This story is fiction. Things which can happen in fiction are not always possible or safe in real life. Please be safe. If you do not like reading about male/male sex with authoritarian overtones please do not read on.

In chapters one and two Vic meets Frank, a man of charismatic character, and Frank offers to help Vic discover his own deepest desires. Vic, agrees to go with Frank and is spanked in his motel room and then told to wear a butt plug for the next 24 hours. Vic agrees, and realises he has subjected himself to Frank as his master. The story continues.

Chapter 3 The Office

I left Frank's motel room that night in a whirl of emotion. I had never had a day like it. I felt so complete and yet I knew that something had happened of which I could never have dreamt. Frank had come into my life and taken it over with his charismatic personality in a few swift hours. My natural reserve and uncertainty told me that I must be mad, yet somehow I had no doubts. Being sent away by Frank was my second test and I intended to pass.

He had filled me with a butt plug which was designed to press on my prostate sending me into a state of permanent and total sexual awareness. Having warned me that this was a reminder that I was his alone, he gave me my clothes back and told me to leave. I wanted to stay. I wanted to be near him. I wanted to please him and subject myself to his wishes. To be seen by and to fall into his deep black eyes and confident gaze. But that was not how he wanted to play it. I had to prove myself to be totally willing by going away and returning to him untouched, with this damn plug still in place.

I arrived at my flat after managing to get across town without being arrested for public indecency. I was so turned on it seemed impossible that I would ever sleep, but after laying in a slightly tented bed for a while I drifted off. The sheer exhaustion of the day took over. I drifted fitfully in and out of sleep, as images of Frank and all he might do to me floated across my mind. All this just added to the discomfort caused by a constant erection. By morning I was ready for a long cold shower.

I serious consider phoning in sick, but decided that this might avoid the whole point of Frank's test. Then I realised that he was due to come to the office for the second part of the meeting we had begun yesterday. Oh no! I had completely forgotten this. It was bad enough to have to go through the day plugged by him, but to have to face him in public too. How should I react? What could I say to him that wouldsound remotely normal.

As these and many other thoughts went through my mind I ventured out to work. The long jacket I wore covered my state of semi -erection. I began the day with a meeting in accounts and was pleased that the senior accounts clerk was a rather stern woman named Rene. Well, I suppose that's only half the truth. She scared me witless! Enough to deal with any gay man's erection. She went on endlessly about accounts procedures, transaction protocols and petty cash. My god, she is boring! By the end of al that I could undo my jacket!!

Then came 10.30am. The time for the second meeting with Bill, Joe, Bobby, and of course Frank. I We got together in the conference room. They were all there when I eventually got away from the vampire Rene. I walked in and they all greeted me casually. I looked around the room at each of them. No-one took any real notice of me. Office graduate trainees don't need much attention. Then I caught Frank's eye. He looked at me from those dark eyes as everyone shuffled papers.

"Thanks for joining with me last night", he said. I flinched. Then I realised that his phrase was of course totally ambiguous. To the others present, who knew we had gone for a drink after work it would seem quite innocent. To me it had another meaning. "No problem" I squeaked. God I hate it when my voice goes like that. I makes me seem like some stupid teenager. By now, of course my jacket was firmly done up.

The meeting continued without any further interaction between Frank and me. He had prepared papers and figures based on the preliminary meeting yesterday. I had no idea when he had done that. I didn't leave till late. The business was done and the deal was finished. Everyone seemed happy, except for me. I sat there almost breathless, watching each person in the room, and especially Frank. He made no effort to notice me or to ignore me. His self confident, and charismatic personality just dealt with the meeting. He surely could not have known how his vice was gripping my soul with his every word. Every time he spoke it was as though he touched the plug within me. It did its task and made me hot and uncomfortable. I would have stood up to get a drink of water or open a window, but the risk of someone noticing my engorged state seemed too great.

When everything was complete Frank stood up to leave. He said goodbye to everyone, having that salesman's ability to use a different phrase to each person.

"Bye for now", "So long", "Good to do business with you". Then to me he said "Hope to see you soon". There it was again. That ability to live in two worlds. To appear totally natural to those around him and yet to draw me in on a string into his world of mastery. I made no reply, but swallowed hopelessly, trying to get my tongue away from the roof of my mouth. Before I succeeded he was gone.

