This story is fiction. Things which can happen in fiction are not always possible or safe in real life. Please be safe. If you do not like reading about male/male sex with authoritarian overtones please do not read on.

Chapter 9 A moment for revenge.

As the weeks went by I became better at self control. I learnt to take whatever punishment my master chose to give me and to control myself until he gave me permission to take my own pleasure. I would sometimes sleep at the foot of his bed, and sometimes in my own room.

I often reflected on my previous life. I didn't miss much about it. I loved to be free of all responsibility except pleasing my Master. I was extremely glad to have no more troubles from people like Dave (the office bully in chapter 2). I certainly revelled in the new found freedom of spirit which being true to my nature gave me.

I was not long before my birthday was approaching. During the week before Frank told me that he was planning a surprise for me. He told me that he would be having guests tot he house, and that I was to prepare as usual, but that part of the evening would be for my pleasure rather than anyone else's. This raised my interest. It was to be my birthday gift. I spent the week running up the date with many thoughts in my mind. What could Frank have planned. Since I had been here he had met my every need; I could hardly think of anything I needed or wanted. What could it be that he had thought of which he was so sure would bring me pleasure.

The great day arrived and I prepared as requested. Dinner for two Masters, I was instructed. I laid the table accordingly. Perhaps his gift was to give me some more experience with one of his friends, yet that had happened often since I arrived. What would make this Master so special? I was as usual in my five leather rings (wrists, ankles and collar, together with the two nipple rings and a chain hanging between them. When Frank returned from work he had an air of expectancy about him. He seemed to be looking forward to this evening more than most. I ensured that the meal was the very best. The time came for the guest to arrive and I answered the doorbell when it rang. The face was familiar. It was a regular guest of Frank's by the name of Martin.

"Hello, Martin is." I chimed as I saw him. I was still unsure what was happening. Martin had been before. He had used me often and I certainly enjoyed his ministrations. He had a special love of being rimmed by me and I had spent many long evenings using my tongue on him. He seemed to love the way I let my tongue go as far into his ass as possible and explore around. I have been told by him and others that my tongue is especially long and strong and I know that he has asked to return in the past to have more work from me down there. He liked to sit on the very edge of his chair while he ate. He would get me to eat him as he ate my meal. We would then often go for long sessions in the bedroom afterwards. But what was to be so special about tonight? Was Martin to be my birthday gift?

Dinner proceeded without much being unusual. Not unusual for this house! I sat under the table and worked on Frank's cock, on Martin's ass and cock. I liked and sucked my way through the meal, offering all the usual condiments to such a nice birthday event. We even toasted me. I was invited to come out from under the table and squat beside my Master. He took some champagne into a glass, and after toasted me he tipped it into my mouth from a great height. I was not, in this context, entitled to have a glass for myself. It may not seem much, but it was a lovely gesture on my Master's part.

When the meal was finished I sensed there was more to happen. I waited. Frank eventually spoke. "Now Vic, tonight is your birthday and I have a surprise for you. You will remember some months ago, on the day before you left work, you were assaulted by that gross bully Dave. I said at the time that I would arrange for him to receive some repayment for the way he has abused you and others over the years. Well I did not forget my words. Martin comes from that same city and he arranged for Dave to be taken in hand. He was collected by some of our friends and was subjected to some punishment at their hands. It turned out that like so many bullies, he found it hard to learn his lesson. He has not changed his ways and another our contacts in the city has been abused by him in his new job. So it is time for him to be punished some more. His punishment this time will involve one of his former victims. He has been brought from the city by Martin, and is in the back of his van. We shall bring him in and he will be yours to do with as you wish. It is time he was taught a proper lesson."

I listened to this whole explanation, unsure how I should react.

Then I looked down at myself. I was rock solid. My cock was sticking out from my body in a way which should only happen when yearning for my Master.

