The young football players now fully dressed, looking at the now perfectly clean locker room, not one spot of blood or any evidence that may lead to 18 brutally murdered men could be seen. Their eyes glowed red for a moment then dimmed to the appropriate color of their human skin host. They looked up at the open vent, knowing who lies inside, they knew what they had to find...a skin for their demon leader. They heard a low growl come deep within the vent and a pair of bright red eyes appeared. The growl increased in volume and then there was a raspy inhuman voice.

'Get me a host, I want a human who is attractive and large, I hate small skinss', it said.

The men nodded with evil smiles. They turned to the door and filed out, as if they were in the military. A tall short-haired blond turned to the group of handsome 'men' and told them to spread out and mingle with the humans, take any women's soul you want in the process but keep your eyes open for a host. When you find him, contact me. They nodded, checked themselves in the mirror one more time, some pulled on their face to smooth it out, and then they left to go to the festivities of the night.


At the party I looked around and saw everyone with the familiar red cup in the hand. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, some of the class clowns were up on a table mimicking a poor complaint from the Vikings coach about a penalty call. Everyone was hanging out in his or her respective clicks, the cheerleaders, the geeks, the preps, and the jocks. Usually at parties like this, the cheerleaders hang out with the football players; they are usually what the party centers around because so many of the players on the team are dating the cheerleaders. What I find weird was the fact that none of the football players had shown up yet, and this party was thrown because of their win. I looked and looked but I could only see the girlfriends of the players and Mark, who is actually one of the football player's, named Jason, boyfriend. It was hard for them to come out, but since his boyfriend is the star quarterback on the team, it made it a little easier on them. I see other people at other Universities and how cruel people are, and I'm proud and surprised to see that our school has a couple who is respectful and modest about their relationship, no matter how different, and are still accepted by most of the students at Carlton University. Mark sat with some of the jocks, laughing and talking about the big win. He is quit a handsome man, although not quit my type, he has dark black hair, a little shaggy, and had a sexy small athletic figure. He was wearing a tight black button-up shirt and black pants. He is the cross-country team's captain and has won us 2 championships so far. I walked over to Jaimie, Anthony's girlfriend. Anthony has blond short hair and is the best receiver in the league. She was talking with some of the other cheerleaders, watching a couple of drunken people dance. She saw me and hugged me. I have always had a crush on her, but since she was dating Anthony I just acted like her bi-curious friend. I savored the little hug, but pulled away so as not to arouse myself to the point that she would notice. I looked in her eyes and smiled, she looked playfully (not knowing how I really feel about her) bobbing her head to the song 'Get Low'.

'So judging by the people who are here, I figured that the guys would have been here by now', I asked.

'Ya, I don't know what's going on, he said he would have been here 2 hours ago; I figure they maybe got held a little later for a pep talk from the coach or something.' She responded like it was no big deal.

I knew that wasn't true because I saw the coach leave the school parking lot right after the other team left the field, he had to get home because his son was sick. I decided not to pursue the issue, I didn't think much about it as an issue considering they all weren't here, they must all be doing something together. Just then we could see a series of lights in the window, they're here. Mark looked up from his conversation and smiled. I heard a couple of drunken guys cheer and yell that it was about time. Jamie left the group of girls and went outside. I decided to get another beer, and some snacks.

Just as I came back, the whole football team was grouped in the living room, looking around with weird expressions on their faces. They all stood their, handsome and big, scanning the crowd for what I would hope to be their significant others. I saw Anthony with his arm around Jamie, she looked a little worried, but she smiled and talked with the other guys. Mark saw Jason talking to some of the other cheerleaders who weren't dating any of the football team, I could tell by the puzzled look on his face that he wanted to know why Jason didn't say hi or even look at him twice since he came in the door. Mark smiled at the people he was talking with and excused himself. He got up and made his way towards Jason. All of the football players had their girls clutched in their arms, completely into them and no-one else. The girls all looked a little embarrassed and weirded out by the intense interest, but loved and laughed about it with the other people. But even then the men just stared intensely at their girl, not paying anyone else any attention.

