Part 2 – Shelter From the Storm

Asmeira woke the next morning as Rinnie released her. Great sorrow filled the younger priestess’ face. Ezzad was nowhere to be seen. Sounds of the camp waking for the new day reached their ears. One of the raiders brought them hot tea and some bread.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Rinnie wept. “I couldn’t help it! I broke!

Asmeira held her in her arms as she wept bitterly. She understood, but she didn’t forgive her. Rinnie would learn the price of failure. She’d receive her reward soon enough. But for now, Asmeira still needed her.

“That’s all right,” Asmeira said, trying to comfort the distraught girl. “I didn’t expect one like this one to show up at our door. I was hoping it would be someone more easily manipulated by our charms. There is still a chance we can salvage this. It will get rougher, though.”

“I can handle it!” Rinnie promised. “I can take it! Give me another chance! Please…..I wont fail you again!”


During the night, the two infants and one priestess died, the rigors of the journey too hard on them. One of the raiders knew of a sand dragon pit nearby. The small reptiles would quickly dispose of the bodies. No one would know about the band’s passing.

The band needed to cover more ground today. It was still three hands of days before they reached T’larre. Ezzad ordered several of his men to ride with one of the captives. Asmeira and Rinnie would ride together as would a couple of the older captives with a toddler each.

Asmeira looked over the other priestesses. A couple had that pleased, well-fucked look. All looked frazzled and unkempt. All had been used most the night by the raiders. One wept quietly. Asmeira knew that one had been a virgin. She’d been due to come to Asmeira’s bed chambers a fortnight hence. All could expect more rough treatment the nights ahead. All would probably be killed the next day or two. The weeping one might not even last the day.

By mid afternoon, Burr pointed out a storm rising from the west. It was a bad storm. The raiders would need to find shelter soon. Thistle knew of some caves a few miles off their course. The sand storm hit them about a hundred yards before they reached shelter. Thistle led the way in, burr and Ezzad rounded up the stragglers.

Fortunately the cave was large enough to shelter the entire band with their animals. There were small pockets that would allow a small measure of privacy. Thistle found two spring-fed pools. One would provided drinking water and the other was large enough to bath in. 

Ezzad and Asmeira did a head count while Burr checked the cavern for unwelcome occupants. Ezzad frowned. Tomm, a young raider,  wasn’t with them. The weeping priestess was gone, too! But both their horses arrived safely. Tomm’s mother would grieve many days: he was her youngest, and the last to die. He’s probably noticed the girl was gone and foolishly went to find her.


Burr nodded the cave was clear. Ezzad allowed the children to bath first. The men watched lustfully when the priestesses took their turns in the pool. As usual, Burr ignored the female captives. He had his eye on the oldest male captive, though. The priestesses quickly washed clothes and hung them to dry by the fires some of the raiders had built. Ezzad, along with Burr and Thistle, stood watch while his men quickly cleaned. 

A couple of the priestesses started cooking. Ezzad frowned slightly, but Burr was watching them closely. Normally, Ezzad  would worry about the smoke and odors, but peculiarities about this storm and the cavern would take care of this problem.

Once he was satisfied the camp routine and security was established, Ezzad and his lieutenants entered the pool. He closed his eyes and relaxed, wanting to soak a while. He felt two sets of hands rubbing him lightly. Asmeira and Rinnie had joined him. He looked over to see Thistle pull a smiling priestess to his lap. The young man Burr had been eyeing was scrubbing him.

Asmeira was not pleased with the priestess’ boldness, but she would deal with her later. She motioned Rinnie over and the joined Ezzad in the pool. She and Rinnie were scrubbing him when she noticed him smile suddenly. She looked over and saw Rinnie’s head underwater. Damn! Another too bold girl!

Ezzad felt a warm mouth on his cock. He opened an eye and smiled to see the blonde priestess underwater, bobbing up and down on his cock.  Rinnie would suck about a minute, then rise to the surface and gulp a fresh lung full of air. She went back down and bobbed on his cock again. She fondled and cupped his balls the entire time. She repeated this every minute or so.

Ezzad enjoyed the warm mouth, then the cool water, followed again by the warm mouth. When Rinnie submitted last night, he had no idea how deeply she’d submitted. Every time she rose for air, she smiled brightly at him before returning to his cock. When he came she stayed underwater longer to swallow all his load.

Asmeira fumed and prepared to ride his cock there in the pool, but one of the raiders announced the meal was ready. "After the meal, then," she thought.


After the meal, several of the priestesses danced naked before the fire. The raiders watched lustfully, and soon the young women began slipping off with the younger raiders into the smaller nooks. Burr set up the guard rotation. He waited until Ezzad slipped away with his two priestesses then went to his bed.

Some time after the rest of the camp settled for the night, Burr went to the young man he’d been eyeing earlier. He motioned for him to follow back to his bed. 

“How old are you?” Burr asked. “do you understand what I want?”

