I met up with another American in Rome, it happened like this. I was in the baths in the Hilton reading a newspaper again, it was my chance to catch up on news after being in darkest Africa. A young guy threw himself down on the chaise next to me. I noticed his body out of the corner of my eye, pretty neat, very neat indeed. He didn't wrap himself from head to toe in the Roman style, in fact his towel was draped lightly across his hips barely covering his crotch. My eyes kept straying off the edge of the paper making it more

and more difficult to concentrate on the news. When I let one section drop on the floor between us he looked down at it.

"Is that an English paper?" he asked. "May I have a look?"

"Sure, help yourself." He reached down to pick it up. As he leaned over his penis slipped out from under the towel, then his balls slid across his inner thigh to hang down in a long, silken sac against his hip. The cock looked delicious, clean, cut and suckable: his balls were big, low hanging and hairless.

When he sat back on the chaise he didn't bothered to cover his gear, it was all lying there in full view, but to enjoy the view I had to turn my head. So, although I kept up the pretense of reading for a while, I wasn't being very convincing. Finally I put down the paper and contrived to get into conversation. He was a ballet dancer with an American dance troupe touring Europe, that accounted for the body. He said it was his first night in Rome, and after a bit of chatting I took him to the same restaurant I took Bryn. It went real easy. I asked him where he was from, some place I'd never heard of in Middle America. He hadn't said anything about being gay, but I decided to take a chance.

"Do your family know that you're gay?" I asked as though it was the most

natural thing in the world.

"They know, but they don't want to know. They made it clear that they don't ever want me to come back." It confirmed what I had been told about the attitude of Middle America to gays. He accepted an invitation back to my room for a drink.

I didn't even have to suggest that he make himself comfortable, by the time I'd poured out two glasses of wine he was naked, and hard too. Now that I could really look at him I saw just how well built he was, not surprising I suppose when you consider how the male dancers have to hoist the females up without any apparent effort. He downed the first glass very quickly as we got to know each other very intimately. As he started on his second glass he was telling me about the physical strain of dancing. It was the perfect opening, I suggested that he lie face down on the bed for a massage. As I went through my routine starting at his feet I was looking at the tight buns that I intended to slip my cock between. I'd got up to his neck and was working my way south towards that special slot when he rolled away form me.

"Your turn now," he said.

"But I'm not through yet," I protested.

"No problem, we can keep changing places." Well that seemed alright too so I lay face down on the bed. He knelt astride my body, starting work on my shoulders. It was good massage, perhaps too relaxing, I was anticipating the feel of his sphincter around my cock, could almost feel the heat already. His hands slid down my arms to my wrists. Suddenly both wrists were twisted behind my back and up between my shoulder blades.

"Hey, take it easy!" I protested. He took no notice but pulled my right wrist further up, crossing over the left one. Now he was able to let go of my left arm, it was trapped. I felt him trying to get his cock into my ass, feeling for the opening.

"No wait! I can't take it!" It was about three months since Bryn had fucked me, and I still remembered how much my sphincter had tightened up on that occasion. If I was going to be fucked at least we could do it right.

"Just shut the fuck up," he snarled. "You know you want it. I know you want it. You're going to take it." His voice had changed completely, this wasn't the nice guy I'd had dinner with; this guy was mean.

I thought very fast indeed. I was in no position to get into a fight, even a bruise on my face would take some explaining. A minor injury which would be an inconvenience to most guys could put me out of flying temporarily, even permanently. I might be able to break free if I rolled suddenly, but if there was a struggle there was no way of knowing how it might end. If a bedside table or lamp was knocked over someone in the next room might call security. If the telephone was knocked off the cradle and left hanging security would be alerted, that's part of the security routine in most big hotels. I'd have had great difficulty explaining how we came to be naked in the room together, and since I was in the hotel most weeks I was well known to the staff. The word would get around.

"Listen, if it's money you want my wallet's in my pants."

"I don't want your fucking money, I want your ass." I didn't know if that made me feel better or worse. I struggled some, but the pain in my arms was terrible.

"OK... Listen, there's some KY in the draw... Use it please," I knew I was going to be fucked, he was big, but if he used some lubrication I could take him.

"You're going to get all the cream you need. Just shut the fuck up and hold your ass up."

With his free hand he was trying to line up his cock in my hole, I kept struggling, pleading with him to use the KY. Finally he lost his cool, reached under my body and grabbed my nuts. He had a powerful grip. This made me struggle even more, I couldn't help it. He was stabbing at my ass with his spike, each time it found the opening I twisted in pain and it slipped out. This went on for ages, or it seemed like ages to me. Inevitably with the twisting and bucking there came a point at which my hole and his cock lined up as he thrust forward. I felt like I'd been split open and froze. He slammed in again, and again, each thrust driving his penis further in.

