Part 1 - The Mission

Tsato lay back, her legs wrapped around the old merchant's waist, smiling. While old, and not very well endowed, the man knew how to use what he had. He'd managed to make her come three times this night. She'd welcome him between her legs any time!

Bonne and Bette, her servants quietly watched as the old merchant dressed and left. They were twins, products for the Shining Cities breeding program. Just as she was. Both stood at five feet, slender, blonde hair and blue eyes. Most likely of Northern stock. Both sported six inch cocks which looked large against their small frames. Two differences, though. Bonne was male with close cropped hair. Bette was transsexual with hair down past her delicious bottom. Both were trained as pillow slaves. Just as Tsato was

Both also came from the same specialized training as Tsato. All three were highly skilled assassins.

Tsato led a team, commissioned by the Khan of T'larre, one of the Shining Cities. Her band included four soldiers and a Thallari scout. She was tasked with finding an outlaw priestess, Asmeira. They had attached themselves to a caravan heading towards the outlands.

Most caravans welcomed Tsato. Her group provided extra security. Tsato, a tall woman with long brown hair, full breasts, and eight inch cock, was also known for her sexual appetite! She frequently took the merchants to her bed and rode them to exhaustion.

The merchant had left and T'sato stood, motioning the twins over. Bonne knelt and took her eight inch cock in his mouth. Bette knelt behind her and stuck her tongue in T'sato's asshole, lapping up the merchant's juices. This was the usual routine after she’d been fucked. Layer, she might watch the twins fuck each other, and maybe take one of them to her bed for the night. Maybe both, if she was still aroused.

Torn, her Thallari scout and second in command, entered the tent and watched the ritual cleaning. She knew better than to interrupt, unless it was important. She sat quietly and waited.

Tsato knew Torn was there. It was hard not to notice the nine foot tall woman, taller than most Thallari women, who stood just under eight feet tall. It was also difficult not to notice the scar crossing her face, a gift from another Thallari raiding party, hence her name.

Most people were nervous around Torn. Thallari were known cannibals that often ate their opponents and captives. Torn played up that aspect of her character, though she actually hated the taste of human flesh.

The twins finished and Tsato motioned Torn over. Five weeks out, and still no sign of the renegade Asmeira. Torn had heard word of a school hidden in the badlands, a few days journey to the South. Tsato and her band would detach themselves from the caravan and investigate.

Tsato motioned the twins back. She might not get another opportunity to fuck them soon, so she’d take them both. She had them get on all fours. One mouth and one ass facing her. She started fucking Bonne’s ass then would have Bette suck her then move back. Tsato often used the twins this way and if they minded, they never showed it. After all, they were pillow slaves. After she came in his ass, she had Bette lick him clean while she fucked Bette. The twins sucked her cock clean and all three fell asleep in each other’s embrace.


Tsato and Torn studied the school from afar. They’d seen no signs of life for two days. The twins had just left to check out the compound. It wasn’t long before they signaled all clear. The soldiers stood watch while Tsato and Torn joined the twins.

“She was here,” Torn observed. “Whoever obscured the trail was good, but not quite good enough. I saw signs of a struggle. A raider band took everyone and tried to make the place look abandoned. It looks almost like a Thallari rode with them!”

Torn thought a moment, the added, “I know of a band that has a Thallari with them, but I don't know where they go when they return home.”

Tsato decided to join another merchant band and resume the hunt. The twins looked at each other then at Tsato. If she showed signs of not hunting hard enough, or going renegade, they had orders to kill her. Although, she didn't know it, she was from the same genetic line as Asmeira. This hunt was to determine whether or not Asmeira was an anomaly or if the entire line was suspect.

The hunters joined a caravan heading north. They planned to resupply and ask about the raider band. It wasn’t long before one of the merchant’s wanted to sample Tsato’s favors.