I was standing a few people from Jason and heard him talking to the girls, he sounded a little different then normal. Usually he is more upbeat and hyper, but he was more gentile and flirtatious. I even saw him compliment one of the girls' hair, and brushed her bangs back at the same time. I saw a few of my friends and made my way towards them, I let Mark pass me as he walked up to Jason. I turned to see Jason ignore Mark for the first 15 seconds that Mark was standing there. Weird, I thought, as I continued to make my way on the other side of them where my friends Whitney and Corey were sitting. They were just talking, not really noticing anything going on next to them between Jason and Mark. I sat down, said hi, but continued to watch Mark and Jason. Jason was now talking to Mark, but not in a close way, he was kinda looking Mark up and down, like he was judging him. Jason had his arm around a girl named Shannon, Mark was clearly upset. Although Jason was clearly more muscular than Mark, Mark looked like he could have torn through him with his rage. Mark was confused and hurt, and all I could hear was, 'what is wrong with you, your soo different!'. Jason simply told him with a cold stare that he would be with him after he's done talking to Shannon, as he pulled her closer. Shannon didn't even care that they were lovers, she just looked up at Jason's handsome face with her hand on his toned chest and her legs around his thick thighs with a look of admiration and lust. Mark looked at Shannon with disgust and trudged off, knocking into Jasons' shoulder. Jason just followed Marks cold stare as he walked off. Jason then turned to Shannon and smiled, saying he was sorry about that. She said that she understood. He then asked her if she would like to go upstairs, she immediately said yes, the other girls smiled with red faces and watched them leave. Matter of fact, many of the football players were going up stairs with their girls, their intense stares following the women that they let lead them to the rooms. I couldn't believe how horny they all were. I wasn't the only one that noticed. Many of the players other friends were laughing and kinda joking about how different the whole team seemed. I looked at my friends who just kinda gave me that 'OMG' look and we continued to talk about the win and various other things. But I couldn't help thinking about how weird the whole football team seemed.

Later in the night as people started to pass out, many leaving, some of the football players came down the stairs, now leading their girlfriends instead of being the one's led. They all came down at around the same time. But it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. The football players had their pants and undershirts on, you could see their smooth tanned arms bulging as they continued to lead them downstairs. The girls on the other hand looked completely worn out, but had these looks of...what could best be described as possession on their now pale faces. They all looked the same. Worn out with these strange blank looks on their faces. Some people that were still awake hooted, but didn't really pay much attention. The players now had a very serious looks on their handsome faces. They kinda looked around, leading their women around passed out friends, with the opposite interest in them that they had going up. They all silently picked up the women's things and their own, and began to leave. The girls clueless, like the life was drained from there bodies.

I saw Jason and Shannon, he approached where I was sitting, leading Shannon between people on the floor; Shannon had that blank look on her face, her clothes loose and wrinkly. I looked at Jason, and he was looking straight at me with a surprising interest. I kinda flushed red, and looked away, but my suspicion was too much and I looked back. He was now gathering his, and her things right next to me. He was really close to me, bending down and picking up his new girlfriends things. I didn't even notice my friends had left. I was sitting alone at the table now, Jason two inches away. I was dying to ask him questions or hear something that explained why he was acting so weird. I have always liked Jason, but we never really talked. He was now putting Shannon's coat on for her; she looked a little like a puppet rather than a girl someone just made love to. Jason had a thick body, with perfectly toned muscles that were very visible through the thin shirt he was wearing. His face was handsome, his brown hair was perfectly cut to the perfect height. He suddenly turned away from Shannon and stared right into my eyes intensely. Without blinking he told Shannon to go to his car, still in a daze she turned toward the door and walked off. I didn't know what to do, or what he was going to say. I wasn't worried, I was pretty big myself; I'm the kind of guy that isn't into sports, but likes to work out. I have sandy blond short hair that is usually spiked in the front, and I take pride in the way my body looks. I have had many girlfriends and a few men that I have fooled around with. I looked up into Jason's face and nodded at him. He didn't change his seemingly plastic facial expressions for a moment before smiling and saying, 'What a night, right?' He sat down on the chair next to me and scooted it towards me. He leaned into where I was, elbows on the table. His handsome face pulled in close to mine. I saw the fine lines on his face, and noticed how...wrinkly he was, looked like he aged a few years in a matter of hours. It didn't take away from how hot he was, it made him look more distinguished. I felt a strange attraction to his seriously strange behavior. This was not the reaction I was expecting from myself, but I went with it in the interest of figuring out what happened.

