay way too much for me to come here and be scalded for cussing, so you best lose the look!" I yelled at her. "I hate old white bitches."

Corey looked surprised and ushered me to the next hall before the professor could respond.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so frustrated with everything that has happened . . . "

I turned and looked at Corey who was texting, not paying attention to anything I was saying.

"COREY!" I yelled as I closed his phone.

He stood towering over me with an ashamed look on his thick face. Even tho I am only 5'5 135 lbs. and he is 6'5, almost 400 lbs. he seemed to cower at my feet. He is normally insensitive to stuff like this, I always have to scold him like a person does a dog. It's kinda funny to everyone.

Corey had been in football up until his Senior year of high school, when he tore something in his knee. He was devastated by the news that he couldn't play for Carlton University. But we were there for him, and Mikes dad said that he would help sponsor him to become a power lifter when he graduated. Mike was so happy. We have all been friends since kinder garden. Corey is a sweet man, scary to look at but as kind as a kitten.

"Listen I know it's weird, but I don't know what we can do about it. I tried to talk to Mike but he just blew me off, do you want me to ruff him up and make him be a good friend?" Corey said.

"No, I just don't like seeing you acting like this doesn't bother you"

We walked into Mrs. Adams classroom just as the bell rang. Everyone looked at Corey, his size always drew the attention of everyone, no matter how many times he walked into a room. Mrs. Adams wasn't seated at her desk like normal, it was the women they saw with white hair and black thick rimmed glasses. She gazed at the class with her piercing green eyes. Corey smiled, relieved that Mrs. Adams wasn't in today because if she was, she would have made him stay after class for detention.

When the bell rang the she stood up. The class who was talking and joking around immediately fell silent. There was something about her that commanded obedience. She told the class to open the book to page 215. Before Corey raised his hand to tell her he had forgotten her book she placed one on his desk without skipping a beat. Just then the intercom went off and the school was summoned to a special meeting at Draffin Hall.

Everyone crowded into the auditorium. I noticed all the football players sitting in the corner with the coach, Mike was sitting next to him whispering something in his ear. They all looked the same. They had the same calculating eyes, something you would see in someone who was the coaches age, that young teen shine in the eye didn't exist in them. That so weird to think of Mike as one of them. I tried to sit close to him, but there were no seats. Corey took up two seats next to me. We watched as the principle took the podium, we also noticed a cop standing close by.

"Hello Carlton University, today I wanted to discuss the situation with two dear students that has recently come to my attention. As many know, Jason Maddow and Anthony Mathis have been missing since last Friday night. Many parents have become aware of the change in mood of many of you, and think it would be wise to bring this up for discussion together. We realize than many of you are sad about there disappearance, but the authorities are doing everything in there power to locate these two young men, your friends. We hope that if anyone has information they would be willing to share it with any faculty member or officer Martin here."

He gestured to the cop standing close by. He waved at the students. I looked at Corey in a "told ya so" kinda way.

"We know this is especially hard for our football team, for he was very close to all of you", and he gestured to the football team, who all put there heads down in a almost sarcastic manner. I saw coach and Mike smirk as he said this. I almost stood up and yelled at him.

"We are happy to see that you boys are still playing hard and winning without them, we just hope they will return to us soon so The Devils can play in the finals together" he said as the students cheered, the football team stood up with flattered looks on there faces.

On our way out I turned to Corey and said, "something is up and we are getting to the bottom of this, meet me around 9'oclock tonight by the practice field . . . "

"What are we doing at 9 o'clock Mrs. Whitney?"

The substitute was standing behind Corey the whole time. I looked down and looked for an excuse. She seemed to look right through her. Her green eyes seemed to read her mind.

"Do you two have something you want to tell me about the disappearance of Jason and Anthony?" she said with a cold gaze.

Corey looked away, then at me looking for guidance.

"We just like watching our team practice, Corey used to be on the team after all, and me, well I just love seeing those boys at work", I tried to play it off like I was just a dumb horny girl. She didn't seem to buy it.

"Just be careful you two, I wouldn't mess with that team so close to the championship, they are all on edge these days", she said as she walked away, implying that she knew more than the rest of this town.


We crouched down behind a training sled watching the lit field. We saw the football team standing in the middle around . . . Mike? I looked to Corey with a confused look. Since when is Mike interested in football? Corey shrugged, taking a bit out of a snickers bar.

"Can you think about anything else but food?" I said as I slapped the back of his head.

"What I'm fucking hungry," he replied. "You made me skip dinner"

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the team again. They were all in there football tights and there white practice jerseys covering the pads, although I didn't think they needed them. They were all so big and muscular. Even Mike, who was wearing kaki pants and a tight white shirt, seemed like one of the team members. Never really noticed it before but he's so hot; too bad he's acting like such a jerk recently.

It was chilly outside, and the team really didn't look like they were doing much. They were listening to Mike talk. This is so weird I thought. Just then Mike gestured to the stands. From behind the stands walked up Mark. He was holding, no forcing a priest from behind the stands!

"Dude, is that father Morrison?" said Corey, now showing a new interest in the situation.

Members of the football team glanced around really quick then advanced towards the priest. The priest looked terrified! I looked to Corey and gestured for us to move closer. We followed the fence to the edge of the stand, we made sure we were out of site and glanced from behind a dumpster. Mark, who was much smaller than the football team members and even the pudgy priest, forced him with ease towards the team. Mike seemed like the leader of the pact. Mark threw the priest to the ground and then took his place besides Mike. The priest slowly got to his feet, he looked terrified.

"You won't get away with this DEMONS!" he said.

Corey and I just looked at each other.

"They certainly take this football thing seriously," I whispered before being shushed by Corey.

"God will force you all back to the fiery depths of hell, and this time you won't be able to get out!" he yelled as if his words were boulders being hurled at the team. The team just stood there, amused with his seemingly empty threats.

"Oh now father Morrison, why would you say things like that . . . we have known each other forever, since I was a little boy," Mike said with such evil sarcasm a shiver shot down my spine.

Without warning the priest pulled out a large gold cross and held it up as if this was a vampire reenactment.

"Hail Mary full of grace . . .," he yelled like a spell. Some of the other football players cringed at the sound of the prayer. Suddenly all of there eyes turned bright red, an eerie glow, like only the pupil was glowing red despite the bright practice lights above. Mike laughed loudly; I could see his muscles tighten up as he did.

"Don't be a fool father, you don't have enough juice. To us you sound like Miley Cyrus, mildly annoying at best." He said. "All we wanted to do was talk, well I wanted to ask you a simple question . . . who is she? Who is this women that is trying to stop us? Tell me the truth father, that will be the only way to save your soul after all, you know the whole redemption thing", he said with a little playful wink.

"Don't think you can coerce information from me demon, I have the almighty on my side!!!" father Morrison responded.

"Ok, I tried to be . . . nice, but I see you are going to blindly continue to follow that Asshole upstairs . . . I promise you priest, you will tell me." He said darkly with a twisted laugh.

Mike raised a hand and the priest rose up in the air. The priest continued to clutch his cross and recite the Lords Prayer. The players laughed. I looked at Corey's horrified face. We started to backtrack further away, this was clearly beyond us. The priest started to scream, he was then blasted up against the steel frame of the bleachers. His arms and legs were spread wide against the steel columns and support beams.

"Again, tell me who they sent priessst, I don't have all night, practice ends at 10 after all and I can't be late for curfew!" he said, seemingly more impatient and frustrated. Father Morrison wreathed in pain, dropping his cross.