Occasionally, she'd encounter someone who wanted her to fuck them. They wanted to sample fruit that could cause difficulties back home. While she preferred being fucked, she would fuck others besides the twins. This one offered to pay her for a whole night's service! She accepted and gave the gold to her soldiers.

The merchant kneeled face to the tent floor and reached behind to spread his cheeks. Tsato could tell from the slight gape he was no novice to taking a cock. She grabbed his hips and pushed all the way in rather easily. He was just tight enough to still feel good on her cock. She found a comfortable rhythm and began thrusting deeply into his ass. She moved her hands up to his waist. With her training, she could fuck him at least an hour before she came.

The merchant reached between his legs and stroked his cock. He moaned with delight and soon came in his hand. Tsato watched as he kicked his cum from his hand. Soon he was stroking his cock again. He praised his gods for this gift of such a beautiful and well-endowed woman. Tsato smiled, thinking he should thank the Shining Cities and their laboratories instead.

The merchant nearly fell over himself with joy when Tsato asked him to lick her ass. He expertly licked and kissed her rim for nearly an hour. Tsato was quite pleased and relaxed, ready to fuck him again. She pulled out a leather cock strap and the merchant nearly swooned! Tsato finally finished with him near dawn, completely drained. She left the smiling merchant asleep in his silks.

The twins watched from a distance, displeased with her behavior. Tsato should be concentrating on locating the renegade! Bette was ready to dispense the ultimate punishment when Thorn appeared.

“Did you learn anything of value from that pig?” she asked Tsato.

“Besides the fact he has a magical tongue?” she queried. “Only that a band of raiders came through last summer with several captive priestesses and children. And…..the band had a Thallari with them. One of the priestesses fit Asmeira’s description. They were headed towards T'larre.”

Bette secured her dagger. She'd wait to hear more before she decided her course of action. She had mixed feelings. Her mission came first, but her training as a pillow slave was just as strong. Killing Tsato might just kill her, too!

Tsato discussed her plans with the troop. They would leave shortly and ride hard. Thorn would lead allowing Tsato to sleep in the saddle for a while. Damn that merchant for actually lasting the entire night!

The group rode hard into the night. No one felt like doing more than eating and sleeping. They resumed riding before daybreak. Thorn set a more relaxed pace. It wouldn't due to be without mounts in the outlands!

Late afternoon, Thorn called a halt. Something off the trail caught her attention. Ever suspicious, she and one soldier went to investigate only to return with a young Thallari maiden. The girl looked badly beaten and in shock. At only six foot in height, she had to be still in her teens. Though slightly taller, and fuller figured, the maiden was able to wear some of Tsato’s clothes. She wouldn’t answer Thorn’s questions.

That night, in a darkened and cold camp, Thorn expressed her concerns.

“We’re probably in territory now claimed by a wild clan of the Thallari, the Crace. A violent and brutal clan. Their leader goes by the name of Blackjack. This girl probably refused a warrior and was beaten and raped, then cast out to survive if she could……..Much like I was.”

All looked nervous now. Even the normally taciturn guards, big men in their own rights, seemed concerned. Tsato decided to travel only at night from this point. Maybe they could pick up Asmeira’s trail once they were far away from the Crace.

The next day and night passed with no incidents or sign of the Crace. The evening of the second day, a soldier woke Tsato to say the twins and one soldier were missing. Thorn found no signs of a struggle and no sign of a trail. She finally spotted the spear with the bracelets the twins wore.

“The Crace have them. This is a warning to go!” Thorn growled.

“We need to find them!” one soldier exclaimed. “We can’t leave them with those savages!”

“They’re already as good as dead,” Thorn replied. “We can’t help them. We need to leave or suffer the same fate.”

“No……we need to try,” Tsato declared. “Will we be able to track them?”

“They’re already watching us. They want us to find them. They’ll make it easy……Too easy!”


