Part 1 – The Raid

Ezzad sat back looking down at the two beautiful captives sucking his thick eight inch cock. He smiled as they worked at stiffening him for the fourth time. He couldn't believe his good fortune at gaining such treasures on this raid! Irarri, his plump, but loving wife, would not approve, but she would always obey!

The two captives didn't flinch as the screams from the other priestesses filled the air. These two would do whatever was necessary to survive, even fight each other to the death, if commanded.


Ezzad and Thistle, one if his lieutenants, studied the walled building that was just over the dune they inhabited. No guards. Weak gate. The priestesses at this school must have thought they were too far off the beaten path for raiders to notice. Most such schools were under the protection of the tribe whose territory they served. His tribe even had one under their protection. No raider would bother these schools, being content to hit unwary and unprotected caravans.

But this one was in land no tribe claimed, a hundred miles from T'larre, the nearest Shining City. And....Ezzad had heard stories. Stories about the priestesses. About the size of their breasts. About them having nice round asses. About having penises and not pussies! He wanted to check this out for himself. And maybe, gather some suitable captives to sell to the pleasure palaces in T'larre.

Ezzad felt, rather than saw, Burr, his Tharrali second in command and brother-in-law, arrive.

"Damn, Burr! Do you always have to sneak up like that?" He complained. 

Burr only grinned. At nearly eight foot tall, the Tharrali warrior, a product of the Shining Cities laboratories, was almost two feet taller than most tribesmen. How he could always conceal himself amazed his fellow raiders.

"How else can I hide from my foul-tempered sister?" he grinned.


Ezzad and Burr each led four raiders to the school while Thistle, another lieutenant, stayed with the last four to guard the horses, and provide covering fire should the other groups need it. While he didn't expect trouble this far out, he still preferred caution to stupidity. Stupid raiders had very short lives!

It was only a couple of hours before dawn, and a crescent moon had had risen a few hours earlier. The enclave was dark, but the small amount of moonlight was enough to see by. No sounds issued from the grounds or inside the building. not even a barking dog! But then, a barking dog could be heard miles away, and this school wanted to be hidden from prying eyes, and from greedy raiders.

All ten raiders scaled the wall quietly and took their positions.  Ezzad and a couple of his men found two of the priestesses asleep, tangled in each others' arms. The raiders gazed upon the naked forms of these two beautiful priestesses, their bodies bathed in what little moonlight there was.

Asmeira, priestess and Mother Superior, woke with the feel of a sharp dagger against her jugular. The sounds of scuffling and cries of fear from the other priestesses and the children told the story of their predicament. She slowly untangled herself from Rinnie, her lover, letting the sheets fall away and expose her full, ample breasts. She hoped the distraction of her naked body might  distract these strangers long enough to grab her hidden dagger and dispatch them before sneaking to help the others.

The leader never took his eyes off her face. Asmeira tried a different tack.

"If you let me, I will quiet the others and we will surrender peacefully to your men."

 Ezzad nodded and soon his men had all the captives gathered in the courtyard. He looked over the ten priestesses and the twenty or so students. With the exception of the Mother Superior, the priestesses were quite young, possibly in their late teens, all very attractive. The Mother Superior, a very tall and extremely beautiful and sensuous woman, might have been in her late thirties. The children, a mix of boys and girls, ranged from infants to young adults. Four or five were in their late teens.

The infants wouldn't survive the trip and would slow them down. The toddlers could be sold to the pillow schools. The older children could help with the toddlers, then be sold to the brothels. Unfortunately, the priestesses would have to die. Ezzad could leave no witnesses to link him to the atrocities committed here. 

But first, his men could sample their pleasures. Ezzad ordered the priestesses to strip. Of the ten, eight were young women. The Mother Superior and her lover were both transsexuals. Ezzad had heard about the labs in the Shining Cities that helped create them. About the surgeries that relocated their testicles inside their bodies and allowed them to function, and even breed women captives. About the chemicals and genetic modifications that allowed their breasts to grow naturally.

Ezzad would keep these two for himself and allow his men to have the others. Ezzad was also curious why these two had left the city.