'Shannon's Hot, don't you think?' He said.

'Sure, I used to go out with her', I let him know.

He smiled at me without looking away. I had the strange feeling that he was into me, and I was strangely into him. I didn't know why, it almost felt like I lost control of my body. I blushed a little, but maintained my steady gaze into his eyes. He came in closer and touched my shoulder. His thick strong hand was warm against my body.

'So you have been out with her; have you always liked women?' he bluntly asked.

I knew he was gay, but after tonight and how he was acting with women now, more specifically Shannon, I couldn't help feeling a little awkward. I am openly bisexual, but I usually don't have this strong of an attraction right off the bat with someone like Jason, especially the way he had been acting tonight. I looked at him strangely, with a very suspicious expression; he just stared at me intensely with his crystal blue eyes. I felt so attracted to him, but I wanted to show him that I meant business and wanted answers.

'What about your boyfriend Mark?' I said.

He smiled, as if he knew that question would come.

'I'm just trying to figure out what I want, it was hard hurting Mark like that, but I knew that quick and cold was the way that it needed to be you understand?'

'Not really, but I can kinda see what you are going through...what about Shannon?' I replied.

'What about her, she is so out of it right now, I think she had too much to drink or something.' He said with a carefree smile.

I wasn't comfortable with that response, but I was so...hypnotized by him, it was almost unnatural. His blue eyes seemed to glow. I just stared. His perfectly bronzed skin, his perfect face, his sexy brown hair, his muscles, everything about him was perfect; but everything seems weird, from his drastic change in attitude towards the ones he once loved, his different appearance, his change in personality, the teams involvement and similarities to these changes, everything...but his eyes...they seemed to wrap around my vary soul and pull it towards him.

Jason suddenly averted his gaze and looked around the room, everyone was passed out asleep. He then grabbed my hand, again giving me that intense stare. His hand felt unrealistically soft, almost like treated leather. It was unnatural, and he was so warm, it felt almost felt as though he was running a fever. I was still enchanted, hypnotized by his eyes, and now his inhuman touch. I stood up, now grabbing his hand in response. He got up and got closer.

He pulled me up the stairs; I pulled back and asked again, 'What about Shannon?'

'Oh, she's walking home, she drove here, but she's to's only a 5 minute walk and she wanted to.'

I knew he was lying, but my body didn't allow me to care. I followed him. We went to the first door on the right, the room was empty and dark, I know became the controlling one and pushed him on the bed and kicking the door shut with my foot. I swear I heard a deep growl come from deep within his throat, but the thought was interrupted with him pulling me on top of him. His whole body was unnaturally warm and soft. His muscles hard and toned, the tanned skin draped over it, once again I noticed fine wrinkles, but I lost the thought as he kissed me with his even softer lips. Time seemed to slow down, I pressed my lips up against his, my face sliding over his, our noses pressed together. I put my hands to the side of his head and slid my tongue into his mouth, feeling for his tongue. I felt his slide over mine...but his tong felt weird, his tongue was rough, completely unlike everything else I experienced. It felt like I was running my tong over a sharpened cheese grater...but once again, I looked into his seemingly glowing blue eyes and didn't stop...immediately. When the pain became too much I reared up and practically tore my shirt off as I was still on top of him. The moonlight was bright; I looked down at his intense stare and the pain went away, his handsome features were relaxed and smooth. His lips were parted and I could see blood on his tong and the tips of his perfect teeth, but for some reason I wasn't freaked out...I wanted more, I couldn't explain it, but all my body craved was more of this...Jason. His face now looked hungry and wild. He slid his soft warm hands over my ripped stomach, all the way up until he grabbed the sides of my face, I continued to stare at his bright blue eyes. I tightly clenched my legs around his thick waist. I kissed him again, once again ignoring that razor like tong, I couldn't feel any pain, I ran my fingers up his face up into his soft sandy-blond hair. With the same hungry-like face, he raised his arms up. I sat up and lifted his shirt off. I clenched sides of his waist at the site of his toned sexy body. He looked at me with that hungry look and a half smile, his eyes now brightly glowing blue in the moonlight. I started to gently rub his abs and pectoral muscles. His skin was so soft and his body, now it was hot! I continued to message his hard muscles, enjoying the feel of his unnaturally soft hot skin. His handsome strong face flinched, his bright blue eyes rolled back and closed as he tilted his head back with a low grown. Our bodies began to pulse and shift as I continued to idolize his sexy body. I like to take it slow, so I thought I would message his body one more time, starting with his lower abs. I slid down his chest to the line where his pants started and then I started to message the abs. He moaned and tilted his head back. I started to rub harder, but then I noticed that his skin was wrinkling and stretching in an awkward way, it was almost like rubbing a silk blanket on a hard wooden table. He didn't seem to notice, his head was still reared back and was moaning. I was horrified, but still very curious. So I started to push his now rippled skin up towards his hard tense chest muscles. I continued to message harder and push up, and to my disgust his skin stretched awkwardly up, bundling up and pushing up the other once sexy features of his sexy body. I then pulled the unnaturally loose stretchy skin up. It was almost like Jason's skin was a loose fitting skin-suit...Jason was sick or something! Just then his head snapped up, his eyes were now bright red! His now angry looking face was contorted in an inhuman smile, now the many wrinkles on his face made him look crazy but still handsome. Something unnatural was at work here, Jason wasn't Jason anymore.

