This story is fiction. Things which can happen in fiction are not always possible or safe in real life. Please be safe. If you do not like reading about male/male sex with authoritarian overtones please do not read on.

Vic has met Frank and has passed the tests he set to prove his willingness.

Now Vic has agreed to go with Frank to his home to be his slave. The story continues.

Chapter 5 The arrival

The next day Frank told me to stay in the motel room while he sorted out some business. He left and went to my office where he explained somehow that I was resigning with immediate effect. I never knew what he said or how he persuaded them that it was OK to take his word for it. It must be that he charmed them with his dark looks and natural charisma.

He did some other business, including putting my landlord on hold and telling him that I would not be using the flat for some time. He told me later that he had kept it just in case I changed my mind at some early date. He then returned. He said that we were now going to his home. I asked him about getting some things from my flat, but he said there was nothing I would need. Everything I needed from now on would be supplied by him. So I left the city and everything I owned and went with him.

Before we left the motel room he told me to take off the shorts I was wearing. I wondered what he had in mind, but didn't dare ask. We got into his jeep, which was parked up beside the motel room and not visible from elsewhere. He settled into his seat and I into mine. It was then that he spoke again.

"You are naked so that anyone in a high vehicle can see that you are available. As we drive you will keep you head in my lap. If I need anything as we go I will let you know." So we set off, Frank driving and me laying across the front of the jeep, head in his lap. After a while he said, "Undo my zip."

I did so and his cock fell out. "Take me in your mouth and keep me there." I took his cock into my mouth as we turned onto the freeway. I remember the journey well. There was a combination of feelings. First and foremost the utter contentment of laying across Frank's lap with his semi erect cock lying in my mouth. I was there for him and him alone. Secondly, the uncertainty about what could be seen by who. I could hear each time we passed a large truck. I knew that these drivers could, if they looked down at the right moment, see that I was there sucking Frank. Occasionally I would hear a horn go after we passed. I could only imaging the look on their faces, ranging from lust to disgust. But soon I stopped caring.

Each time a horn went I noticed Frank got a little harder. I was sure that he got turned on by seeing my subjection and public humiliation.

He was showing off his new slave to any truck driver who cared to look and didn't care what I thought about it. As he got harder he gradually filled my mouth. "Time for some work now" he said. It was my cue that he wanted me to move from passive to active. I sucked him and ran my tongue over his head. The gentle vibration of the car did its work too and before long he came in my mouth. I was about to adjust my position when he told me to stay right where I was. I kept his now soft rod in my mouth and the whole process started again. The trucks passing, the hooters going, the cock lengthening and then a call to bring him off. By the time we reached his home he had come three times and I was so turned on I couldn't bear the aching in my own cock and balls.

At one stage I moved my hand to touch my cock. "Oh no you don't", he said. "That is for me and me alone. I'll tell you when to touch". With that he slapped my hand away from myself and I was left aching and yearning.

Eventually we turned off the freeway, onto more minor roads, and then onto a rough drive. I had totally lost my sense of direction by this time. I did not have a clue where we were. He stopped the jeep and told me to sit up. I looked around to see what I could take in. His house was a quite large sized property at the end of a drive. As far as I could see it was neither overlooked by any other property, nor was it visible from the road. He could do anything he wished in the privacy of his own home and garden and no-one else would know.

"Get the bags from the trunk and come inside", he said. I did as I was told. I carried his bag to the front door as he unlocked. We entered and went into an open plan living room, quite large, with a range of rooms off the one large central room, to the right and to the left. The back was a large patio window leading out onto a paved area with seating. This side was south facing and looked like a sun trap. There was kitchen bathroom and guestroom on the right of the house. Guestroom. I hadn't thought of that possibility! On the left was a Master bedroom and a room which was to be mine.

I was told to take Frank's things into the Master bedroom and take a look around. His room was the largest in the house. It was beautifully styled and had fitted cupboards all round. There was a large double bed and a variety of hooks, fittings and mirrors around the room. As well as the door to the living from there were two other doors: one direct into my room and the other to a private bathroom. My room was much smaller and had very little furniture. There was a bed, set very low to the ground. Apart from a small book case and a chair there was nothing else. The bookcase had some books on it but I didn't look at them in detail at this stage.

