The lights gleamed off The Devils dark red helmets as the rain pounded down on the field. We are losing badly. Three team members have been hurt to the point where they had to go to the hospital. These guys are out for blood it seems. The quarterback seemed to stutter as he told us the play. I knew it was hopeless. It was 70-0 in the 4th quarter. This is the first time I had played all year as an offensive guard. I'm usually on the bench. "BREAK" we chanted . . . weakly as we took our positions. Sweat and rain pored into my eyes, I crouched down and looked at The Devils linemen. They all had crazed looks on their smooth faces . . . what were they on? They all twitched and shifted there feet in anticipation . . . like rabid animals.

"You ready to bleed human!" the lineman in front of me yelled.

"Wha?" I said with surprise.

The rain came in sideways; the guy in front of me had black hair matted on his crazed face and was about the same size as me. I heard a deep growl from the one next to him. I shuddered and waited for the mark to plow into him. I looked into his eyes, angry and surprisingly scared. These guys seem crazy. His eyes seemed to glisten red in the shadow of his helmet.

"HIKE!", I launched at him with all my strength. My pads landed against his helmet and it flew off. But his charge threw me back with such force I was desperate for air before I even hit the ground. He had a twisted look on his face as he stood over me in triumph, despite having his helmet knocked off. My nose was bleeding, and my body felt like I was repeatedly run over by a tractor. The lineman looked down at me with a wide smile on his face as he laughed. My blood was all over his forearm and he looked at me, brought his forearm up to his face and licked my blood off his arm. He smiled and laughed at the sight of my disgusted look on my face. There was mud on my face, I looked around and saw my other teammates flat on their backs as well. Our quarterback was clutching his leg and crying out in pain.

"Ok we are done, we forfeit!" our coach yelled. He was running on the field to our quarterback. There were no paramedics left. No one was in the stands except for the concerned parents. I stood up and watched as The Devils celebrated and started to make there way to the locker room. The man with dark hair looked at me and licked his lips. I lost it. I ran at him with all my might, I swung my fist at his face with all my might. With inhuman speed he dodged my attack and came up behind me putting me in a chokehold.

"You weak little human, when you die I will personally harvest your soul and torture it until the end of times!" he whispered in my ear with an inhuman voice. With that he licked the side of my face.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" I yelled with such hatred, such passion . . . but there was nothing I could do about it.

"That's enough Paul", said there coach. Our coach came running up, "what's going on here?"

"Oh nothing, seems your team member here attacked Paul here, he just defended himself, I'm sorry if he hurt him". He looked my way and smirked.


Later that night I told my coach I was going to go home with my parents, which was a lie. I had a friend pick me up and we headed to Carlton University. I told him to wait down the street for me while I took care of some business. I grabbed a crowbar from his trunk and headed towards the school. I'm going to find out what the hell is going on with this team once and for all. This Paul guy, hell the whole team seemed off. They probably take steroids. I pulled a camera/video cam out of my pocket and made sure the flash was on.

I snuck up to the back parking lot where the team parks, right in front of their locker room entrance. I actually went to Carlton my freshman year, so I know this private school inside and out. As I approached the door, making sure no one was in the parking lot, I saw a light on the other side of the door. That's weird because it's almost 4 hours after the game. I heard the voices of the team, talking and seemingly goofing off. As I approached the door I noticed that it was cracked open. Perfect, breaking an entering will not be an issue tonight.

I peaked inside to see all the lights in the hallway were on, many voices could be heard from the locker-room door to the right. I snuck down the hallway and entered the closet door next to the locker-room, shutting and locking it behind me. I turned on the light, and pushed a box under the vent so I could sneak up and spy on them. I could picture them shooting up juice, while bragging about how well they are doing this year. Ya right, these guys are phony and I'm calling them out on it.

I heard the coach yell, "Armen, I wouldn't worry about her, she's too late, we already gathered more than half the souls needed to release him already, she doesn't seem to know which one of us is you anyways, and until she knows she won't do a damn thing!"

Great, some kind of drug/cult thing. I sighed and climbed up to the vent and pulled out my camera to ready my little video shoot. I turned the flash off because it was already lit in the room. I looked in and saw they were all naked, sitting around this guy I have never seen before, he had sandy blond hair, well built; one of these model types . . . although they all looked good. These guys are so gay, I muttered as I readied my camera/video cam.

