Friday, July 27th:

We were enjoying several weeks of excellent sales Michelle and Tracy had "assisted" a few clients during this period. None of my customers required such services.

Jackie called us into her office around lunch time. She told us she was closing early and closing Saturday so we could all have a well-deserved long weekend. She handed each of us a nice bonus and told us to have fun!

As the others left, Jackie asked if I would like to spend the weekend with her. She rarely asks us to do things: She usually strongly suggests or orders we do what she wants. I was intrigued, since she asked nicely, and said I'd love to!"

"Good. I'll pick you up at 3. Bring some nice clothes and some casual wear."

She pulled up at 3 and I got in. We drove up the coast a couple of hours and stopped in a small town with a nice secluded lodge. We decided to eat supper at a local restaurant overlooking the ocean. We enjoyed the view then drove up to the lodge. We had a nice suite overlooking the ocean.

After we unpacked, we kicked off pour shoes and Jackie poured some wine. We sat across from each other on the couch and made small talk. We looked out the window and watched the sunset. It was very romantic. I could feel Jackie undressing me and fucking me with her eyes. After a few moments, Jackie moved closer and kissed me. I pulled her closer and we kissed passionately. Our hands were all over each other's bodies.

We stood and Jackie unbuttoned my blouse, slid it over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She then unzipped my skirt and let it drop. She removed my bra. She fondled my breasts and kissed and nibbled them. I felt her unsnap my garter belt then slid it down over my hips and bottom.

She then asked me to help her undress. I kissed her as I unzipped her dress from her neck down to the small of her back. I ran my hand down her back to her bottom and realized she was wearing nothing underneath! She slipped the dress off and let it drop. Her cock is very nice. It may be a little over 7" long and about 2" thick. I can barely close my hand around it. I have a hard time sucking it. I feel completely filled when she fucks me. It barely hits the back of my ass when she's in me. Just enough to hurt a little when she pounds deep

"I removed them at the restaurant" she said. Then she drew my closer and resumed kissing. She had me sit on the edge of the couch. She knelt before me and took my cock into her mouth. I was pleasantly surprised: Jackie rarely sucks cock! She gave me a long, slow blowjob. She teased and delayed, making the blowjob last a half hour. After I came, she swallowed every drop,

She started working her way up kissing my body. When she reached my breasts, she spent several minutes licking and nibbling my nipples. She moved up to my neck and nuzzled a while. Next came another long kiss. She nibbled my ear lobe and whispered, "Let's go to bed."

She led me to the bedroom and had my lay down on my back. She lay next to me and drew my closer. Our bodies were intertwined as we kissed and let our hands roam over our bodies. She pushed me back and kissed her way back down my stomach until she reached the hollows of my hips. She took me into her mouth again. It wasn't long before I came again. She took two fingers and worked lube into my ass. When she felt I was lubed enough she started working back up my body until I could feel her hard cock against my ass. She licked one finger and had me suck the other clean. I arched my back and she slid right in. She placed one hand behind my head and one underneath my bottom. I wrapped my legs around her. She held me tight against her. Her mouth never left mine as she fucked me slowly, with long strokes. I wasn't used to Jackie being this gentle! I liked this side of her!

She fucked my long and leisurely. She could fuck longer and more often than anyone I had met, before, and since. She often fucked for an hour or more. I arched my body to draw her in as deep as possible. Her breathing became more rapid and I finally felt her pump faster. I felt her body stiffen as she started coming in me. I felt wave after wave as she emptied herself in me. She soon relaxed and rolled off me. I snuggled close.

"That was the best fuck I've had in a long time!" she exclaimed.

"I answered, "Me, too! That was fantastic!"

We rested a couple of moments, then I moved down to suck her cock. I could taste me on her. I savored every drop. It wasn't long before she was hard again.

She rolled me onto my stomach and spread my legs. She kissed the back of my thighs and worked her way up to kiss and nibble my bottom. She spread my cheeks and started flicking her tongue across the rim of my hole. She worked her tongue into my hole and licked. As I relaxed, I felt her saliva run inside me.

She kissed the small of my back and worked her way up to my shoulders and neck. As she started on my ear, I felt her slide into me until her balls reached my asshole.

"I want to fuck you longer. You feel sooo good to me!"

"Please. Take our time and enjoy me."

With one hand, she reached around to fondle a breast: she cupped my cock with her other. I loved the feel of her hips rubbing against my bottom as she fucked me. This is my favorite position. With each stroke, I could feel my cock rubbing her hand.

I wanted her to fuck me all night. However, all too soon, I could feel Jackie stiffen as she pumped me harder and had another orgasm. The faster strokes made me come in Jackie's hand. She finished and rolled off me. I watched her lick some of my cum from her fingers. Then she offered the remainder for me to suck.

"That was even better! I can't believe I made you cum!"

"It was fantastic! I've never come before when someone fucked me!" I answered.

I was going to suck her again, but she said she was drained and was ready to go to sleep. We snuggled awhile and then she was fast asleep. I caressed her for a few more minutes before I fell asleep, too.



Angie K


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