Ezzad hurried his men to gather up supplies and move out quickly. Burr would oversee eliminating signs of their presence and erasing their trail. He would catch up after dark. The captives were tied together and marched towards the raider campsite. The priestesses would carry the infants. The band would deal with them far away from the school, the bodies hidden. He wanted the school to appear to have been abandoned.


That night saw Ezzad's men using the eight young priestesses. Burr oversaw guarding the camp and captives, and letting a few men at a time fuck the women. The other captives were kept untouched. The older ones to be used much later in the journey.

Ezzad gazed lustfully at the naked bodies of Asmeira and Rinnie. Rinnie was small, blonde, with firm breasts, a round bottom and a small cock. She was also quiet. Asmeira, the older one, was tall and statuesque. Her long, raven hair hung down to her ass. She had large, full breasts with come-suck-me nipples.  Her wide, full hips gave way to long, shapely legs. She had a cock almost as large as his! Intriguing!

"We are yours to use as you see fit, my lord," Asmeira purred. "We will do whatever you ask."

Asmeira gazed appreciatively at Ezzad's now naked body. His erect cock was easily larger than hers. Hers was just about two of his hand widths in length. His was about two and a half hand widths.  She would also have a hard time closing her fingers completely around his shaft. Very nice! She might even enjoy riding it!

Ezzad motioned for Rinnie to get on all fours over his saddle, her legs pushed up against it. He didn't bother lubing as her pushed his cock against her tight rubbery ring. He couldn't get in. He tried for several minutes, more frustrated as time passed. Asmeira could see the rage building in his eyes.

"Please, my lord, let me help," she said and knelt behind Rinnie, burying her face in Rinnie's ass and running her tongue inside her hole. 

Ezzad admired Asmeira's beautiful ass and stroked his cock in anticipation. But first he wanted to sample that tight blonde's ass! He watched as Asmeira licked Rinnie for a short span. Asmeira stuck a rag in Rinnie's mouth and moved around the saddle and reached behind Rinnie, sticking fingers from both hands into her asshole. She pulled Rinnie's asshole wide open causing her to scream against the gag.

As Ezzad pushed his cock all the way in, Asmeira noticed the leather cock ring. He was determined to ride long and hard. This was as much about dominating them as his own enjoyment. She removed her fingers as Ezzad grabbed Rinnie's hips and thrust long and deep into the now open asshole. Rinnie continued screaming as Ezzad fucked her with powerful strokes.

Tears flowed down Rinnie's face as Ezzad hammered her ass. She hurt. Each thrust hit the end of her channel painfully. His grip would leave bruises. Even though the pain wasn't diminishing, she forced herself to stop screaming. She would endure this for Asmeira's sake.

Rinnie's warm, tight ass felt good on Ezzad's cock. He would ride this one several times tonight. She would bend to his will, not just pretend submission. The other one might prove more difficult. She would prove to be a match for him. He'd save his last, long ride for her.

Asmeira had no pity as she thought, "She shouldn't have resisted! She should have given herself freely if she wants to live!" She watched as Ezzad slowly fucked her into fake submission. He's too clever for your tricks!" she thought. "This man has broken stallions! He WILL ride you until he owns you! Poor child!"

Almeira relished the idea of trying her mettle against him. They'd probably ride each other to exhaustion, neither one getting the upper hand. A worthy opponent. An even worthier lover!

Ezzad pulled Rinnie down hard on his click one last time and filled her ass with his cum. Some leaked past his cock down her thighs. After he pulled out, she turned around and kissed the hard of his cock.

With tears still flowing she said, "I'm sorry, Master, please let me make it up to you. Let me suck you hard so you can further take your pleasure in my ass."

She took his cock in her mouth as far as she could. She didn't resist as he forced his flaccid cock down her throat. He held her head tight until she started choking then released her. As soon as she got another breath, he shoved it back in again. He liked the feel of her throat contracting as she struggled to get a fresh breath. He was getting hard and would have to stop this, though.

