Rachel. Was it the same Rachel that Walter spoke about last night? No! It couldn't possibly be her! She's dead. Or by the way Walter told me about her, I thought she was.

'Rachel, what are you doing here?' Walter asked rather confused.

'Ugh! I know I came unexpectedly, but I just couldn't resist the temptation of coming over to see you!' She said excitedly.

The whole thing confused me. The whole conversation made no sense. I continue to hear their conversation.

'What are you doing here? In San Francisco. Aren't you supposed to be in Australia?' Walter asked with the still confused look he had when she came in.

'I've quit traveling, I decided to do photography somewhere close near home.' She told him.

It was obvious that by home, she meant close to Walter. Her eyes met with Walter, both of them admiring eachother. If my assumptions are correct, they still liked eachother.

Victoria and Rodger both tug my jackets sleeve and drag me out the door. We go for a walk and leave the two love birds to catch up on their lives. However, my curiosity was still bothering me like an itch.

'So is that the Rachel that Walter gets gloomy about?' I ask Victoria.

'Yeah, it's pretty shocking, she hasn't been seen for about 4 years.' She said.

'I thought she had... well... died.' I say feeling silly.

'Died? What gave you that impression?' Rodger asked chuckling at my silliness.

'Well, Angelo and I talked yesterday night about her. He never said she was dead, but he never mentioned about her traveling either.' I tell them.

They laughed. I felt pretty stupid, but I laughed along with them.

After two hours of walking around with Victoria and Rodger, we head back to the house.

I was expecting the house to be scented with candles and slow smooth music playing while Walter and Rachel cuddled on the couch. Instead, we walk into a dark and empty house. Good, I don't think I would be able to face Walter right now anyways.

We wander around the house. A sudden banging startles me. It seemed like Victoria and Rodger also noticed it. We all stared at Walters door shaking loudly. Thieves. We all hushed up and walked upstairs with a knife. Yes, It was pretty childish but hey, we cant take any chances. Rodger held up one finger.


Two fingers.


Three fingers.


Before we could open the door, the doorknob turned and out came a surprised and scared Rachel.

'What the fuck?!?' Rachel shouted.

'Oh.... you're not a thief.' Victoria said putting the knife behind her back.

'What's going on?' Walter asked coming out of the room with nothing other than a blanket wrapped around his waist.

I held my breath. His abs were soaked in sweat, I could practically see my own reflection in them. His muscular neck had a drop of sweat trickling down from it that I followed all the way to his ripped chest.

Thankfully, he didn't notice all the while I stared at him. Victoria explained that we thought that there was a thief in the house because of the shaking coming from the door.

Walters face filled with red. 'Well, atleast now you know it wasnt a thief.' he said with a tooth grinning smile.

Rachel giggled and said goodbye to all of us. Hmmm, so handsome and rough in bed? or should I say door? I laughed at my own joke (I know im a sad man). I felt disgusted. Now I was really wondering whether I was gay or not.

We all stared at Walter once Rachel left. Well... I wasnt exactly staring at him myself... I kept imagining what was behind his bedroom door. Him holding Rachel with those massive arms. Thrusting into her with his strong thighs and that slight visible v line that I could see from his blanket sliding down an inch. Yuck! What the hell am I saying!

I convinced myself that it wasnt my visionary of Walter that aroused me. Victoria and Rodger make their way downstairs, I follow them and quickly regret not going last when I feel Walter tug at my arm.

'Can we talk?' he asked.

I nod slowly, getting nervous. He makes me follow him into his room. I make myself comfortable on his bed. he sat across from me on his armchair. He looks at me, actually more like examining me... as if looking for an answer to a problem.

'So.... What do you want to talk about?' I ask feeling awkward.

'About last night... ' he starts

Feeling annoyed, I decide to start. 'Sorry for almost kissing you... there, can we let it go?'

'Nope.' he says

'Why?' I say whining

'Because I want you to answer my one and only question...'

'What is it?!' I ask frusturated.

'Are you gay?' he asks with a serious tone.

I hop off his bed. 'No! No! No! How many times do I have to tell you?'

'Okay, that's all I wanted to know.' he said calmly.

He stands up to open the door for me.

'What if I was?' I blurt out.

Walter looks at me with observant eyes. 'Then I would stop helping you with Victoria and start helping you with guys '

I wasn't sure if he was serious, but I laughed my head out.

'Oh! And Rachel invited all of us to her 'welcome back' party at her friends house.'

I nod and exit his room.

I walk downstairs... with the question on my mind.

Was I gay?

Not at all....

Then why was I checking Walter out?

To see how fit he was, of course!

I mean a guy can admire another guys body can't he?...

my body shook in fear... I knew that something had changed about me... I just didn't want to admit it...



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