Just then I saw that Paul kid walk into the locker-room. He had on his football tights and no shirt or shoes, just blood stained socks.

"All the doors are locked now, windows are shut, area is secure." He said.

"Good" said this blond guy acting like the leader.

He stood up and I noticed his eyes glowed bright red! "wha the?" I whispered. A knot grew in my stomach, this was unbelievable. What the hell was going on? I held up my camera and started to record. I felt that I was in over my head, or that I was being punked . . . or at least I hope I was. Paul smiled and stripped out of his football tights and peel off his wet socks. His perfect muscles shifted as he moved. They all stood up and looked at this blond kid in the middle. He was very handsome and just as big as the football players in the room, I don't remember seeing him on the field tonight.

"So can we finally feed tonight . . . Mike?" the teams fullback said with a smirk.

"Well as you all know, the "missing students" are causing suspicion among the students and the parents, so I had Scott here get us someone no-one in this town would miss, it's not prim meat but it will do for the time being," said this mike guy.

Just then a guy with dark highlighted hair walked in with a screaming older women. She was unkempt and clearly roughed up, she had on high heals and looked a bit like a worn out leather bag. She was obviously a hooker. She looked at them and smiled, she looked drunk and high. Well boys, all you had to do was ask . . . you didn't have to kidnap me. Shit, I would do all of you for free! She stumbled into the arms of Mike. He caught her and smiled at the others.

"I'm so sorry for how Scott treated you, he glanced at him and winked, we just needed someone as beautiful as you to satisfy out . . . um . . . hunger," he said with sarcasm.

She slumped down on the floor and smiled at all of the football players. "Well, are you guys like gay or something? You are all so fucking HOT!" She pulled a bottle of Jack out of her purse and took a swig.

"Tell you what, I will fuck each and every one of you if you guys kiss, call it a little fetish of mine," she smiled revealing her brown broken brown teeth and laughed, then took another swig.

Mike smiled at her and looked around. "How bout it boys, wanna give her a show, since she will be doing us such a favor later on," he had to choke back his laughter. The men looked at each other and smiled. One of them shouted, "common I'm hungry, let's just dig in!"

The hooker looked up with a puzzled look on her face, but didn't seem to care. She scratched her ass and nestled the bottle back into her purse. She stood up and sat on the bench in front of one of the lockers. "I'm ready when you are." She crossed her legs like she was trying to be dignified, looking at them with admiration.

Mike walked up to Jeff, grabbed his head and kissed him passionately. There faces smooshed together, I knew that they were using tongue. The other football players began to admire and touch each other, started to kiss, rubbed their bodies against each other. I noticed Paul who locked the door to the room with a key and walked up to Scott and began to message his pecs. It was a massive orgy, the entire football team and the whore.

"What the hell are they doing?" I whispered into the camera. The hooker smiled and began to giggle. "More more more, common you pussies, I want a show!" she yelled and smacked one of the men's asses. Mike pushed Jeff to his knees and made him start to suck his dick. He groaned rolling his eyes back, his muscles tensed up and pulsed. The others kissed each other with such passion. Some began to actually fuck. Scott pushed Paul down on his knees and thrust his cock into his ass. He kissed his neck and back. Paul let out a loud roar . . . it was animal-like, nothing like I have ever heard. I looked to the whore and she started groaning as she played with herself.

"This is some fucked up shit," I mumbled as I made sure I was getting this. I was a little aroused surprisingly. All these men were grinding up against each other, kissing each other with such passion. There bodies seemed to gleam as they rubbed up against each other. There muscles quivered with affection, the sounds they made sounded like a bunch of wolves fucking. Just then Mike roared and I saw his eyes turn bright red again.

"Let's get a little more comfortable boys, be careful tho, don't ruin them too much," he said in an inhuman deep voice.

I noticed his teeth were now pointed like a sharks. I began to shake in terror. The moans became louder and more intense. Jeff began to arch his back while sucking Mike off. Something seemed to slide under his skin of his back. The muscles seemed to grow underneath.

"Careful Jeff," said Mike who had his hands behind his head. The others were fucking harder, you could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh. The hooker was groaning with her eyes shut because of all the action. Just then I watched as one of the guys who was on top of another built team member roar, his face was contorted in a twisted evil shape; then I saw his skin split where his tailbone would be above the ass. A large tail shot out wrapping around one of the ceiling columns as he seemingly peaked. The guy he was fucking yelled as well and his back tore open to reveal a black slimy surface.

