This story is fiction. Things which can happen in fiction are not always possible or safe in real life. Please be safe. If you do not like reading about male/male sex with authoritarian overtones please do not read on.

Chapter 7 The Guest

Following the first evening at Frank's house I slept well. I felt that my world was peaceful and calm and the fact that I had been caned the night before did not stop me from sleeping. I awoke early and got up to make some coffee. It was not long before Frank got up and he expected me to get him some breakfast. I did so willingly. I was of course still wearing, as I always would, the leather collar, cuffs and anklets. Frank told me that he had to go out on business, but that being Friday he would have a guest for dinner. I was to prepare the meal and get the house clean and tidy. He would return at about 6.00pm and give me further instructions then.

I set about my new daily routine looking after the house and making sure everything was spick and span. I knew that my Master expected me to keep things in good order and I knew, after last night, what would happen if I did not. At about 6.00pm he got back and did a tour of inspection. I was glad I had been thorough. He did not warn me that he was going to inspect. I guess he was just looking to catch me out. He came over to me and took hold of my balls with his hand. "Good boy", he said, "You have done well. What a shame. I was looking forward to a bit of early evening practice, but you have given me no cause." I glowed with pride.

He then set about telling me the arrangements for the evening. Apparently he usually has guests on a Friday. This week it was to be one friend only as I was still in training. He wanted to make sure I was up to serving is guests before he allowed many to come at once. His friend was also into the same things which pleased Frank. My task would be to do for either of them whatever they wanted. I was to submit willingly their every wish, and to provide them with a fine meal beforehand. Much of the preparations for the meal had been done during the day so I was soon ready.

At about 7.45pm I was told to go to Frank's room. "Usually when you are in the house you just wear the five leather rings I put on you yesterday" he said, "but if I have guests you will also wear this." He produced a leather contraption. It was a leather belt with a number of other straps hanging from it together with a large dildo. He told me to put it on. As I stepped into it I realised its potential. The belt went round my waist. Each leather strap went around my upper leg, leaving my cock and balls completely free to service anyone who chose. The dildo came up behind me and Frank came and gently but firmly pushed it into me. "This belt is to ensure that although you are here to serve my guests in any way they choose there is one place that is mine : your ass. They know this rule, but this belt makes the boundary clear to all.

So there I was: leather collar, wrist bands, anklets, and rear blocking chastity belt.

At 8.00pm sharp Gary turned up. I was sent to answer the door. As you know I am 5'8" and blond, and Frank is 6' and dark. When I opened the door I was met by the sight of a veritable giant. Gary was like a 6'6"

blond football player. He towered over me and I literally caught my breath. He was stunning. He had muscles on his muscles and his shirt did not hide much. I asked him in and took him to a seat. I offered him a drink. Frank came out from his room and greeted Gary.

"So", said Gary, "found yourself the new slave you've been looking for. Not bad. Is he any good?" "Yes" my Master replied, "I think he is coming on very nicely." Again I filled with pride. It was not often in my life that I have felt like that. It seems that most people want to run each other down. I certainly had no encouragement from my family. And now, in the presence of my Master I felt so good.

The two of them chatted and I was sent to get the meal ready. I was told that while they ate I was to sit under the table and service them, but I was not bring them to a climax. The first course was served and I duly crawled under the table. Moving around in a confined space with a dildo in my ass was not always comfortable. They each sat with their trousers gaping open. I went to my master first. He was soon hard and I felt his stiff manhood in my mouth. I then moved across to the gorgeous Gary. It was only then that I realised what a piece of meat he had. Hanging from his trousers was a lovely limp cock. It was large but didn't give me much on indication of what was to come. It is so hard to guess the size of a cock when its soft. I began to suck on it, letting my mouth play with the uncut end and nuzzling into the wonderful blond bush of hair. It began to grow. And it went on growing. By the time he was finished it must have been nearly 10"

long. I licked his wonderful large balls and went up and down the length of his rod. It hung over the front of the chair and reached out towards me. I let my tongue run up and down its full length.

