'Hold on, let me fix your collar.' Victoria said, fixing my shirt collar.

I look at Walter, whom seemed to be frusturated because we were already two minutes late. Ever since Rachel came, he's been putting her first than us. Not that I'm jealous or anything... I just think he should treat her like his girlfriend, not the queen of san francisco.

We exit the house and climb in Rodgers car. Rachel had moved in about six blocks away from us, so it didn't take us long to get there.

Yet, it felt like it had been hours with my lack of energy. To be completely honest, I wasn't in the mood to party and dance with a bunch of women who feel the need to drop on their knees for whatever guy.. but once again, I do it for my housemates.

I let out a deep exaggerated sigh. Walter seemed to have notice it by the look on his face.

'Anything wrong Elizar?' he asked.

'Not at all. I'm just a bit... tired.'

'Well, maybe the party will shaken your mood up.' he said with angered eyes and a grin. He was clearly not digging my attitude, but didnt want to make a scene infront of our other housemates.

'Let's hope so.' I snap back, demonstrating an exaggerated grin and rolling my eyes when he turns away. What was his problem?

We arrive at Rachel's house. Her front yard was packed with people. girls making sandwiches with two guys. guys looking at every girl that passes by with skirts above their knees. If I wouldn't have known that Rachel was the same age as Walter, I would have thought she was hosting a high school party.

Rachels front yard was nothing comparing it with the amount of people inside her house. We practically had to sit on the stairs

Walter babbles away with Rachel and her friends while Victoria, Rodger, and I sit on the stairs like statues. Just great!

It isn't long before Rodger asks Victoria out to dance. And man can they dance! I prayed that Victoria wouldn't ask me to. For most of the time I watched Rodger and Victoria dancing. The other half I was focusing on one certain guy rubbing on almost EVERY girl in here. After an hour and a half of observing him, It was easy to see why the girls wouldnt refuse to dance with him. He was handsome. His top three buttons were unbuttoned.... and I was secretly wishing he'd unbutton the rest.

I shivered in response to my naughty disgusting thoughts.

After an eternity of staring at the stranger, I decide to take a nap since half of the people have left by now. I lean into the wall and begin closing my eyes. I open them once I hear someone sitting next to me.

To my surprise, it was the naughty stranger.

As sexy and handsome as he was, I wasnt getting cold feet for him. Most likely because of all the rubbing and grinding he was doing with the girls.

I notice my cup of punch close to him.. I can't move it, he'll think I'm trying to get away from him.

But I am.

I'll just get it and walk away.

No, that would be rude.

Whatever, I can get a new cup.

Oh! So now hes making you get up and get a new cup?

Urgghh! I'll just get it! I finally decide.

I reach over him and grab my cup. He stares at me and flahes a grin along with a 'Whats up' head tilt. I only respond with a smile and turn back. I was expecting for him to leave and dance again any second. Yet he still sat there, half of the time looking at the people dancing, the other half, believe it or not, at me.

I lean back against the wall and close my eyes. A sudden talking startles me.

'Are you a friend of Rachel?'

I open my eyes and take about a minute to realize that the stranger is talking to me.

'Oh! you're talking to me.... well... umm... it's hard to say...'

'How come?' he asks.

'Well, she's my housemates girlfriend... I think. and I've only met her yesterday, so I dont know if it's safe to call her a friend yet.'

'Oh, I see.' he says nodding. 'Geez, I'm exhausted.'

'I noticed...' I blurt out.

'So you were watching me dance?' he asks some what cocky.

'No! I mean... yes, BUT not all the time.'

Pfft! more like all the time!

'I wasn't asking if you were watching me all the time.' he grins.

I facepalm.

He laughs.

'I'm sorry, I'm flirting without even knowing your name.' he says flashing a toothy-smile.

'Elizar' I say... and then stop. Wait... what?!


*I'm FLIRTING without even knowing your name*


'Flirting?' I repeat.

He nods.

'With me?'

He nods again.

'Uhh...' I sound out, confused.

'It's okay, Elizar. You don't have to flirt back, I just like the fact that I can make guys as sweet and cute as you blush.' he said.

There he goes again.

'Thanks.' I respond. trying my best not to blush.

'So... do you have a girlfriend?' he asks.

I shake my head.


the question catches me off guard. Gosh, he was so normal about it.

I shake my head again.

'Wow. thats surprising.' he says

'What?' I ask

'You not being in a relationship. I would have gone out with you a long time ago if you gave me a chance.' he said

'Hmmm... I could have sworn you were digging chicks a while ago. Why the sudden change of gender?' I ask curiously.

'I dig chicks, thats true. But I also dig guys. Theres nothing more attractive than the anatomy of the human body.' he said while chugging down a beer.

'So... you're bisexual?' I ask him.

'Well if you must put labels on it... then yes, bisexual.'

I give him a thumbs up as a sign of okay.

'How about you?' he asks.

I probably should've said that I was 'straight' right away... but it just didn't feel right.

'Well... me, myself... I am... umm-'

He placed a finger in the middle of my lips.

'Confused, arent you?'



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