"Good morning." He opened his eyes to the dim light coming in from the window. There was a younger guy standing over him, with a cart, wearing all white. "I'm here for your blood draw." He blinked a couple times, and sat up quickly, forgetting where he was. He felt the sheets slide off, exposing his morning wood, and quickly pulled them back up to his waist. "Sorry about that." "No problem, happens more times than you'd think. Have they provided clothes for you?" "Yeah, but they're too small." "I can let the manager know, and see if they can get something else for you." "Great, thanks."

The process was quick, and aside from feeling a little light headed, he was fine. The blinds automatically opened a few minutes later, pulling up into the panel between the panes of glass. He looked over, seeing Sam sleeping, and decided he'd jerk one out before breakfast. He tended to stay hard until relieved.

He laid back, and slowly started to pull on his thick shaft, feeling his foreskin caress the soft tissue of his head. He started pre cumming almost immediately, hearing the small slurps of air between the flap of skin, and the moistening purple head of his dick. He ran his other hand over his muscular chest, feeling the wiry, short hairs around his nipples and the thicker trail that led to his bush. He licked his dry lips, as he felt his balls rise up against his lower shaft, and reached down to push them down. Fuck this felt amazing. He heard voices out in the hall, and quickened his pace, feeling his arousal increase. He bit his lower lip, stifling a moan, as he shot a thick, hot load up his chest and even hitting his chin. He pulled his legs up, and thrusted his hips a little, pushing out the last couple of shots. 

He heard more voices in the hall, as he sat up, wiping himself off with his sheet. "Are you done?" He jumped slightlyl, looking over, seeing Sam laying in bed with his hand over his face. "Yeah man, you should've said something." "You were already cumming when I woke up." Sam yawned as he sat up. "Oh, well, shit." "I've never seen that before." "I jerk off all the time, so get used to it." "I never do that." "What? How do you get off?" "I don't. I don't feel anything really." "Man, you're not doing it right then." "I sometimes wake up with cum in my underwear." "Yeah, it's called a wet dream, you need to jerk off is what that fuckin means." "I guess I just don't feel like it." "Once you try it, you'll like it. How old are you anyway?" "I turned eighteen last week." "Damn. I've been jerking off almost as long as you been alive, shit." "How old are you?" "I'm 29." "You've jerked off since you were eleven?" "Nah, when I was twelve though, I got a hardon in class, and my friend showed me how to jerk off in the bathroom afterward. Been jerking ever since."

He got up, and bent down to grab his sweatshirt and pants. His dick was still throbbing hard, talking about jerking off, there was no hiding it in the small sweats. He tied the sweatshirt sleeves around his waist, and let the arms hang over his crotch. He walked out to the hall, and glanced down both ends. There were guys going in and leaving the shower area. Fuck there were so many guys. A tall, slim guy with black frame glasses walked by, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had a few tattooes up and down his arms and stomach. Damn, he'd tap that ass so hard. He felt his dick twitch, and leaned against the doorway. A man in scrubs approached him, and he stood up. "Do you need towels for the shower?" "Yeah that would be great. Also, can I get some bigger clothes?" "I'll see about getting you some, and you need to have slippers or socks on. I can grab you those." "Ok, thanks man." The man walked away, and he turned back to sit on his bed.

Sam was still watching him. "You like guys?" "Yeah, why?" "Just wondering." "How bout you?" "I don't really like anyone." "Nah, you probably do, but you're afraid to say." Sam looked away, and smiled. "You like me?" "I guess, kind of." "I like little white dudes myself." He sat next to Sam, and the boy looked down sheepishly. "If you have any questions, you can ask man. I'm happy to share my experiences and stories. You can touch or taste, anything you want." He leaned back on one arm, flexing his chest and abs, pushing the sweatshirt and pants lower, exposing his bush. Sam gulped loudly, and glanced up, taking it all in. He undid the arms of the sweatshirt, exposing the large bulge in his tightly fit pants. He flexed his dick, feeling air come in the space between the rising fabric, and his furry crotch.