I then looked at the other half of the house. The kitchen was spacious and well equipped and the bathroom luxurious. The guest room was certainly enough to make any guest feel completely at home and again contained a king sized double bed.

Having done my tour I returned to the lounge to find Frank. He told me that I was to get him some coffee and make us both a snack. I would find all I needed in the kitchen. Fortunately I am quite competent at cooking and rustled up a decent snack at no notice. This seemed to please him. All this of course was done without any clothing on at all. Frank was still in his outside clothes and that was to be the pattern for normal daily living. My nakedness was to show my position in the household. He would wear whatever was appropriate, depending on whether he was going out to work, or staying in, whether we had guests or not, and what activities he had planned. I was always without clothes.

When we came to eat I found that he sat at the dining table and told me to sit on a small stool beside him. I could not eat in a normal way from this position. I had to reach up to the table and take my food from there. It again made the point that he was the Master and I the slave.

Although I had my own plate of food he would occasionally take a scrap from his plate and pass it to me. He wanted to show me my place. My Master was the source of my food from now on. When we had finished eating he told me to clear up and said that he was going to get ready for my next lesson. The very thought turned me on. Having been rock hard earlier I had subsided, until he said that. Now as I cleared the dishes away anyone watching would have thought that doing so was a turn on for me. I gradually became harder as I did the work. But it was not washing dishes that turned me on. It was the anticipation of waiting for my next lesson in submission. And I was not wait long.

When I had cleared away I went to find him and there he was in the bedroom. This was where I would learn more about submission, where he would train me to be his slave. I walked into the room and saw that he had opened up one of the cupboards. It was full of equipment of all sorts. Items which looked familiar: paddles, canes, whips, clips and leather goods. As well as these there were items I did not recognise, some of which I found hard to imagine what they were for. Ah, all in good time.

"Stand in the middle of the room near those two marks in the ground", he said. I looked for what he meant, and saw two small recesses into the floor. Hardly visible unless they were pointed out. I stood between them. "For your early lessons you will need to be restrained, but as time goes on you will learn to take whatever I give without restraint.

First I am going to put onto you the only things you will wear while you live here." He moved to the cupboard and came back with five items, each a circle of leather. Each one was smooth and black with just three silver fixings. Each had two small hinge like units and a ring. The first two were placed on my wrists. Two were put round my ankles. The fifth was now encircling my neck. Having put all five on he moved and fetched the most vicious looking implement. I looked like a rivet fixer and I wondered what on earth he was going to do with it. I need not have worried at this stage. He used it to fix each of the hinge units into place. By locking or riveting them he ensured that there was no way that the leather rings would come off my body, without the leather itself being sliced.

I stood there seeing myself in the mirror. Leather wrist bands and anklets, leather collar. It was an amazing site. My cock get even harder.

He bent over to the small recesses in the floor and pulled the hooks upward. The effect was amazing. Each recess revealed a small linked chain which came up out of the floor. They were spring loaded, so that if they were slack they returned into the floor. there was a small locking unit beside the recess, so that when they were at a length Frank chose they could be locked in place. He could therefore make me stand relaxed with my legs together and chains loose on the floor, or he could stretch me wide, and there was nothing I could do to change positions if he chose to do that. Similar units were fixed to the ceiling.

Today he chose to pull me to full extension. The locks in the floor and ceiling were attached to wrists and ankle, and the spring load was released, my legs were pushed apart by Frank and my arms stretched up and out. I was fully stretched to an x shape and all four locks were snapped closed. I was immobile.

"Its time I showed you that you are truly mine," Frank said. "I am going to start with some nipple training." With that he disappeared and went to his cupboard. He came back and I saw that he had in his hand two small clamps. They each had velvet covered teeth. They looked really stiff. At the end of each one was a hook, which looked ominous and ready to take whatever he put onto it. He looked at me with those dark eyes. I once again fell into them and waited for his next move.

He stood in front of me and said, "Any good slave will be able to take a good session on the nipples. In order to do so I must first find out how sensitive your nipples are already and then sensitise them so that they are a source of immediate pleasure and pain to you."

