This story is fiction. Things which can happen in fction are not always possible or safe in real life. Please be safe. If you do not like reading about male/male sex with authoritarian overtones please do not read on.


Chapter 1. The Leather Trousers

My name is Vic Paine and I am writing to tell you about my recent experiences. They have changed my life and the way I think about myself. I am 25, blond hair, blue eyes, 5'8" tall and medium build. I do not have that sort of muscle that shouts at all who meet me from day to day, but I am by no means scrawny.

My story begins about two years ago, when I was still very uncertain about my own inclinations in my sex life. I had known I was gay for some time, but my relationships had always been short and often I longed for more. Vanilla sex was all right, but there was always that feeling that I should be able to gain more pleasure and fulfilment than I did.

It was about this time that I met up with Frank. From the first moment I saw him he took my breath away. It is hard to know quite why. He was attractive all right. 6'1", black hair, black eyes, lean and with a piercing gaze. It was as though he looked at me and saw deeper than anyone else. We met through work, and he turned up to a meeting in black leather trousers. That would not have been odd, except that in the business world the suit was much more normal. Yet when Frank arrived no-one seemed to question the fact that he had a different dress sense. Maybe that is part of what I saw. It was the powerful sense of presence that allowed him to flout convention without anyone questioning him.

He came along to a meeting with me and several of my colleagues and I remember the meeting like it was yesterday. I work as a graduate trainee in a large company and have to attach to all sorts of meetings as part of my training and experience. The others there, Bill from Sales, Joe from Advertising and Bobby from Finance were all quite happy to let Frank come into the room and stand in our offices as though he owned the place. He just had that way. They are all married men and yet they seemed to take no offence at his strong attitude in their territory, and were unaffected, so far as I could tell by his sense of presence. Not so for me. I felt my guts go to jelly. I had no idea what was going on. In fact I can't say I remember too much about the decisions at were taken at the meeting, nor about how we came to them. All too soon it was over and I remember thinking that I may have stared too much and made a fool of myself.

The meeting closed and it was just about the end of the working day. The others all made their excuses to get off home and Bobby suggested that since Frank was in town overnight I should go out for a drink with him. They knew I lived by myself and that I often went for a drink after work. I was unsure. Half of me screamed to get out of this man's presence and influence. The other half was totally hooked on his charisma. I had little choice as it happened. I have no real sense of Frank asking if I would like to go. He just accepted that I would and told me to follow him to his car. So I did. At the time I couldn't quite say why. Now I know myself better.

So there we were, sitting in a pub not far from the office drinking. He ordered the drinks. I was surprised that he didn't ask me what I wanted. He just ordered himself a beer, and got me coke. I usually drink beer, and remember noting that he had not asked, but somehow I never thought to question his choice. It was that charisma again. We sat and drank, and chatted. He asked me about myself and told me a bit more of himself. Nothing too detailed was said on either side. But somehow it all seemed one sided. He was slowly entering my soul, without me knowing how or why. I clung to him during the evening with my eyes and he was quite unfazed. Eventually he just said that we should go back to his hotel room for another drink. I got up and left with him.

It was only when I was hit by an icy blast of January air that I suddenly came to my senses and considered what I was doing. Somehow it seems too late. In his company I had felt so secure, so warm, so intoxicated by his presence that I had not asked myself what was happening.

Now I realised I may have made an awful mistake. As my mind went into a whirl, following him across the car park, two paces behind his long stride I began to panic. He stopped half way there and turned. He must have seen my fact and he allowed me to catch up and without a word he put his arm around me and led me to his car.

"OK?" he asked.

His magic done I was back in his power instantly.

"Fine" I replied as though no reservation had ever entered my mind. and off we went to is car.

Ten minutes later we entered his hotel room. It turned out to be an end unit in a motel, far from reception and a little more private than most. He took a drink for himself and gave me another coke. Again, for reason I did not then know, I failed to question this behaviour. He seemed to have a dominance over me that I neither knew nor understood. I just knew I wanted to be there.

"How long have you known you are gay?" he asked out of the blue. After an initial moment of surprise I answered.

"Since my teens", I said, "but I have not been active until two years ago at college. I was interested in other men, but had no experience or ability to know how to respond. Then I fell head over heels for a first year student who came from the city and seemed so street wise in these maters. He showed me some of the things I needed to know about gay sex."

Why was I telling him this?