“I’m seventeen summers, Master, nearly eighteen,” he replied. “You want to bed me.” 

Burr had the youth, Rami, strip. Rami was small with blonde hair and pale skin. He had penis about a hand’s width in length. A nice, suckable size. What was amazing was his lack body hair!

When asked, Rami explained he was bred to be a pillow slave. He was a product of the Shining Cities breeding program. Rami would submit easily. But could he take Burr’s massive cock?

Rami trembled when he saw Burr’s cock. He was hung like a horse. He was easily three hand widths long and nearly four fingers thick! He knew he’d eventually have to take a huge cock, but he never expected to take one this size. Especially for his first time!

“Have you ever had a cock up your ass?” Burr growled.

“No, master, but I know how to relax and take you.”

"Do you know what I am?" Burr asked. "Do you understand what could happen to you?"

Rami nodded fearfully. The Tharrali had a fierce reputation! They were known to eat their captives! But he felt an irresistible desire to be taken by this man!

"Is it true Tharrali can ride a long time? Often for hours?" Rami asked. 

"It takes a long ride to please our women," Burr shrugged.

"Will you ride me that long?"

Burr was unsure. Few of the battle captives he took survived more than a night or two. That didn’t bother him, but this boy was barely a man! Rami saw his look and moved towards him.

“Please, master, take me,” he begged. “I need you to take me.”

Burr looked at him with alarm, but also with strong desire! He needed to take this pillow slave! He felt his cock stiffen in response. Thankfully he wasn't as tall or as well-endowed as most Tharrali males. Rami just might be able to take him.

“Pillow slaves are bred to give off a faint scent that makes men and women desire us. We see their desire and feel an irresistible pull to satisfy those desires, whatever they may be!” Rami commented.

Burr sat on a rock and motioned Rami to straddle him. Rami smiled and took some oil from a small flask that was suspended by a thong around his neck. He covered the massive cock in front of him then straddled it, lining it up with his virgin asshole. He worked a little of the cock into the opening, then placed his hands on his shoulders.

“Pull me down on your cock! Impale me on your massive spear! I want it all inside me!”

Rami clenched his teeth and lips tight as that terrible wave of pain hit his ass! His body was on fire. Burr’s big hands held his waist and pulled him down hard, the end of his cock hitting painfully. He struggled to keep from passing out. He was stretched out.

Rami had no idea how long Burr actually fucked him before he came, but it seemed like an eternity! Burr lifted him enough to take one of his pink nipples into his mouth. Rami wrapped his arms around his head and held the huge man tight. Burr sucked and chewed on his nipple. Rami was afraid he might bite it off!

Suddenly, Burr pulled him down hard again and began fucking him again! Rami hadn‘t recovered from the brutal first fuck and was now feeling the burning again! He wondered if he might be one of those few pillow slaves bred to feel the pain more intensely, to show it in their faces! Some patrons were extremely aroused by their slaves’ suffering!

Burr took no notice of Rami’s pain. He was reveling in how tight and warm the pillow slave felt! He felt ALIVE fucking Rami! Almost addicted to him! That thought gave Burr pause. Rami did warn him about the scents. He knew about the special scents animals in heat put off. Damn! The Shining Cities play with dangerous stuff!!

When Burr came the second time, he could feel Rami’s ass clenching and his bottom squirming trying to take in more cock. He was trying to push himself further down on Burr’s cock.

Burr knew some things about pillow slaves. They had extremely short lives. Whenever their patron no longer was interested in them, they would sell the slaves to the troop brothels, where they would soon be used up and killed. If a pillow slave’s beauty faded, it was discarded.

In an unusual show of gentleness. Burr removed Rami from his cock and laid him on his bedding. He spread his legs and took Rami’s small cock into his mouth and sucked him. When he took all the cock in, he ran his tongue across his balls. Rami moaned and spilled his cream into Burr’s mouth.

Rami noticed the leather strap around the base of Burr’s cock and smiled. He rolled over and raised his bottom, reaching behind him to spread his cheeks. Burr lined his cock and pushed into Rami’s now slack asshole. He pushed Rami flat into the bedding and thrust in with long, slow strokes. He rolled his hips as he stretched  Rami’s asshole wider. He’d ruin this slave for any other cock! Only his Tharrali cousins had larger cocks, and they often ate their captives after fucking them!

Rami only moaned in pleasure. The pain was still there, but something about the strokes from Burr’s huge cock made him want more. He’d gladly be Burr’s pillow slave, if the tribesman would have him. Burr rode Rami for roughly two hours before he relaxed and filled the now ruined ass with his cum. He removed his cock ring and ordered the slave to suck him clean.

Burr chained Rami to his saddle and went to wash up. He could see The young priestess chained to Ezzad’s saddle. He could hear grunts and moans as Ezzad coupled with the older priestess. Burr laughed to himself. They were trying to out fuck each other. They were in for a very, very long night!



Angie K


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