With that he moved forward and took my nipples in between his fingers. First he took the left. He rolled it between his fingers and twisted it very gently. That felt very good. Now my nipples are indeed quite sensitive. I love to have them played with. I moaned out load. He moved to the right and gave it the same treatment. Again I groaned in pleasure. Then he began to tighten his grip as though to find out how much I could take. He pinched first one side and then the other. Each time he was harder and each time my nipples responded. But not just my nipples. It was as though there was a direct link between them and my cock. As he twisted and pinched so my cock jerked and bounced up and down. I laid my head backwards and took in a deep breath. When he had squeezed them as hard as possible I thought I could take no more. The pain was great, but it was still having the same effect on my firm rod. Yet I was determined not to cry out. I so wanted to please him and show him I was a slave worth having.

Then, while my head was back and I was not looking he took one clamp in each hand and without further warning attached them to each nipple. As they closed a searing pain crossed my chest from each side and met in the middle. I cried out in pain. The warm glow of pain spread across the full area of my chest and I wondered how it could be that with such pain flowing around my upper body, my lower body was still sending such strong pleasure signals. My cock jumped around like it was doing a dance and I thought I might cum there and then.

He stood back and admired his work. "So" he said "how is that?"

The best I could do was to utter a low guttural groan.

"That's about right then", he said, And without further comment he left the room for a while. I was left hanging between ecstasy and agony, wondering how I could feel so many emotions and still know I was in the right place."

Chapter 6

The constant pain of the nipple clips gradually waned as I became used to their pressure. I must have hung there for about 30 minutes before Frank returned.

"How are they", he said. I didn't know how to answer. The pain was still there yet it felt different. I may have grown used to it. It could just be that the pain had numbed my senses. Either way it was more a warm glow than a pain. "OK, step two". He moved to the cupboard and came back with two small weights. They were not unlike those used by fishermen, with a drop shaped weight and a small loop in the end. He simply, without further comment slipped one onto each of the two nipple clips, increasing massively the weight they bore. They pulled downward on my nipples, taking away every drop of the warm glow and replacing it once again with a searing heat. Again I threw my head back and this time I screamed. A long loud piercing scream. No-one could have heard. I was far from help, but it seemed to help me to do it.

"Nice." he said. And again he left me alone. I hung there in absolute agony, strung out in an x shape, pain searing across my chest, cock bouncing around like it was being played a tune, dripping pre cum onto the floor. I was helpless and at the mercy of my Master. He knew it. I knew it. We both wanted it. It was like a dream come true. But, damn it hurt!

Franks next return was to prove no less painful. He came this time and looked me over. First he walked around me. "Let's have another close look" he said. Then he began to run his hand over me. It is strange what effect having those nipple clamps on made to the rest of my body. Nothing else had been touched. I was still a bit sore from the beating two days ago, but apart from that my body was so far unused. Yet, as his hand roamed over it I could feel it like I never felt anyone before. It was as though an electric charge was passing from his hand into every place he touched. I know now that this is the effect of the treatment he was giving me. By stimulating one part of me to a great extreme the other nerves in the body seem to brace themselves for a similar assault. When it comes only as a touch, they feel it as more.

He ran his hands over my back and buttocks. Down the back of my legs. He moved the front and checked me out up to the middle of my thighs.

Just half way up. Isn't it agony when you feel someone's hand moving towards your crotch region and it stops before getting close. The disappointment is so hard.

He next checked out my navel and abdomen and eventually moved towards my chest. I dreaded what might happen next. "Please sir, no more weights sir. They hurt so much."

"What's the matter boy, don't you want to please me?" I was stunned and hurt by the suggestion. He knew I did. Why should he accuse me of that.

"No, sir, I want to please you." I fell back into submission.

Despite his question his next action was not what I had expected.

He removed the nipple clips. "Now let's see what they have done for your sensitivity".

The effect of removing them was wild. As I watched his hand take them off I was sure that the pain was about to go away. In fact the swift return of blood to the place where the clips had stood had another effect entirely. It brought a pain more savage than anything so far. How could the release of pressure be like this? Once again I cried out in pain and tears filled my eyes. Frank stood and watched me writhe. He then lifted is hand and wiped the tears from my cheeks. While I hung in the agony of the moment I was treated to a tender touch which seemed to make it all worthwhile.