My chest went cold causing me to let go of Jason's skin, it made a sickening slap as it snapped back in it's contorted shape. I heard a low growl come deep from within Jason's chest as he grabbed my hand with such strength it felt like my hand had been severed from my wrist. Before I could even yell, he wrestled me down on the bed so he was positioned on top of me, I struggled but it was futile, with such inhuman strength on his side I didn't stand a chance. I tried to scream but he put his now extremely hot hand over my mouth. He came in closer, his face right up close to mine.

'I need you, so don't worry about dying...yet', he whispered with a raspy inhuman voice.

His eyes were bright red, his handsome face seemed tight like it was covering something inhuman...maybe an alien? This was crazy, I thought I was dreaming. He came in closer, pushed his face up against mine, his heavy breathing in my ear. Then with a disgusting grunt he produced an inhuman lizard-like tong and licked the side of my face; I felt it scraping my cheeks, I knew I was bleeding.

He stopped still close to my face and whispered, 'Oh, I shouldn't do that, we need you intact.'

We?...I thought. I was scared, this was a life or death moment, I used all my strength to knee him off my body. He fell off the bed with an animal-like screech. I screamed help and bolted for the door. He jumped up and tackled me to the ground, the air was knocked from my lungs; he got off me and allowed me to squirm on the floor from the impact. He stood over me, his stomach skin still awkwardly stretched over his muscles. He looked at his own stomach then smiled back at me. He started to pull the skin into the correct position on his body, and smoothed it back into place.

'That would have looked weird', he said playfully with that inhuman voice.

He then bent down and grabbed me by the neck with one hand and lifted me up. I am no lightweight at 214 pounds. His hands were burning my closed throat; I continued to squirm, feeling my head throb and my eyesight fading. He looked up at me with his red eyes smiling, his head slightly tilted to the right. I was weird inhuman veins in his large neck. He then threw me against the wall and pinned me up against it with his forearm. My nose was bleeding now, I felt the watery liquid run over my mouth and on to his arm. With that tilted head stare, he released me from that hold and looked at his forearm with my blood on it. He smiled and licked his arm.

This was my chance. I jumped up and punched him as hard as I could in his face. He flew back with a screech and landed on the floor. I ran over to his head and kicked him in the face. He turned over on his stomach. I saw his back muscles sliding under his skin and I knew he was getting up. I tried another break for the door, but he was to fast, he grabbed me and slammed me up against the wall. I looked into his face and was horrified to see part of his once slightly sunken cheek hanging off his face, half of it completely torn off! Underneath Jason's sleek skin was a black slimy surface. I screamed, again to be muffled by his hot hand. His eyes glowed even brighter, and I immediately felt my tong and the roof of my mouth throb with pain, I knew these were the wounds from his tongue earlier. I closed my eyes in response to the pain.

'You're a feisty one aren't you' he said with a low rough laugh.

'It looks like I'm going to need some help', he said, his smile fading.