By now I was frantic. I left immediately and headed for the men's room. It was a bad move. I entered a cubicle and hung my jacket on the door. I had just settled into a cubicle and decided that there was no way I could survive the day without jerking off when Dave from sales came in. Somehow he managed to brush past the door, and it was only then that I realised that in my haste I had not locked it properly. Why don't people ever do these small maintenance jobs? Damn that lock. If only someone had fixed it so that it moved over properly I wouldn't be in this situation.

There stood Dave looking down at my erection, as hard as I have ever been, just leering at me. I never did like Dave. I had only met him a couple of times and each time he had that patronising air towards me as a junior member of the staff. I had logged him as someone to avoid, not to encounter in these circumstance. What I hadn't realised was that he was in fact some kind of office bully. He would make other staff members feel uncomfortable at any opportunity and this was surely a prime chance I had given him. He retreated for a moment and I breathed a sigh of relief. It didn't last long. I heard him turn the lock on the outer door and we were left alone and locked in.

"What's all this then kiddo", he said. "Feeling randy are we?" I said nothing. I just squirmed inside, as if my insides weren't messed up enough. "I bet there are plenty of people in human resources who would like to know that this is how you spend your lunch hour."

He was threatening me. My future flashed before. The humiliation. The ridicule. The sack.

"Still. No need for anyone to know about this is there? I could do with a little fun myself", he said. And with that he pulled out his own cock. It was soft but already showing signs of growth. He had quite a package. About 4" limp, and quite thick. Oh no, I thought. Now what do I do. "I always thought you were a bit a wanker", he continued. "But wanking won't save you now. If you want my silence you had better get that queer boy mouth of yours working on me."

I tried to think of a way out, but could come up with nothing. He moved forward and pressed his cock towards my mouth. I turned my head away and he put his hands either side and turned me back. It was hardly force, as I was only too fascinated to see what was being presented. "No good refusing kiddo", he said. "Its my cock or your job." Why did he have to call me kiddo. "I am a man", I wanted to cry," not a kid." But nothing came out. Reluctantly, I think, I opened my mouth and he put his cock in. As I began to take it in he grew within me. Those 4" soft were nothing to what was to come. Gradually his cock expanded until it was a hard 8" in my mouth. I ran my tongue, almost involuntarily across the head and he moaned.

"That's right" he said. "Keep me happy and you'll keep me silent."

I hated him. Yet I was unable to stop myself from wanting to go on, even so. I ran my tongue over the slit. Round the head from front to back. Gently under the rim. I took his cock and sucked on his cut head, and I felt him begin to respond. Then I began to move my lips over his head several times. I felt his grip on my head increase and he began to enter my mouth deeper. Gradually he built up a rhythm as he moved himself in and out of my mouth. I was hardly passive. I sucked and licked and as he went in and out and I could feel him getting hotter and hotter. It didn't take long. I don't know much about him but I would say he really got off on the fact that he had me trapped and had me in his control. It wasn't long before he was thrusting in and out like a man possessed. I felt him begin to jerk and cum in my mouth.

The first blast was hot, powerful and salty. It hit the back of my throat and it was all that I could do not to gag. By the time the second and third blast came I was able to swallow, but not fast enough His cum dribbled from the side of my mouth. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but it was to be noticed later in the day. I swallowed as fast as I could and thought my ordeal was over. When he had finished he just did himself up and moved backwards. While he washed himself I heard him say, "Maybe we should meet again to consider whether I go to human resources - tomorrow lunchtime."

"But", I spluttered, "you said..." my voice trailed off.

"See you kiddo. Nice cock by the way: for a young lad!" He was gone. I was left feeling angry and humiliated. So much for getting some relief. I was miserable and own as I pulled my trousers up and put my jacket back on, washed and left. How could I face anyone that afternoon?

When Brad from advertising asked if I would mind running an errand across town I jumped at the chance to get out. I took his packet and set off, not knowing that that would be the last time I ever went to that office again.

By the end of the afternoon I was in the area of the Frank's motel, and instead of going home I just went round to his room and knocked on the door. Whatever happened Frank must not know about my lunch time humiliation.

Chapter 4 The training begins

I knocked again when I got no reply. Perhaps he was not there. Then I heard the lock and the door opened. "There you are. I have been expecting you", he said. "Come in."

I entered that room once again and felt some of the anxieties of the day begin to fade. Why was it that just being in his presence made so much difference. "Here", he said, "I was just getting a drink. Go into the bathroom and take your clothes off so I can check that you have done as I told you." Somehow it never occurred to me to question the request. I just did as I was told. The fact that I could have turned and walked out, or said I didn't want to proceed with this new and odd relationship was not part of my thinking. I offered my consent by the simple and immediate response. A few moment later I came back into the room and stood before him, totally naked. My erection was back to its full strength, and stood out from my body.

