He didn't get much sleep that night. Trent and Danny spent most of the night whispering, and giggling. They would walk across the room and get in each others' bed, and he thought he even heard them fucking at one point. He rolled over, and wrapped his pillow around the back of his head, pressing the sides to his ears, muffling any noises they were making.

The next morning he woke up slowly, feeling a familiar sensation around his dick. He opened his eyes, realizing Trent was in bed with him, sucking his dick. He looked down, as Trent looked up at him with his big brown eyes. Trent smiled, reaching his hand up, and clawing his nails down his happy trail, slowly bobbing his head up and down the thick shaft of his dick. Trent was really good at sucking. He licked inside his foreskin, tonguing up and down the underside of his shaft, and pulling lightly on his balls.

He wanted to tell him to stop, but fuck, it felt amazing. He looked over at Danny's bed, and saw him watching, and jerking off from across the room. Danny smiled and nodded at him. He looked back down, and Trent sped up his bobbing, pulling harder on his balls. Fuck, he was going to cum. He didn't give a fair warning, or nod, he just let himself blow inside Trent's tight little mouth. He heard Trent gag, and choke, as he filled his throat with hot jizz. He busted out a few shots, feeling his dick throbbing openly in the guy's mouth. 

Trent looked up, with tears pouring down his face, and a sick smile. "I liked it Papi." "You're a sick fuck." Trent giggled. "You didn't say no." "You think any normal guy is going to say no, when someone's already sucking their dick? Fuck." Trent sat up, letting his dick flop against his hairy abs. He reached down, tucking it into his sweat pants. He saw Trent pulling some pubes out of his mouth, and smiling down at him.

 "Why don't you go finish off your boyfriend over there?" Danny sat up, still stroking his dick. It was actually pretty impressive for a small guy like him. His dick stood straight out, curving up at the head. He had a dark brown shaft, and a light pink head. He turned toward the wall, hearing slurping noises from across the room, and Danny getting verbal as the slurping sped up. "Yeah, fuck I'm gonna bust. Oh shit, here I cum." He moaned and Trent choked down another load. 

He wasn't going to be getting any sleep, so he got up, got his towel, and headed for the showers. He felt some cum dripping down his leg, and held his towel in front of him for coverage. He made it to the shower room, passing quickly by his old room. No sign of Karl, but he wasn't too sure he wouldn't pop up out of nowhere. He had to wait a couple minutes, til a shower freed up. A skinny, but cute guy stood in front of him, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had practically no ass, but he had a small tattoo of a dragon fly on his shoulder blade. 

"So much for getting up early." He tapped on the dragon fly. The guy turned around quickly, and smiled when they met eyes. "Yeah, no shit right?" He looked him up and down, checking out the small build, and light covering of chest hair. "I'm Joel." "Hey, nice to meet you." Joel seemed nice enough. He was a few inches shorter, but not too petite. Joel turned back around, and as soon as a stall opened up, he took off the towel, and stepped in. He got a glimpse of Joel's dick. Not too bad from the looks of it. 

He showered quickly, and headed back to his room. The announcement overhead was louder down his new hall, about breakfast. He stepped into the room, seeing Trent sitting on the floor in front of Danny's bed, while Danny read a magazine article out loud. Danny had a decent build, with a lot of tattoos. He couldn't make them all out, against Danny's dark skin, but he looked pretty inked up. Trent looked over, making a kissy face at him, and turned back to listen to Danny.

He sat on his bed, watching the two, and imagining himself in another facility. He'd check out the residential program, and see if it would work out for him. Hopefully sooner than later. He'd already been here almost a week, and it was pretty cray. He started thinking about prison, and how he'd had respect from his fellow inmates. Aside from the big fight, there hadn't been any issues with anyone, but unfortunately that had been his last interaction with his homies. 

He didn't feel like eating, so he turned toward the wall, and closed his eyes. He slept until almost lunch time. He got up after hearing the announcement overhead, and headed toward the dining room. He ran into his nurse from the other day, who asked how things were going. "Not great. I just want to get out of here, but it feels like I'm kind of trapped here." "What do you mean trapped?" He sensed actual concern in his nurse's voice. "Trapped, like this is a loony bin, and I'm one of the loonies." His nurse smiled, and shook his head. "Sorry, I know it can be hard, but you need to relax, and get through your treatment. I see you missed your morning group." "Yeah man, I just slept. I don't know if I can take much more, to be honest.

"Well, you know your probation period is done, and they're aware you've successfully made it through your first weekend. They want to see improvement in your communication with staff and fellow patients, as well as your follow up plan with the coordinator." "How should I go about this?" "Stay out of your room, and spend more time out with other people. Go outside when it's offered, and the gym. Get some rec time in, as well as some social opportunities with groups, and conversations." "Alright man, I'll try." "That's all I want you to do." 

He debated on saying something about the couple in his room, but he decided he'd pick his battles carefully. Right now, he was fuckin hungry, and wanted to get some socializing in, so it would look good with his nurse. He sat across from a big white guy, who had missing teeth. His name was Ray, and he was in his 50's, and had lost his wife. He felt ashamed of himself, and thought about suicide, but his kids still lived at him. 

It was a depressing conversation, but he pushed through, and let Ray talk, and gave him a couple bits of advice on putting himself out there, and meeting a potential mate to help with his loneliness. Ray said he didn't have any friends, or even acquaintances. He felt all alone. 

He couldn't help but feel like he wasn't that far up shit creek. At least he had his family, and his friends on the outside. He didn't have a man in his life, but maybe this was an opportunity to actively seek out a soulmate in this life. He was given a second chance, and he didn't want to fuck it up.

He got up, and threw away his plate, and utensils. He headed into the living room, and sat by a younger guy with reddish hair and a cut off sweatshirt, and shorts. He had some big pipes, and  some muscular calves. "Hey man what's up?" "This show sucks ass. Some crazy motherfucker crashes cars for a living." He laughed, pointing at the tv. "What a fuckin way to live right?" "Yeah no shit. I used to ride dirt bikes, but this shit is somethin eles." He nodded, and turned toward the tv. The rednecks on the screen were all toothless and crazy eyed. He was actually shocked there weren't more people watching.

The show ended a half hour later, and the two of them sat there, watching the commercials: Car insurance companies, a campaign ad, and interest free financing on a bmw. "I'm Trevor by the way." "Hey Trevor, what brings you here?" "I had an emotional breakdown at finals, and my roommate called campus police, and they escorted my ass right here." "That's fucked up." "Yeah, like who doesn't freak out during finals?" "What did you say to your roommate?" "I did tell him I wanted to die, but I didn't say I was going to kill myself or anything stupid like that." "Fuck." "Yeah, fuck." "Well, when do you get out?" "I'm not sure, but they were talking about possibly discharging me tomorrow, so I can go to the residential program." "Shit, that's where I'm tryin to get into." "Yeah?" "Yeah, but I need to get some shit together first." "Yeah, they're fuckin picky with who they send over there I guess." 

He felt frustrated, thinking about getting out of here. Rumors swirled about the residential program. You had no roommates, and you had your own bathroom. They had a gym and pool, like here, but not as easily accessible. They had a point system, and you could earn your way to having your own staff coverage for using the pool and gym. He got up, and walked back to his room. The guys were gone, so he flopped on his bed, and read through his brochure again. He had to stick to the plan, and get the fuck out of here.



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