Sam watched quietly, while he flexed his dick up and down. "This dick has fucked many tight asses in its time." He pushed the waistband down enough, to let the head poke out. The foreskin was tight, and you could see a wet purple hint of dick head peeking through the little folds. He took his finger tips, and spread the foreskin out a little, as the small space filled up with pre cum. "Fuck, I could blow another load." Sam adjusted himself, and kept watching. "You want to touch it?" Sam looked up, and then back down at his dick, reaching out slowly. His hand was shaking, as he reached into the fabric, grasping the thick shaft. He pulled down, fully exposing the moist head as more pre cum oozed out of the tip. "Fuck you're going to make me blow again man." He felt fully aroused, and the trembling in Sam's hand wasn't helping. 

Sam started working his hand up and down the shaft, pulling the foreskin back, then pushing it up again. He was going to blow. He tilted his head back, as a smaller, but powerful load shot out over his hairy abs and chest. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck." He uttered a low growl, as he shot his load. Sam pulled his hand back, admiring the glistening, cum covered muscles of his six foot, seven inch frame. He used the sweatshirt to wipe up the mess, and leaned over, kissing Sam lightly on the mouth. "Thanks man. That was great." He stood up, and pulled the tight waistband back over his dick, dropping the shirt to the floor, and laying back on his bed, crossing one leg over. He was hoping his dick would go down soon, in case that guy didn't come back with new sweats. 

The hall quieted, and a voice on an intercom announced breakfast was ready, and to proceed to the cafeteria. "Where's the cafeteria at Sam?" "Um, it's down the hall, past the front desk." "You comin man?" He stood up, feeling his semi hard dick slide down to a more comfortable position. "No, I can't right now." "Why? Oh." Sam's face turned a light shade of pink. "You want to jerk one out quick?" He approached his bed. "No, no, I'm fine. I'll do it by myself." "Alright, I'm going to get some grub." He turned and walked out, feeling a familiar wetness against his thigh, as he smiled, glancing down, to see a dark spot forming through the light grey fabric.

He felt a lot of eyes on him, as he stepped slowly in line with the other men, waiting to get food. He had quite the cum spot showing. The pants clearly outlined his thick shaft, and the waistband was sitting so low, you could almost see the base of his shaft. He hadn't trimmed his pubes in over three years, since his sentencing. The older man serving food, quickly handed him his foam plate, and shook his head as he turned back, to serve another patient. He held his plate lower, concealing a portion of his crotch. This place was a little different than he'd imagined. Some of the men were heavily medicated, and didn't pay any attention, but there were a few of them glancing at him, and whispering to each other. He smirked, and sat at the farthest table, walking in front of a majority of the crowd.

He was finishing up his pancakes, when he noticed the man in scrubs approaching his table. "I found some clothes for you. I put them on your bed." The man glanced down and back up a few times. "I apologize we didn't have your size last night." "Hey, it's cool man. Thanks." He finished the last bite, and got up to throw his plate away. He didn't bother pulling his pants up, and felt air against his furry ass crack. He enjoyed the spectacle as he sauntered back to his room. Sure enough, there was a fresh set of sweat pants, a new t shirt, and a pair of socks folded nicely on his bed. He noticed a pair of flip flops on the floor as well, and slipped them on, grabbing the new clothes, and headed for the showers. Sam must've headed to breakfast.

He stepped in the quiet shower room, and saw Sam in the end stall, just looking at the wall. "What's up man?" Sam jumped, and looked over. "Nothing, I just did what you told me to do before." "Yeah? You like it?" "Yes. It feels better." "So why are you standing here?" "I...I forgot a towel." "Well, shit, I don't have one either man, just pull on your clothes." "Even wet?" "Yeah man, just go back to the room, and towel off with your sheet." "Ok." Sam stepped out from around the half wall, and he checked out his slim little bod. He had a little definition, and light brown pubic hair, with a small shaft and big balls. He was probably a grower. 

