It was so quiet, and dark when he opened his eyes. He reached down, and gave his hard dick a tug. Fucker was always up. He sat up, rubbing his eyes, and letting them adjust to the darkness. There was very dim lighting coming from the hall, and absolute silence. He got up, quietly tip toeing to the door, and peek out down the hall. He could see all the way down to the front desk, which had two men sitting at computers. There was also another man walking toward the desk down the hall, away from his room.

He stepped back into his room, and made out the outlines of Karl, and the shelves and the beds. He sat down on his bed, and heard Karl's voice, "hey man, what's up?" "Nothin, I just didn't know what time it was." "It's fuckin early as shit. You alright?" "Yeah man, just a little hungry or somethin, I don't know." "You're hard as a rock dude, holy fuck." He didn't realize Karl could see him in the dark. He pushed his dick down, pulling his sheet over himself. "Nah man, let it breathe. I like it." "Yeah?" "Yeah, fuck. You want some help with it?" He twitched under the sheet. 

He got up and stepped over to Karl's bed. Karl's hand reached up, and started jerking his dick. He put his hands behind his back, and let out a little moan. It always felt better having someone else jerk him off. He stood there, feeling the warmth of Karl's hand, jerking his man meat, feeling his balls rise, and fall back to their hanging position. He grunted and almost lost his balance, when Karl pulled at his foreskin. 

He could feel the pre cum oozing out onto Karl's hand, and it felt fuckin great. He moaned softly, and bent his knees, resting them on the edge of Karl's bed. He braced himself against the shelf with one hand, and with the other, he played with his ab and pubic hair. "Fuck you're good at that." "Yeah, doesn't take a man much to know what a man likes." "Fuck yeah." Karl's hand was so soft and warm, he just wished he had some lube. 

Karl sat up, almost sensing exactly what he needed, and put his mouth around his meaty dick. "Fuuuuuuuuck dude. Oh fuck, yeah, suck it." Karl was a pro. He worked his tongue in a swirling motion around the inside of his foreskin, while he nibbled the top and bottom of his shaft, stroking the base with his finger and thumb. He let the spit drip down to the base of the shaft, coating his entire dick with spit. He started slurping, and then pulled his mouth off, working both hands over his dick, in swirling motions.

"Fuuuuuck, fuuuuck, you're workin it good man." "Yeah, I want your cum in my mouth you sexy fuck." "Yeah? You want this dick to blow in your tight pussy mouth?" "Fuck yeah man." He felt Karl's lips go around his dick again, but then they heard movement out in the hall. He quickly pulled out of Karl's mouth, and quickly, and quietly got back in bed, pulling the covers up. There were a couple soft footsteps, and a light glow of some sort of electronic device against the wall, and ceiling.

The man left the room, and kept walking, and he quickly got out of bed, stepping back over to Karl's. "I wanna fuck you in that tight ass of yours man." "Fuck yeah, come and get it." Karl got up on all fours, and he planted his hands firmly on his skinny ass, spreading the cheeks, and putting his face in between. He smelled musk and sweat, but dove right in, licking, and slobbering all over that tight asshole. He felt Karl opening up for him, and worked a couple fingers in and around the inside of his tight ass, licking around the edges, and getting him covered in spit. He reached down with his other hand, and started stroking his dick, getting the pre cum all over his shaft. 

He got up, pushing his head right up against Karl's tight ass, feeling him open and clamp closed again. He waited, and the next opening, he shoved his dick in real hard. Karl whimpered, and he felt his ass clamp real tight onto his dick. Karl's asshole was throbbing and spasming, while he rubbed his ass cheeks, and lower back, trying to calm him the fuck down. He could hear his muffled whimpers in his pillow, and waited til his ass loosened up and he could feel the muscles lose their tension. He started pulling out, and then pushing back in. 

Soon he had a rocking rhythm going, and Karl started really getting into it. He was moaning, and breathing loudly. He felt Karl's and on his left thigh, grabbing the muscular meat, and digging his nails in. "Fuck, you like this dick man?" "Yeah, I love your dick." He hunched over Karl, and put his hands on his shoulders, pressing his entire body down on the smaller man's frame, pushing his dick all the way in til he couldn't go any deeper. He gave Karl a few little humps, moving his entire body, but holding his shoulders down. He flipped Karl over on his back, while he was still inside him, and pulled his legs up to his sides. Karl wrapped his legs around loosely, while he fucked him deep.

