Monday, the 4th Day

Early the next morning, I felt a warm mouth on my cock. Jackie was between my legs, gently sucking.

She looked up at me tentatively, and said, "Good morning."

I smiled warmly and said, "good morning to you, too!" pushing her head back down on my cock.

She gave me a long, sensual blowjob. Just before I could come she would stop and squeeze the base of my cock until the urge subsided, then start all over again. After doing this several times, I exploded into her mouth. I kept coming and coming till she started leaking it from her mouth! She scooped the cum from her face and licked her fingers clean.

She moved up to snuggle against me. I could still tell she was tense and needed reassuring. I pulled her close and kissed her lightly, stroking her hair.

"We could stay another night, if you like", she said. "We could do anything you wanted. I can have Michelle open tomorrow."

I saw a little fear in her eyes and answered, "I'd love to!" But let's have breakfast first!"

I turned around and crawled down to her cock, and took it into my mouth. I placed my cock against her mouth. She took the hint and started sucking. We spent most the morning bringing each other to the edge and starting over. I came before she did and kept sucking till she finally filled my mouth. We lay there a few minutes making sure each was drained.

I moved back around to kiss Jackie. As we lay there, she lightly stroked my body. We were basking in the quiet afterglow of good sex.

"I noticed this lodge has beach chairs and umbrellas set up. Maybe we could relax by the water this afternoon!" I said.

"I forgot my swimsuit! But I know where we can get some, she said, grinning wickedly.

We walked downtown and bought hotdogs from a street vendor. A mustard dropped on her upper breast and I leaned over to lick it up when no one was looking.

She led me to a small swimwear shop. The owner brought us several to try. We spent over an hour trying different pieces, touching each other and giggling. We final settled on matching dark blue string bikinis. The bottoms barely cover our cocks and asses. Jackie's top could barely contain her breasts! We bought matching wraps to wear around our hips.

We decide to wear our outfits back to the lodge. We had seen others walking around town in swimwear. We walked out with our sundresses in our bags. We had our floppy sun hats, sunglasses and wedge sandals. We turned heads all the way back to the lodge.

We dropped off our bags and went by the lobby. Jackie requested some wine be brought to us outside. We went out and found a nice area where we could see the ocean. The desk clerk brought us a ½ bottle on ice, a couple of glasses and some chocolate dipped straw berries.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon sipping wine and enjoying the berries. We watched several couples playing on the beach.We checked out different people and fantasized about fucking some. We saw the couple from the other night and waved. They waved back and came over to say hello, then returned to the group they were with.

As the air turned cooler, we returned to our rooms. Jackie kneeled in front of me and grabbed the end of one of the bikini ties in her teeth. When the bottom fell to the floor, she took me into her mouth and started sucking. I let her suck a little and drew her up to me, we kissed and finished undressing each other.

I grabbed her cock and pulled her into the bedroom. She lay on her back and lifted her ass for me to enter. I licked my way from her navel up to her full breasts, taking time to suck each nipple. I moved up to her mouth and started kissing. She reached between her legs and guide my throbbing cock in. We wrapped our arms around each other and held each other close as I slowly fucked her. Jackie was softly moaning how good it felt. I came all too soon and lay on Jackie. We got up and showered, playing and kissing. We then dressed to go out.

I was wearing a short shirt dress over my jeans and loafers. Jackie put on a halter dress that left much of her back exposed. The front was open to just below her navel, exposing her cleavage. The dress barely covered bottom! This was definitely a come-fuck-me outfit.

We returned to the French restaurant and had the same waiter. While he looked at me, he was often stared down Jackie's dress. He undressed her with his eyes every time he came by. We flirted with him and found out his name was Eric and he attended the local college.

"Did Madame enjoy her dessert?' he asked.

"It was wonderful, maybe you should try it sometime!" she laughed. Towards the end of the meal, Eric came by and asked, "Would you care for dessert? Or is she dessert again."

Jackie laughed, looked him in the eye and said, "No, I'm dessert tonight."

"We would like a to go box .... With you in it!" I smiled. "What time do you finish here?"

He stammered, "Around 11."

I wrote our address on a napkin while Jackie paid the bill. We walked back to our room and waited. We stripped and made out, warming up, Hoping he would show, but okay if he didn't.

Around 10:30 we heard a knock at the door, Jackie slipped on a robe. It was Eric. "My boss let me leave early" he stammered.

Jackie led him into the front room and handed him a glass of wine. I stood and his eyes bulged when he saw my cock! Jackie dropped her robe, and I saw a look of consternation on his sweet face.

Jackie smiled and said, "Relax, I said we were dessert, not you. We thought you might like having two playmates tonight,"

He was still nervous, but I could see the lust in his eyes when he looked at Jackie. He really wanted her! Jackie went up to him and started kissing him and undressing him. He is a handsome red head, about 6-2. Definitely serious eye candy! But, he was absolutely gorgeous, naked! He was muscular, with little body hair. His cock was longer and thicker than Jackie's. I thought, "Please, not another rough night!" and "I wonder how it would feel?" I could see the lust In Jackie's eyes!

Eric pulled Jackie close and put his mouth to her breast. She moaned and pulled his head against her, encouraging him to suck. I took him into my mouth. I could only get him part ways in. He was soon rock hard straining against my lips.

Jackie pulled away and had him lay on his back on the floor. She guided his cock to her ass and impaled herself on it, taking it balls deep. She started riding him slowly as he reached up and fondled her breasts. I could see his climax building as he started bucking beneath her. He came for several minutes, Jackie riding him until he finished. She moved to his cock and sucked him until he was hard again.

"My turn!" I cried as lay on my back with me legs pulled back by my head.

He quickly came over and rammed his cock home. I could feel it hit the back end hard, but I kept telling him to fuck me harder! He fucked me like this a while and then decided he wanted to bend me over the couch arm and take me from behind. I obliged and felt him hammering hard, each stoke ending with his balls slapping mine!

Jackie moved in front and had me suck her. This excited Eric so much that he squeezed my hips hard and tried to fuck me deeper! After about 15 minutes, he emptied into me and pulled away. Jackie took Eric in her mouth and sucked him hard again. She then took my place on the couch. I slid forward and she started eating my ass and licking me clean.

"Damn!" Eric cried out.

He soon was pounding Jackie's upturned ass. I could hear her muffled moans of delight as Eric fucked her as hard as he could. He fucked her at least 30 minutes, Jackie eating me the whole time. When he finally came he pushed in so deep that Jackie yelped. He pulled out of her, drained.

Jackie asked if he would like to stay the night, but he said he had early classes the next morning. We showered, Jackie bathed him and I sucked him and was rewarded with a mouthful of delicious come.

We said goodnight as he left. It was nearly 2AM!

I looked at Jackie and said, "I'm still horny!"

She smiled impishly, went over to the couch, and lay over the arm, ass high in the air. I slipped my cock in and fucked hard for several minutes before I spilled my load in her ass. She grabbed my cock and led me back to the bedroom. As he lay face down on the bed, she said, "Put the strap on. I want this to last awhile.

It nearly dawn before I came, totally spent. We fell asleep in each other's arms, both totally drained.


Angie K


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