Sam grabbed his sweatsuit off the ledge, and pulled them on quickly, heading out the door. He watched as Sam left, and then turned the water on, quickly soaping up, and rinsing through his hair. He quickly washed the suds off, and pulled on his suit, slipping on his flip flops, and headed back to his room. By now, the hall was full of guys headed back from breakfast. He nodded at a couple of them, and got one or two nods back. He got to his room, and sat on the edge of the bed. There was a packet on the shelf between the beds, with his name on a bright post it. He checked it over, and noticed it was a layout of one of the groups starting in a few minutes. It was a group about anxiety and what causes addiction. 

He giggled to himself, but got up, and walked out to the hall, and down to the front desk. He asked the man sitting behind a computer, where he needed to go. "Just down past the cafeteria. There will be a blue sign on the door with your counselor's name." "Thanks man." He headed down toward the cafeteria, and continued down the walkway, seeing the blue sign with "Dr. Dave" printed boldly.

He found a chair by the wall, and sat down, looking around at the other guys in the group. Only a couple of them looked medicated. He wondered if these groups were going to be mandatory, or if it would help his case. Either way, his goal was to be back home, with his Mom, and his boy. He'd fucked up too many times, and this was his last opportunity for freedom.

Dr. Dave was a really sexy guy. He had on a button up vest, with a v neck t shirt underneath, and dark skinny jeans that hugged him in the best way. He had on some faded suede boots, and large frame glasses, with his hair casually pushed back, short on the sides, and long on top. He had some scruff down the sides of his face, and a little hint of a mustache. His lips were incredibly full and sexy, and he had amazingly white teeth.

It didn't really matter what Dr. Dave was saying. He just sat there listening, and couldn't keep his eyes off that sexy mouth. Before long, the other guys were getting up to leave. He picked up the packet, and slowly made his way to the door. Dr. Dave was a couple inches shorter, but just as broad in the shoulders. He liked that. He smiled and nodded at Dr. Dave, and received a smile back. "Thanks for coming." "Thanks for letting me come." He adjusted his dick on the way out.

He just about ran into a man in scrubs passing by the cafeteria. "Hi! I'll be your nurse this afternoon. I've got some meds for you to sign for, whenever you're ready." "What kind of meds?" "They'll just keep you mindful and well rested." "Nah, I'm good man, but thanks." "You're welcome. Just come to the desk if you change your mind." He kept walking. He got back to the room, and Sam was sitting on the edge of his bed. "Hey." "Hey man, feeling alright?" "Yeah, how bout you?" "I'm alright, I just need to push some weights, or run around or something." "They have a gym, and yoga and stuff." "No shit?" "Yeah, check out your book." Sam pointed to the shelves, and he noticed a pamphlet he hadn't seen before.

He glanced through the pages, and found out there was a gym, and a pool downstairs. You had to be supervised, but it was better than nothing. He headed down to the front desk, and signed up for a gym and pool pass. He also noticed a massage therapist was in on Mondays. That would be one thing he'd take advantage of. He explored the rest of the unit, and found a living room, with a tv and fake fireplace. He found a comfortable chair by the windows, and watched some news. There were a few other guys in the living room, but no one seemed very friendly. He just about fell asleep, when a man came in the room, and announced he'd be taking a group to the gym. 

He stood up, and followed the rest of the guys down the hall, to the gym. They walked in, and he noticed a hand full of machines, free weights, and mats. They had a station where you could sign out athletic shoes, so he told the man at the counter his shoe size, and got a pair of old adidas. They were better than nothing. He pulled them on, quickly lacing them up, and found a treadmill. He jogged for half an hour, and worked up a decent sweat. He hadn't run in a while, and felt his lungs working overtime. He got off, stripping off the sweatshirt, and mopping at his face and neck. He did some free weights for a few minutes, and noticed a steam room in the corner. He got some water, and stepped in. 

