Saturday morning the 28th

I awoke to the sound of Jackie in the shower. I stepped in behind her and rubbed against her bottom.

"Good morning, sleepyhead! I was wondering when you'd wake up." She said, giving me a bright, warm smile.

"I'm awake now," I purred.

We started kissing and soaping each other. I reached down with both hands and soaped her cock, which soon jumped to attention.

"Oooh, someone's horny this morning!" she exclaimed.

I throatily whispered, "Fuck me now. Right here. Hard."

She spun me around and pushed me against the shower wall. She forced her cock into my ass. With one hand, she held my neck and pushed my head up and slightly raised my chin. She firmly grabbed my cock with her other hand and started stroking.

Her thrusting pushed me hard against the wall. I could feel my bottom lifted with each hard thrust. I was barely standing on my toes. I soon started coming. She kept fucking and stroking. A short time later, I came again and she quickly followed suite. She was in so deep she lifted me off the floor. I was tight against the wall. I could feel her hot breath on my neck.

After she released me, I dropped to my knees and was prepared to suck her when she said, "Maybe later. We need to finish here. After breakfast, we're going sight-seeing."

I reached down to pick up the soap when Jackie grabbed my hips and stated fucking me again.

"Oh, hell! I hate to see such a fine ass go to waste!" she exclaimed as she started fucking me harder.

We missed breakfast and nearly missed lunch!

Saturday afternoon and evening:

After a nice lunch at an outdoor café we strolled the small downtown area. We had our sundresses, sunglasses, and floppy hats. We looked like two friends enjoying an afternoon together. We saw the local sights, and shopped some local boutiques. She bought us both a sheer beach cover-up. We enjoyed a glass of wine while sitting on a patio overlooking a cove filled with sailboats.

She soon said, "Let's go back to the lodge."

We quickly returned to our suite. We were barely inside before we were in each other's arms, kissing passionately. We tore our clothes off in our impatience to fuck! Articles were scattered everywhere.

She turned me loose and directed me towards the bedroom. As I went past, she slapped my bottom and said, "Hurry up!"

She pushed me onto my back, lifted my legs and pushed her way in. This wasn't going to be a gentle session! She grabbed my wrists and held them above my head. She planted her mouth on mine and tongue fucked me while she pounded my ass. I couldn't even move under her. My stiff cock was trapped between us, rubbing against her pelvis with every thrust she made. The clock in our room chimed every half hour. I heard it twice. She had pounded my ass for over thirty minutes, and was still showing no signs of coming!

I came from all the rubbing against her. I heard the clock again. Shortly afterwards, She started fucking me faster and harder. She rammed deep as she could as she filled me with her cum. I could feel some leaking from my ass. She rolled off me and headed to the shower.

"I'm hungry. Let's go eat." she said.

We took quick showers and to visit a nearby French restaurant. She wore a simple shift. I wore some low cut jeans and a bare midriff tube top. The waiter checked us out every time he came by.

We were enjoying the wine and the meal. We laughed and giggled a lot.

"I'm really enjoying this trip", I said.

"Me, too! We should do this more often!"

We had a cup of coffee. The waiter came by with a carafe and asked if we would like dessert.

I looked at Jackie, and then at him and said, "I think I'm dessert, tonight!"

He nearly dropped the carafe!

We went back to our suite and slowly undressed each other. We made out on the couch, fondling and kissing each other's breasts, stopping only to watch the sun sink below the waves.

I straddled her so we could kiss more deeply. One hand held my head close while the other roamed over my back and bottom. She would cup a check and squeeze deeply. My cock was hard against her stomach. I could feel her stiffening beneath me.

She ran a finger down my crack and ran it along the rim of my asshole. I moaned with delight! She lubed her finger and pushed it in, finger fucking my ass. I was ready for her cock! I moved her hand away, placed her cock against my hole and sat down hard, forcing it in.

It couldn't go in as deep, but it sure felt good inside. She kissed my throat and lips. I rocked back and forth. My cock rubbed against her belly. I soon came and felt my come being spread across both our stomachs. I kept rocking and soon started feeling the signs of her impending orgasm. I slowed down to delay her coming so soon. I pulled her head down to my nipple and told her to grab it with her teeth. I asked her to not let go until after she came.

The tugging on my nipple as I rocked back and forth was making me hard again. I rode her harder and faster until she grabbed my waist and pulled me down as far as she could! She started coming in powerful waves. I started coming again! I could feel her cum leaking from my ass.

I got up and then kneeled before her. I sucked her cock clean and then licked my cum from her stomach.

Jackie kneeled behind me. I was hoping she would fuck me again, but that wasn't what she had in mind! She started licking the cum from inside my thighs, then worked her way to my ass hole. She licked the rim and tongue fucked me until I was cleaned out. She then had me lay on my back and proceeded to lick my stomach clean. She took her time kissing and licking me then took my limp cock in her mouth. She kept sucking until I grew hard again and soon I had my last orgasm of the evening. I was drained, but was hoping she was not!

We drank a little wine looking out over the ocean. A full moon had risen, causing the sand to sparkle and the wave tops to shine.

"I've always wanted to fuck on the beach", she said. "Would you mind if we did?"

I grabbed our cover ups and a blanket started for the door.

We walked a while until we came to some rock outcroppings. We heard noises from behind one and peaked over. A young man was on his back and a young lady was riding him, moaning in delight.

We backed away and Jackie said, "I think this is the right spot."

We laid out the blanket and I got on my knees with me face on the ground. I soon felt Jackie's tongue probing my ass. She was going to eat me a long time tonight. I started moaning softly, but not softly enough.

We heard a noise and noticed the couple watching us. Jackie licked a few more minutes.

"I'm Jackie, and this is Angie. Would you like to join us?"

The couple introduced themselves as Wayne and Beth, local college students. We talked a little and then Jackie started fucking me doggy style. Soon Wayne had spread out their blanket. Beth kneeled in front of me and started kissing me while He fucked her from behind. It was difficult kissing when our faces where mashed together from the pounding we were getting. We laughed. It was an amazing turn on watching another couple fuck while I was getting fucked.

Beth turned around and stuck her ass in my face. I could smell her just fucked smell and buried my tongue in her ass. She was sucking Wayne while I ate her. This was fantastic! She was coming and Wayne was coming in her mouth. And Jackie kept fucking me.

Jackie stopped and lay on her back. She asked to ride her face and suck her. Wayne and I were watching the show. I felt his hand on my bottom. I moved over and started tonguing Beth's ass while Jackie ate her pussy. I wiggle my bottom, inviting Wayne over. He grabbed my hips and soon was fucking me as hard as he could! He wasn't as big as Jackie, but it still felt good.

Soon Beth started coming. Since Wayne hadn't come yet, we kept eating Beth. She had two more orgasms before Wayne emptied into my ass.

Wayne and Beth thanked us for a wonderful evening and left. As they walked away we saw him squeeze her ass cheek. We knew their evening was far from over.

Jackie ate me clean, saying Wayne's cum tasted nice. We walked back to our place and sat on the couch a while.

Jackie announced, "I'm tired, I think I'll go to bed." I looked at the clock. It was after 1 in the morning. We had been fucking on the beach for nearly 3 hours! I followed her to bed and crawled in next to an already sleeping Jackie. I soon followed her to dreamland.



Angie K


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