By now it was time to serve the next course, so I crawled out from under the chair and cleared the plates. I presented the second course to them with a full erection. It was too much to bear: my Master showing me off, my ass full of plastic cock and the most stunning blonde stud I had ever met touting the largest cock I had ever encountered. I retreated all too willingly back underneath the table. I went straight back to Gary. I took his crown straight into my mouth and felt his body jerk, and then relax. He coughed a little and I wondered if my sudden assault on his meat had made him choke. He may not be the only one to choke at this meal!

As I sucked on his head I ran my tongue over the lovely foreskin and then slid it inside. The taste was wonderful. I let my tongue run round and round inside the confines of his foreskin. It was a nice feeling for me, and it must have felt very good to him too. My tongue slipped into the large slit at the top and wiggled around, driving him still higher. Having done this for a while I left him and moved back to my Master.

I took his balls in my mouth and sucked on them. He shifted in his chair to enable me to get full access, and I took each in into my mouth one after the other. I then lifted his balls and licked the underside. I discovered that he is very sensitive there. That will be worth remembering. I gave him several long lingering strokes with my tongue. As I continued to work on them one after the other I could tell the conversation was dwindling. Eventually I heard my master call me out from under the table, and they led me to his bedroom.

"Now Gary, tonight is your treat. You may have my slave do anything you like. You know the only rule. His ass is mine alone. Beyond that you may instruct him as you please." I looked across at my master and he gave me a small reassuring smile. It was not much, but as I looked into his dark smiling eyes I knew he would not hand me over unless he knew what he was doing.

So here I was, handed by my master to Gary, who just about fulfilled my perfect fantasy of a man. Frank was dark hair, dark eyes. It was those eyes that had captured me, but if I have a fantasy model its 6'6"

blond, muscles and 10"!!! Namely Gary.

I waited. Looking at him, lusting in my heart but trying to keep it from my face. He looked me over. He studied my face, he inspected and collar and wrist bands and ankle bands and of course the belt and dildo which still rested within me. And finally he looked across at Frank and spoke.

"Its been a hard week. I think I would like to start with a tongue bath." "Your call", Frank said, and he nodded to me.

I began my work with much enthusiasm. He sat himself on the bed and I knelt at his feet. I began by licking his lower legs. I worked on his calves and on his shins. I moved down and began to clean his feet. I moved along the top of the left foot, wetting every part. The I did the underside, unconcerned about the odours. I licked carefully between each and every toe and then sucked each one in turn. As I sucked his toes he began to moan and relax. I continued to work on his other foot, before moving back up his body. Those legs were so long. Each one was covered with fine blond hair. Gary was getting a good tongue bath, but I was getting so much pleasure at the same time.

I gave his thighs a thorough working over with my tongue and then moved, missing his crotch area for the time being. I covered his abdomen and navel. His lovely blond hair was running north from his pubic area and I ran my tongue along its line. I let my tongue settle into his navel and explore around, again hearing him moan with pleasure. The I moved to the left and right. As I licked his sides I hit a really sensitive patch, just an inch or two below his rib cage at the side of his body. Its funny how everyone has different areas that drive them wild. This was clearly one of his. I licked and licked, first one side and then the other. By this time I could see that his wonderful 10" was standing proud away from his body. Each time I hit that side spot it jerked around.

I moved on up his body. It was so huge and muscular. It was driving me wild being allowed, even told by my master, to satisfy this hunk of a man. I found his nipples. They were soft and round. Two beautiful light brown buttons on his wonderful finely haired chest. I took one into my mouth and sucked. It had a wild effect. The small round button became a tight pointing knob on his chest. It cried out to be nibbled. I did it and he squirmed some more. I moved to the other side and repeated the treatment. Then I moved to his neck and began to chew very gently on that.

Frank was sitting watching all this. He had his cock in his hand and was just quietly enjoying the show, no doubt pleased he had a gift to give to his friend. There is so much pleasure in giving to a friend, and when that means allowing him to be bathed by your slave it must be a special feeling. I decided it was time to move to yet more sensitive areas. I began to lick under his arms. He had had a long evening at the table. My work there had hardly kept him cool, and his pits were sweaty. I cleaned them up with my tongue. By now every part of his body was laying completely relaxed, except that one place that shows relaxation by getting hard. I took every drop of his sweat from his arm pits and cleaned them thoroughly, still conscious that he was gently moving and moaning in response to my touch.