There was only one other guy in the corner, with his headed resting against the back wall, and a wash cloth over his face. He unlaced the shoes, kicking them off, and pulling off the sweats, and his t shirt. He sat across from they guy, draping the towel across his waist. He leaned forward, pouring water over the stones in the middle box, and leaned back, taking many deep breaths. He dozed off, and woke again, with a knock on the plexiglass door. He stood up, forgetting about the towel, and bend to pick it up, opening the door. "We're heading back to the unit now." "Ok, I'll get dressed." He turned, and pulled on his t shirt and pants quickly, grabbing the adidas, and hurriedly walked back to the desk, switching them for his flip flops. 

The guys headed back to their unit, heads low, and the stench of sweat and body odor filled the small hall. He couldn't wait to get back and shower. When they got back to the main floor, there were two men holding towels, handing them out to the patients as they walked by. He grabbed two of them, and got to the end of the hall, waiting to enter the shower area.

The showers were all being used, and some of the guys stood waiting, while others undressed, and chatted each other up, while they waited. He took in the site of all their naked, sweaty bodies, feeling his dick getting hard in his sweats. He ignored it for a bit, but soon, it would be pretty obvious. He stood above most of them, except for one beefy black dude a few guys ahead of him. The guy was covered in tats and completely smooth, except for a patch of hair above his massive dick. He was impressed.

He finally got one of the showers, and quickly shed his sweat suit, stepping under the hot, pulsing shower. He lathered up, and glanced quickly back and forth. The black dude was to his right, and a shorter asian guy was on his left. He reached down, and quickly jerked at his dick. The water washed away the lubricating body wash quickly, and he had to alternate his hands, under the dispenser. He glanced over, seeing the black dude peeking down at his dick. He didn't say anything, but kept strokin, til he felt himself going over the edge. He came against the tiled wall, and let out a little grunt, quickly shaking out the last drops of cum, and rinsing the rest of his body off. 

He nodded at the black guy, and stepped out, his dick still hard. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and tucked his dick off to one side. A few of the guys watched him, but most didn't give a shit. He walked through, with his dirty clothes and free towel in hand. His flip flops made loud slurping noises against the tiled floor, until he reached the carpeted hall. He got to his room, and Sam was sitting on the edge of the bed again. He let the towel drop, and used the other one to dry off his head and neck. "Are you always hard like that?" Sam's voice was dry and curious. "Man, I wish I wasn't, but I think this place just keeps me that way." "I only get hard once in awhile." "Well, you're a lucky son of a bitch then. It's fucked up having to walk around with a hardon all day." He dried off his crotch, and slid the towel between his thighs, sliding it back and forth up under his balls, and in his ass crack.

He got in bed, and draped his top sheet loosely over his crotch. He felt the light, cool breeze from the air duct above his bed, and closed his eyes. He dozed off again, and woke up to an announcement that dinner was being served in the dining room . He sat up, looking around. Sam was gone, and there was a fresh t shirt, and sweatpants on his shelf. "Still no fucking underwear." He grunted, getting out of bed. He pulled on the sweats, and the t shirt. He slipped on the flip flops, and headed down the hall toward the dining room. 

It felt too early for dinner, but he was happy to have another meal. He stood in line, and got a foam plate. They were serving burgers tonight, with fries and beans. He got a scoop of each, and asked the cook for some ketchup and mustard. He found a seat in the corner, and sat down, enjoying every bite of his food. "Hi," a light skinned young guy stood at the end of the table. "Can I sit by you?" He shrugged, "sure man." "I'm Trent." "Nice to meet you." "Why are you here?" "Addiction, I guess." "Me too. I'm a sex addict. I used to be in porn, but the company I signed with went bankrupt, and so I tried prostitution." "Wow, that's... hard." "Yeah, sorry. I just didn't want you to think I was weird. But I guess that kind of makes me sound weird." 

Trent was pretty feminine, and he kept brushing back his curly hair behind his ears. He didn't like feminine guys, but he liked the sex addict part. He'd fuck him, if the opportunity came up. At least it would be a warm boy pussy to plant a load. Trent moved closer, and he felt the warms of the boy's arm on his leg, through the sweatpants material. Fuck, his dick started getting hard again.



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