Karl leaned up, and kissed him on the mouth. He wasn't expecting it, but a wave of heat ran down his spine, to his groin. He leaned down, forcing Karl's mouth open with his tongue, and gave him a passionate kiss, like he'd never kissed anyone before. He pinned karl's hands above his head, interlocking his fingers, and fucked him  hard. He was getting so close to cumming, when he heard voices in the hall. "Fuck." He pulled out, and got back in his own bed. He pulled the sheets up, as two men came in the room.

"I thought I heard struggling," one of the men was whispering. "Maybe he was having a nightmare." "Are you fucking kidding me? Just do your fucking rounds and report their sleep patterns." "Shit, I'm sorry!" The two men quickly left down the hall again. 

Karl whispered across the room, "They're gone, come finish what you started big boy." 

He got up off his bed, stepping across to Karl's, and resumed his position. HIs dick quickly slid inside Karl's ass this time, all the way to the back. He started rocking back and forth, as Karl leaned up, putting his arms around his neck. He was moaning in his ear, while he pushed his dick deep inside Karl. "I want it so bad. Give me your cum. I need your cum you fucker." "Fuck yeah, you're gonna get blasted you boy bitch." "Yeah, fuck me til you cum inside my tight ass you dirty fuck." He grunted, and moaned, feeling himself go over the edge. He held his breath for a second, feeling his eyes rolling back, and let his seed shoot up inside Karl. He let out a few short breaths, and a moan, while he shot his load, filling up Karl's tight little ass. 

He could feel cum escaping the tight hole, and drizzling down his under shaft, and balls. He was still thrusting in and out of Karl, who was moaning right back at him. "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah man, you busted up in me." "Yeah bitch, take it all in." He wanted to keep fucking him, but he felt a wave of exhaustion come over him, as he pulled out, and got off the bed. 'You wanna cuddle for a bit?" "Nah man, I'm spent. Thanks for your ass though, I'll be back in there for more." "Anytime you want it." 

He fell asleep quickly after, and the next thing he knew, he was waking up to the sound of the announcement, that breakfast was being served in the dining room. He got up, kicking off the sheets, and saw Karl still sleeping. His sheets were still off, and his ass was hanging out of them. You could see dried cum all over his inner cheeks, and he had to smile to himself, thinking how much better he slept after fucking the shit out of that tight ass. He got up, pulled on his sweats and t shirt, and got his flip flops on, heading toward the dining room. Breakfast was the usual, but he ate it anyway. He hurriedly got back to the room, after getting towels. He left a couple on Karl's bed, and headed to the shower. 

He quickly showered, hearing a couple of the guys talking about their discharge. He asked what they were referring to, and one of the guys was saying how his treatment was officially done, and he'd begin his after care program. He nodded, wondering if he had an after care plan. The other guy was going to a residential program in another state, but he was able to go home for a couple days first, to see his wife and kid. 

He finished toweling off, and wrapped the towel around his waist, heading back to his room. Karl was sitting up in his bed, his sheets bunched up at his feet, checking out his balls, and dick shaft, which was hard. "Good morning." "Hey, I never got off last night." "What?" "You never got me off last night." He felt his face tingle of embarrassment, realizing he never offered a hand. "Shit, fuck I'm sorry man." "Nah it's ok, but you're going to later." "Oh yeah?" He undid the towel, letting it drop to the floor. "Yeah, that's going inside me again, and you're going to jerk me off til I cum all over you." "Fuck, sounds like a party." 

He stepped toward Karl's bed, and he looked up at him, reaching out, and slowly pulled at his foreskin, stretching it at least a couple inches out. "Fuuuuuck, don't start somethin you can't finish." "I want you inside me again." "I want to be in there too, but we have groups we have to get to." Karl let go of his dick, which was now semi hard. He pulled on his sweats, and t shirt, shaking his head. "You're going to get yourself in a world of hurt." "I like it like that." "Well, you need to slow your roll, cause it's a few hours til lights out." He threw his towel at Karl, who raised it up, and sniffed it. "Dirty fuck." He laughed as he walked down the hall.