"NEVER! The lord will smite you down, and the priestess will help him!" he said, not realizing that he gave up valuable hint to Mike . . . well I guess the possessed Mike. Mike laughed.

"This was too easy." He said. Then I watched as Father Morrison's arms and legs began to bend backwards around the beams of the bleachers. His screams were so loud, I heard his bones start to make a cracking sound. I was terrified, my arms and legs seemed paralyzed, my skin was clammy and I was shaking. Suddenly, his black shirt and pants became awkward and ridged as one last crunching sound emerged from the priests body. Blood started to drip from his body. His arms were bent backwards around the beams were the elbow was, and his knees were bent forwards and up wards over his thighs. I couldn't believe what I saw. Even more terrifying was the fact that father Morrison was still alive. His screaming stopped, his body was in shock. His destroyed body fell to the ground with a muffled thud. His fingers twitched as he laid face down on the ground.

"Dinner is ready, just bring it in the shower room so we don't make a mess." Mike said in a motherly tone to the rest of the team and Mark who was seemingly salivating at the site of Morrison's body.

Corey pulled me back and motioned for the two of us to get the hell out of here. I agreed wholeheartedly, and we scrambled back to our car. What are we going to do? Police? SWAT? Army? . . . parents?


"Common, pick him up and take him inside", said Arman. He looked around with his eyes now bright blood red. He saw two human souls running from the edge of the field to a car. He was clearly concerned.

"Jeff, Paul come here", he yelled. Someone was spying on us, did you scan the area like I said. Jeff and Paul looked at each other with shamed looks on their faces.

"Your incompetence will cost you two fools!" he snarled. His eyes turned black and Jeff and Paul squealed in pain, and fell to there knees. "You two are going to find out who those two humans are and possess them, I don't want people to suspect us in any way . . . FIND THEM!" he said in a deep low raspy voice. Jeff and Paul looked up with black eyes and nodded.


Chapter 5:

Corey ran with surprising speed towards the parking lot ahead of me. His massive frame caused each footstep to make the very ground shudder. I was still in shock over what I saw.

"There is no way that just happened!!!" I hissed at Corey as I matched his pace.

"And if it did, I'm going to therapy. Leave it to white people to get all demonic and kill priests and shit . . . ya'all crazy as hell, I never thought I'd say this but I wish mamma moved us back to the hood."

"CALM DOWN!" Corey yelled/panted as they approached the parking lot. "This is some serious shit and I don't need you breaking down right now, we just saw our best friend kill that priest with some sort of voodoo and I need you to figure out what we are going to do next, cuz I'm pretty sure I pissed myself.

"Well all I know is that WASN'T Mike. It must be some psychic alien or something who looks like him . . . oh hell, look what I'm sayin, I'm checking myself in tonight. " I panted as we started for our parked car. "We know they have something to do with everything that has been going down in this university . . . we have to tell someone."

Just then Jeff and Paul jumped in front of us, over our heads with an inhuman bound, and landed on the hood of my car, crushing it under their combined weight. I screamed and fell back as shards of glass swept over my body, Corey stepped in front of me with his arm across his face.

Jeff was smiling now and playfully jumped off her car with Paul following close behind.

"Oops," he said as he half pointed to the crushed car behind them. "I will soo pay for that".

Paul let out a chuckle as they both approached us with evil intent written on their faces.

"Alright, I don't know what is going on here, and I don't what you guys are or what happened to Mike, but enough is enough. Take another step and I'll end you both!" Corey said with a thunderous shout. Even I got up and took a nervous step back.

"Oh? Did you hear that Paul? This big meat sac wants to beat us up! I said I would pay for the damage, no need to get physical ya big bully!" He said with a smirk. Paul started to circle us.

"The fat one here could feed us all for a week, and the girl . . . well we can always use one of those . . . " Paul said with a sadistic growl.

Just then Corey lurched at him with a growl of his own, his massive frame pummeled Paul to the ground as he screeched from the surprising impact. Jeff ran up behind Corey and grabbed his arm and neck and yanked him off.

I have never seen Corey so easily lifted off the ground, although I could see the strain on Jeffs smooth face. Corey cussed as he fell behind Jeff. Paul started to get up, but Corey was faster, with a loud crack he punched Jeff right in the face. Jeff squealed and flew back from the impact clutching his face. Corey threw a massive left hand at Paul, but missed as Paul dodged with inhuman speed. I heard a ripping noise and the next thing I knew was a black snake-like thing was around Corey's neck and Paul was standing next to me! It took me a moment to put it together, but the black snake-like thing that was around Corey's neck was actually Pauls tail! My stomach turned into Ice . . . I couldn't even scream. I just stood next to Paul with a look of pure terror.

He casually glanced at me and smiled. He moved his hand up to my fine braids and brushed them back.

"Well this is a bit awkward", he said with a laugh.

Before he could even take his hand from behind my ear Corey yelled grabbing his tail and flipped Paul over his head sending him crashing onto the ground on the other side of him. There was a muffled screech as he did this. He turned toward me, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the street.

"We are getting the hell out of here", he yelled.

I didn't react, I just ran, my lungs felt like ice. That's all I felt before I felt something lock up my feet, sending both me and Corey sprawling head first on the pavement, knocking the air out of my lungs. Corey was on his knees before I could sit up to figure out what happened. When I did, I saw Jeff approaching us with glowing red eyes. His face looked wrinkled and out of place, his right cheek was pushed up, pulling the right side of his lips up and his right eye socked out of place revealing a slimy black surface beneath his once handsome face.

"They are fucking aliens", I said with a hopeless sigh.

"Not quite", Paul said before grabbing me by the throat and Corey with his own tail. "But it won't matter either way." He said in an inhuman deep voice.

Corey started to struggle when another tail wrapped around his right arm, with a sickening snap and a scream of pain from Corey, Paul came up besides Jeff letting his own tail release Corey's broken arm. "Again, so sorry", he said with a sarcastic smirk.

Corey was breathing hard between choking breaths and I was doing the same, tears running down my face. This was it, I was going to die in a suburban-white neighborhood from evil alien monsters . . . what will my mother think.

The edges of my vision began to blur when I felt the pressure release. I fell to the ground, without feeling a thing. My ears were ringing and I saw a bright light that blinded me. I couldn't hear anything, but I saw a black tail fade into the white light, and a human hand with protruding black nails pop out of the light for a second. When the light dimmed, I saw a women in a black dress and white hair stand between me and the two "men" that were trying to kill me.

It was that substitute professor! She had a stoic calm look on her face as she starred Jeff and Paul down. Her white hair seemed to glow in the moonlight, her dress flowing in the light breeze that seemed to pick up with her arrival. Jeff and Paul stood, no, they kind of crouched on their hands and feet like angry cats. Their faces, even Jeff's contorted mask like face, were scrunched up in a snarl with bright glowing eyes. The skin on Pauls hand was shredded to reveal a slimy black monstrous hand.

"YOU!!!" Jeff snarled as if old acquaintances. Paul looked a little nervous and backed up a bit.

"I see my reputation precedes me." The women said.

"Oh, Armen warned us about you, whore!" Paul blurted out, his long black hair fell in his face, his demonic smile stretched a little wider.

