'Aahh!', I hear Monica yell. I wake up, startled. I flail my arms and sit up straight


'What?! What?!', I shout.


'Oh sorry for waking you up sugarbug, didn't mean to.', she says while inhaling from her cigarette.


'It's alright', I say, rolling my eyes. Even though I was really bothered that she awoke me from my sleep just because there was a grasshopper on her windshield. I try going back to sleep, but fail to do so.

'Can't sleep anymore?', Monica asks. She blows out the smoke of her cigarette from her mouth gently. I shake my head. She keeps her eyes on the road.


Monica is my mothers friend. And personally, she would have been my last choice as a ride to San Francisco. But to my mom, she was a best friend. Her hair color was a very strong orange. Not to mention, her hair is naturally curly from her roots to her hair ends. Her lips were completely covered with cheap purple lipstick. Her hair reached up only up to her wide shoulders. Eyes scribbled with eyeliner. To be honest, the woman was a mess!! I wouldn't fuck her if my life depended on it! But overall, she was in her mid 40's, so I can't judge her.

'So what are ye' doing at San Francisco again?', Monica asks. I let out a deep sigh since I have explained this to her more than 5 times.

'Well... I want to study to be a Neurologist, but I want to do it in a different location. So since San Francisco isn't too far nor too close to Los Angeles, I decided to study there.', I tell her.

I look at her to see if she understood me, but by the looks of her face, I can almost guarantee that she's still stuck trying to figure out what a Neurologist is.

'So are you gonna sleep in a dorm or somethin'?, she asks while honking at a car to speed up.


'No, I saw a room that was for rent on the newspaper. I think it might be cheaper than a dorm.', I say.

She nods in understandment. 'Well, just a couple more hours to go.', she says taking a bite out of a chocolate bar. I nod and take another nap. Wondering if I should regret not taking a taxi instead, regardless of how expensive it might be.

The next time I wake up, is when I feel Monica shake my arm. 'We're here Eli', she tells me. It sort of bothers me that she calls me Eli, since only my friends called me Eli. My full name is Elizar Hickman... and well, since I've already told you my name, might aswell give you a description of me too.

My hair is brown and smooth. Honestly! You have no idea how many girls have complimented my hair when my cock is deep in them. My eyes are coffe bean brown... which is how I earned my nickname in junior high as "Coffee Beans." As for my body type, I guess we can say the typical 20-year old look. Slim, fit, and handsome (NOT BRAGGING!... I happen to have many people tell me that i'm handsome.) My smooth beard is a very big helper when I want to hook up with a girl.


I pull out the newspaper and look for the address and show it to Monica. it takes a little help from the GPS to help us find the address. As we make our way there, I kind of wonder what my housemates will look like. Rodger, who was the guy I was speaking on the phone with, only mentioned that the other 2 housemates were a female and a male, no more and no less. Of course he also gave me information as to what I was to do and not to do, but the guy actually sounded like a confident and nice person.

We get to the address that was assigned by Rodger. Monica struggles to get out of the drivers seat to help me take out my luggage... and now that I see her out of the seat, I kind of wish she had stayed sitting after seeing how small her shorts were in contrary to her huge fat thighs. The woman seemed like she was practically wearing a shirt only!!

'So are you gon' wait for them?', she asks gargling saliva and then spitting it out. I make a face of disgust when she doesn't see me and nod my head. I begin taking out suitcases and bags from the trunk with the help of Monica. As soon as we are done, she slides a strip of gum into her mouth and chews it like a hungry camel.

'Well, thanks for the ride Monica, I really appreciate you taking time off your life to help me.', I say gratefully.

Her eyes wrinkle when she shows a wide grin. 'Aww no problem sugar bug, ye' call me anytime you need me.' She said giving me a small kiss on my forehead. I smile at her kindness. 'Oh! Before I forget!', she reaches to her back pockets and pulls out 8 one-hundred dollar bills. 'Your mother told me to give it to you when we get here.' She stratches her arm to hand it to me.

'Here, this one is on me.' she pulled out a fifty dollar bill.

'No no no, It's okay Monica, I have enough already.' I say.

'No, I insist, take it.' She wiggled the fifty dollar bill.

I get convinced, and take it. I give Monica a tight hug of admiration. She gets on the rusty old truck and waves as she drives off.

I lean on a wall. The address that Rodger gave me was a restaurant. The stressful thought of him giving the wrong address came over me. I'm about to call him again, when I feel two taps on my shoulder. I turn to see a guy about the same height as me. He had a full hairy beard and squared black glasses. His dark brown hair combed evenly to his left. He was like an older version of me.

'Rodger Davis.', he said smiling and holding out his hand. His voice reminded me of a show host, so easily spoken and clear.

'Elizar Hickman.' I shake his hand.

'I'm sorry if we took long in coming, but we thought you would get here later on.' he said.

'It's no problem really, I just came early because I didn't want to be stuck in traffic.' I tell him.

He nods in agreement. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a beautiful lady heading towards our way. She stands next to Rodger. 'Elizar, I'd like you to meet our second housemate, Victoria.' He said hand gesturing her like a project.

Victoria had long blonde hair. Her eyes were a beautiful gray color, almost pearl-like. She was slim and tall. She was professionally dressed at the time. Although her high heels made her look an inch taller than me, she looked actually 2 inches shorter than me.