Part 2 - Captured

The next morning found them overlooking the Thallari camp. Thorn cursed. It was the largest gathering she’d ever seen: there were nearly fifty males in sight! The twins were suspended by their wrists near the middle of the camp. They appeared to be injured, but still living.

“Well, Captain……what’s your plan? Go down and ask them for the twins?” Thorn asked dryly.

“Actually….yes!” Tsato responded. “The rest of you get back to T’larre. Warn them the wild clans are larger than we thought! Take the girl with you!”

“I’m coming with you,” Thorn responded. “The others stand a better chance if I’m with you. The Crace would hunt for me. They know I’m with you. I’m sure they’d love to have me back.”

Tsato stared at her second. She realized she knew very little about this Thallari woman!

“Long story,” Thorn shrugged.

They didn’t make it into the camp before the maiden joined them. Soon after that the Crace attacked.

Tsato regained consciousness, to the sound of a whip striking flesh. Thorn was hanging by her wrists, naked, with bloody lash marks across her back, bottom, and legs. Thorn glared angrily and refused to scream. The maiden was nowhere to be seen. The twins were in stocks, bent over, asses in the air. Several young Thallari males, probably in their teens, were lined up behind them getting ready to fuck them.

Although sporting the large Thallari cocks, being youths, their cocks were not as long or thick. Thallari males didn’t fully mature physically till they were in their thirties. The twins would still suffer great pain, but would probably live. At least until the adults fucked them. The Thallari youths were probably there to lose their virginity. All were laughing and joking with each other.

Each twin took the cocks without screaming. About a dozen youths took their turns ramming their cocks balls deep into the twins asses. Many fucked both twins. Bette got the worst of it, though. They were fascinated by a woman sporting a cock! The youths exhausted themselves in her ass.

A handful of Thallari entered the camp and walked over to watch. One noticed Thorn and went over to get a closer look. His eyes widened and he excitedly called the others over. They spoke animatedly and called more Thallari over. An older female stuck her finger into Thorn's pussy and massaged her. She pulled out her finger and sniffed it. Her eyes widened and she yelled out to the males. Several lifted their heads and trotted over.

 Four of the warriors untied her then held her spread on the ground. Thorn struggled as the first warrior forced his cock into her cunt. Tsato watched in awe as the nine foot tall Thallari woman easily took a cock as long as Tsato's forearm and thicker than her fist balls deep inside her. The warrior rode her hard for several minutes, then emptied his seed inside her. He climbed off and the next warrior took his turn.

The warriors rode her steadily for several hours, many fucking her two or three times, before they had their fill and strung her back up.

Another warrior ambled over and looked shocked to see her.

"YOU!!!" he shouted. "I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

"I don't believe the others will let you, now, Poll," she replied with a tired smile.

The newcomer, Poll, rose his hand to back hand her, but warning growls from the others stopped him. Instead, he talked with the group, causing several to nod their heads in agreement. a couple of the warriors tie a leather mask over Thorn's mouth. Others did the same to Tsato and the twins. All could breathe, but the restraints muffled sounds from their mouths. No one would be bothered by their screams.

All four captives were taken to an area of the camps that had special yokes suspended from frame. Their heads and wrists were secured in the yokes. Leather straps and slings secured above their knees pulled their legs up and apart allowing the captors easier access when it came time to fuck the captives. All four could see each other and witness the action. 

"It doesn't matter," Poll told her. "You will be used by every male here until you beg to die, but we will keep you alive for our pleasure. We will: however, let you watch while we savage your companions and eat them."

Two warriors stood on either side of her. One slid his huge member into her cunt. The other forced his way into her ass. Both pressed hard against her as they thrust into her. When one came, anothet took his place. Thorn had no respite from the brutal fucking she was enduring. There were nearly fifty warriors in camp: most would use her at least once this night, some, more than once.

The youngest males watched, then went to the twins. Soon, both had two cocks up their asses. The intense pain was visible on their features. Tsato could only watch helplessly as her companions were brutally fucked by the clan. She wondered why no one had yet approached her, fearing worse might befall her.