I was so scared, I lost my footing and fell, knocking over some folding tables in the process. Just as I hit the ground I heard the women scream. Then I heard carnivorous sounds like rabid animals, followed by a wet dripping sound. I struggled to my feet, I was breathing in panic. I don't know what they are, but they are eating that women and I have to get the fuck outta here! I looked down at the camera, it was still rolling. I got up, scrambled over the debris and opened the door.

There in front of me stood the man they called Armen. He seemed to tower over me. He was naked and seemingly sweaty, until I realized it was blood. An evil smile stretched across his otherwise handsome face.

"Can I help you?" he said with a sadistic smile. He seemed to be taunting me. I slowly backed up and stuttered.

"Oh me? Ha, well I was looking for the bathroom . . . . and . . . boy that fake blood is pretty cool . . . listen I won't say a word I promise." I knew I was in trouble, I was going to die, I'm so scared. Fuck it, I threw down my video recorder and launched myself at this Mike kid. Before I even made contact he grabbed my wrist and held me up with one hand without even flinching. He tossed me across the room to the other side.

"Oh I'm not worried about you saying anything." He said calmly as he walked towards me. His feet stepped on the sharp debris, he didn't flinch.

My vision blurred, I heard the sounds of the carnivorous animals in the next room. My stomach churned. I looked up at Mike, he was over me now with an evil smile spread across his sexy tight face, this time his eyes were bright red.

"Should have just let it go boy", he said in a deep demonic voice that was unlike his own.

He then reached up to his slightly parted mouth. He gripped both the bottom and top lips of his face with both hands then pull them apart. His mouth stretched unnaturally wide. I could see a completely different set of black lips under his human skin. I screamed and backed into the wall. There was this meaty slimy sound as he continued to stretch his handsome face back and over his head, revealing it to be slimy, black, and demonic like. He let go and the skin snapped around his large demonic neck. His handsome face was wrinkled beyond recognition; I could see the empty eye sockets behind his head on a face that looked a lot like a hood now. The creature rolled his head like someone working his neck muscles. I then heard this grinding noise and saw two large black horns protrude from his head.

I looked around, and to my left there was a broken leg of a desk. I grabbed it and launched the broken end of it into his leg. I heard a squeal. Good I hurt the son-of-a-bitch . . . that is until I realized it was laughing. I tried to get up but he grabbed my by the throat and lifted me up again. I could see purple spots, I kicked to try and get myself free.

"Do you have anyone with you?" he asked as he loosened his grip a bit to let me answer. No I said, tears were running down my face. "Goooood" he replied.

Just then he bared his teeth and bit my neck. The pain was unbearable, I tried to scream but it came out like a gurgle. Things began to get dark . . . I heard a wet tearing sound, the pain . . . this is unreal . . . a dream . . . I hope . . .


I slammed my locker and walked up to Corey.

"Are you ready?"

"I forgot my calculus book at home, could I look off of yours today?" he said.

I rolled my eyes and continued to walk to class.

"What? Common I did my homework, I just forgot the book."

"Why are you acting like nothing is bothering you about Mark suddenly acting like the other cheerleaders in this town and Jason and Anthony's disappearances! And oh I don't know, the fact that Mike suddenly returns after disappearing off the face of the earth for three days and he's suddenly besties with the entire football team. This is all fucking weird!" I yelled.

Mrs. Roberts who was walking by turned to give me an annoying scowl.

"My parents pay way too much for me to come here and be scalded for cussing, so you best lose the look!" I yelled at her. "I hate old white bitches."

Corey looked surprised and ushered me to the next hall before the professor could respond.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so frustrated with everything that has happened . . . "

I turned and looked at Corey who was texting, not paying attention to anything I was saying.

"COREY!" I yelled as I closed his phone.

He stood towering over me with an ashamed look on his thick face. Even tho I am only 5'5 135 lbs. and he is 6'5, almost 400 lbs. he seemed to cower at my feet. He is normally insensitive to stuff like this, I always have to scold him like a person does a dog. It's kinda funny to everyone.

Corey had been in football up until his Senior year of high school, when he tore something in his knee. He was devastated by the news that he couldn't play for Carlton University. But we were there for him, and Mikes dad said that he would help sponsor him to become a power lifter when he graduated. Mike was so happy. We have all been friends since kinder garden. Corey is a sweet man, scary to look at but as kind as a kitten.