"Charming. Well I need one of you to stay alive to give that little puppet Armen another message . . . I'm thinking it will be . . . , " she said this as if deciding what candy to select. "Well it won't be YOU!" Before Paul could even react, the women threw her hand in front of her and a blinding white beam fell down over Paul for a split second. Then he convulsed as the light dissipated and filled his eyes and mouth . . . and every other hole in his skin. There was a deep scream that seemed to echo before stopping altogether. Jeff took a worried step back watching Pauls body tremble with this bright light coming from within him. Pauls internally glowing body trembled and tensed up for another couple of seconds before the light faded. With that Pauls skin collapsed onto the ground. Whatever was wearing it disappeared.

Jeff clenched his jaw and picked up Pauls skin cautiously looking at the women. She stared him down, unnerved by the deep growl that came from Jeff when he bundled the skin up in his right arm.

"So here is what you are going to tell him. You guys are done here. I will send you back before the night ends, I know what your plans are and I know exactly how to stop it. You and your master broke the agreement and for that you will be punished. I am your judge, jury and executioner. DO NOT FUCK WITH ANYONE ELSE TONIGHT!! Just go back to hell where you came from and await your punishment like the good little slaves you are."

With that Jeff's eyes glowed fiercely and roared at her. He then held up Pauls skin and said, "this isn't over witch! We have awaited your arrival; your presence doesn't have Armen worried at all. The fact is, everything is still going as planned. We will wait for you to . . . "stop us", and when that time comes, you will be the one who dies." He growled before opening his mouth unnaturally wide, producing a dark miasma before disappearing.

"Well, I'm sorry you had to see that." She said as she turned around to look at me and Corey. Corey, clutching his arm, looked both horrified and amazed at the same time. I'm sure I had the same look on my face.

"What the hell is . . . " I started to say before she held up a hand.

"It doesn't matter", she said. With that she held up a hand and a white light surrounded Corey. He started to scream and struggle to get up, but the light stopped just as soon as it started. Corey looked down at his arm and moved it. "It's better!" he whispered weakly in amazement.

"You children put up quit a fight, but I'm sure you wish you hadn't seen anything that has happened here. I will leave you with only the memory of the ones you lost, without all of the supernatural stuff you have seen here. Your friends have died in a tragic car crash, and that is all this town and this university will know."

"What are you talking about! I know that's not what happened. I have sooo many questions that I'm not sure I want to know the answer to, and you are just gonna cut me off and tell me I don't have the right to know?!" I yelled at her without fear. I was pissed, confused and wanted . . . no demanded answers. Tears ran down my face. "What is happening!!!"

"I know . . . I know you want answers, but think about what will happen when only you two know the truth. People are scared, skeptical creatures and you know it. What if I tell you about these demons from hell and what they are planning to do. You know they take human form, you will be scarred . . . you are scarred for life and will live the rest of your days paranoid and afraid of life. And that is the last thing you want. This concerns the politics of old gods. It is none of your concern and shouldn't concern you. It is a tragedy that one of them got you involved in the first place." The women said in a soft but firm voice.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Corey finally said, getting to his feet.

"You need not worry . . . you won't remember any of this anyways." The women's eyes glowed a bright white before I could respond. So bright . . . who is this . . . women . . . wait . . .

"NOOOO!!!!!" I screamed.

The women stopped as the wind died down. Even she looked startled by my shout.

"Listen." I said softly. "I know it would make things easier to just make us forget, and something gives me the idea that you can do something like that . . . literally. But don't you think we have a right to fight? To remember? It's our loved ones in danger . . . it's our loved ones who have been changed or whatever has happened to them. I want to help you fight these things. I looked at Corey to see his reaction to all of this.

"Me too." He said seriously. "I fucked up one of these things, I can do it again. Besides, I think you are strong enough to handle anything these aliens . . . er things can throw at us . . . wait, what is your name? Can you tell us who you are?"

The women just kinda starred at us. Then cracked a slight smile.

"You know, it's been so long . . . so long that I've been fighting these bastards that I forgot just what it means to be human. I was like you once, I saw the horrors of what these demons can do and I myself made the decision to stop them. You are right, you should have the option to at least keep the memories you have, no matter how terrible. As far as helping . . . I'm not going to have you fight these things if that's what you are thinking. If you want, I can clue you guys in on what's going on, but you should meet the others first. With that her eyes turned white again, there was a bright flash and they were gone.


Jeff walked up to the locker room door, eyes red with fury. He punched the brick besides the door, pieces fell to the ground, his real knuckles revealed themselves for the human skin on his hand was torn away.

"I hate these fucking disguises!"

He looked into his reflection in the dark window and messaged his face a bit so that his face was more in place than it was before going in. He entered the locker room with the other waiting for him. Armen was standing in the middle of the room with his arms crossed; his human looking eyes stared at him coldly as if he knew what happened already. Jeff felt his real flesh begin to sweat under his human skin.

"Jeff, what took you so long?" Armen asked dangerously.

"Um, we, um, me and Paul . . . we ran into some trouble . . . "

"I figured as much Jeff . . . what happened to Paul?" he said through clenched teeth, his temper beginning to show.

Jeff slowly pulled Pauls skin out from behind his back. His empty eye sockets looked up at the team, his dark hair streaming down across his wrinkled empty face. His arms and legs dangling from the mass of skin like old sweatpants.

Armen . . . or Mike starred at the skin for a few minutes with a tense serious look on his smooth face. Everyone in the room got nervous, the other began to shift. Some pulled at the skin around there necks to let some of the heat out of their mouths. Without warning Mike reared his head back and began to laugh. The veins on his neck pulsed as he laughed, a deep inhuman laugh that echoed loudly off the walls. When he brought his head back down his eyes were bright red.

"So she wants a war . . . one final showdown huh."

"Sir I didn't even tell you what the message wa . . . "

"DO YOU THINK I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!!!!" he finally snapped. His skin began to sizzle like bacon. He actually began shooting fire from his mouth with every syllable. "YOU ARE ALIVE YOU LITTLE TERD!!!!!!!!" The lights began to dim, the others backed up. Paul looked down and dropped the skin on the floor. "SHE'S BEEN TRACKING US, WHY? BECAUSE WE HAVE OUR LITTLE THEARAPY SESSIONS TOGETHER . . . IN ONE PLACE, LIKE NOW!"

He laughed a bit and began to pace. "She knows what we are up to, would you like to know why? Because I've tried this before, with our dark lords support. But things were too grandiose. The lord of light figured things out and snuffed us out before we could begin. Without our lords knowledge we make less ripples in this sea of meat sacs. This is why we were able to gather the souls we have. This witch thinks we are going to half ass it like we did last time. That both our dark lord and the one of light will snuff us out. Noooo, not this time. It's too late. We have the souls we need. We have the artifacts we need to complete the ritual. All we need is a virgin sacrifice."

He came up close to Jeff and grabbed his throat. This time his eyes were pitch black. His human looking hand began to boil as nails began to protrude from the tips of his fingers. The human skin around Jeffs neck began to sizzle as well. Jeff screeched in pain. Armen pulled his human looking face close to Jeffs and licked his cheeks slowly, allowing the hot saliva to trickle and boil through his human face and onto his real flesh. He quivered in fear.

"You failed me one too many times. This is your last chance. You will bring me the virgin sacrifice. If you fail Jeff, the least of your fears will be what Morgana does to you." With that he flung him across the room with a low growl. "Now clean yourself up, you have until midnight tonight. Change of plans boys, we are doing the ritual today, at last we will be able to release our dark lord. Oh, bring Pauls skin, I have a plan for Morgana and her little entourages' arrival."