Poll came up behind Tsato and rubbed his long, thick monster along her crack. He reached around her and grabbed her cock, mauling it. He roughly squeezed her breast.

"Don't worry," he whispered as he stuck his tongue in her ear. "I'm going to fuck you all night." He laughed and continued, "We may fuck you and your friends several days. You'll be begging us to eat you by the time we're finished ruining your asses. All you'll be good for is dinner after that!"

Tsato tried to relax her sphincter as much as her training would able her. She grimaced as the huge head broke past her opening and slowly slid into her till it hit the end of her channel. The warrior pulled all the way out and thrust into her again. He began to fuck her with measured powerful thrusts that would hit the end of her channel painfully hard, but not break through the wall. He would inflict the greatest pain possible without killing her.......Yet.

He held her beneath her stomach with one hand, felling his cock as it forced its way in and out. With his other hand, he stroked her cock with his rough hands, gripping tightly. He was going to thoroughly enjoy this bitch for many hours.  She'd be ruined for anything other than Thallari meat!


The captives hung limply as the warriors slept. A small, hooded Thallari crept into the camp. The maiden planned to cut the captives free, and kill the one who'd raped Tsato. Before she could reach the captives, Poll grabbed her.

"So......Back for more," he said contemptuously. "Didn't get enough of this meat?" he asked, grabbing his crotch.

"Dara!!" a Thallari woman screamed.

When Poll turned towards the scream, the maiden drove her dagger deep into his crotch. She grabbed the long knife at his waist and drove it under his chin into his brain. The surprised Poll fell at her feet. The Thallari woman ran to her and wrapped her in a hug as the other warriors closed in upon her, bent on punishing her.

"STOP!!!" roared a hooded Thallari who'd been quiet before.

The others fell to their knees as the hooded warrior uncloaked, revealing a large medallion suspended from his neck. He walked to Thorn and held her face as he stared into her eyes. He then walked to Tsato and studied her face closely.

Frowning, he said, "We ate very much like you." He let her head fall to her chest and added, "She didn't taste good."

Looking to the others, he ordered the captives' release.

A week later, Tsato and the twins were tied to their horses and led out of camp to an oasis, where a caravan was sheltering. Thorn stayed behind.

"I was in heat. The witch woman knew it," she said. "I'm pregnant. I won't give my child to the Shining Cities."

Three weeks later, the caravan left them in T'larre.


Part 3 - Judgment 

Tsato knelt naked before the Khan, his seven inch cock in her mouth. She was sucking him to his third orgasm as he reviewed the reports of her mission. Bonne and Bette stood to one side of the great hall awaiting the Khan's pleasure. Both were naked, too. The three of them weren't high eneough in rank to enter his presence clothed. Thw twins had given him a double blowjob while he reviewed her report.

"All you have is this Thallari chieftain's word she is dead.....that he ate her?" the Khan asked.

"Yes, Master. And the words of several people we encountered on the mission," she replied, returning to his cock.

"You didn't see her remains.....OR BRING PROOF!!!!"

He paused a moment. “The tribe should have eaten you. The poisons engineered into your biology should have killed many of them. We’ll have to try something different, now.”

He looked to his Thallari guards and ordered, "She's yours. Take her away!"

The Khan turned his attention to the twins. "You didn't kill her when it was obvious she'd failed me!"

He shifted his gaze to more guards and said, "These two are yours also."


Tsato and the twins were placed in stocks, gagged so the Khan wouldn't have to listen to their screams as the Thallari Guardsmen rammed their huge cocks balls deep into their asses. This time the massive cocks would tear through linings, letting their lives flow from them.

Tsato felt the first huge cock rip something inside her. The next one penetrated deeper. By the fifth cock in her, she was relieved when the headsman's ax fell.


Angie K


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