I then moved back down to his crotch. Avoiding that massive rock hard cock of his I went down and began to clean his balls. I licked along the side of his sack left and right, again removing every trace of sweat and man smell. I tongued the underside of the sack along that most sensitive of tracks between his balls and ass. I took each ball in my mouth and sucked on it gently, like a gob-stopper. It was as though I was not only cleaning the outside, but sucking the layers away until I could also clean the very ball itself. Then I began to move up the shaft.

It was a long way up. I licked from the bottom up, moving around to lick each and every side of his manhood. Until eventually I came to the head. As I had at the table, I let my tongue run inside his foreskin, this time with cleaning on my mind. Not much for me to clean having been at it earlier, but it is the thought that counts. I then pulled the foreskin back, and let my tongue run over his wonderful purple head. I ran round the top. I licked up the generous supply of pre cum. I lapped at the glands, and let my tongue flick and run all over him. I entered his slit, and let my tongue fuck his tiny hole. It was too much. After the complete bath I had given him he was so high that when I did this I felt him twitch and jerk and start to come. I quickly put my mouth over his head and drank all he had to give. I was in heaven. I felt the dildo in my ass and imagined it was Gary. That was when disaster happened.

I had been caned by my master yesterday for lack of control. It was hard of him to make me service such a wonderful fantasy man so soon in my training. The idea of Gary, coming in my mouth, while I imagined his 10"

deep in my ass was too much. I came on the bed. Spurting my cum all over Frank's spread, and onto Gary's body. It didn't worry Gary one bit. When he had finished coming I licked my own cum off him and he just seemed to look on it as a fine way to end the session. He had had his full satisfaction. Frank had given him me as a gift and he was quite happy.

The same was not true for my Master. I glanced over and saw his straight face. The deep dark eyes were no longer looking at me in that way that envelops me and draws me in. They were cold and hard. Black stern rivets looked across at me. I finished my task with a heavy heart.

Chapter 8 A reminder of my Master's authority.

I was sent to get the Master and his guest some coffee, while they got ready and came through. By the time they were settled in the living room, I was ready to serve coffee. They were both dressed again, though I was of course still in my collar, bands, and chastity belt. Chastity belt!

Blast the thing. If it had not been in me I may not have been so unable to control my reaction to the beautiful Gary.

I returned to the kitchen and heard them chat, until I was aware the Gary left. Frank did not appear. When I had finished clearing up I went out to look for him. He was in his room.

I knocked and waited for a reply. His voice spoke out but I did not receive a welcome. "Stay where you are until I am ready. You have not been wholly good tonight." I shivered, not from cold, because Frank's house was never cold. It was fear and uncertainty.

"Please sir, I am sorry sir", I pleaded from outside the door. No reply.

The door opened a crack and I was told to come in. I entered gingerly. The doors of the cupboard were open and I could see he was ready for some action. The fixings from the floor, which I described in an earlier chapter were already out and locked in a long trailing loose position. I moved to stand in the middle of the room, my back to the wall with the cupboard. Before I knew what was happening Frank placed a hood over my head, depriving me of sight and light. I was stunned. "Sir!" I muttered.

"Shut up" he replied. "I was beginning to think that you were a good slave, who was not going to need much training. There is no doubt you have a natural ability to serve. But in the self control department you have much to learn. I will need to make sure that you learn what it means to serve me, and my guests, without losing control of yourself. Good service is all self control Vic, my slave, and you must learn it."

" Do you know what went wrong tonight, slave? Do you know why you lost control?"

"No sir", I replied.

"I do. I watched you serve Gary. You did that well. Your tongue was truly at his service. But Vic, the point where you lost control was when you started lusting after him. That displeased me greatly. It was not good for two reasons. The first is of course that it meant you lost control. That made me look like a master who could not control his slave."

"No sir" I cried through the hood. I could not deny his suggestion that I liked Gary, or even lusted after him. But surely he would not think worse of my Master having been given his gift.

"Oh yes boy. He may have enjoyed your cum on him, and the fact that you licked it up, but when he gets home he will lay on his bed, and think about a Master who cannot train his slave to have self control."

"No, I am sure he will not think worse of you. No. I am sorry sir. Please sir. Don't think that."