A Monday night at a bar. How lame. Is this all there it to life? I sat in the back of the bar so that I can see everyone who comes in. Horny, I'm always horny. Everyone who has come through this bar has been ugly or came with someone. I just need laid, I just turned 21 and I've been in the military since 18 and never got laid. Sure I've fooled around, with mostly guys, but never actually did the deed. This week, this day, dammit tonight that is going to change. I'm wearing my best shirt and pants. Dammit I look hot. Someone has got to notice! I hope if they do, I won't pussy out like I always do.

The bartender shot me another look and without even asking slide another beer towards me. I nodded my head and gulped half of it down. People in this university town don't go to small shit bars like this anymore. Too many old people . . . and the ones that are young are trash. Hell, I'm probably trash. I took another swig of my beer and asked the bartender to close my tab. As he took my card the door flung open and a handsome built guy half bounded in with a serious business-like look on his face. He kinda scanned the room. When he came to me he froze. Then with a wide, beautiful smile walked over to me.

"Hey stranger," he said licking his lips a bit before continuing. "Man, could I be so bold and tell you that . . . well . . . you are handsome as all hell."

I kinda gagged at his forwardness. His eyes looked deep into mine. I was immediately aroused and wanted what he was offering. Funny, I usually found shooting people to be easier than flirting with total strangers. All I could do was look into his eyes and smile. The bartender laid my tab on the counter. I signed it without even looking. Then, as if reading my mind, this man grabbed my hand and led me to the door. His warm hand felt soft and smooth, like plush. Everything around him was a blur, my body ached for him. As soon as we got outside he grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me . . . boy did he kiss me. His warm face pressed up against mine, his soft skin almost caressed my face. I wrapped my arms around him and slide my tongue deep into his mouth. Ouch, I thought. I didn't care . . . I needed more. When we parted our lips I stepped back and asked what his name was. He told me it was Jeff. Jeff huh. Well he led me to his car and I fell asleep. Boy did I dream, nightmares I never knew I could imagine . . . I don't think I'll ever see Jeff again.


I blinked a few times allowing the dots to dissipate from my eyes. The women was in the same position in front of us as we were to her, but we were in an entirely different place. I looked around, we were in a beautiful mansion!

"If this comes with fighting demons then I'm definitely on board", said Corey.

"We have been using this building as a base of operations for centuries. There are so many enchantments on this whole building someone with criminal history couldn't walk it. We have been around for a looong long time." She said with a smirk.

"Ok, so who is we." I said, this time sternly. "I think it's time for answers lady."

She walked forward to a set of double doors and flung them open. In the room there were 4 people. A handsome man with long brown hair who wore a long black trench coat, black vest, black leather pants and black leather boots. A women with white eyes, and black spy-like gear. She almost looked like a navy seal. A cute man with glasses, a dress shirt and dress pants. He kinda had this nerdy look topped off with a massive computer system stacked up against the back wall. The last member was much older than the rest. He wore a full suit, had a long white beard and slicked back white hair. He was the first to approach the women leading us.

"Welcome back Morgana, I see you brought guests!" he said with a smile. He had a strong deep voice, a voice that kind of comforted you.

Morgana turned to us with a smile. "These are my teammates. The man with the trench coat is Conner, he is one of the best hunters in the world. The other girl is Mantis, the best assassin in the world. The young man at the computer is Roger, he is our chief tech-guy. His knowledge on the paranormal is unmatched. And this man," as she stepped up next to the old guy, "Is my father and leader of our merry little group.

"Maverick", he said as he revealed his hand for a shake. "He has been doing this the longest and is a jack of all trades kinda guy. You may have heard of him from current folklore, in your books he's known as Merlin. " Morgana continued.

Maverick smiled slightly at the introduction before putting his hand on the lady's shoulder. "And as you may know this is Morgana my daughter, who is much more adept at using magic than I ever was." She smiled at his praise.

I stood there stunned. First we are introduced to the league of extraordinary gentlemen, then we are told that Merlin is real. I looked at Corey. He looked like a kid who was about to sit on Santa's lap.

"Oh fuck it, this can't be any crazier that everything else we've seen tonight." I said defeated. Reality had left my life when I decided to spy on our colleges' football team.

The man with the trench coat came forward with a stern expression on his face. "Why are we taking in new recruits when we have a massive battle with a league of demons in a few hours?" He said.

Not a bad point, I thought to myself. I still changed my expression to offended despite his sound reasoning.

"These kids know the in's and out's at the school. They know who the victims of the demons are, they have also been spying and seen the demons and what they have been doing." She said as if she expected having to defend us.

"Yes, but so do we. You have been working at the university for a few weeks now, so we also know the "in's and out's of the school". We have the ability to track them too, we know what they are planning." He said.

"By the time we tracked them and I got there, these kids were running for their life. We don't know what they saw, we need that info, and they, like us have lost the ones they love. At least allow them to stay here in safety and give us information." She said.

The man looked us over then went back to the massive table and sat down hard. "Fine, but they better stay out of the way." He said. "I still think wiping their memories is way easier."

Maverick stepped forward. "We have plenty of power and information to take these demons out. But out of curiosity what did you children see at the stadium?"

I was slightly annoyed that he addressed me as a child, but I got the sense that time was of value. "Well we saw the players and our friend . . . or ex friend Mike seemingly capture a priest. They were asking him about . . . I'm guessing it was you Morgana. The priest basically said no, and before I knew it his limbs were being twisted in odd positions and breaking before he fell from the sky and died." The memories made me shiver as I retold them.

Maverick nodded for a second, digesting the little information I was able to give them. "Father Morrison." He said. "It seems Armens power has grown. No demon, physical or spiritual could do that kind of harm to a priest. No, he's gained power. He may have collected more souls that originally thought."

The man with the glasses rolled his chair away from the massive screen of his computer and turn toward Maverick. "Our system shows massive demonic energies coming from the stadium as we speak! It seems they are going to do the ritual at Carlton Stadium."

"Alright team", said Maverick, "this information at least let us know that we need to be careful. We need to go into this thinking that this is a fight to the death. This is it, the big one, the apocalypse we have all been worried about. With Morgana's power, Mantis and Conners fighting experience, and Roger's intellect we can put an end to this."

"What about us, why can't we help? There is something that we could do! They did something to our best friend Mike! We have to help him or avenge him!" I blurted out.

"You children are staying here in this sanctuary until this is over." Maverick said with a wave of his hand.

"WAIT!! What is with you people writing normal people off like that. These are our friends that have been killed and soon the world?" I said desperately. "If we are going to die anyways, I want to die fighting."

"Who's this Mike guy, was he killed by one of the demons? Or possessed?" said Conner.

"Actually, his . . . um . . . body is currently being used by Armen." Said Morgana with a sympathetic tone towards me. "I need to make something perfectly clear to both of you about Mike and the other football team members. They are dead, and have been for quite some time. These demon cowards have been using there skins as a disguise for about a month now, as you saw with your little encounter earlier this evening."

"Little girl, you said that you were friends with this Mike before he became a demon right?" Conner said.

"Both of our friend", said Corey. I nodded in agreement.

"Then I may have a plan that requires the help of you two." He said with a smirk on his face. "You see, Roger here told us that the demons will gather in an area where all of the people who's souls they stole can gather, this place being the stadium. Now," he began to pace around the table, "that will make it difficult to make a grand appearance without keeping those people from getting hurt. Unless we do it after he uses those souls to unlock the first lock to the gates of hell. Then those people will be useless, probably drift off into a coma. When that first seal unlocks they will begin the ritual and they will need a virgin sacrifice. At that time Armen and his fellow demons will cast a powerful barrier around the sacrifice. This will prevent us from getting close . . . unless you two go running into the protected area with this:" and he pulled out a holy medallion.