'Victoria Queen, pleasure to meet you.', she said holding her hand out. I saluted her likewise as Rodger. Well, now I knew who was gonna keep me warm on cold nights. Geezus, did she drop her halo when she came down from heaven?

Victoria stands next to Rodger. Both examine me like an experiment. I break the awkwardness by asking for the third housemate. 'Well... he was by my side just a while ago.', Rodger says looking around for him. 'Why don't we walk to our vehicle, we'll probably find him on our way there.'

While we walked, I learned that Rodger was 28 and Victoria was 23. Which was okay with me, she might be 3 years older than me but that doesn't change the fact that she is BEAUTIFUL. I look at my surroundings, admiring my sightings. 'Well it's about time you show up.', I hear Rodger say. I turn around to find the third housemate.

He made his way towards us. 'Sorry, my hunger got the best of me, so I had to stop for a donut.', he said. 'But hey, I brought you guys coffee.' He gave Victoria and Rodger the hot drink. He looks at me, and then at Rodger. 'Is this...?', he stopped in the middle of his sentence. Rodger nods. 'Hi, I'm Walter Maples', he says while we shake hands.

Walter was definitely competition. His biceps were nicely formed, almost as if designed to fit his shirt sleeves. His jawline was very well defined, making him look like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. His hazel eyes combined perfectly with his light brown trimmed beard. While his hair was light brown too, his fringe/hair bangs were spiked up. It almost looked like a mullet hairstyle, but his hair wasn't long from the back.

'Sorry I didn't bring you a coffee, If I would have known you would have been here earlier I would have bought you one.' He said showing a lopsided grin that revealed his dimples. Ugh, dimples! How am I supposed to compete with that?! Just one of the things I don't have, that he does.

We walk to Rodger's car. On the drive I find out that Walter is 22. Making him 2 years older than me. The drive gives me more of a chance to explore San Francisco, aswell as my housemates.

I carry my luggage into the house with the help of my housemates. The house is beautiful, inside and out. But a question wanders through my mind... Who would buy a house with 4 rooms for only one person? I shake the question off and continue with taking out my luggage.

'Well, that's the last bag' Walter pants while setting down the bag.

'Sorry for making you guys carry my luggage, what a bad way to start.', I say apologetically.

'No biggie, besides you're our new housemate, you deserve to be spoiled.', Victoria said giving a tooth showing smile.

Can she be anymore perfect?

'Well, you must be exhausted from that trip... so we'll show you to your room.', Rodger said guiding me to my room.

I follow him upstairs. The first room is Rodger's, the second is Victoria's, the third is Walter's, and the fourth is mine. The room wasn't bad at all. I was expecting a smaller space, but this was more than enough.

'Make yourself at home', Rodger said leaving me alone in the room. I lay on the bed (who my housemates were nice enough to include pillows.) and think about how long this day has been. And next thing I know, I fall fast asleep.


I wake up to the smell of food. The smell of chicken makes my mouth water and stuffs my nose with delicious smells. I give up to my curiosity and exit my room following the smell downstairs.

'Had a good nap?', Victoria asked while frying the chicken.

'Yeah, thanks.', I respond.

She smiles once again. That smile that only she can pull off. I melt from head to toes.

After I snap out of Victoria's love spell, I sit next to Walter who is sitting on the couch watching a show about dogs. Maybe i'll get to know more about him like this. He didn't seem bothered about me joining him, I don't think he even noticed me!

'You know what ticks me off the most about these dog shows?', I hear Walter ask.

It takes me a minute to realize that he's talking to me. I cock an eyebrow as a form of asking him.

'I hate that the owners always treat dogs like mannequins for dress ups instead of letting them enjoy dog life.' He said grumpily.

I agreed. He truly had a point there.

'My first, and favorite, type of dog has to be a dalmation.', Walter said while taking a drink out of his soda can.

'Really? Mine too!', I shout from excitement. Yes! Finally someone who I have something in common with.

A knock on the door makes us all glance, Rodger pauses reading his book and opens it up. He then comes in with about 3 boxes of large pizzas.

'Weren't you gonna make dinner?', Walter asked Victoria.

'Well yes, but I ordered pizza just in case Elizar doesn't like what I made.', Victoria says.

As guilty as I feel, the food wont be ready until like an hour. So I start digging in the pizzas.

As soon as the box of pizza opens, I find something to relate to Victoria with (as lame as it might be.)

'You know, mushrooms is my favorite pizza topping too.', I say confidently.

'Mushrooms? Ugh! I hate them!! The only reason I order Mushroom pizza is for this guy right here.', She said pointing to Walter.

Walter carried a slice of mushroom pizza on his left hand.

'Hey, right on! Mushroom is my favorite topping too!', he said signaling a fist bump.

Wow, Walter: 2 - Victoria: 0

'Almost as if we were twins.', Walter joked.

I chuckle.

After dinner, I excuse myself for bed. Even though I took a nap earlier on today, I still felt tired! Once again I lay on my bed. Thinking. Winning Victoria's heart is as hard as a rock. Not to mention we have nothing in common so far.

Geez, might aswell target Walter as my boyfriend!

I chuckle at my own joke. Imagining Walter as my boyfriend. That wouldn't happen in this life...

Of course it wouldn't...

(Hey guys, just wanted to let you guys know that this is NOT a heterosexual story. It's the introduction to a coming out story. So if this chapter was boring to some of you, I completely understand. I promise it will get better as it progresses




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