He woke up hard again. The room was cold, and he felt a shiver run through his body. He reached down for the top blanket, realizing it wasn't there. Sitting up, he noticed Sam had already gotten up for the day. He got off the bed, and shuffled around, until he found his blanket on the floor, against the wall. He fixed his sheets, and got back in, pulling the layers up to his chin. The fabric sliding across his shaft, made him want to jerk off, but he was too tired. He fell asleep shortly after, waking up again to the sound of voices in the hall.

"Hey, you coming to breakfast?" He opened his eyes, and looked up, seeing Trent standing in the doorway. "Yeah, probably." "Well, I'll save you a spot if you want." "Ok." He kicked off the sheets, and sat up, realizing Trent was still standing there. "Holy fuck." Trent was looking at his dick, standing straight up. "You like it?" "You're packin Papi." "Shit, don't make me drip." Trent smiled, and walked away. He grinned, pulling on his sweats, and t shirt. He loved when the gay boys called him Papi.

Breakfast was the same as it was the last two days. Pancakes, sausage links and eggs. He didn't mind. He liked the structure of the program, and the afternoon groups the day before weren't so bad. There was a relaxation group, that he'd fallen asleep in. The instructor was a puerto rican dude who was pretty thick, with some cakes on him. That was his only solace was watching those cakes shift up and down, in the instructor's tightly fit dress pants. 

He saw Trent in the corner, and even got a little wave over. The gayest one in the room, but he didn't mind. He wanted to make sure nothing happened to him, in an odd way. He wasn't the kind of guy he'd fuck outside the walls of the facility, but in here, he was desirable. "Hey," Trent smiled at him. His hair was brushed back, and still wet from his apparent shower earlier. "Good morning." He felt the scratch in his voice, and cleared his throat, while he opened his juice box.

"You know I want you." "Yeah, you're not very shy about anything," he laughed. Trent put his hand on his leg. "Alright now, you're going to make it hard again, and then we're in trouble, cause they apparently don't want me wearing underwear." "I don't want you wearing underwear either." "Alright you freak, where would we even...?" "There's a laundry room at the end of my hall, and it doesn't need a key, so we could go after lights out and fuck." His dick moved.

They finished breakfast, and Trent followed him back to his room. "Can I see it again?" He grinned, and pushed the waistband down on his sweats. He pulled the shaft out, letting his dick hang down in front. "Damn. I'd ride that so good." "Yeah?" He gave himself a couple pulls, exposing the head. "Can I see your balls?" He smiled, and pushed the pants down to his thighs, letting his balls air out. "So much fuckin hair. You're a beast." Trent's eyes almost glared, as he looked him up and down. "I'm laying down for a bit. You want to join?" "I wish. No mixing in patients' rooms." "How long have you been here?" "Eight weeks." "Shit! I thought this was only a few day program." "Yeah, well, I don't have a place to go, and they don't have a residential program for men here." "What's residential?" "It's for extended treatment. Pretty much what they're letting me do here, but I've been to so many of these groups, and they're all sounding the same." "How many times have you been here?" "Ever since I turned eighteen, so like four years." "Fuck."

Trent shut down and walked away, so he got in bed. Fucking crazy how many times he'd been here. He was starting to wonder if it would be such a good idea to fuck him. He was cute and all, but obviously he'd done this many times before. He'd have to talk Sam into fucking him. He needed to feel his dick spreading some smooth white boy cheeks. 

He slept all morning, and missed lunch. Sam had woken him up once, and then he'd fallen back asleep. There weren't any groups or gym time today, so the day just seemed to slowly go by. He found a mechanic's magazine in the living room, and read an article on changing the exhaust system on a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am. He watched some replayed talk shows with a couple of other guys who seemed to be zoning. 

He got up and went back to his room. Fuck, this was boring. He had a packet on his shelf, about after care plans. He wasn't sure what that was all about, but he read through the information. There was a card attached, with a man's name, as the coordinator for the after care programs. He was going to see him tomorrow. He lay back on his bed and put his hand down his pants. He had sweaty crotch. He raised his hand to his nose, breathing in they musky stank, and started to get hard. He loved fucking a guy after they'd worked out, or spent time outside on a hot day. Loved the smell of a sweaty, hairy dick and ass. 

He started jerking off, smelling his free hand, and lifted up his t shirt over his head. He felt his balls rise up against the shaft, and soon, he was shooting up his chest. He rubbed the spunk into his skin, letting his dick soften, squeezing out the last drop of cum, running his finger tip around the inside of his foreskin, clearing every last drop, and putting his dick back in his sweats. He got up and headed for the showers. He was the only one in the room, as he stripped, and stepped into the last stall, turning on the water. He didn't take long showering, and left, just as a couple guys walked past him.

He got back to his room, and still no Sam. He was starting to worry about the guy. He read through the packet more, and heard the familiar announcement that dinner would be served in the cafeteria. He sat up, just as his nurse came in, accompanied by another man, with a t shirt and sweats on. He had a short beard, and long blonde hair tied up in a bun on top of his head.

"This is your new roommate, Karl. He just got here." "Hey man." Karl didn't say anything, but he smiled and nodded. He stood up, slipping on his flip flops. "I'm going to dinner, so talk to you later man." He headed down toward the cafeteria, with a slight ache in his stomach. He would've liked to say goodbye to Sam, but hoped he was off to better things. As he got his plate, and headed toward the tables, he saw Trent waving toward him in the corner. He decided to sit closer to the front, and quickly sat, turning away from the corner. He hurriedly ate, heading back to his room. 

Karl was sitting on his bed, reading through his own packet. He glanced up, smiling, "how is the food here?" "It's not bad man, better than prison food." "Yeah? I just got out myself." "Yeah?" "Yeah, possession and intent to distribute." "Ah...You an addict?" "Nah, never touched the stuff, myself. This is all part of my agreement." "Mine too. Whatever it takes though, right?" "Yeah man." He sat down, and Karl got up, taking off his sweatshirt. He was pretty stacked, and had the word 'prosper' inked down his side. "Nice ink." "Thanks, I got a few." Karl turned around, pointing at a pyramid around his left nipple, with sunrays extending out toward his chest and armpit. He pushed down the waistband of his sweats, showing a shortly trimmed bush and trail up to his naval. He had a scorpion tattooed just above his shaft, crawling out toward his side. 

"That's hot." "Yeah, then I have a couple more." He pushed the sweats all the way down, exposing a meaty dick and tight balls. He had a cheetah print tattooed just above his right knee, that wrapped around the back, and they faded to a wild card tattooed just up under his right ass cheek. He had a skinny, but muscular ass. "What's the wild card?" "I'm always down for whatever, so it was just something I thought would be cool." "Down for whatever?" "Yeah man, you know how it is." He pulled his sweats back up, and pulled the t shirt over his head. 

He could feel his dick getting hard again. Fuck. He pulled his leg up, crossing it over, and cleared his throat. "So how long you gonna be here?" "A few days. Not sure." "Sweet." Karl smiled at him, and lay back on his bed. This would be interesting.



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