"This little trinket will be our link to getting in. Originally we were going to keep them from gathering the souls for the ritual. But apparently Armen has gotten too many so that would be difficult for us to do now. You two need to act clueless . . ."

"Why can't you guys get in the barrier but we can?" Corey interrupted before I could.

"Well most of us, with the exception of Conner and Roger are immortal and have . . . certain abilities that the demons can detect. The barrier basically blocks people like us from approaching the sacrifice. Armen used it last time we fought."

"I suppose I could go in there, but Armen would have his guard up and probably tear me to pieces or wear me as a hat before anyone could do anything about it," Conner added. "But with you two . . . "

Just then there was a crash, and through the windows came two of the football players with bright red eyes. They looked at the group and smiled with sharp pointed teeth. One was wearing a black shirt and jeans and the other kaki's with a white shirt. I didn't know either of them, but have seen them in the school newspaper. With a horrific growl they bounded at the 7 of us. Corey put up his fists as I stepped back.

From nowhere lightning sprouted from Morgana's fingers striking them both in the chest. Their clothes burn away as they continued their approach, seemingly unfazed by the attack. Their naked bodies pulsed as they ran at us with inhuman speed. Maverick lifted a hand and a blue tinted barrier appeared before us with a snap. The demons ran head first into the wall smashing it into pieced. But that seemed to be enough to slow them down, for they fell back on their butts with a slap in front of us.

With a loud roar their bodies began to shake, horns began to break through their human sculp. Their faces were contorted in a sinister smile, teeth bared. They got on their knees and arched their backs as the skin split apart to reveal the slimy black surface beneath. With a cracking noise their fingers and bare human looking feet exploded to reveal demonic sets of clawed fingers and toes.

Mantis came up next to me, and with a cold flapping noise she turned into this black dust-like stuff and came up behind one of the transforming demons and reappeared baring a sharp black knife around one of the demons throats. The demon grabbed her arm and with a ripping noise from the ass of the other one a tail shot out and stabbed her through the chest. The demon then flung her to the side with his tail. They both stood up now, the skin on their bodies tight and still tearing at the chest and back. The horns on their heads finished growing through their scalps and their tails slithered behind them. One of them reached up to his still human looking face, dug his dark nails under his jaw line and peeled his handsome face off with one quick motion. He threw the skin on the ground with a slap.

Conner came up beside Corey now with a large shot-gun and fired a round at the one with his human face still on. With a loud screech the demon was blasted back, bits of shredded skin following in his wake. The demon burst into flame and disintegrated leaving behind the football players' human face still intact but empty. Then to my surprise Mantis teleported on top of the other demons head with her legs straddling his still human looking neck. She screamed and twisted the demons head around using the horns for leverage, before pulling head off with a sickening cracking noise. She teleported off its shoulders before it fell back. She reappeared besides me with the demons head still in her hands. Mantis still had the hole in her stomach where the tail gouged her, however there was no blood. It was like she didn't have any blood at all in her?

She looked at me and smiled. "They can't kill what's already dead, at least not physically." She said with an inhuman echo enveloped voice before she dropped the demons head at my feet.

"She's got a thing for theatrics." Maverick said with an amused smile. "You see, she's kinda what you guys would call a mummy . . . but not the mindless wrapped ones you see in the movies. She's a soul bound on earth in her old body . . . she stays until she feels she can move on. It's a sad story you will not hear from any of us unless she wants you to hear it. Needless to say you can see why she's so useful."

"Well, I'm assuming that was Armens latest gift for us. Something to slow us down I suppose. This is why my new plan I was trying to explain to you seems like our best option right now. Do you agree Maverick?" Conner said lightly.

"I guess it up to you two" he said as he looked at me and Corey. Do I act as bait to get these freaks in? Can I trust them? Do I want to risk my life tonight? I looked at Morgana and she looked at me and smiled.

"If you can get us in, you will be safe. Trust me." She said, as if reading my mind . . .


Chapter 6:

"It's time my fellow brethren! It's time for our dark lord to be release from Hell itself!" Armen shouted in a demonic voice to everyone in the stadium. Thousands of possessed people and the demons themselves under the guise of the football players were standing in the stands or in a circle around a huge glyph in the middle of the field. The demons eyes were glowing red. Armens eyes were pure black. The demons hailed Armens speech with a monstrous roar! They all reared their heads back allowing the thick veins in their necks to pulse.

"For millennia we have waited for this moment; waited for our father to walk among mankind. To show the ones of light that we are there equals . . . no better. Our right to be here, to hold the hopes and desire of all who live here, that is our goal. The one of light tries to say we don't have the power to win over good. But we know that isn't true. We have won a lot of those epic battles, haven't we. Picture each person on this planet like a seed. Our dark lord has been watering his crop since it was created. We have been seeing a lot of these seeds growing into imperfect beings. The lord thinks perfection is something to aspire to obtain to be close to. We think it's something to fear. Well our dark lord with allow for intuition to win over morality and this sense of perfection. Evil is perfection. Unguided and unstoppable hatred . . . true freewill. Let us call forth Satan and open his prison gate once and for all." Armen said before looking down at his sacrifice.

Everyone in the stands had a blank stare on their faces; they all raised their hands and began to chant. All the men and women in town both old and young, even children were in the stands chanting in some ancient tongue. Armen smiled at his fellow "teammates". Even Paul, who was killed earlier by Morgana was back with a slightly indifferent look on his handsome face. He was standing next to a table in the center of the glyph in the middle of the football field. Behind him stood Jeff, Armen was at the head of the table and the coach was standing on the other side of the table across from Jeff and Paul. Between Jeff, Paul and the coach on the table lay a half naked man. He was very handsome, with a military cut and a toned sexy rugged body. He was tied up and gagged, struggling to get out of the rope tied around his hands and feet. He periodically screamed in frustration and terror looking at the cult-like ritual taking place before him.

The chanting from the stands grew louder. Armen raised his hands up, his black eyes had a small red glow right in the center where his pupil should have been. He made an incantation that was barely audible under the dreary mummer of the people in the stands and the man on the table screaming. Above, the moon disappeared under an incoming storm cloud, and there was a distant roar of thunder above. The wind began to pick-up as the other demonic football players joined in the incantation. Their mouths moved in unison, but with terrible inhuman voices, their faces as still and expressionless as masks. They all wore normal clothes. Armen dropped his hands and from the sky fell a single lightning bolt with a loud earthshaking crack. The aftermath was the entire glyph etched in flame. The inner circles of the glyph encircled the sacrifice table and seemed to weave around Armen, Jeff, Paul and the Coach.

With the glyph lit, the other team members relaxed and smiled at their work. "The first seal has been broken gentlemen," Armen said with a smile stretched across his handsome face. The others laughed.

---- ----- ------

"That's it, we need to strike now!" said Conner. "No wait!" said Maverick. "Roger just sent a transmission; we have to wait for the second seal to break."

"Don't you think that's cutting it a bit too close?" he snapped back. "I mean they are distracted now!"

"They won't get anywhere until they spill that mans blood on the glyph. Now wait for the second seal to break before Corey and Whitney here make their entrance," replied maverick.

They all shifted awkwardly in the stands. I was sweating bullets. I have to run out there with a stick and pretend like I don't have a clue what going on? Oh man . . . I hate this shit.

