I nod my head.

'It's okay, that's what many start off as.'

He leans back and puts his hands in the back of his head. We proceed talking. I come to learn that his name is actually Oscar. I also come to learn how him and Rachel became friends, which I didnt really pay much attention to.

Somewhere in the middle of our conversation, I accidentally drop my cellphone. I quickly reach down for it, but not before bumping foreheads with Oscar.

We both laugh in unison. I start raising back up, when I feel a hand grip my neck. I turn to Oscar and barely have time to gaze at him when I feel his lips clash with mine...

His lips were amazingly soft and warm. It felt like we were like that for a long time, but it was no longer than 5 second. I immediately react by pushing him away...

'I'm so sorry! I don't know what took over me. I swear to you I-'

I grip his shirt and clash my lips with his again. His eyes give out the amusement that hes feeling. I break the kiss once again. He looks at me... speechless. My lips were aching for more of Oscar. I felt weird feeling that way for a guy. But I couldn't help it.

I grab oscar by the hand, who is still speechless, and guide him upstairs. I rush him to the farthest corner of Rachels house and sit him against a wall. He looks at me with excitement. I sit right next to him and proceed with kissing him. I couldn't get enough of him. His tongue explores with mine. He grabs me by my hips and pulls me in closer. I feel his hand touch my stomach, trying to yank my shirt. I get a tight grip on his wrist

'I'm not ready for that yet...'

he nods and lets out a breathless okay.

His lips start connecting with my neck. The smooth touch of his cheek against my jawline makes my cock pulse. Followed by his lips dragging from across my neck to my shoulder. I put my thighs together to stop my cock from tenting. Good lord, where have I been all my life?! This felt so right. So erotic. So splendid. So soft. So...

'Elizar?' I hear a voice call from behind me.

I tighten my eyes closed and hold my breath. I knew exactly who that was.


I turn around to find two surprising eyes gazing at me. My mouth goes dry, no sound comes out of me. Oscar, who looks at Walter with confusion, also remains speechless.

'Sorry, I was just gonna... Sorry.' Walter said breaking the silence and not finishing his sentence, walks away.

Oscar and I rest our head on the wall.

'Now what?' he asks.

'I... I don't know.' I say letting out a heavy sigh.

After 20 minutes of panicking up here with Oscar. Victoria calls from down the hallway. I put a finger in my lips as a signal for Oscar to not say anything. Before going, I lean down to whisper in his ear.

'Thanks for making me try something new.' I say winking at him.

He smiles and his adorable dimples reveal. I was scared out of my brains. But that didnt mean I had to blame Oscar for everything.

I walk downstairs and find the house empty. Geez, how long were we up there? I meet Rachel, Victoria, and Rodger at the door.

'Wheres Walter?' I ask, gulping down saliva built up in my mouth from all the nerves.

'Hes in the car, hes driving since he didnt drink at all tonight.' Rodger says.

Walking to the car seemed to take forever. each of my steps echoeing. I decide to let Victoria sit in the passenger seat with all the tension going on tonight. Rodger opens the back seat door, I take a deep breath, and go in.

I avoid gazing at Walter through the whole ride. But find him staring at me through the central rear view mirror at times... with angry or disappointed eyes. I felt like a kid being punished... but I didnt know what for..

We all walk in silence into the house and each of us into our room. I try to fast walk into my room to avoid talking to Walter, but fail to do so.


I hold my breath once again and turn to face him.

'Can we talk?'

I nod my head feeling as nervous as a child in trouble.

I enter his room once again and sit on the corner of his bed. Silence takes over the room. Cold frightening silence.

'So... may I please be told what I saw over there?' he asks

'I... I kissed a guy.' I whisper

'Well you dont say?... I thought you were checking to see if his tongue was working fine.' he said sarcastically.

My anger started raising.

'Why are you so mad?!' I ask frusturated and confused. 'What does my life have to do with you?'

'If we are gonna live under the same roof, then you should atleast be honest with me.'

'What do you want me to be honest with you about?!?!' I nearly yell.




'IM GAY!!!'

The room went quiet... the world went quiet.

'Im.... gay' I repeat whispering this time.

'And I have no problem with that.' Walter said laying a hand on my shoulder.

I respond with a smile and a thanks.

'Neither do we' I hear a high familiar pitched voice come from the door.

Rodger and Victoria stood in the doorway.

'We heard everything' Rodger said showing a supporting smile.

I had no words to say. No way to feel. I felt blank.

'I think we should... give you some time alone?' Walter asks unsure.

I nod and head to my room.

I sigh with relief and get into bed. I stay up for an hour or so... thinking about today...

wow... I'm gay.

.... I'm gay... I'm gay!

(Hey guys, I know once again I've taken long in submitting my stories, but I have had a busy schedule. As always, I will TRY to update as soon as possible. -Robbie)



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