Sunday, the 29th   

We woke early and decide to drink coffee and eat at light breakfast on the balcony. We were relaxing, watching the waves rolling in. some surfers were out, and a few sunbathers were getting an early start.

"I want you so bad, I can hardly stand it", Jackie said. "I want to stay here and fuck you all day!"

She probably could. She has the unusual ability to fuck, come, and start fucking again. She often fucks me over an hour at a time! I was still very sore from the last couple of days, but I wanted her as much as she wanted me! I undressed and got on all fours, looking out over the ocean.

Jackie lubed her fingers and worked my asshole, loosening it up. She also lubed her cock. She wiped he hands, grabbed my hips and shoved her cock as deep as it could go. She bottomed out and hit the back of my ass harder than she ever previously had. I yelped in surprise!

"I'm going to lube you regularly", she said. "I really am going to fuck you all day!"

She managed to last about 30 minutes before she came the first time. She pulled out, stepped to the front and pushed her cock in my mouth. I wasn't sucking, she was fucking my mouth! When she was erect again, she resumed fucking my ass with long, hard strokes. I would yelp occasionally as she hit the back, but was loving it as much as she.

She was well into an hour and we were both sweating profusely. We heard something and both looked at the balcony to our left. Two men were drinking coffee, standing side by side with their arms around each other's waists. One raised his mug in a salute to Jackie. She laughed and started pounding as hard as she could.

She was nearly through the 2nd hour, when she finally stiffened and dumped her load. She pulled out amidst applause from the 2 men. She bowed and the stuck her cock in my face to lick her clean.

She left the balcony to get us some wine. I stayed on my knees, knowing that was what Jackie wanted.

"Does she really fuck that long??" they asked incredulously! "We're lucky to last 20 minutes!"

"She has fucked me for over an hour on several occasions. It's like her cock can't stay down for long."

Jackie returned and we rested a couple of moments, drinking our wine. My ass was really sore at this point, but the lust-filled look she gave me convinced me I was in for more.

The men had left, at that point. Jackie lubed her cock and proceeded to fuck me again! They returned awhile later to see her fucking me wildly. Tears were streaming down my face. The men returned and their jaws dropped to see her fucking me again!

Shortly, she started coming again. This time, when she finished, she knelt behind me a licked my ass. The men were getting quite a show!


"That will be lunch", Jackie said, as we heard a knock at the door. We walked inside. She gave the men a wicked grin and then slapped me hard across my bottom. I jumped a little and ran in saying, "Yes, ma'am."

We were finishing our lunch when we heard a knock at the door. Jackie opened the door to see our two neighbors. They asked to come in and Jackie shrugged okay.

"We really enjoyed the show and were wondering if we could watch from here?" Just watch, only."

Jackie shrugged, and led us to the bedroom. The men sat on the loveseat in the room. Jackie had me lay face down on the bed. She pulled out some restraints she had in her bag, and tied my wrists to the headboard. She spread my legs and tied them off. She pulled a gag that had a small cock on it and stuffed it in my mouth. Next came a small whip from her bag. She gave me several had slaps across my cheeks, raising angry red welts. Tears were streaming down my face as I wondered what had gotten into her!

She mounted me, pressing me into the bed. Her hips grinding against my stinging bottom brought more tears to my eyes. She reached under me and started jacking me off. She had never fucked me this roughly before!

While she fucked me, the men took turns sucking each other's cocks. I started getting into this when I felt an orgasm building. I came all over her hand. She finished right after that and stood behind me. I heard the whistle of the whip before she lashed me again! She gave me several lashes and turned to the men, commanding them to suck her. They knelt before her and sucked her until she came again, spraying their faces with come. She had them kneel across the loveseat and gave them several lashes each and sent them home. They thanked her for the wonderful time.

She removed the gag, but left me bound. She mounted me again, this time with her cock strap on. I knew I was in for a very long fucking!

She learned to my ear and whispered, "Because I want to."

It was around 3:30 in the afternoon. She ground into me slow and deep. The pain was slowly getting worse, but my cock was soon rock hard again. This time, she didn't grab it. This was all about her pleasure. I heard the clock chime on the ½ hour several times before she finally came.

She lay on me, finally spent. I didn't know how long she had fucked: I didn't want to know. She fell asleep on me. I quietly cried into the pillow.

When she woke, she took me to the tub and we washed each other. We sat in the Jacuzzi until our aches started fading,

We ordered in again and quietly ate our meals. We sat across from each other on the couch, barely saying a word. I felt something had changed between us.

Jackie surprised me again when she started sobbing. She was trying to be quiet as her body was wracked by her deepening sobs.

"I'm so sorry!" she kept repeating, tears running down her face. "I didn't mean to hurt you so badly! I wanted you more than I've wanted anyone in a long time! I just couldn't get enough of you! Can you ever forgive me?"

I pulled her close to me and lightly stroked her hair.

"I could have said no," I answered. "I wanted this as much as you! You just surprised me with your intensity. I've had a wonderful weekend with you."

I lightly kissed her head and stroked her hair until she fell asleep. I held her a while longer then lay her down on the couch, covering her with a blanket. I then took my aching body to the bedroom. I lay awake for an hour before I final drifted off to sleep.


Angie K


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