--- ---- ----- ------

Armen walked within the glyph around the table eyeing the sacrifice with a smirk. "Oh you are a cute one" he said. "Alright boys, it's time to get a bit more comfortable, have a little fun, go ahead and take'em off!" he said twirling his finger in the air lazily.

There was an inhuman howl among the team members. They all came together and started messaging each other. Armen grabbed the coach and kissed him hungrily. Jeff jumped to where Scott was kissing two other teammates in an inhuman bound. He grabbed Scotts head and kissed him. He bit down on Scotts lower lip and with a growl pulled it away. You could, for a moment, see the black demonic skin under Scotts skin before he let it go with a snap.

The entire team starting stripping off their clothes, including Armen and the coach. They slide off their shirts, pulled down there pants, kicked of their shoes, peeled off their socks. Before long they all stood naked before the stadium full of possessed people, and us. There hard, toned, muscular bodies glistened in the firelight. They all looked at each other with keen interest, smiles stretched across their handsome faces. Then continued to message and kiss each other. Some got down on their knees and starting giving head. Armen pulled away from kissing the coach with a snap and bent him over. His eyes glowed red. The man on the table looked around, confused. Armen thrust his dick into the coaches ass with a low animalistic growl. His muscles tensed up, his smile slumped into a determined look. The muscles under his face twitched, his jaw clenched as he started to fuck him. The coach let out an unusual loud roar as his teeth broke to a sharp inhuman set. His muscles pulsed with each movement. Everyone was groaning and humping. There hard muscular bodies slid over each other. Faces wrinkled where lips met, hands gripped flesh as orgasms flourished. Armens abs and body looked god-like. His perfectly tan skin glistened in the moonlight. Everyone started to become more beast-like. Perfectly styled hair became matted, smooth skin became worn and soft, teeth broke, nails protruded, eyes glowed. They all, around the same time, started to cum. Butts, abs, biceps, lips, forearms, calves, quads and toes started to tense or curl as they peaked. Armens eyes looked as tho they would shoot fire as he roared, every muscle under his skin could be seen. Something could be seen moving under the coaches' skin; shifting as if wanting, pleading to escape. They all breathed hard. A thin smile spread across their faces. They all looked to Armen.

Armen gave one final nod and everyone except Armen, Paul and the coach started to growl and moan. Jeff laughed as he reached up to the back of his neck and began to scrape the skin aside, slowly pulling it apart to reveal a slimy black surface beneath. His handsome faced slacked as the human face was pulled down and off to reveal a demonic head underneath. The others pulsed, the muscles slide under the perfectly smooth human skin as they reached either behind their heads or in front of their faces. There human looking fingers dug into the flesh and pulled. They all scraped and pulled at their human skin disguises in different ways. Tails tore through toned asses, horns poked through scalp. Skin bubbled and stretched awkwardly as it was pulled or shed away. Faces became slack or wrinkled as they pulled them down. Abs became wrinkled and bunched up. Backs tensed and burst open allowing the demonic bodies to slide out of their confines. Fingers burst open to reveal long black nails. Feet stretched and popped apart to give way to demonic dinosaur-like feet. The sexy faces and perfect bodies were nothing more than shredded pieces on the ground. In each football players place stood a shiny black demon with bright red eyes and tall curved horns, shaking off any remnants of their human disguises. They were free from their tight skins. They breathed easier and seemed happier. The coach seemed aroused by the reveal. He wasn't taking his skin off, and neither was Armen or Paul. I guess they want to savor the last moments they have to be in them; maybe they wanted to play it safe in case it all goes wrong. Either way they smiled at the site.

I was personally disgusted and terrified. Of course that's when Maverick gave me a nudge. Corey was already headed towards the field. I picked up a club and thought to myself, and action!

I ran towards the group of newly freed demons. I screamed wildly and approached the circle behind Corey swinging my bat.

"Mike! Don't worry! We're getting you out of here!!!" I screamed hysterically. The group of demons snarled in surprise, crouching down to what looked like the beginning of a life ending pounce.

"Stop!!!!" yelled Armen. I noticed he changed his eyes to look human again. He giggled with a puzzled look on his face. He looked around the field to see if anything else was weird. He approached slowly. With a half worried/playful/confused tone he asked, "What are you two doing here?" The demons parted for him as he approached the edge of the circle. The demons eyed us suspiciously.

"Mike, I'm here to get you out of here! These demons have done something to the town and . . . just I have no time to explain . . . we have to leave!!!" I said in a pretend shaking strong voice. Mike just stared at me with his hands behind his back . . . naked. "Really." He said. "You really believe I would think you just ran in here with a bunch of demons while I'm naked and unbound . . . and not know what was happening?"

I kinda just stared, oh shit this is it. I'm gonna get eaten. "Wha . . . what are you talking about Arm . . . er . . . Mike?" I stuttered embarrassed. Oh well I tried.

Armen laughed and nodded towards the two of us. The demons grabbed us and brought us towards him. The demons in a blink of an eye had Corey by the arms and pulled him towards Mike. I felt a hot strong grip on my right arm and screamed. I kicked as they dragged me over the fire and towards Armen . . . wait, towards Armen. That's means I'm within the barrier. I did it . . . ummm, I did it. Where the fuck are they, as the pain multiplied with each step the demon took towards Armen.

Just then a bolt of lightning struck the demon dragging me along, he lurched up in the air and fell with a squeal of pain. There was a whip of dust as Mantis appeared on one of the demons holding Corey. She pulled out a blade and stabbed him in the face. With a demonic roar he turned black and bridle as cracks formed on its body like dying coals before he disintegrated in the wind. The other demon released Corey before he was blown into dusty pieces by Conner with his fancy shotgun. Corey backed up next to me. In that instant, there was a flash of light and the 4 members of Morgana's little crew appeared, including Morgana who's eyes were already glowing.

Armen snarled. "HOW DARE YOU . . . ," he stopped and smiled. "Ok, you know what; this little spat between us has been a long time coming. I've beaten your daddy there before, I guess you want to join the family legacy huh? He said playfully. He backed up next to the coach, who had a murderous look on his face, and Paul who still had an indifferent slightly scared look on his face. In front of him swarmed the other demons. Armen rose his hands in the air again, his muscles tensed up as he did so, and the black clouds above opened up as white ghosts came rushing down over the circle. Terrible screams came from each one. They plunged into the circle right into the ground and disappeared. Armen dropped his arms and smiled. "That's the second seal ya know, one more and I win."

With that he pointed towards us and the demons all ran at us. I screamed and ran out of the circle towards the stands. Morgana appeared before me with Corey. "Both of you get as far from here as possible, this could turn dangerous for anyone in the area." With that she disappeared with another white flash back in the circle. Me and Corey ran to the edge. Then I stopped below the bleachers. "I can't just leave them". Corey tried pulling me away but I refused. I at least have to see what will happen. We stood back and watched the fight.

Maverick was teleporting around. His hands glowed with white power as he drove them into the chests of the demons. Conner was firing everything in his arsenal. Demons blew apart like bottles breaking against a brick wall. He stopped only to reload or dodge a demons fire breath or tail stab. Mantis moved around almost like a specter, her black dust settled close to a demon as she manifested her body, a blade disappeared into the demons flesh before it could even snarl at her. Morgana floated over their heads, flinging spell after spell at the demons. Some were encased in Ice, others were blasted away by lightning. Occasionally, she obliterated a demon in a beam of light similar to what she did to Paul, who was standing back with Armen with a blank look etched on his face.