"Be quiet. There is something much worse. When you lusted after him, and you have not denied it boy, you were betraying me." I gasped. The horror of the thought filled me, and overwhelmed me. I had not meant that. Frank was my Master. Gary was just the fulfilment of my long time fantasy of the perfect man. That's not the same. Is it? I was so confused. "I would never betray you sir, you are my Master."

"I am that. And tonight I am going to remind you of that fact and teach you to control yourself. I am going to hang you in my sling, fuck you till you are sore, and then I am going to pierce your nipples so that you will wear a ring in each to remind you that we are bound together. The first part is just a reminder that only I have access to your ass"

He took hold of my arms and attached the hooks to the chains from the ceiling. With a quick flick he released the spring load, and they pulled tight, stretching my arms above me. He removed the chastity belt, and I felt empty and vulnerable when it came out of me. I was empty for the first time for some hours. But not for long.

He then bent and hooked more chain to my ankle rings. I assumed these were the same ones as yesterday, and would spread my legs wide, but I had not really taken enough notice when I entered the room. Instead he was using today a second set from the ceiling. With my weight held by my arms I felt him move my feet, by taking me off my legs. He pushed my knees forward, and I heard the chain spring load operate. I was expecting my legs to move left and right. They went up instead. Up to the same height as my hands. I lay, hanging from the ceiling. Legs and arms trapped, hooded, and open for him to use.

He moved between my legs and without hesitation or mercy he began to assault me. He had watched me service Gary, and although he was not about to admit it to me he was hot. He drove deep into me, letting the sling do its work. It moved and swayed and caused him to be able to get just the right angle. I felt him go deep where the dildo had been all evening. There was no comparison. Its solid unbending form, could never be compared to the feel of a real man in me, and especially my Master. I swooned, and then remembered that I must keep myself in control. If I came again now there was no way of knowing what he would do. The worst possible thought was that he might give up on me and send me away.

I tried to enjoy the assault but to keep my enjoyment firmly in check. I remember thinking that my session with Gary have really made Frank hot, because he was going at it like there was no tomorrow. But I had to keep my mind clear of thoughts about my session with Gary. They were too awkward right now. He thrust into me deeply and quickly, and it was not long before he took his pleasure. He came in my ass, and planted in me the seed, which only he could now give me. His masterly contract was that although I might serve others, only he would do this to me. And I was grateful to him for that. It sealed our relationship to know that this was his alone.

He came, and rested and withdrew. I just rocked in the harness and waited for his next move. "Thank you, sir" I muttered through the hood.

After a while he released my legs and lowered them to the ground. He retied my legs to the ground based chains and I was once again stretched tight into the x position. He then moved over to his cupboard. He came in front of me and dabbed my nipples with some liquid. I was not sure what it was. I was cold and smelt like spirit. It took a little of the feeling away. He then came back in front of me holding the most horrible looking tool. I had a grip, with a ring placed in it. It was just like they use in ear piercing salons. Fortunately I could only sense his movement and not see what was to come. The hood was still firmly in place. He rubbed my nipples until they were hard and then moved to tool in. I heard it snap pushing the needle through my nipple and lodging the small gold ring in place all in one move. It only took a second. At first I felt nothing. But then a searing pain shot through me. Before I could get my breath the other side was done. I had two gold rings hanging from my chest, with just the small spot of blood oozing from each new piercing.

I gritted my teeth. "Thank you Master" I managed to say. He left me hanging for while. In a few days time he would begin to use those rings for his own purposes. For the time being it was as much as I could do to have them present. A reminder of his authority. My Master had done this to me. I was his and he could do as he pleased.

Time went on and the rings settled. The routine in the house was good. My Master worked and provided for us. I served him in every way, and he trained me in self control, in endurance of pain, and in the ways in which he liked me to give him pleasure. As well as the five leather rings, I would now often wear a chain, from one nipple ring to the other. In moments of frenzy he would grab it and I would need my every strength to avoid coming on the spot. Around the house, it would rattle as I worked. It looked beautiful, and I wore it with pride.

The fact that I was getting into this new way of life meant that I could no longer bear to have any responsibility except that of pleasing my Master. But things were to change. There would soon be other adventures which I would endure. But that will have to wait for another chapter.


Vic Paine

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