dPart 3 – Breaking the Mare

 Asmeira woke the next morning, all her muscles and joints sore. She’d tried riding Ezzad into submission, but the raider was just too damned strong! Ezzad woke equally sore. He’d been unable to break this mare to his will. But, damned, she could really fuck! He was spent. She looked equally spent. He hoped to have one more chance to break her before he had to kill her. She was just too smart to let live. She knew too much about the raiders, now!

Burr, grinning broadly, stuck his head in. Ezzad lay there with a priestess on each side. Burr shook his head. He was impressed with his leader’s great stamina. He often wore out two or three whores whenever they hit the local brothel. But these two priestesses gave as good as they got. Ezzad may have finally met his match!

He returned shortly with two steaming mugs of tea. He just smiled ruefully and shook his head at the sight of the younger priestess’ head bobbing on Ezzad’s cock. Looked like one filly was saddle broken, although the older one looked to need more hard riding to break her in! He hoped his friend was up to the challenge!


Ezzad and his lieutenants sat by the embers of the previous night's fire. Thistle informed him the storm would break around midnight and clear sometime early morning. Ezzad wanted the troupe ready to move out before first light.

But first, they needed to discuss then fate of the priestesses. Ezzad originally intended to kill them after they’d had their pleasure with them, but Asmeira and Rinnie, especially Rinnie, had him rethinking his plans. He’d also seen how one priestess had attached herself to Thistle. He was clearly smitten with her. So it came as no surprise when he suggested keeping them. Some of the young raiders didn’t yet have wives, and it had been a long standing tribal tradition for the young men to capture a wife on a raid, if possible. Even Burr, ‘leave no survivors to tell’ Burr, seemed open to this idea!

Thistle said all of the women had broken easily and were completely submissive. All were willing to be wives, or even slaves, to the younger men!

Ezzad rubbed his forehead. This raid was getting stranger every day! What was this world coming to?!!

“Thistle, explain to them. They will be branded according to tribal custom. Tell them where,” Ezzad instructed. “And, their nipples will be pierced, and rings installed.”

“Do it this afternoon,” he added. “We need to be on our way before the sun rises!”


“Get on your knees and lick her ass while I fuck you!” Ezzad commanded.

Asmeira complied, But Ezzad wasn’t fooled by her phony submission. He still caught glimpses of rebellion in her eyes. He needed to watch her more closely! He could also see jealousy in Rinnie’s eyes. She didn’t want him fucking Asmeira. She wanted his cock buried in her ass! Riding her hard! She needed watching, too! Jealous women do stupid things.

“You will pay for this!” Asmeira thought to herself. “You, and that treacherous whore, Rinnie!”

Ezzad was surprised at how easily he broke Rinnie. She’d take anything he chose to inflict on her, and beg for more! While he preferred breaking horses, and women, a well-trained mare was always a pleasure to ride! And Rinnie loved being ridden!

Irarri, his wife, had been difficult to break, but she enjoyed every minute! And.. he always had to break her again after a raid. Those nights were always fantastic! Maybe after he had her awhile, Rinnie would become more like Irarri, and he would have to break her all over again. Just like a mare that hadn’t been ridden in a while!

After he came, he ordered the two priestesses to fuck each other. Rinnie spread her legs to allow Asmeira to push her cock into the younger priestess’ ass. Rinnie wrapped her legs around the older woman’s waist. She moaned as the older priestess fucked her with long, powerful thrusts. Ezzad could see his cum leaking out Asmeira’s well-used asshole as she fucked Rinnie hard.

Ezzad crawled behind Asmeira and drove his cock deep into her ass, fucking her while she fucked Rinnie. His thrusts pushed her cock deeper into Rinnie. Ezzad placed all his weight on the two priestesses as he fucked Asmeira harder and harder. Both women were crushed beneath him, barely able to breathe as he hammered Asmeira’s ass. He would make her submit!!