"But it is not enough for you...." Was that a statement or a question. I was unsure and hesitated. He spoke again, still with that absolute self confidence that had always eluded me

"There is more you know."

I didn't! I just hoped sometimes, when I have been through a physical relationship and was still left feeling empty and vulnerable that there was indeed more. I had always hoped that one day I would find out what more there might be. Something that left me fulfilled and feeling whole.

"I have seen the way you look at me. The way you respond to me, even pleading with your eyes. I am willing to show you what you need." How could he have seen? How could he know? Even I didn't know what I wanted and needed.

"If you want to, you can walk out of here" he said, "but if you decide to stay I will show you what it is that you desire. You will need to place yourself entirely in my hands. I will make all your decisions for you. You will be quite safe, but have no further say after you have made this decision."

I was in a whirl. What was happening to me. In part I wanted to leave thee and then. What sane man wouldn't. I knew very little about this man. He was new to my life apart from being a log time contact of the business I worked for. If he was a fly by night he wouldn't have built up business contacts. Surely that was in his favour. Yet I did not know that he was in any way trustworthy outside of the business world though which we had met.

And then, quite apart from the issue of trust I knew nothing of what he meant when he claimed to know my desires. I knew that my sex life was not very fulfilled. That I yearned for more. When he told me that I knew he was correct. But did he really know me that well. Could he see into my soul and know my deepest sexual desires better than I did. It all seemed so unlikely. He had no right to place me in this situation - yet I had come voluntarily, transfixed by his charisma. I had agreed to go for a drink, to come back to this motel room, to stay until now. He had not forced to come in any way.

In a state of anxiety and uncertainty I looked to him for an indication of the what I should do. That was my mistake. The one move I should not have made unless I really did want to stay. I looked into those deep black eyes and I fell into them unable to control myself. I knew that I wanted what he had. That total certainty that he had about himself, his place in the world, and his sexual identity. That was what I most envied. His sheer sexual power. I made the decision there and then. A decision that was to change my life and to turn around the way I felt about myself. A decision which would revolutionise my very being, not least my sex life.

"Yes, I want to stay!" There I had said it.

Chapter 2. The beginning

So there I was. In Frank's motel room. No-one knew where I was and I had said that I would stay. He left the room and told me to undress while he was in the bathroom. I did as I was told. There I sat naked and waiting.

It seems like a long wait. My heart pounded and I waited on, until as long last the bathroom door opened. There stood Frank. He looked perfect. 6'1" of perfection. The black hair of is head was present on his chest in a light covering. Not matted, but gently covering the centre and spreading out to his nipples and down to his navel. It thinned to a point and spread out again to his bush. He was wearing a leather body harness which highlighted his muscles and made him look so very good. I was breathtaking.

I just sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him. His dark deep eyes looked back at me in calm appraisal. "Stand up" he said. I did as I was told. "Stand in the middle of the room so that I can inspect my new possession".

Possession - where did that come from? I had sold myself to him without knowing what I was doing. Yet the phrase did not frighten me. It seemed good and right. I stood and moved to the middle of the room. I stood there naked and passive. 5'8" tall, brown eyes, good looking, but not used to being inspected like this. He stood and moved towards me as I remained motionless. My blond hair is quite sort, and it felt now like it was standing on end. Not just on my head, but all over my body.

He moved in front of me, looking at my face deeply. Inspecting my expression for signs of how I felt. He looked at my neck and chest. Seeing the light covering of blond hair which nestles between the two firm abs. He looked at my nipples, tight with the tension of the moment. His hand lifted towards them, but he did not touch them. It was worse than if he had. His eyes moved down to my navel and inspected the swirl of hair which lightly moved from there down to my thick blond bush. And then he looked at my cock. Sitting relaxed and flaccid over my balls. It is cut and not one of those messy jobs. I often notice men looking at me in the showers, and I know that it is good to look at. Not huge in this state but quite respectable. I have always thought the fascination for other men was the blond hair, proof that what was up top was indeed my own colour.

He studied my cock and balls and then let his eyes roam down my firm legs to my feet. Then and only then did he move. He moved around and stood behind me. It was though I felt his eyes appraise me from top to bottom. Inspecting every part of my being.

He moved back in front of me and spoke. "If I am to take you to your heart's desire you must trust me and obey my every word." Its too late to back out now I thought. "You will start by letting me inspect you. I will need to check your every orifice."