As the pain of the moment subsided he bent forward towards me.

"Now, lets see how sensitive they have become." He leaned forward and kissed one nipple and then the other. The sensation was totally out of this world. As I looked down and saw his lips on me I knew I could take no more. My whole body was overwhelmed with sensations beyond anything I had ever enjoyed. My cock twitched and jerk, and I came. Aaaaaaahhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, yes,................oh, no.

I realised too late that as I came my juices flowed from me in uncontrolled and violent blasts all over my Master's body. He did not at first stop working on my chest. But after I subsided he stood up and moved close to my face.

"A properly trained slave does not come until he is told to, and certainly does not soil his Master without permission. You have much to learn my boy. You will be punished for that."

"Yes sir, I am sorry sir". I looked at him pleadingly, hoping he realised that all I wanted was to please him.

He leaned over and released the chains holding my arms. "Clean me up." I fell forward with the sudden release of the chains and it was all I could do to hold my balance. When you have been in the restraint for so long you learn to let it do the work, and not to try and hold yourself too much. I managed to get a balance and then he moved towards me. "Lick it off", he said. I strained because my feet were still restrained and well apart. I began to lick my cum from his body. It seemed like it had gone everywhere. It was the first time that I had tasted my own cum. It was not the same as Frank's, but not that different.

I licked his chest and his nipples. I licked his abdomen and round his pubic hair where it had run. I cleaned every drop from between the hairs and along his cock and over his balls. I bent forward and strained to balance as I licked down his legs to catch every last drip and dribble.

Eventually he was clean again. I stood back up and he refixed me to the chains from the ceiling. My arms were once again outstretched and my x position resumed.

"Yesterday in the motel room I thrashed you with a belt. Today, you need to know that there is more pain to be had when you are punished. I will have to use the cane on you. The belt is for pleasure and training.

The cane is for punishment." I remained hanging from the ceiling in my x position. I knew there was nothing I could do. "Please sir, punish me for my failure so that we can go on together. I will take it, if only to please you."

"You may not find it as easy to take as you think." Frank continued, "The cane hurts, as it is meant to." He moved to his cupboard again and this time returned with a gag and a small label. The label was hung to my collar. He showed it me first. It read "FOR DISOBEDIENCE". It was strange. There was no-one there to see the label, yet wearing it added to my humiliation. Then he put the gag over my mouth and moved around behind me. I could see him out the corner of my eye, but could do nothing about it. I sensed his arm raise up with the cane in hand. I heard the cane swoosh through the air. I heard it land, but felt nothing.....for about one half second. Then the pain hit me. It was deep and intense. It ripped across my buttocks and seared through my whole body. I flailed and swung but nothing changed the way it felt.

He was in no rush to move to the second. I remembered yesterday and wondered if I was supposed to thank him and count like then, but the gag stopped me from speaking. I turned my head and looked towards him. "One sir, thank you sir" I thought while looking at him and nodding gently.

He seemed to know. Number two landed. Again the pain. I screamed into the gag but nothing came out. I must please him and respond. It was as much as I could do to turn my head. I could hardly see him through the mist of my tears. "Two sir, thank you sir"

The third blow seemed worse still. I almost passed out from the pain. After a moment to recover I looked at him once more, and thought to myself - "Three sir, thank you sir".

He moved in front of me. "Good boy," he said. "I think you have learned well. That look over your shoulder each time to thank me was a nice touch." He knew. I always said he could see into my soul. "Now, I am going to remove you gag and I want you to tell me what you have learned."

He took the gag off, sat down and waited. "Sir, please sir I am so sorry for cumming all over you. It was very wrong of me. Sir, it was only because you are such a good and powerful Master that I did it. You turned me on so much when you worked on my nipples. Thank you for that sir. Please sir, forgive me. I am truly sorry from my heart, sir. I have learned that I need more self control. I have also learned again what a great and wonderful Master you are. Thank you sir."

He seemed satisfied with that. He released me from my restraints ad told me to go to my room. Tonight I would sleep there. That would not always be the case. But I will have to tell you about that in the next chapters.

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