The group this morning was about conquering your fears, and overcoming anxiety. He really got into it, because he was wanting to get out of here, and move on with his life. His prison sentence was interrupted with the fight, and the warden had decided he could be inpatient for treatment for his addiction, in lieu of the remaining year on his record. There were several safety concerns, and until now, he hadn't realized that they were life threatening. One of the other inmates had a death warrant out on him, and after he was attacked in the laundry room, he realized this was not how he wanted his story to end.

The instructor had them work on a project about their life, and use pictures from magazines and newspapers, in a collage, while utilizing the words and even paints, to emphasize the story of what they were trying to portray. He really got into his project, when the instructor announced they'd be going to their next group. He'd chosen to go to the gym for his next scheduled group, and ran back to the room to put his project on his shelf. Karl was just coming back from the shower, as he entered the room. "Hey man, how was your group?" "It was great, did you go to one?" "Nope, I jerked off, and then I took a shower." Karl grabbed his pillow, pushing it up in his face. It smelled like spunk, and sweat. "Fuck, you're nasty." He laughed, as Karl dropped the pillow to the floor, and leaned up, giving him a kiss on the chin. "I missed you." "Well, I wasn't far." 

Karl followed him to the gym, even though he wasn't signed out. He sat across from him on the mats, while he stretched, and watched every move he made. He followed him to the steam room, and stripped down with him, sitting across from him, while he poured water over the stones, and sat back. "We could mess around in here, and no one would even notice." "Let's not. It's public, and I have a good rapport with the gym counselor." "Wow, rapport, that's a big word." "It really isn't." "Am I too much for you?" "What do you mean?" "I let you fuck me and cum inside me, and now you're being weird to me." "How am I being weird to you?" "I wanna be with you, but you're treating me like shit." "Ok, wow, let's just take a breath, and think about what you're saying." "You probably think I'm crazy." "I think you're being a bitch, and I'm sitting right here, so clearly I'm not treating you like shit." 

Karl crossed his arms, and looked out the door, watching the guys walking by. "There are some sexy ass guys here." "You should talk to them." "What, you want me to cheat on you?" "What are you talking about man? We're not together." Karl stood up, dropping his arms to his sides, and pulled on his sweat pants and t shirt, pushing open the door, and backing away from the glass, staring at him. He felt a shiver go up his spine. He suddenly felt really nervous about what Karl was capable of doing, and wondered if maybe it wasn't a wise decision to fuck his roommate.

He saw the gym counselor approaching the steam room, and waved, as he was about to knock on the door. The man smiled and nodded, stepping back to talk to some other patients. He got up, pulled on his sweats and t shirt, and flip flops, and walked out, getting in line with the rest of the patients. He didn't see Karl anywhere.

He got back to the room, and grabbed his towel, heading for the showers again. One of the other patients was at the last stall, his hands on the wall, and his head tilted back, under the water. He looked like he was really enjoying his shower. He stepped in the nearest stall, and turned on the faucet, reaching up and getting shower gel and shampoo, lathering up his head and neck, and chest. He was working his dick over, and glanced over to see the guy with his head down, and his hands in front of him. He rinsed off the rest of the shampoo and body wash, and turned off the faucet, toweling off. He heard giggling, and looked over to see Karl peeking over the half wall at him, the other man standing just behind him, looking down.

Karl stood up, and walked around the half wall, naked and hard. He gave a half glare, side glance as he walked by, and out the door. The other patient shut the shower off, and stepped out, his dick semi hard, and dripping cum. "Fuck, that guy gives good head, but he's a little whack-a-doo upstairs if you know what I'm sayin." "Yeah, he's somethin else." He grabbed his towel, wrapping it around his waist, and headed back to the room. Karl was jerking off on his bed, watching the door. "I want you inside me again." "Karl, we can't do this. I'm sorry about last night, and I'm sorry I can't be what you want me to be." 

Karl let go of his dick, and sat up. "What the fuck do you mean? I let you cum in me. Your cum is still inside of me." "I'm sorry! I thought it was just a fun thing we did. I didn't realize you actually had feelings for me." "Don't you want me?" "I want you to calm down and be nice and orderly around here, yes." "Am I embarrassing you?" "A little, yes. I'd like you to act normal." Karl glared at him, laying back, and taking his dick in his hand, jerking it quickly up and down. 