This possibility was a huge turn on for me. I looked at my Master, concerned that he might interpret my stiff cock as an abuse of my place. He did not. He smiled at me and said "Yes, quite a good thought isn't it - to give a bully a piece of his own treatment. Make sure you remember what he did to you, and that he has done the same and worse to others. He is yours!"

With that we went outside to fetch Dave in. He was dragged from the car in a pair of jeans and a denim shirt. His hands were tied behind his back and he was wearing a blindfold and a gag. It was lovely sight. My memory of him that day in the office toilet was of a swagger and arrogance.

Now he was left struggling against his bonds. H e was about 5' 9" tall and stocky. He was not very muscular and much of his stockiness was just solid build. He had mousy brown hair and sideburns. he was wearing nothing on his feet. I watched as we brought him in and Frank indicated that I should not speak.

"Where do you want him? In the bedroom?" I nodded. He was taken through to the bedroom. We untied his hands. We were fastened to some of Frank's chains and his feet were also chained. He was then pulled into that x position with which I was so familiar. I stood and looked at him. I had never seen anyone in that place before. It was always me. It looked so sexy. Frank spoke to Dave.

"You are a bully and a shit. You once abused one of my friends in your office loo and I know you were beaten at the time and told to change your ways. Now I hear you have been abusing another member of the gay community in your new job. Tonight you will learn anew what it means if you abuse members of a proud and close knit community. I know that most little shits like you, who get turned on by taking advantage of others, are really only acting out what you like to be done to you. Well you will certainly know tonight. I am giving you as a gift to a colleague of mine. He is going to teach you what it is like to be taken advantage of."

Dave hung, still fighting the restraints as this lecture was delivered. He gradually subsided as at last he knew his fate. He had been kidnapped earlier in the day and brought on this journey without explanation of any sort and the tension had risen within him as his uncertainty had grown. Now he knew whose hands he was in. As Frank's address continued I watched him grow pale.

"What most upset's us Dave is the fact that when you abuse people you go for gay men who are vulnerable, you abuse them sexually. Your punishment will therefore be sexual. I even think you might eventually enjoy it. Let the fun begin."

It was at this stage that Dave gave into his urges. He pissed himself in his jeans. I saw a wet patch appear and grow and travel down his legs. It was wonderful. To see my former tormentor so scared that he couldn't control his bladder was a great sight. I just stood and watched, as he became more and more uncomfortable. hen the time came for Frank to hand over to me. He stepped back and nodded.

I decided to speak. "Hi Dave, remember me?" There was no reply, of course because me was gagged. But I saw him strain to hear the new voice and to recognise it. He did not. "You once face fucked me in an office loo and told me that if I complained you would get me the sack." Even this did not produce recognition. Good God, how many people had he done this too if my simple description did not mean instant understanding. My rage grew within me. I had learned over these past months how to control my emotions, so the rage did not spill over. It just channelled itself into my actions over the next few hours.

I began by fetching a knife. I first ripped open the buttons and then slit the arms of his shirt from top to bottom so that the whole shirt fell to the floor. He hung naked from the waist up. Not a bad body really.

I appraised it. Then let my hands run over it. He struggled to pull away but there was nowhere to go. I then took the knife to his jeans and shredded them too. We fell away. I was careful not to touch him with the blade in any way. It only heightened his tension. He did not know that I wasn't about to slit his throat.

I stood aback and appraised him. His mousy hair hung limp, and he was beginning to sweat. His cock began to show signs of growth. I remembered its full 8" from that day he and forced me to take it. He was still straining to work out what was going on and what was going to happen.

Frank and Martin sat by and watched, giving me their approval for what I was doing. Dave had small rivers of sweat beginning to run down his face and chest and it was clear that he was terrified. I enjoyed the moment greatly. His boxers followed the other clothes and he hung there completely naked.

