He felt the heaviness of the cuffs, as he woke up abruptly when the van stopped. The facility was dimly lit, with a long driveway that wrapped around a statue of a large angel, with a sword and a shield. The officer assisting him was kinda cute, and he cleared his throat as he opened the side doors, and got out before him. He ducked out the doorway, and the wet ground beneath his slippers, was slick, and cold. The cold hair made his dick and balls shrivel up against his crotch. His union suit was thin, and barely fit him, but it was all they had. His six foot, seven inch frame must've looked pretty fuckin dumb in the faded brown get up. He slowly followed the officer through the entrance, to the reception desk. 

The older woman behind the desk looked tired, and careless. She pushed her glasses up her nose, and smiled weakly at the two men, as the officer signed them in. She welcomed them to the facility, and picked up the phone, to page for an escort. The side doors opened, and an attractive man in scrubs met them, and shook their hands. He ushered them through the doors, down a long, bright hall, to another set of doors, that opened automatically.

The exam room was really bright, and completely white. There was an exam table in the middle, and a side table with a few instruments, and a machine with a bunch of wires and screens. The man in scrubs asked the officer to remove his cuffs. He felt instantly relieved, and massaged each wrist with the other hand, working out the small knots he swore had formed over the past two hours of van ride, he'd endured. 

"I need you to remove your clothes now, and then I'm going to do a brief physical check for any contraband and scarring."

He glanced over at the officer, and quickly unbuttoned the union suit, letting it drop to the floor, and stepping out, giving his balls a quick tug. He'd softened up on the walk in, but they still felt shriveled. 

The man in scrubs walked up to him, and instructed him to raise his arms above his head. He locked his fingers, and rested his hands on top of his heads, feeling his muscular frame flex as he did. He felt the smooth latex covered hands feeling under each armpit, through the curly dark hairs. they grazed his sides, and he felt the man push through his thick bush of pubic hair, around the base of his dick. Fuck, he was getting hard. 

The man lifted his shaft, and pushed back his foreskin, cradling and lifting each of his balls, checking his under girth. He walked around, and asked him to lean forward, as he spread his cheeks, and checked his asshole. He asked him to lift each foot, and felt his toes. The man walked full circle, and then asked him to lay on the table. 

"I'm going to do an ultrasound on your scrotum now. Just to check for any damage from your recent altercation at the prison." He swallowed hard, and nodded, looking up at some of the bright lights, trying to focus his attention elsewhere, but knew the inevitable.

The gel was cold at first, but as the machine ran, and he felt the pressure working up and down his under shaft, it heated up, and he instantly became rock hard. "Try to relax. I just need a good image to print for the physician." He swallowed hard again, and tried to relax, but his whole body was tense, and he wiggled his toes, in an attempt to calm down, which only added an extra shot of arousal through his body.

"We're almost there, just a little bit longer." The man seemed so calm, and briefly glanced back at him, with a reassuring look in his eyes. "Aside from the external bruising, and a little swelling in the left testicle, I think you should be alright." He ran the machine over the right testicle a couple of times, working up to the base of his shaft. He felt his abs flex, and knew he couldn't hold it any longer. "I...I think I might..." The man turned to him, just as he shot the first gob of cum. "Fuck." He closed his eyes, and bit his lower lip. He could feel the cum pulsing up his abs and chest. There was no stopping it, and nothing he could do, but let it out. He instinctively pulled his legs up, feeling his cock jerking up and down against his abs. All nine inches of thick latin meat, releasing its hot load all over his body.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes, and saw the man leaving out the door. The officer was looking away, and he tried sitting up, slipping on the thin paper that covered the table. "I need you to stay on the table!" The officer looked him in the eye, with his hand on his baton. "Dude, I'm not going anywhere, fuck. I just blew my load all over myself, can I please grab the suit to clean up?" The officer slowly squatted down, and grabbed the union suit, handing it over to him. He quickly mopped up the mess, and wadded up the suit, so the cum was out of view. A second later, the man in scrubs came back in, with a towel, and a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt. 

"These probably won't fit you, but it's all we have for now. He handed the items to him, and started winding up the cords on the machine. "I'll print the results, and send them to your doctor. You'll probably see him in the morning." "Ok, so what now?" "I can show you to your room, and if you'd like to take a shower you can." "Sounds perfect." He stepped into the sweatpants, which were clearly too small. He tucked his dick in, and pulled the waistband as far up as it would go. The shirt came to his naval, and the pants were a few inches below that. He felt ridiculous, as he waddled behind the man, down another hall, with doors and lockers. The officer was right behind him. He felt the air brushing against his lower back hairs, which half his ass hanging out of the pants. 

They got to a room halfway down the hall, and the man led him in. "This is your room, which you'll share with Sam." There was a younger guy sitting at the desk in the corner, reading a magazine. He looked up, and quickly looked back at his magazine, nervously. "Alright cool." He nodded and looked over at the small bed in the corner. They had two twin beds, and a set of shelves in between them. There were no lamps, and no pictures on the walls. A large window was across the beds, and he could see a dimly lit parking lot.

"You have about 10 minutes left before lights out, so if you want to wait and take a shower tomorrow, you can do that after breakfast, which is at eight o'clock." "Nah man, I'll take one tonight, and wash this spunk off me." He saw Sam look up quickly at him. The man in scrubs nodded, and led him back into the hall. "The showers are at the end of the hall, but when I saw lights out, I literally mean the lights will automatically dim, so you'll have to be back in your room, or you'll have a hard time finding your way in the dark." "Alright, got it." 

The officer left down the hall, with the man, talking quietly with him, as they walked. He turned, and went to the end of the hall, turning into the tiled room. There were shower stalls with half walls separating each unit. He picked the end one, and started up the shower. There were soap and shampoo dispensers built into the wall. He lathered up, and quickly rinsed off, grabbing his towel, and stepping out of the stall. The lights started humming. "Shit." He grabbed his sweatsuit, and quickly walked toward the door, as the lights went out. The main hall was still lit, and he made his way back to his room. The towel wasn't very big, and he held it closed on the side.

He stepped into the room, seeing Sam still in the corner reading. Sam looked up, and then away again. "Man, you don't talk much do you?" Sam looked up, and shook his head. He dropped his clothes on the bed, and toweled himself off. He saw Sam watch him curiously, and then when he made eye contact, look away quickly. "It's ok, you can look. You probably aint seen a man this big before." Sam looked up, and he dropped the towel, standing in front of him for a few seconds. "You like guys?" Sam shook his head, "not...not like that I don't." "Well, it's ok if you do. I do." "Not like that I don't. You're just very big is all." "Yeah man, nothin but time to work out in prison." "What were you there for?" "I got busted selling to an undercover cop." "What did you sell?" "Everything." He sat on the edge of his bed, and let his balls and shaft hang low. It felt good to air out.

Sam got off his chair, and got into his bed. "Why are you here?" "I have a lot of anxiety." "About what?" "Everything. People mainly." "Well, I'll be here, so you don't have to worry about people, alright man?" Sam nodded, and he saw a little smile appear on his face. "How do we turn the lights out?" Sam pointed at a rubber button above his bed. "You have one too." He pushed his in, and the lights directly above his bed went out. "Alright man, sleep tight. I'll see you in the morning." He reached up, and pressed the button, and the room went black. He slid under the sheets, and folded his arms up over his head, closing his eyes. It felt good to be out of prison, but he wasn't looking forward to the mandatory treatment. Who knew what these whack jobs had in store for him.



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