He came across and moved behind me. Before I knew what was happening he had tied my hands behind my back. "Wait here while I change", he said. I did.

A few minutes later he came back into the room. Again he was wearing the same body harness as the night before and looked stunning. I noticed he was holding my shirt in his hand. "What's this?" he asked. I was uncertain what he meant. "My shirt" I said. "Yes," he said, "and this stain on the front. It looks like cum to me. I told you that the plug in you was to remind you that you were mine alone." I flushed red from top to bottom. Frantically thinking of some excuse I stammered "Its,.... its.... I don't know."

"I think you do, my boy. I think you know very well. When I left you in your office at lunch time you looked like a man possessed with sexual need. Did you seek some relief, despite my order to save yourself for me?" I didn't know what to do next. I felt I had betrayed him. How would he react if he knew the truth? Would it be better to lie? I decided to place myself in his mercy, and told him what had happened. I made it clear I had no choice, it was not my fault, I had not intended to disobey him. It all stumbled out. I had tears running down my cheeks.

"But you went there to disobey me. You were going to jerk off. It is no excuse that you ended up offering your mouth to Dave when it is meant for me. You still stepped into that room with disobedience as your motive. I will have to teach you more about what it means to be mine. As for Dave you can leave him to me. I have a few contacts in this town. I will ensure that he has some pay back for abusing my slave."

"Now, first I will punish you for your disobedience, and then we can continue with your training. By the end of this evening you will need to make a decision. If you want to continue to be trained you will give up you job here and come back with me to my town. There I will provide for your daily needs and you will serve me in any way I choose. You will be free to choose either way, but after tonight things can never be the same as they are now."

With that he took me to the bed and laid me across the end. I heard him go the corner of the room and come back behind me. I thought he would spank me with his hand like he had last night. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

" I am going to give you six of the best for disobeying me. It will be to remind you that when I tell you something you are to obey me without hesitation and without any change to what I tell you. You will count each of the blows and be grateful that I am giving them to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes" I said. I was still expecting his hand.

When the first blow came it was from a small leather belt. It swung through the air with ease and landed on my backside with a stinging blow. The only warning I had was the sound of it moving through the air. His hand would not have made that noise. But I had no time to contemplate what I was hearing or adjust my expectations. It landed and I yelled in pain. Unable to move, face down on the bed with my hands tied.

"No count eh? Well we'd better say that was just a practice swing."

What: in the pain of the moment I had not spoken up and counted his first blow. I had said nothing and now he says number one doesn't count! "One" I mumbled.

"Too late now" he said, and the belt came crashing down a second time. I grunted and tears came to my eyes. "One"

"If you want to be my slave you will have to learn to call me sir. The only acceptable answer is 'one sir'". Oh, no. He was still at the beginning of the count. Two stinging blows and I had got no-where. I yearned to do better.

I heard the belt coming again and this time Frank said, just to make clear he had not moved on "One".

"One sir". I waited with baited breath. Surely he could not be unhappy now. A short pause and then he spoke.

"I told you to be grateful as well. You have disobeyed me and I am having to punish you. You should be grateful that I take the trouble. I could just send you away you know!"

"Oh sir, please don't do that sir. I want to be with you. I do not want to be rejected and sent away. I will try to do better, but I need to learn."

"You shall have your lessons in good time. Now - One". "One sir, thank you sir" The pain of this, my fourth was great. My butt was stinging and I was feeling like the pain spread across the whole of my lower body. And yet I still wanted this to happen. Why, I could not say.

"At last you begin to learn - two" "Two sir, thank you sir" The blow fell only on my right cheek.

"Three" to the left cheek alone. "Three sir, thank you sir".

The tears were now streaming down my face. I had never experienced such pain. And yet I felt somehow whole. I felt the plug moving in me touching my prostate as the blows landed. I felt my cock as hard as it had been for the last few days underneath me rubbing against the bed.

"Four" A blow across the upper edge of my thigh. "Four sir thank you sir"

"Five" At an angle across both buttocks. "Five sir thank you sir" I fought to hold back my scream as this blow hit. I was still unable to move my arms, so I felt completely open and unable to protect myself. I was in his hands and he could do with me as he wished.

"And finally six". A blow landed diagonally across the previous one and I let out a final terrible scream and the pain seared. Having got that out of me I was able to utter "six sir, thank you sir. enough please, sir".