He couldn't believe this was happening. Karl had such a great body, ass, and dick, but something wasn't right with him. Karl  spread his legs, putting his other hand between his thighs, and putting a finger in his ass. He moaned, keeping eye contact the entire time. He opened his mouth, and tilted his head up, aiming his dick right for his mouth, and started cumming. He shot several thick ropes of cum, directly into his mouth, while he maintained eye contact. He smiled, and turned his head, as the rest of the cum shot up against his neck and chest. He licked his lips and swallowed.

Karl was still stroking his dick, and wiping at the cum on his neck and chest, feeding it into his mouth. This was making him hard, and he felt the towel tenting, but his instincts were to run like fuck, and get away from Karl. He heard a knock on the door frame, and a man's voice "Alright guys, that's enough." He turned, with a shocked look, pointing back at Karl. "Hey man, this isn't me. This has nothing to do with me." "Yeah, looks like you're enjoying the show." The man pointed down at the tent in his towel. "Fuck, I just got here from the shower, and I'm a little exposed." "Karl, please stop masturbating, and get dressed. Your Doctor would like to see you." Karl smiled, letting his dick flop down against his abs, and got up. He pulled on his sweats and t shirt, as the cum soaked through both, and you could see dark spots forming all over the front of his clothes, with his sweats stretched tightly around his hard dick.

The man led Karl out into the hall, and he sat down on his bed, with his head in his hands. Fuck this shit. He stood up, getting dressed again, and headed toward the desk. He asked about when he would find out about getting out of here, or if he could possibly get a new roommate. The man behind the desk asked him to calm down, and maybe watch some tv, while they paged for his discharge coordinator. He obediently went to the living room, and watched some news, trying to keep his mind busy. He couldn't believe this place, or what he'd gotten himself into. He definitely missed being home, by himself, with no one else around.

He waited for over an hour, before he was greeted by a man in a navy blue suit and shined up tan shoes. "Hi, I'm Steve. I'll be working on your discharge paperwork with you." "Hi, nice to meet you." He stood up, shaking Steve's hand. They went to a brightly lit office, and Steve pulled up his laptop, and started typing, while he asked him a bunch of questions about his treatment, and even how many times he'd been going to his groups, and if he'd eaten all the meals, and had some leisure time in the living room, aside from today.

Turns out, his insurance was good for a month of treatment, and the probation paperwork indicated he'd be relieved of his sentence upon fully finishing treatment, and discharging in a timely manner. He was shocked, and disappointed, asking what his options were. Steve said he could get him in at their residential program, which would be three weeks of treatment, followed by counseling, and he'd have a little more independence over there, with going on outings, having visitors, and being able to wear his street clothes and shoes. He couldn't wait.

He got back to the room, and Karl's side of the room had been cleaned, and his bed re made. There was no sign of Karl anywhere, and he lay back on his bed, folding his hands behind his head. He heard the announcement for lunch, and got up to walk down the hall. Karl was at the desk, and glared over at him, mouthing the words "fuck you." He quickly turned, and shuffled through the living room, around the main hall to the dining room.

After lunch, he made his way back to the desk, and asked about his room situation. "You'll be moved to another room this afternoon. We have our housekeeping staff cleaning a room for you at this time. He smiled, and thanked the man behind the desk. He sat in the living room until it was time for his next group. He went to a yoga session, where they focused on rest and relaxation, breathing techniques, and they actually had some relaxing music playing. He almost fell asleep, but then the instructor switched it up, and they stood for more stretches. 

After group he made his way back to the living room, and a man greeted him with scrubs on. "Hi, I'm going to show you your new room." "Great!" He excitedly walked with the man down the opposite hall. They passed the laundry room, and a couple doors down was his new room. He walked in after the man, seeing three beds. "This is a larger room, but you'll have two roommates." "Ok, that's fine. Thank you." The man walked out, and he sat down on his bed. There were a couple paintings on the wall, and a couple notes on the shelf between his and one of the other beds. He heard a couple voices in the hall, and looked up to see Trent and another mixed guy walk in through the door.

"Oh my God, Papi, you're here!" Trent came over, giving him a hug. The other guy giggled, and watched them, reaching up to play with his hair. "We'll have so much fun. This is my boyfriend Danny, but he likes to watch." 

Holy fucking shit...What did he get himself into?




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