That was strange, had Armen summoned another demon to replace Paul? Why? I mean, it happened earlier tonight . . . I guess he needs every hand or claw he can get. The wind picked up over the cracks of lightning and gun shots. The storm cloud above was still raining down ghosts; I guess these were the souls Maverick was talking about. He needed them to open the 2nd seal. I noticed, despite all of the noise, that people in the stands were falling down. One by one they passed out. I don't think they are dying, but without a soul, maybe that's what happens. I noticed Mark was one of them. He slumped over just as I spotted him. Oh Mark, with everything you have lost maybe it's better this way. Why, why does this have to be this way. Why is mankind stuck In the middle of this war between Gods . . . humph. They are both like children fighting over an ant hill. They don't stop till one of them kicks it over, destroying their home.

The battle raged. 4 to 66. These aren't good odds, but we seem to be doing well. Demonic bodies turned to ash all over the churning battlefield. The whole field was wrapped in a black dust. I could occasionally see a flash of lightning, or Mantis appearing in and out of the chaos. I can't even tell anymore. I saw a blast of fire burst towards us. Within a second Maverick appeared before us to take the hit. The fire lit him ablaze. He calmly doused it with some blue light, but that was enough of a distraction. Right in front of our eyes a tail burst through Mavericks chest. With a growl a demon appeared attached to the tail laughing. Maverick teleported with a flash behind him and with a wave of his hand a dark matter appeared in a spiral. The demon screamed as it was sucked into this dark matter. It's limbs and body made a sickening crunch before disappearing all together with the spell. Maverick smiled before falling to the ground dead. I cried out, Corey held me back.

"Nooooo!!!" I cried out. With a flash Morgana appeared next to him with tears running down her face. Another demon approached, without even looking up Morgana blasted him away with a flash of light. The souls stopped streaming down from the sky. Everyone in the stands was unconscious.

Morgana stood up with a grim look on her face. "It's time to end this."

She slowly floated up in the air above her father. Her eyes were glowing white. The tears on her dusty cheeks looked like diamond. The air picked up. The dust over the entire field blew away. Conner and Mantis were in the middle of killing a demon when they looked up. Morgana Held her hands forward. The cloud above turned white and glowed. There was a deep grumble across the land that shook your core. Her white hair flew back with her dress elegantly. Armen, the Coach, Paul and the sacrifice all looked up in fear from the center of the flaming rune. Armens eyes turned black as he raised his hands up in the last second before the bright cloud above unleashed massive, bright white lightning bolts down on each demon that was left. Each demon screamed as the light intensified. Conner raised his arms and shut his eyes before I lost sight of everything. There was a loud earth shattering crack before all the light disappeared.

There was silence. When the spots finally cleared my vision all I could see was Morgana, Mantis and Conner standing in front of me facing the circle in the center of the field. All of the black demons were gone. Not even the black dust that usually came with their deaths remained. However, in the middle of the circle was Armen, the coach and Paul with the sacrifice. They didn't die. They didn't even look fazed. Armen stood there naked with a smug look on his handsome face. The coached sneered and Paul just had an empty look on his face. The sacrifice was hysterical. He started pleading again when the sight returned to his eyes as well.

Armen stepped forward, clapping his hands. "Oh Morgana, that was . . . impressive" he said with almost sincere admiration on his face. "For one witch to take out 30 demons, that's feat your father could barely accomplish."

Morgana face flinched with her fathers name.

"Ooooo, too soon?" he said toyingly. "Oh honey you didn't think this would all be that easy did you?" He started walking around the altar to the front of the screaming, pleading man tied on it. "Honey, I've been around for lifetimes. Longer than civilizations, longer than cultures . . . even."

He stood there and flexed his chest muscles and smiled. "Oh how I do love watching you guys fight tho. Even this human can hold his own," nodding at Conner. He spit at his feet and cocked his gun.

"Ok, well I don't want this epic showdown to end just yet, soooo lets see you take on Coach here. He's been dying to . . . join the fight." He looked over at the coach and gave a quick nod. The coach stepped forwards with a deep growl. The muscles under the skin shifted as the coach clenched his jaw. He wore a serious look on his strong defined face. He approached the demon hunters. I saw the muscles work under his tan skin, they pulsed with each step. Why do I get the sense that he's not going to be like the other demons we saw?

The coach stood before them with eyes blazing. His huge muscles bulged. A sadistic smile slowly stretched across his face revealing sharp black teeth. With sounds similar to people eating crab legs, his body began to convulse. With a loud inhuman roar that made every beam in the stadium quake he began to grow. His smile grew grotesque and wide as the teeth protruded into a muzzle. The skin slide back and started ripping at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were literally on fire, smoke came out of his nose as it wrinkled up over the newly formed dog-like muzzle. The skin on his back split open and a black muscular furry back came loose. The skin on his legs and arms and feet snapped open and slide away. A giant creature came forth, continually growing. The skin stretched away and soon was at one gnarled foot of a 20ft tall dog-like beast with 2 rows of teeth almost like a sharks.

It immediately spewed a column of fire at the group. Morgana raised her hands to create a large white wall before them. As if she were pushing the back of a car, she slipped back. The fire washed over the wall. The others scatted. Conner shot holes into the thing as he went off to the side of the things view. Mantis turned to dust and climbed up to the things head. Two horns finished protruding as Mantis reappeared on it's head. She raised a dagger no sooner than the beast raised a hand up to crush her like a fly. Before she could do any damage, she turned to dust, only to reappear on top of the things hand with the dagger raised. She plunged it into the hand. With a shriek the beast blew fire at Conner. He dodged then responded with a grenade! It flew towards the beasts head. It turned its beam of fire towards the grenade setting it off. There was a massive flash of light that made the beast stumble and howl. Its hand spewed black blood. With other hand it lashed out at Morgana who was preparing another spell in midair. With a smoky appearance Mantis stepped in the way with two short swords. Each slashed at a finger before it even reached Morgana. Morgana teleported with a flash to the other side of the beasts paw. As the fingers spewed blood Conner shot at the beasts head multiple times. Black gore came exploding from its head. At that instant Mantis rammed her blades down on its first three fingers severing them at the knuckle. The fingers fell to the ground with a thud. The beasts howled in pain.

Armen looked on and smiled. Morgana shot forth a white beam, disintegrating it's right leg. Before it fell, it grabbed Conner with the other hand. Conner dropped his guns and screamed in pain as the beast went down with him in its grip. Morgana and Mantis teleported on the fist with Conner while Morgana flung a lightning bolt at the beasts head. Before it stuck the beast there was a crack within the beasts' fist as Conner fell limp in its hand. The lightning bolt blew it's head apart that next second while Mantis cut open the beasts knuckles severing Conner from its hand. Conner lay among the beasts fingers in a gnarled bloody mass. He smiled at Mantis before dying. Mantis seemed to cry out in a soft whisper.

In anger she teleported next to Paul who didn't even react as her blade ran through his chest. She started fading away into dust again when Armens eyes turned black and her body flashed before a ghostly figure flew up and into the ground within the glyph. A mummified corpse emerged from the dust cloud and shattered on the ground.

Armen smiled at Morgana as she floated in front of him with a shocked look on her face. "Ouch, you just lost three of your comrades in one fight. How do you feel right now?" he taunted. He walked forwards to the pile of just and shook his head with a smirk. "Stupid bitch, why would she fling herself in a soul trapping ward created by an arch-demon?"