"Listen I know it's weird, but I don't know what we can do about it. I tried to talk to Mike but he just blew me off, do you want me to ruff him up and make him be a good friend?" Corey said.

"No, I just don't like seeing you acting like this doesn't bother you"

We walked into Mrs. Adams classroom just as the bell rang. Everyone looked at Corey, his size always drew the attention of everyone, no matter how many times he walked into a room. Mrs. Adams wasn't seated at her desk like normal, it was the women they saw with white hair and black thick rimmed glasses. She gazed at the class with her piercing green eyes. Corey smiled, relieved that Mrs. Adams wasn't in today because if she was, she would have made him stay after class for detention.

When the bell rang the she stood up. The class who was talking and joking around immediately fell silent. There was something about her that commanded obedience. She told the class to open the book to page 215. Before Corey raised his hand to tell her he had forgotten her book she placed one on his desk without skipping a beat. Just then the intercom went off and the school was summoned to a special meeting at Draffin Hall.

Everyone crowded into the auditorium. I noticed all the football players sitting in the corner with the coach, Mike was sitting next to him whispering something in his ear. They all looked the same. They had the same calculating eyes, something you would see in someone who was the coaches age, that young teen shine in the eye didn't exist in them. That so weird to think of Mike as one of them. I tried to sit close to him, but there were no seats. Corey took up two seats next to me. We watched as the principle took the podium, we also noticed a cop standing close by.

"Hello Carlton University, today I wanted to discuss the situation with two dear students that has recently come to my attention. As many know, Jason Maddow and Anthony Mathis have been missing since last Friday night. Many parents have become aware of the change in mood of many of you, and think it would be wise to bring this up for discussion together. We realize than many of you are sad about there disappearance, but the authorities are doing everything in there power to locate these two young men, your friends. We hope that if anyone has information they would be willing to share it with any faculty member or officer Martin here."

He gestured to the cop standing close by. He waved at the students. I looked at Corey in a "told ya so" kinda way.

"We know this is especially hard for our football team, for he was very close to all of you", and he gestured to the football team, who all put there heads down in a almost sarcastic manner. I saw coach and Mike smirk as he said this. I almost stood up and yelled at him.

"We are happy to see that you boys are still playing hard and winning without them, we just hope they will return to us soon so The Devils can play in the finals together" he said as the students cheered, the football team stood up with flattered looks on there faces.

On our way out I turned to Corey and said, "something is up and we are getting to the bottom of this, meet me around 9'oclock tonight by the practice field . . . "

"What are we doing at 9 o'clock Mrs. Whitney?"

The substitute was standing behind Corey the whole time. I looked down and looked for an excuse. She seemed to look right through her. Her green eyes seemed to read her mind.

"Do you two have something you want to tell me about the disappearance of Jason and Anthony?" she said with a cold gaze.

Corey looked away, then at me looking for guidance.

"We just like watching our team practice, Corey used to be on the team after all, and me, well I just love seeing those boys at work", I tried to play it off like I was just a dumb horny girl. She didn't seem to buy it.

"Just be careful you two, I wouldn't mess with that team so close to the championship, they are all on edge these days", she said as she walked away, implying that she knew more than the rest of this town.


We crouched down behind a training sled watching the lit field. We saw the football team standing in the middle around . . . Mike? I looked to Corey with a confused look. Since when is Mike interested in football? Corey shrugged, taking a bit out of a snickers bar.

"Can you think about anything else but food?" I said as I slapped the back of his head.

"What I'm fucking hungry," he replied. "You made me skip dinner"

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the team again. They were all in there football tights and there white practice jerseys covering the pads, although I didn't think they needed them. They were all so big and muscular. Even Mike, who was wearing kaki pants and a tight white shirt, seemed like one of the team members. Never really noticed it before but he's so hot; too bad he's acting like such a jerk recently.

It was chilly outside, and the team really didn't look like they were doing much. They were listening to Mike talk. This is so weird I thought. Just then Mike gestured to the stands. From behind the stands walked up Mark. He was holding, no forcing a priest from behind the stands!

"Dude, is that father Morrison?" said Corey, now showing a new interest in the situation.