"Now," he said, "your punishment is done. I want to move on with you. Stay laying where you are and I will remove my plug from you." His hands moved across my buttocks and took hold of the disk at the head of the plug. Gently but firmly he pulled and it was removed from my innards. I felt a wave of relief, followed by a sudden desire to shit. I looked up at him, but he already knew. I was lifted from my laying position and he told me to go to the bathroom. There he untied my hands and left me to deal with the immediate problem.

Having emptied my bowel and cleaned myself up I returned.

"We can now begin to agree how you will be trained. So far you have experienced what it is like to be punished and you have responded well. You will need to know that to be punished by me is not good for either of us, yet if you disobey you will certainly be punished. However, if you submit to my every will, and obey without demur you will not need to be punished. I will train you to be my slave. You will give up your job here in the city and move to my town with me. You will live in my house and stay there while I go out to work. I will meet your every need, and take control of your life. Is that what you want?"

"Oh yes, sir. It is." The idea of letting go seemed so attractive. No more Dave's to deal with. No more uncertainty about what to do and how to do it. My master would take control, and I would simply do as I am told, and please him. It was indeed my deepest desire, even though I had never known it. When Frank had said he would help me find myself I was uncertain, but now it seemed so very clear.

"OK" he said. "Now it is time for you to begin to realise some of my needs. Kneel on the floor." I knelt in front of him and he moved and tied my hands once again. He then came back in front of my. He stood there in his body harness, his huge cock swinging in front of my face. "Take it in your mouth" he ordered. I did so gladly and sought to give to him as much pleasure as possible.

As I sucked him I wondered what it would be like to be his. He was so firm and assured. I was in his sway and knew it. It put me completely at rest within myself. I allowed my tongue to run over his head and to cover it with my saliva. I sucked on it like a new born baby and felt him respond to my work. He grew fully hard and filled my mouth. The taste of his pre-cum was totally wonderful. A taste I have come to yearn over these last two years.

I continued to suck on him and he gradually entered further into my mouth. I felt his head hit the back of my throat and then slide on and in. It was a hard task to keep from gagging, but I quickly learned that with a concerted effort I could will my throat to open and allow him in. He seemed pleased with my efforts.

My throat massaged his rod, its warm, silky smooth lining enveloping him and massaging him. He moaned and I felt his rise to new levels of excitement. I was just beginning to think I would swallow my second load of cum in a day when he pulled out. I looked up at him, disappointed. He led me to the bed and laid me across it once again. I was in the same position as when he had belted me.

I was unsure what I had done wrong. Why was he about to punish me again. "Please sir, I was trying to satisfy you. What did I do that did not please you? Why are you going to punish me?"

But Frank had other ideas. Before I had finished pleading with him he moved behind me and I felt something in my crack. His cock entered me in a swift and long movement. There was no pain this time. It was though the butt plug, small as it was, had had an effect on me. I opened up for him and he entered me to the hilt. I felt his leather harness touch my sore ass cheeks, before he pulled almost fully out and started again. He seemed to be quite urgent, and I hoped that this was because he wanted me and that I had indeed pleased him. As he thrust in and out I got higher and hotter and was on the verge of my own orgasm. He gained speed and power until the moment he spilled his seed deep into me with a force I shall always remember. It was the first time he had fucked me and it had been a memorable moment.

The feeling of this powerful charismatic man taking me as his own was now completed. Nothing he ever said or did would drive me away. He had fully taken me and I was simply and overwhelmingly grateful. As he came in me, I came onto the bed, my cum spilling and messing the blankets. It was so intense I do not know how to begin to find the words to describe it. It was that moment when from somewhere just below the gut a warm and intense shockwave radiates outward into your ass, your stomach, your legs, your chest, your head. Everything becomes totally focused on the one sensation and it fills your whole being. I get hard just thinking about it.

This was the moment I would live for from now. The moment when my master had used me and taken me and I was allowed to give him his pleasure and be freed to receive mine.

When it was over I was told to clear up. He went to the bathroom and then came back. "Its time for you to decide", he said.

"Please sir," I said, "let me be yours and come away with you. There is nothing in this city to compare with what you have to offer me."

He knew my answer before I gave it to him. He had spotted me in the office and known what I needed. He had worked his charm and drawn me to himself. And now I was his.

(These two chapters are the second instalment of this story. I will be happy to receive any comments, including ideas as to how I might develop it!! Contact me on [email protected])


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