Ezzad still saw a smoldering of rebellion in her eyes, even as she sucked Rinnie’s cock. He had only one idea left. If that failed, she’d die, and die unpleasantly. He ordered his men to bring the other priestesses over. The women were forced to kneel, with a tribesman at their backs, daggers at their throats.

“You WILL submit,” he declared. “You will kneel here and suck my cock while every one of my men fucks you, even Burr! If you don’t, we will cut off your toes and fingers and leave you in the desert to die slowly.”

Asmeira had run out of options. She bent her head to the ground, her ass raised.

“Good! Your fellow priestesses will watch your surrender. Your humiliation!”

As he put on his cock strap, he added, ”They will fuck you until I come. All night, if necessary!”

Asmeira would have to work extra hard sucking him to make him come. He’d already come twice this afternoon. And some of his men had fucked the others a couple of times. She took him into her mouth as the first raider pushed his cock inside her.


Asmeira had taken every cock at least once, a couple twice, and one of the younger raiders four times. She actually enjoyed the men taking her, but she still wasn't broken. Ezzad would still pay for her humiliation in front of her acolytes. She would take her revenge when he least expected.

But now, Burr lined up his cock against her now well-lubed asshole. She relaxed as much as possible as her grabbed her hips and rammed his huge cock inside her. It took every bit of her control to keep from biting off the cock in her mouth as the monster behind her burned its way deep into her ass. She'd taken a fat twelve inch cock when she'd seduced a merchant guard into helping her escape T'larre. But this one was much longer and much thicker! She was stretched further than she'd ever been stretched.

Burr was impressed at how easily she took him. No amateur, this one! he thought. Let's see if she can take ALL of me!

 Asmeira screamed around Ezzad's cock in her mouth. Burr had grabbed her waist and was pulling her further down onto his cock. it bottomed out in her channel with a couple of inches to spare! He withdrew nearly all  his entire length them rammed back in,  holding her against the head, then repeating it again. Each thrust took him further in. Soon he was balls deep inside her ass. 

She was still screaming when Ezzad came in her mouth. She nearly choked  on his load! When Ezzad finally pulled out of her mouth, Asmeira thought her ordeal ended. But Burr gripped even tighter, picking up the pace. He knew how to ride a mare to the point of exhaustion. And he was determined to succeed where his leader and friend had failed!

Rami watched in the distance, wishing it had been his ass Burr had ridden like that! He'd only been able to take about ten inches last night, but he wanted the giant tribesman to take him again. Harder! When asked, he agreed to the branding and the nipple rings. maybe they'd do it while Burr's cock was up his ass!

Ezzad watched Burr pummeling what appeared to be a now contrite priestess. People had been known to die whenever he fucked them that hard! He watched her face closely for signs of resistance. He stroked his cock as he watched Asmeira's ample breasts swinging with each thrust. After she rested, maybe he'd take another round, though, most likely, she'd be too stretched out for a while to give him much pleasure.

Ezzad pulled Rinnie down on his now erect cock, her back to him so she could witness Asmeira's  submission. She squirmed in his lap and leaned back against him as he played with her small cock. She purred under his caresses. Yes....a well-trained mare was a pleasure to ride!

Asmeira felt betrayed by her own body. The giant cock rubbing her ass walls were triggering an unwanted response. Her own cock stiffened and a moan escaped her lips as she came, not once but several times in rapid succession! They'd won! Her body submitted, even though her mind fought on!

Burr pushed her flat on the cavern floor and ground into her. She wept openly, no longer screaming. The fire in her ass never relented as Burr worked his giant into her, ruining her ass. She wouldn't be able to break Ezzad, now. It might be days before her asshole would return to its normal size. 

Burr pulled out, not bothering to come. He could see Rami staring with unconcealed desire. A good, long ride in that willing ass would do much to relieve the anger he felt with this arrogant bitch priestess! Ezzad and the others stared in amazement at Asmeira's gaping asshole! Nobody would want to use her for quite some time!


Angie K


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