Tuesday morning: the final morning

We awoke around 9. I rolled Jackie onto her stomach and started fucking her slowly. I really enjoy the feel of her round bottom against me hips. She started clamping her hole against my cock, seemingly milking me. The sensation was marvelous!

Around 9:30 we heard someone vacuuming the front room. It was room service! I wanted to stop but Jackie pleaded with me to continue. After a few minutes an older woman came into the room. She saw us and apologized saying she could come back later. Jackie told her she wasn't disturbing us. The maid continued cleaning and proceeded to the bathroom.

I was still fucking Jackie when the maid came and stood in front of Jackie then unzipped her pants. She pulled out a 5" cock and stuck in Jackie's face. The maid was another tranny!

Jackie sucked her while I continued fucking. The maid soon came, zipped up and left, saying she would come back later and resumed cleaning. We laughed, and soon I was coming.

A few minutes later, she returned to the room, totally naked, and asked if she could suck my cock. I lay back and she climbed into bed. She lay face down with her legs spread wide. Jackie took the invitation and climbed on top. She forced herself all the way in.

"Ooooh, Yesss!" moaned the maid. "Fuck me hard! Make me take it all!"

Jackie ground her body against the maid's. She was fucking long and deep. I soon came and moved over to the loveseat to watch. Jackie held the maid's hands down on the bed as she fucked. The maid squirmed beneath her and lifted her bottom to accept more of Jackie's cock.

Jackie fucked her over an hour before she rammed deep as she came. She crawled onto the maid and stuck her cock in her face. The maid sucked her clean then turned to me and offered to suck me. She knelt before me and took me into her mouth. Jackie saw the upturned ass, shrugged, and started fucking again.

The maid squealed with delight! Jackie pounded her until I came. The maid dressed and said she would return to finish cleaning later.

As it was getting close to checkout, we hurriedly cleaned up packed and left for home. Several time on the drive home Jackie would take and kiss the back of my hand.

She dropped me off around 5. I said goodbye, leaning through the window and letting her stare down my top.

She said, "I had a great time, this weekend!"

"I did, too. Let's do it again, but without the whip! Okay?"

We were both laughing as she drove away.

We were discussing work the next morning when Michelle and Tracy arrived. From their furtive looks we knew that had spent part of the weekend together.

Michelle asked if we had a good time.

I squeezed Jackie's hand and only smiled.

I can hardly wait for the next long weekend!


Angie K


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