I began the torment. I have to admit I was really looking forward to taking some revenge, not only for what Dave had done to me but for all that he represented in my life. I ran my hand over Dave's face. I felt his heat and sweat. He pulled his head away: but then it was the only part of him that could move, so I couldn't be surprised by that. I then ran my ands over his neck, and down to his chest, feeling him and making him know that I was there and able to do as I pleased. I felt his nipples and we hardened beneath my touch. I squeezed them and then pinched them. He moaned into his gag. I then rubbed his stomach and moved on down to touch his cock and balls. We were now fully extended. His balls were large and I took them into my hand and rolled them. I ran my and up the length of his large cock and felt it move within my grasp. Despite himself Dave was turned on by his predicament.

Throughout this I said nothing, finding it more thrilling to let him wonder without my voice being part of the process. I again took his balls and this time I crushed them in my hand causing him some pain. He moved and moaned, but there was to be no relief for him. I began to toss him off, making him more turned on. I bent down and took him in my mouth and began to suck. I brought him to the point where I could feel his excitement grow, and then left him three times without relief. Each time I withdrew at the crucial moment, so that his need to come grew and grew.

I decided it was time to change the dynamic of the action at this stage. I indicated to Frank and Martin that I wanted them to move to behind Dave so that e could not see them. I then went to the cupboard and took out a hood which I put on myself. My next move could never have been anticipated by Dave. I wanted him to know what was happening as I moved into the next phase but not to know who I was. So, wearing the hood, I removed his blindfold. The whole interaction between us changed. From being unable to see or know what was happening next, he could now see what I was about to do. This was all part of my plan. I was about to start the pain for real, and I wanted him to know what was coming.

I fetched a small leather whip from the cupboard and showed it to him. His eyes opened wide in horror. He had probably never seen such a thing in real life before. "This whip is going to teach you not to abuse those who live a life different to yours, Dave. You will find it painful, but you may never feel the same about abuse again. It might even open up a whole new life for you." I let is fall gently across his face, and down his chest. Then over his belly, and cock and legs. It just brushed across those parts of his body, without any action on my part. I moved behind him and did the same down his back. He looked more frightened than ever. I now felt able to speak. He still seemed to have no idea who I was and I was sure he had abused enough people in his life, mostly without taking much notice of them, to not have much chance of working it out. I lifted the whip and began to give him the thrashing of his life.

The first few blows landed on his ass cheeks. He flinched and screamed into the gag. But not much noise came out. After two or three blows I moved to his legs, hitting him in numerous places up and down the length of the back of his legs. I could see the tears running down his face as I moved in front of him. I continued to whip him from the front. Across his chest and abdomen. Across the front of his legs. He was so tightly bound in the chains and straps that there was nowhere for him to go to avoid the blows. On and on I went. I was getting more and more turned on by the scene: so, it seemed, was he. He was rock hard and his cock was twitching and responding to each blow.

Eventually I stopped. His moans had continued throughout, and his tears had long since dried up. It was clear that he did not know whether to hate or enjoy what I was doing. I looked at his body, criss crossed with red marks and admired my work. I decided he had probably had enough, but he was not getting away without me getting my final revenge. I moved behind him and rubbed my cock against his ass. He groaned loudly and tried to move away. But still there was nowhere to go. I took some KY jelly and smeared it along his crack, letting my finger push plenty into his virgin hole. He was hot from the whipping and nothing seemed to have caused him to lose his erection. I moved in close behind him, and began my assault. I entered him in a slow determined push, and after his initial attempts to keep me out his pucker gave way and I slid in. I grabbed his hips and pushed in further. He was unable to do anything to resist me. I began to establish a firm slow rhythm and could feel myself hitting his prostate with each thrust. His body began to shake violently and he could not stop himself from rising higher and higher with each stroke. No matter what his mind was telling him about this night, his body was uncontrollable turned on and he moved ever closer to an orgasm he would remember for the rest of his life.