Members of the football team glanced around really quick then advanced towards the priest. The priest looked terrified! I looked to Corey and gestured for us to move closer. We followed the fence to the edge of the stand, we made sure we were out of site and glanced from behind a dumpster. Mark, who was much smaller than the football team members and even the pudgy priest, forced him with ease towards the team. Mike seemed like the leader of the pact. Mark threw the priest to the ground and then took his place besides Mike. The priest slowly got to his feet, he looked terrified.

"You won't get away with this DEMONS!" he said.

Corey and I just looked at each other.

"They certainly take this football thing seriously," I whispered before being shushed by Corey.

"God will force you all back to the fiery depths of hell, and this time you won't be able to get out!" he yelled as if his words were boulders being hurled at the team. The team just stood there, amused with his seemingly empty threats.

"Oh now father Morrison, why would you say things like that . . . we have known each other forever, since I was a little boy," Mike said with such evil sarcasm a shiver shot down my spine.

Without warning the priest pulled out a large gold cross and held it up as if this was a vampire reenactment.

"Hail Mary full of grace . . .," he yelled like a spell. Some of the other football players cringed at the sound of the prayer. Suddenly all of there eyes turned bright red, an eerie glow, like only the pupil was glowing red despite the bright practice lights above. Mike laughed loudly; I could see his muscles tighten up as he did.

"Don't be a fool father, you don't have enough juice. To us you sound like Miley Cyrus, mildly annoying at best." He said. "All we wanted to do was talk, well I wanted to ask you a simple question . . . who is she? Who is this women that is trying to stop us? Tell me the truth father, that will be the only way to save your soul after all, you know the whole redemption thing", he said with a little playful wink.

"Don't think you can coerce information from me demon, I have the almighty on my side!!!" father Morrison responded.

"Ok, I tried to be . . . nice, but I see you are going to blindly continue to follow that Asshole upstairs . . . I promise you priest, you will tell me." He said darkly with a twisted laugh.

Mike raised a hand and the priest rose up in the air. The priest continued to clutch his cross and recite the Lords Prayer. The players laughed. I looked at Corey's horrified face. We started to backtrack further away, this was clearly beyond us. The priest started to scream, he was then blasted up against the steel frame of the bleachers. His arms and legs were spread wide against the steel columns and support beams.

"Again, tell me who they sent priessst, I don't have all night, practice ends at 10 after all and I can't be late for curfew!" he said, seemingly more impatient and frustrated. Father Morrison wreathed in pain, dropping his cross.

"NEVER! The lord will smite you down, and the priestess will help him!" he said, not realizing that he gave up valuable hint to Mike . . . well I guess the possessed Mike. Mike laughed.

"This was too easy." He said. Then I watched as Father Morrison's arms and legs began to bend backwards around the beams of the bleachers. His screams were so loud, I heard his bones start to make a cracking sound. I was terrified, my arms and legs seemed paralyzed, my skin was clammy and I was shaking. Suddenly, his black shirt and pants became awkward and ridged as one last crunching sound emerged from the priests body. Blood started to drip from his body. His arms were bent backwards around the beams were the elbow was, and his knees were bent forwards and up wards over his thighs. I couldn't believe what I saw. Even more terrifying was the fact that father Morrison was still alive. His screaming stopped, his body was in shock. His destroyed body fell to the ground with a muffled thud. His fingers twitched as he laid face down on the ground.

"Dinner is ready, just bring it in the shower room so we don't make a mess." Mike said in a motherly tone to the rest of the team and Mark who was seemingly salivating at the site of Morrison's body.

Corey pulled me back and motioned for the two of us to get the hell out of here. I agreed wholeheartedly, and we scrambled back to our car. What are we going to do? Police? SWAT? Army? . . . parents?


"Common, pick him up and take him inside", said Arman. He looked around with his eyes now bright blood red. He saw two human souls running from the edge of the field to a car. He was clearly concerned.

"Jeff, Paul come here", he yelled. Someone was spying on us, did you scan the area like I said. Jeff and Paul looked at each other with shamed looks on their faces.

"Your incompetence will cost you two fools!" he snarled. His eyes turned black and Jeff and Paul squealed in pain, and fell to there knees. "You two are going to find out who those two humans are and possess them, I don't want people to suspect us in any way . . . FIND THEM!" he said in a deep low raspy voice. Jeff and Paul looked up with black eyes and nodded.



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