He then moved in front of me and began his inspection. He ran his hands over my body. Touching my neck and feeling its strength. He looked into my face and opened my mouth. The fact that he looked into my mouth seemed like an invasion. Its not like this when the dentist does it. e ran his hands over my chest and took hold of my nipples. He squeezed each one till it was erect and sore. Gradually I felt a swelling in my cock as his inspection continued.

He continued to work my nipples until they stood out from my chest as though begging for him to continue: then he stopped and looked at his work. "Not bad" he said.

He moved his hands down and took hold of my balls. He rolled them round in his hand and assessed their size, as though buying apples. He took my now growing cock in his hands looked at it, feeling it weight and girth.

"Bend over please." That was it - no further comment or introduction. Just the simple but firm command. I did as I was told.

As I bent over I felt his eyes bore into my ass. He seemed to inspect every part before I eventually felt his hands begin to move over my smooth, finely hairs cheeks. He rubbed me gently, testing me out and teasing me before I felt a firm stinging blow. It hurt. I flinched, but stayed where I was. There followed a series of hand slaps. One to the left. One to the right. One in the middle. Constantly changing. Never a pattern. My cheeks grew hotter and hotter. My cock grew stiffer and stiffer. I was in pain. I was humiliated. I was transfixed. I never once attempted to move or stand up.

The spanking continued for ever. I passed through pain to a point where my whole existence seemed to be centred on the next blow. Each blow sent more intense feelings through my and through my cock. Frank went on and on. I just wanted him to do so.

Eventually he stopped and I stood, bent over, contemplating the pain and the pleasure it was brining me. "Just stay where you are" he said. I did as he said. I heard him move across the room and then return. I heard him speak again.

"If you are to submit yourself to me you must know that I am your master and that no one else, yourself included, had my permission to use this ass. I am going to give you something to help you remember you are mine. You are to wear it until I say that you can remove it. Is that clear?"

I nodded to indicate that it was. I then felt his hands on me again. He smeared a cream across my stinging cheeks and the soothing feeling was incredible. He let his hand wander from he cheeks to between them. Along the length of my crack his hand moved. I don't know what the cream contained but what felt something on my spanked ass because a hot sting on my untouched hole. Then before I knew it his fingers were entering me. It wasn't the first time my hole had been entered, since I had other experiences, but never by a finger. And before I knew it another had joined the first. This was stretching me in a way I could not believe. There was just a small sense of pain when he first entered, but this was quickly changed to a warm glow. Strangely the glow was not just in my ass but all over. It seemed that the fact the it was Frank who was entering, consuming me, filling was enough to change pain to pleasure.

By the time the third finger was in I was feeling so hot and so erect that I didn't know how to contain myself. The treatment continued for a few minutes until, almost as suddenly as it started the fingers were removed. I felt empty - missing Frank's touch instantly. But the emptiness didn't last long.

I felt another sensation as soon as his fingers had gone. It was cooler than his hand had been. He pushed a medium butt plug into me. It was not one of the short triangular ones, but instead a medium length thinish plug, with a short curved section at the top. At that moment I did not now what that would be like. But it did not take long. When the plug was firmly in place Frank spoke again.

"Now stand up", he said. I did so and as I did so the curved section did its work. It was placed in such a way that once standing straight it moved gently against my prostate. The sensation was beyond belief. I was already hot, but as I stood up and it moved into place the feeling overpowered me. I came there and then standing in the middle of the room. It was an orgasm like none I have ever experienced. It was a combination of effects. The strange situation, the fact that I had felt so uniquely secure in Franks possession and in his touch, the spanking, the submission and the invasion of the butt plug. Gush after gush of cum spilled out of me onto the floor. I just stood there and let it happen. I was exhausted, emptied, and complete. I have never in all my life felt so complete. My master had taken me as his own, and I had willingly complied. He hand taken in hand and I was now his. My life seemed totally transformed. And from that moment it was.

"You are to wear that in you overnight and at work tomorrow. It will remind you that you are mine. Tomorrow when you have finished work come to me here again and I will continue what has begun today."

How I would get through the day I did not now. Was there any possibility of going to work tomorrow without a full erection? Could I bear the humiliation of the feeling of the plug in me?

I knew the answer. I would do it, because only by doing it could I come back here tomorrow and be treated to more of Frank's charisma. And that I could no longer live without.

End of part two.

I would be pleased to have comments on this, my first attempt at writing. I hope to continue to story and post it later, if there are those who would like to read more.


Vic Paine

[email protected]


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