When he came it was violent and dramatic. He began to pump seed from his engorged penis like there was a need to irrigate the land after a drought and blast after blast shot across the room with great force. His ass muscles contracted around me and squeezed me to my own satisfaction, and I too began to come in him. I pumped by cum into his ass and he shot more of his love juice in response. After what seemed an age we both ran out of fluid and then exhaustion of the moment began to overtake us. For Dave that meant slumping in his restraints. As for me, I pulled myself out of him and sat down in a heap as Master Frank's feet. He looked at me and smiled. "Happy Birthday!" he said.

Dave hung limp in the x position. He looked at the floor, covered in semen and reflected on what had happened. How could he have felt so turned on by this assault? He began to wonder if he might have been revealing something deeper in his attempts to assault gay men he mat. But his mind could not cope with the thought. That would have to wait for another day.

I was invited by my Master to replace the blindfold on Dave. When he could no longer see, I took off the hood, and Martin took Dave down. He had no resistance left in him. He was led back to Martin's car, and we were off to take him back to the city. Who knows what would become of him. All I was certain about was that this had to be one of the best birthday presents any slave had ever been given by his Master.

Chapter 10 Being taken to the club

It was a cold night when Master Frank decided it was time to take his slave for a public viewing. He had been training him for some weeks and the time had come to find out whether the training had paid off. We left home at about 9.30pm and set off towards the club in Frank's car. Master Frank was wearing jeans, with leather chaps and waistcoat. This revealed his lovely torso, while making his authority clear. I was afforded no such pleasure. I had a leather collar and a pair of brief leather shorts.

Nothing else.

We arrived in the car park and the Master leant over to his me. He quickly attached a lead to the collar and I was told to get out of the car. It was not very far from the car to the club entrance, but the cold soon made its mark on me. My firm muscles were quickly covered in goosebumps, and my nipples rose to become two small rivets in the centre of my broad chest.

We entered the club and were hit by the warm glow of the atmosphere. It was quite dark in there, but our eyes soon got used to the light and we could see. At the far side was a bar and there were small tables dotted around. In various places Masters were sitting with their slaves by their sides. There was obviously some action going on at some tables while others were sitting just watching the scene. In the centre of the room was a small stage. At some points in the evening it was open to anyone to go up onto the stage and to perform in whatever way we felt appropriate.

Master Frank found a suitable table and sat down. He led me across the room on his leash and we were both aware of the crowds watching and assessing the new arrivals. I sat on the floor beside my Master, bursting with pride. Just the walk across the room had set my heart pounding. He had been with my Master for some weeks now and had loved the feeling of being owned and dominated. I revelled in the fact that I had no decisions to take and that my Master would look after me. My trust of my Master was now almost complete. I knew that whatever happened, painful or pleasurable, it was at my Master's command and that Frank would ensure that I was kept safe throughout. Pain and safety have a close relationship. Most people kept them apart, thinking that pain could not play a part with safety, but we knew better.

We sat in the corner and watched the action. On the far side of the room a Master was being sucked off under the table by his slave. In another area two Masters sat at one table and were encouraging their salves to fuck each other beside the table. Then there was a table where the Master sat with his slave behind him, licking and rimming his ass as he sat and watched the scene around him. It was all so very different to anything I had ever experienced and I began to get very turned on. Master Frank leant down and removed the leather pants from me leaving me naked except for my collar. this attracted the attention of more people around the room, who checked me out. Its was strange how different nakedness can feel from one situation to another. In this public place, in front of so many strangers I felt he had entered a new depth of nakedness.

After a while a spot light came on to illuminate the stage. One of the Masters had decided it was time to show off is slave. He was a huge muscular man who looked distinctly mean. I was glad that my Master was more attractive and less mean looking. I watched in awe as the stage show began.

The Master took out a truncheon and waved it over his slave. It was about 60cm long, 4 cm in diameter, and black. The first 20 cms were smooth and thick. Then it had a ribbed centre section, with what looked like a series of 3 ball shaped bumps each sticking out about a further , with each ball increasing in diameter. It looked horrendous. The slave did not look like he wanted anything to do with it.