After she's sucked him hard, Rinnie turned and presented her ass to him. She knelt, placing her head on the floor. Ezzad saw her small cock hanging. He gave it a sharp tug before pushing into her ass again. This time was easier. His previous load of cum lubricated her channel. It would be a nicer ride for both of them. He would take great pleasure in breaking in this mare!

Asmeira watched him fuck her lover with powerful, measured thrusts. He had a steady rhythm designed to allow him to fuck longer and gain the most pleasure possible for him. And for the right partner. Yes....she was going to enjoy him riding her!

Rinnie no longer had a resentful look to her. She seemed resigned to her fate, and might be on the verge of wanting him to fuck her like that! Her little cock was actually stiffening! She might actually come!! Her eyes were unfocused. Her face was flushed and her breathing was ragged!


Ezzad fucked Rinnie nearly an hour before coming again. When he thrust in the last time and held his cock against the end of her channel, she creamed all over the tent floor. Ezzad backed her up and continued fucking her while she licked it all up, then pushed her away!

Rinnie turned and pleaded, "Please, Master, may I make you hard again? Would you take your pleasure of me again?"

Almeira saw the adoration and complete surrender in Rinnie's eyes. "Oh, my lover! I'd hoped you would last longer and soften him up for me!" This would make things harder now.

Ezzad stood before Rinnie and commanded, "Make me come with only your mouth. And when you make me hard again, I might fuck you!"

She knelt before him and eagerly took him into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his shaft, stopping only to lick and suck his balls. She kissed and sucked the head, tickling his slit with the tip of her tongue. Ezzad looked pleased at her abilities. After she'd sucked him a while, he grabbed her face and started thrusting. His cock hit the back of her throat, but he didn't try to force it further.

Rinnie reached between her legs and fingered her cock. She creamed her hand as Ezzad groaned and filled her mouth with his cum. Most spilled out her mouth and Asmeira quickly leaned over to kiss her and help take his cum. Ezzad watched this show, amazed and intrigued. The promise of more exciting acts hung in the air. He decided to let these two live a while longer!

Ezzad ordered Rinnie to stand on the saddle. He stood behind her and pushed his cock into her ass. With one arm he reached around and grabbed her breast, squeezing tightly. He grabbed her cock with the other hand and stroked as he thrust into her. She reached behind her and held his head as he bit and sucked her neck. His powerful thrusts lifted her slightly forcing her to struggle to remain standing on the saddle.

Ezzad stepped back, pulling Rinnie with him. He bounced her on his cock, the head hitting the end of her channel. Rinnie yelped each time, but didn’t fight him. Her legs dangled unable to reach the ground. The added weight made her channel tighter and her feel fuller! She’d surrendered completely. Ezzad could do with her as he pleased and she would gratefully accept it.

Asmeira couldn’t believe her eyes. All she’d taught Rinnie was for naught. This powerful tribal raider had easily crushed Rinnie’s resistance! Asmeira began to have second thoughts about her plan to conquer this man.

Rinnie had long since stopped feeling the pain. All she could think about was this cock rubbing her ass walls. She’d lost track of the number of times she’d come this night! Ezzad’s hand mauling her cock felt right. She’d willingly wear his slave collar.

Asmeira watched as Rinnie’s face smiled in pleasure. She watched her flush each time she came. She kept coming for him long after she’d run out of cream. Rinnie hung slack in his arms. Ezzad continued biting and sucking her neck. She’d bear that mark for many days. If she lived that long.


It was well after midnight before Ezzad finished fucking Rinnie and tossed her aside. She lay on his furs smiling peacefully, a thoroughly fucked glaze to her eyes. She’d spread her legs for this man any time!

Asmeira thought, It’s my turn, now. I won’t be as easy to tame!

But Ezzad only pulled her to the saddle and cuffed her to it. She couldn’t move it without waking him. It seemed she would have to wait for her turn.

Asmeira watched in stunned silence as Ezzad returned to Rinnie, who’d spread her legs and held her arms out to him, inviting him to use her again! Asmeira woke several times during the night to Rinnie’s muffled cries of pleasure.


Angie K


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