Part 4 - Betrayal

The tribesmen were branding their new wives and placing the fairly large rings in the priestesses’ nipples. Screams of pain filled the cavern. Ezzad sat back as Rinnie and Asmeira were sucking and licking his cock, stiffening it for the fourth time that evening. Both had already been through the branding and paid no heed to the others' screams. Asmeira had even begged to be first! Ezzad still wasn't entirely convinced at her surrender, though.

Ezzad pulled Rinnie down onto his cock, her back to him. He fondled her breasts as she ground onto him. Asmeira knelt and began sucking Rinnie's cock. Rinnie's rocking and grinding was causing her to face fuck Asmeira. Ezzad was content to let his newest mare do all the work riding him. The young blonde's eyes had rolled back into her head as she surrendered contentedly to riding this magnificent cock. She soon filled Asmeira's mouth with her cream.

Asmeira sat back and watched Rinnie's betrayal of her with this tribesman. Her eyes narrowed as she formed another plan.

You failed me, and now you'll suffer the full price of your betrayal and failure, Asmeira thought.

”Would my lord care to sample an exotic treat from the Pleasure Houses?” she coyly asked. “Many have discovered the pleasure of having their asses licked while someone else sucks their cocks.”

Rinnie brightened and quickly positioned herself behind Ezzad. “May I be the one to like your asshole?” she pleaded.

Ezzad shrugged and Rinnie soon had her tongue as deep as she could get in. Asmeira took the raider leader’s cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue along his shaft and licked his sweaty balls. Although he was getting stiff, she managed to swallow most his length as she slowly sucked. Rinnie reached between his legs to lightly tickle his balls. Whenever he neared coming, Asmeira would stop and squeeze his cock base. Over the next hour, the two priestesses brought Ezzad to heights of pleasure he’d never experienced! When he came, he filled Asmeira’s mouth to overflowing.

Asmeira let his cum dribble out her mouth onto her full breasts. She had Rinnie come around and kissed her, sharing some of Ezzad’s cum. Rinnie moved down and licked his juices from Asmeira’s nipples. Ezzad could see Asmeira’s cock stiffening and jutting out from her beautiful body.

Ezzad was hard again. He pulled Rinnie forcibly down on him. She gasped and moaned with delight. She lay back against him as he thrust up into her.

"Have you ever fucked a woman at the same time another fucked her?" she asked. When Ezzad nodded yes, she continued, "Have you ever felt another cock rubbing against yours as you both used the same hole?" she purred enticingly.

Rinnie began squirming harder, trying to escape the tribesman's grasp. Her eyes flew wide with fear as Asmeira stuffed a rag in her mouth. She screamed against the gag as Asmeira forced her cock inside along Ezzad's. She struggled harder as the two cocks began their dance inside her.

This is just a taste of what it felt like having Burr's giant cock in my ass! Asmeira leered. This is what it feels like to have your asshole ruined! This is what you get when you fail! When you betray me!

Rinnie wept silently as both cocks alternated thrusting up into her. Her ass burned! Her hole felt like it had been ripped open! And the hatred in Asmeira's eyes only hurt worse!

Ezzad enjoyed the feel of having another cock rub up along side his in the same hole! He'd enjoyed sharing a whore with Burr, his cock in her ass while Burr filled her cunt. The sensation of Asmeira coming against his cock was so exciting, he came shorty afterwards! Rinnie hung limp between them.

Ezzad didn't notice his dagger in Asmeira's hand. Only Rinnie's screaming "NO, ASMEIRA" alerted him to his danger. Rinnie's scream gave him time to roll slightly, letting the dagger miss his heart and tear his shoulder. He pushed the two women from him and tried to stand. Asmeira quickly stabbed Rinnie twice, then moved towards him to finish the job.

Asmeira saw red as Rinnie again thwarted her plans! She hoped the two wounds, one across the slut's pretty face, would slow her down. She'd finish her after she'd finished Ezzad. 

Asmeira raised the dagger for another strike, but a huge hand grabbed her wrist and spun her around. The last thing she remembered was Burr's other huge paw backhanding her, sending her flying across the small pocket.


Two priestesses stitched and dressed Ezzad's shoulder. The other priestesses attended to Rinnie. She would no longer be beautiful, but Ezzad would keep her. He owed her. She saved both their lives. He'd find a place for her in his home. Irarri would just have to accept this! Three tribesman kept guard over the older priestess. Ezzad took Rinnie in his arms and let her cry herself out. She'd never lack for bread in his household.     

"You sure have a way with the women, don't you!" Burr teased. Ezzad only scowled.

But what to do with her? He couldn't think of a fate suitable enough for the priestess bitch! Burr had bound her hands behind her back and broken her fingers so she couldn't hold a knife. He then pulled her ankles up and tie them to her hands. Her body arched backwards. The angle made her keep her knees apart. This made her ample breasts jut out. Her cock also jutted forward.

Asmeira came to when Burr ran a stick between her arms and back and suspended her off the floor. He'd stuffed her mouth with the rags they'd used to clean Rinnie. Her arms and legs felt like they were being torn off her body. 

Most of the young priestesses liked Rinnie and came by to twist Asmeira's nipples or yank on her penis. Asmeira was left to hang there the rest of the night.

The next morning, she expected them to untie her so she could ride, but they left her bound. Two tribesmen carried her by the stick out to the horses. One had an unusual saddle with ten inch metal shaft sticking up from the middle. What was this??