I once again need him in the stomach and punched him in the face, my fist connected to the torn part of his face, I felt a burning sensation on my fist. He stumbled back; I turned and reached for the doorknob again. I heard a loud rip and a black slimy snakelike thing wrap around my waist and I was flung on the floor, it was burning my waist. I saw that Jason was standing to the side of me, the black thing was a tail coming from Jason, some of his skin was on the tip of the tail. I had tears in my eyes from all the pain, I couldn't even yell anymore. He released me from his tail, it slithered behind him and he once again sat on me, straddling my body.

'If you don't cooperate I'll have to kill you', he said with an almost sympathetic voice.

'And that wouldn't be fun now would it', he snarled as he grabbed my hair.

I reached up and grabbed his face with one hand and poked his eyes with the other, he let out a horrible screech. In response he grabbed my neck. I reached up and pulled at Jason's face. To my surprise the skin gave way. The handsome part of his face wrinkled away as I pulled the now warm skin away from the black skin underneath. He pulled his head back causing more of the skin to tear away. I gave one more pull and his entire face peeled off with a slurping sound into my hand. I looked at the hole in the human skin that was once his eye that was left in my hand. I screamed. I looked up and saw that the red eyes were brighter than I have ever seen. Horns began to push out from his skull with the sound of stone grinding together. I was terrified. I dropped Jason's face and punched the demon thing in the face. I heard a terrifying laugh come from it. The tail came up over his head and jabbed me in the neck. I then felt my body go cold, I couldn't move!

The demon thing rose to its feet. I saw the demon things' head with its bright red eyes, but the rest of his body looked like Jason's. There was part of Jason's hair and neck skin, but the face was revealed as this demons'. It was so unreal; I just closed my eyes and said to myself this was a dream. But the pain, it was too much. I watched as the demon thing walked to the door, it put its hands on the sides of the door and put its hideous face close to the door knob. I heard a coughing gagging sound come from the demon and a bunch of black liquid came from its mouth onto the doorknob, their was a sizzling sound and smoke; the doorknob and metal door fixtures melted and dripped down the side of the door. He was sealing me in. I tried to move, but my body would not allow it. He then pulled a rock out of his jean pocket and talked into it like you would a walky-talky. A symbol seemed to glow on the back of the oval rock:

'I need three of you to get back to the party, pull around to the back of the house with the SUV, make sure no-one is around, my disguise is torn.' He casually said into the rock.

'Sure thing', voices said from the rock.

He came back up to where I was lying to stand over me, straddling me. His demon face smiled. I could see the human skin part of him, still perfectly fit, tanned skin; everything was still sexy, except for his face...his hideous demon face. The demon smiled at me and knelt on my chest. His hands rose to his human hair behind his horns and he grabbed it and pulled; the rest of the human skin around his head peeled back like a hoody. He laughed again.

'You know, I have been dying to take this shit off since I put it on, so for that I must thank you', he taunted.

A single tear ran down my cheek. He laughed and licked my face again with his razor-like tong. He got up and went to the window, I couldn't really see what he was doing there because of where I was on the floor, but I heard more talking and responses from that rock. A couple of minutes later, although it seemed like hours for me, I heard cars pulling up around the house and doors slamming. Jason, or whatever it was, laughed saying how it was about time. He once again came up to me, this time picking my body up from behind. I was being carried towards the window. I tried to fight back, but nothing happened. He pulled me close to him; his demon face was close to mine again.

He whispered in an evil tone, 'You see our leader needs you; he needs your skin!'

I was frantic, my mind was racing, what could I do? How could I get out of this! The demon then wrapped his human arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his own.

'You know, your quit a fine specimen, the perfect look for our leader.'

He started to gyrate and rub my body while laughing evilly. Then without warning he kicked out the window and positioned me out of it, I was hanging out of the second story window by my armpits! He was holding me like a mother would a child, but without care. I looked below and saw three members of the football team. They had an SUV pulled up underneath me. Anthony was there, along with two others I didn't know the name of.

Anthony yelled up at the demon. 'Go ahead and let him fall, Armen won't care if the bones are broken, he just doesn't want the skin ruined.'

The demon laughed again and let me go! I was screaming, but no sound came out. I fell on my right side with a loud metallic thud. I heard my bones break and felt all of the pain...this is it, this is how I am going to die, everything was blurred...blurred and dimming...sound...lau



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