"YOU MONSTER!!!" Morgana screamed in tears. She flung every spell imaginable at him. Armen waved them away as if they were leaves falling from the sky. She teleported behind him and blasted him with a beam of light. His naked body flew forward away from the pedestal, out of the circle and landed with a thud in front of me. He got up laughing. His handsome face was speckled with bits of mud. His smooth tanned body shifted and tensed as he got to his feet. I noticed that Paul was on the ground next to Morgana dead. But he didn't disappear in a black gust of smoke like the others. He was on his side with an empty dead look on his handsome face, with blood dripping from it's . . . wait blood! Demons don't bleed! Morgana began walking towards Armen. I noticed the man on the table smile. With inhuman strength he snapped his confines walked up behind Morgana! I immediately screamed, "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!" The demon raised its human hand and with a cracking noise the skin broke open like a banana peel to reveal sharp talons. Morgana turned around and blasted him with ice freezing him in place.

Armen turned towards me and said, "Nice save bitch!" in an inhuman voice. A sharp pain seized my throat and I fell to the ground. Morgana blasted him with light sending him flying with a screech. The ice broke around the "sacrifice". He grabbed Morgana around the waist with one arm as the rest of his skin came apart. His handsome face sloughing off like a wet paper bag. Morgana screamed as she exploded with light disintegrated him into dust.

"ENOUGH ARMEN, IT'S OVER!!! You lost all your demonic minions!!!" she yelled with eyes blazing white.

Armen backed up with a slightly worried look on his face. Then the glyph changed color. The flames turned to a dark black color and the ground shook. I noticed the skin on Paul's face came off a bit to reveal a human corpse beneath!! Wait Paul was already dead. That is another corpse! I noticed something about it . . . it was looking at me, tearing and pointing at me . . . wait. I immediately turned around to see Corey's red eyes before he grabbed me! "NOOOO I cried."

Morgana flashed behind him and hit him with that light that killed the demon in Paul before. Corey's skin emptied before it crumpled to the ground. "When did he . . . " I cried out in tears and I slumped to the ground. Morgana stood between me and Armen eyes blazing again.

"Whaaaaahahahahaha" Armen cried out in a deep demonic voice. His smile stretched wide, his perfect teeth showed beneath his lips, but an inhuman serpent-like tongue protruded as if to taunt us. "IT'S TOO LATE!!!! Whaaahahahaha" he bellowed. The ground shook more violently. The glyph glowed surprisingly bright with the dark fire. The stadium lights went out one by one. Armen put his hands in the air as red lighting struck the area around him blasting me and Morgana back against the stadium wall. His smile stretched wider as his hair stood on end and his back hunched over. Every muscle in his body was tense. He stood on his tip toes, the nails on his hands and feet grew out black and sharp. The muscles on his back shifted before the skin split apart. Huge black bat-like wings jutted from his back. His eyes turned pitched black with serpent-like red slits in the middle. His abs and quads flexed. His feet elongated and tore open as black reptilian-like feet emerged. The skin on his strong hands burst apart to reveal black sharp animal-like hands. A thick tail emerged behind him black as night. A grinding noise drew attention to Mikes head as the skin bubbled out and popped open to reveal demonic horns. His chest and abs fell off as he continued to grow in size. He reached up to his face, the only recognizable part left on him and pulled at it. His face stretched awkwardly. It tore around his horns before coming off in one piece revealing a smiling demonic face. He threw the empty face at Morgana's feet as the rest of the skin slid off. He continued to grow. Larger and Larger, he grew beyond the size of the dog demon they fought before. His black titan-like demonic form was terrifying. Every part of my body froze and shook. Morgana even shied back. The ground within the glyph gave way and fell to the depths of hell. Fires lept up and out.

"Whaahahahaha" laughed Armen in a deep epic voice. "It's all over. Here he comes, my father, the worthy son of your God . . . Satan."

From it a small figure walked from the flames onto the football field. He wore nothing at all. He was breathtakingly handsome with an almost bored look on his face. He looked around. He looked at Armen for a moment before drawing his eyes to Morgana. He smiled slightly and snapped his fingers. The fires went out the glyph disappeared along with the wreckage around it. In its place there was a table with a single chair and a glass of wine. A fine suit appeared on his perfect body. He smugly sat down and sniffed the wine.

We all stood there in silence and shock. Armen looked anxious but stayed silent as well. Some time passed when Armen finally spoke. The man was halfway finished with his wine. He had just been looking around patiently as if enjoying the evening on the patio of a fine restaurant.

"Welcome master, I have at last freed you!" he said as his massive form bowed low before this man I'm assuming was Satan.

The man looked slightly annoyed. He delicately set down his wine glass before he spoke. "Armen" he said in a normal voice, "I don't remember ever asking for your help to free me . . . am I wrong?" he said looking at his fingernails.

"Master I . . . I figured you would . . . "

"You figured I would want to be freed. Freed from what may I ask?" he interrupted.

"From the confines of hell of course master," Armen responded, clearly unnerved with his masters reaction.

"What in the universe made you think that A.) I needed the help and B.) I was trapped to begin with?" he replied.

"But the last time I tried to do this you told me to leave hell and . . . " he replied desperately.

"I told you to leave, that is all. I never told you to summon me here and start this entire calamity. You were simply annoying me. I spared your life and instead told you to come here. I wanted you to find a hobby so you could stop with the constant blab la bla bla, whaaaaaaa whaaaa I wanna get out of hell, whaaaa" he said mockingly. I created hell. I like hell. Why would I want to leave it you idiot? I was never trapped, I simply decided to stay there. My father, their God, as he motioned to me and Morgana, asked me to never set foot on this world. And I never have until now. I already have hold of the majority of the people here. I have already conquered this plane. Why would I ever have to get my hands dirty? God knows it. He just wants the game to be played fair. He doesn't interfere directly and I don't interfere directly, those are the rules and you just forced me to break it."

He gently stood up and adjusted his suit. "I'm very displeased Armen. Very displeased. I'm hoping Jehovia will let this one slide as long as I put everything back the way it was and of course punish you . . . which I . . . will . . . do." He said dangerously.

"Master please, I didn't know!!! I'm sorry, please don't . . . " Armen started but was interrupted with Satan's hand raised for silence. "You almost cost me my win Armen, for that you will suffer." He said lightly. With a snap of his hand a giant inferno opened up from the ground under Armen. Armen fell with a giant scream. He tried pulling himself up digging huge chasms in the field, but the pull of hell was too much. He fell and the void closed, with it Armens screams ended along with the screams of the damned.

"I'm so sorry about all this . . . kids ya know." He said walking towards us. I will be returning everything back to normal. I wish it could have been this way he said evilly with a smile, but rules are rules."

Morgana frowned and gathered herself up. "You won't get away from me!" she said as her eyes glowed white again.

"Oh please girl," he said laughing. "You couldn't kill me with all the powers of all the realms in the universes. No no no. You just relax. I love this game too much to leave you in your state of despair. With a snap of his fingers all damages were repaired and the people gone. "Everyone is back at home sleeping. Everyone who's skins were stolen by my boy are alive and well and not demons." He said with a chuckle. "And last, you will never know that any of this will happen." He said with a wink. He snapped his fingers again and . . . .

--- ---- -----

There was a knock on my door. I woke up with a start. My roommate walked in. "Hurry and get ready! Corey will be here soon to take you to the party because we are going ahead. See ya!" she said before she shut the door.

"Really? A dream? I said. "That's fucked up."

The End



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