First the slave was forced to lick the long black rod. He began to do so with obvious apprehension. This did not please the Master. He hit him across the face and told him to do so with more enthusiasm. The slave licked on looking more keen, but I was not convinced that he was keen at all. Then the Master began to feed the rod into his slaves mouth. It was all he could do to open wide enough to take the top. When he had it in a way it was clear that it hit the back of the slave's throat. He gagged and it would go no further. It was one thing to take a cock in your throat: it would bend and help a little. But this thing. It was merciless. The Master spoke.

"It's no good. It won't go there. I will have to find another hole for it!" A huge cheer went up from the now watching. I sat in wonder and horror at what was going on. If this was where my Master had brought me what had he in mind.

The stage-slave was told to turn around and to bend over. He did so, exposing his butt and asshole for everyone to see. The Master moved around him, circling him and raising the tension. He moved to the right angle and placed the head of the truncheon at the slaves hole. Nothing.

Even at this distance I could see the small puckered hole twitching in anticipation. The was no pressure applied for some time. The Master just let it rest and the crowd cheered and cajoled him to do more. Then the moment came. He moved a fraction closer and pressed. There was a brief moment of complete silence. Everyone held their breath. Then, after just a couple of seconds the force of the Master overcame the force of the slaves instinctive attempts at self preservation, and the top of the rod pushed him wide open. It slid slowly and gently into the slave's ass. Another huge cheer went up, so loud that it drowned out the scream of the slave. But I didn't miss it. I was up there with that slave mentally.

The rod slowly sunk further into the salve who seemed to be able to take it, despite his loud protest as it entered. But then the moment arrived where the rod reached those bulges. It seemed unbelievable that they might be intended to go into him as well. But the Master kept on pushing. On reaching the first ball there was a pause. More pressure was applied and gradually the anus opened even further. I drew breath and kept watching, transfixed by the vision before me.

The first ball popped in. I gasped. I was rock hard and totally turned on by what I was watching. I suddenly felt Master Frank's hand reach down and take my collar. I was pulled up to my Master's lap and told to open the fly. I did so, keeping an eyes on what was happening on stage. I was clearly not the only one who was turned on. Maser Frank was also rock solid. He pushed my face down onto his hard cock and told me to suck.

Meanwhile on stage the second sphere entered the slave. Another gasp from the crowd. Could this slave really take all three.

As I sucked my Master another silence fell across the bar. After what seemed like an eternity the third ball entered this willing butt and a great cheer went up. There was now about 40 cm of club in the slave. The Master on stage raised is hands in triumph, leaving the black rod sticking out from his slave. He had taken the full extent of the weapon and the triumph of both Master and slave was clear. I felt my Master's large organ throbbing in my throat. I had not been told to bring him off so I went slowly, not wanting to do so until I was told. The feel of that pole in my throat while watching the erotic scene on stage was thrilling. I was perfectly at home with my Master, although I did harbour some lurking thoughts about how the rest of the evening might go. Did my Master intend to take me on stage? Only time would tell.

Soon the stage show went into reverse. The rod was removed. First the three balls, Each popped out: one, two three. Then slowly, so as not to cause any damage, the rod itself was extracted. Taking it out was an amazing reminder of just how big it was. It finally plopped from the ass and the slave was free of his bondage. They left the stage,, Master leading his slave and returned to their seats. I was deeply impressed. How could he have taken such a size? It was beyond my imagination. I waited to see what would happen next.

As the stage lights dimmed for a while I felt Master Frank remove me from his cock. The leash was refixed to my collar and I was led across the room. Slowly filling with fear I wondered what my Master might do to me. I had been in his service now long enough to trust him, yet I was still uncertain as this moment approached. I would have been less nervous had the previous stage show not been so violent an assault.