"My wife likes to ride my cock while she rides my horse." Ezzad commented. "I had this made for her."

"This mare hates riders," Burr said. "She won't throw you, but she will go out of her way to make your ride miserable. It might be even worse with this rod up your ass!"

Two guards lifted her and sat her on the saddle, the rod deep in her ass. They tied her to the saddle so she couldn’t rise or fall off. When the raiders started off, one swatted the horse’s rump, causing the mare to startle and ram the rod deeper. Whenever they stopped, two lifted her off and held her by the stick while she relieved herself.  A couple of the priestesses fed her and gave her water. She was left tied during the night.


By the end of the second day, Asmeira's legs and arms were burning with pain. Her cramps were intolerable. Near mid-day the troupe stopped. Amira felt relieved. While the ride was torturous, she was surprised at the number of orgasms she’d had. That rod rubbing her as walls kept her stimulated beyond belief!  She came so much her orgasms were dry and painful!

Asmeira watched as a group of Thallari crested the hill. Ezzad and Burr greeted the chieftain. Ezzad ordered the troupe to follow the Thallari to their encampment. The women in the camp took care of Rinnie and the captives and provided food to the raiders. Ezzad and Burr sat and drank tea with the chieftain. Asmeira noticed the leaders looking her way during their conversation. Finally, they rose and clasped arms. Ezzad and Burr walked away and two Thallari warriors walked towards her.

Burr looked small beside his nine foot tall cousins. The two easily lifted Asmeira and carried her into the camp while the raiders rode away. The warriors untied her then placed a long yoke around her neck and wrists. They suspended the yoke on a special frame allowing her feet to reach the ground. Her legs burned as they began to unkink.

Around night fall, the Thallari built a fire and danced naked around it. Asmeira suddenly remembered the myths and rumors surrounding the Thallari. That they were products of the Shining Cities laboratories. That there were unexpected serious consequences to the breeding program.

That the Thallari were cannibals!!!!

That they fucked their captives then ate them. That they ate their captives while fucking them! No one who had witnessed this had ever been found. But several of this tribe licked different parts of her anatomy. Like they were tasting her!

Some of the women had pulled younger males to them and they coupled on the ground while the rest danced around them. A handful of the older males cast tiles. The winner roared with laughter and started her way. The rest of the tribe stopped to watch him.

The warrior's long, thick cock looked normal on his nine foot frame: however, that cock was easily longer than her forearm. It was erect and pointing to the heavens. It was also thicker than Burr’s! She’d barely survived his brutal fucking. This warrior’s cock would rip a hole in her guts!

The warrior placed a leather gag in her mouth. He stood behind her and forced it into her ruined channel. He was soon painfully hitting the end of her channel. He laughed as she squirmed and tried to lift her body off his cock. He held her waist and pulled her back down.

One of the women came over a handled her cock. She seemed impressed with its eight inch length. She knelt and sucked for several minutes and was rewarded by a small amount of cream. The woman rose and said something to the others who laughed in response. She returned and started stroking the flaccid cock. Asmeira screamed against the gag as the woman ripped her cock from her body. The woman bit off the head and handed the rest to other women to eat.

Asmeira felt something in her guts tear as the warrior pulled her all the way down on his cock. She could feel her life draining out as the warrior kept fucking her. She no longer felt their teeth as different Thallari bit off her nipples and took bites out of different areas of her body. She didn’t feel the knives slicing her as the last of her life left her body.


Part 5 – A Well-trained Mare is a Pleasure to Ride.

Irarri always seemed to know when her husband returned from a raid. It had been nearly six weeks. She decided he would need to break her again. A few nights of strenuous and energetic fucking would do them both good!

Her first sight was of her brother leading a young male slave. Burr seemed oddly attached to the young man. Then she saw Ezzad with Rinnie at his side. She was not pleased to see him with a blonde slave girl at his side. She wanted to yell and scream at him, but something else she saw caused her to stop in her tracks.

Both Ezzad and the girl were covered in blood soaked bandages. Both looked pale and weak. She called for her slaves to come help. She cried and kissed Ezzad all over his face as the slaves carried him inside. She then turned and looked questioning at her brother.

“Rinnie saved his life. She took a blade meant for him allowing me enough time to foil the attacker,” Burr said.

“And the one who did this?”

“We left her with some cousins. I imagine they’ve eaten her, by now!”

“Her??” she asked frostily.

“A long story, sister,” he replied.

As she walked away, Burr couldn’t help but notice again the sexy sway to her hips and her nice ass. The ass Ezzad worked so hard to tame.

“If she wasn’t my sister!” He thought.


Five years later:

Rinnie and three other of the original priestesses rode into the raider camp with captives and treasure. She noticed Ezzad and smiled broadly. Even with the scar, she still held much of her beauty. She walked saucily over.

“They always fall for the helpless maiden trick,” she said as she exposed some of her cleavage. “They were quite surprised when I stuck my cock up one of their asses!”

After the camp was settled for the night, Rinnie stood naked before Ezzad. Her hips were a little fuller, and her beasts not as firm, but Ezzad felt a familiar stirring in his cock. Rinnie smiled and knelt before him, ass in the air.

“Would my master care to take his pleasure in my ass tonight?”

Yes….a well-trained mare is definitely a pleasure to ride!


Angie K


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