We went up on the stage and Master Frank was announced. The crowd was told that I was new to my Master and that this was our first public exhibition. Again a cheer of encouragement went up. It was always good for the crowd to see some new action. Master Frank leaned forward and whispered to me. "Just do as your told and enjoy it. Trust me."

With that he told me to stand up and wait for him to start. I stood in the middle of the stage and my Master took a couple of paces back. He then began to circle me. He walked round, looking at me and letting the crown see what was on offer. It is funny how some circumstances can make you feel more naked than others. Here on the stage, exposed in the flesh, and under the spotlight, encircled by my Master and viewed by the crowd I felt totally exposed. Master Frank came round in front of me and stood and looked. I began to feel the blood engorge my penis as I waited. The suspense and the atmosphere were getting to me.

Master Frank came in front of me and took hold of one of my nipples firmly. He twisted it and pulled at it hard. It sent a wave of pleasure through me. My cock grew harder. By the time the same treatment had been issued to the other side I was fully inflated. My Master took hold of my cock and began to pull it about roughly. This sent me even higher. It had been my fantasy for some time that my Master might put me on public display and now it was happening. I was so turned on by the experience.

Next Master Frank told me to bend over. I did so. I felt my Masters hand rub gently over my ass cheeks. Then, suddenly I felt a hard slap land on me. It stung and I flinched. But there was much more to come. My Master began to give me a thorough spanking there in the middle of this bar for all to see. The pain and heat grew and I felt totally humiliated. I even had tears running down my cheeks. But I could not have yet known that my Master had more plans for this evening. Being spanked was not going to be the end of the public humiliation.

I felt Frank's hand run along my hot crack then a finger began to probe at my hole. It entered me, and the crowd began to subdue. The first finger went in as far as the knuckle. It wound around and sent shivers of passion through my body. Then a second finger joined the first. After some movement and stretching a third went into that tight space, now so greatly extended, and finally the fourth was there. After gently but firmly extending the hole by movements of his hand, Frank pushed the fingers in and out up to his knuckles and the crowd watched in awe and wonder. It was always so revealing to watch the reactions of a new slave.

After playing with his slave for a few minutes in this way Master Frank removed his hand and began to move round me once again. Still he instructed me to keep bent, with my ass high in the air. He stood in front of me and unzipped his flies. He slipped out his rock hard penis. It looked so lovely to me in these lights. I had seen it many times before, but in this new and strange circumstance it looked so very different. I was told to move enough to just kiss the tip once, and I did so without hesitation.

I then dropped my head back down.

Master Frank then moved back behind me and began to rub me again. My ass was still flexing and twitching following the fisting I had received, and so Frank was able to enter me with ease. He slipped his long stiff pole into the hole. The tip slipped easily in and he began to push gradually deeper and deeper until his whole length was inside. Compared to the size of his hand it did not feel too bad to me, but there is nothing to compare to the feel of Master's cock in his slave. No hand, however large, can ever replace the feeling of being taken and fucked by your Master. I began to revel in the feeling. Master Frank began to rock and roll in me, taking me stroke by stroke. He felt the need to come much sooner than he wished, but assumed that this was a combination of the atmosphere at the club, and the sheer turn on of taking me in front of others. He pushed harder and faster until he was able to take no more. He spilled his seed deep inside me, and came as hard as he had done for some time. The whole thing had been a great turn on for him.

I was by this time totally sexed up, and hoped for some relief.

Frank's next action came then as a shock. While I stood bent hoping for an instruction to do something about his own erection I heard Master do his zip up. He then told me to stand. I did so and my cock stuck out begging for relief. Master Frank hooked the collar onto the leash, and walked off the stage, giving me no choice but to follow him, still wearing nothing but my collar. He walked across the bar and out of the door to the car. There was to be no public relief for me. My duty had been to serve and only to serve. I longed to cum and enjoy the release that would bring. Would that happen once we got home? Only time will tell.

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