There was no escape now. To try to minimize the damage I lifted my ass to take it straight, a couple more thrusts and I felt his balls slapping against mine. I was sure he'd make a thorough job of the fucking, that he'd rake my rectum until I was bleeding. But then I felt his balls tightening up and to my amazement he came just a few seconds later. What happened next was even more surprising; he fell asleep on my back. Honestly, I mean would I make up something like that? He fell sound asleep! I was sore, mentally and literally. I struggled out from under his weight my arms aching as bad as my hole. I looked at him lying there, one knee bent up, his penis softening, still with a large bead of jellied cum at the tip. His balls, loose now, hung down to rest on the sheet. I just wanted him out. I kicked him: he didn't stir. For an awful moment I thought he might have had a heart attack and died, but he was breathing normally. I kicked again, still no movement. I couldn't call security so I was at a loss for what to do. I was angry, I wanted to get even, but something else was going on in my mind. The more I looked at his body the more horny I became. Finally I realized that I could get even, and get my rocks off at the same time. I pulled his legs apart and jammed my cock into his ass. I didn't bother with the KY either, just ripped into the soft opening being as rough as I could. Still he didn't move. Once I was buried in him I went for his balls, I was vicious, I wrecked them. Still there was not the slightest reaction. All I can think is that he'd taken some drug which turned him on fast, then left him unconscious. Actually it was very disappointing, I'd wanted to hear him cry out as I hurt him, still I guess his balls ached next day.

After raping him I still felt aggrieved, I was tired too, but I didn't want to go to sleep with this guy in the room. Eventually I packed all my stuff into my suitcase, locked it and used my tie to attach the handle to my

wrist. Eventually I did doze off, but woke before five, it was still dark. I was pleased to see that he was still asleep so I gave him another kick. He came round, very groggy. I told him to get dressed and get out.

"Where am I?" he asked looking puzzled.

"You're in my room, now fuck off back to your own." I wasn't in a sympathetic mood. He still looked groggy and puzzled.

"Which hotel is this?"

"The Hilton. You're in Rome... remember?" He really was out of it.

"But we're not staying in the Hilton. We're in the Holiday Inn."

"I don't care where you're staying, just fuck off"

"But what time is it?"

"Five in the morning."

"How can I get to the Holiday Inn at this time of day?"

"I don't know," I said without pity, "but if you're not out of my room in one minute I'll have security arrest you." It was a bluff of course, but he wasn't thinking clearly, he dressed and hurried away. Pity, it could have been a wonderful night for both of us.

What else happened in Rome? I read about a nudist beach in Sparticus. It was at Ostia, a coastal town about fifteen miles from Rome. Just reading about it got my loins tingling. The very first thought that occurred to me was, 'Would I have the balls to go?' By this time of course I had spent many long nights in gay baths, I was used to being naked among other naked men, but the baths weren't the same as a public beach. For one thing every man in the baths was there for one thing, sex. And although they were places that anyone could go it wasn't the same as being naked in public. Another thing that concerned me was that I'd never managed to go to a bathhouse without getting an erection from the moment I stripped off, not once, and I stayed hard all night. I always wished that I could look like all those other guys, soft, relaxed, casual, but I couldn't. In the baths of course it didn't matter, in fact I'm sure it got me a lot of attention. So although a stiff cock didn't matter in the baths, how about a public beach? I knew it would be a problem, but I had to try it at least once.

As usual Sparticus gave me a bum steer. "Take the number 7 bus south from Ostia,) get off at the terminus: walk a few hundred yards: the beach is on the right." I took the number 7, most of the other passengers were elderly, not encouraging, but there were two younger men. I eyed them surreptitiously, maybe! As the bus headed south along the coast all the other passengers, including the two men, got off one by one. At the terminus I was alone. I walked, and walked, and walked some more. There was a beach behind a barbed wire fence, but no sign of life. I cursed myself for not reading the instructions properly. An hour or so later the next number 7 pulled into the terminus and I rode it back. When I finally made it back to the hotel I was surprised to find that I had done exactly as the book said.

Later I went out to Ostia again, there had to be an explanation. I discovered that there were three varieties of number 7 buses: the siete (7), the siete barré (7/) and the siete crocé (7X). It was a toss up, I tried the 7/, no good, it went further along the coast road but again at the terminus I was alone. It was some weeks before I got another chance, the 7X was crowded, about an equal mixture of men and women, mostly young. Hardly

anyone got off before the end of the line which was much further down the coast than the other two busses had gone. When we piled out I followed the crowd. Sure enough in just a few minutes we were walking through the sand dunes covered in tufts of coarse grass. Between each of the dunes there were naked men lying around, not lying on their stomachs, everything on view! Right up to this point I wasn't sure as to what lay ahead, I might have been at the wrong beach, just any old beach, but now I knew! 'Oh shit,' I thought, 'this is for real...it is a fucking nudist beach and I'm going to have to strip off...in broad daylight!' Needless to say my stomach churned The girls in the crowd filed past these delectable sights without seeming to notice. Suddenly we came to the edge of the dunes, ahead and below the beach stretched out to the sea about two hundred yards away. Now I could see that the crowd on the beach was mixed male and female, all naked, whilst in the dunes it was exclusively male.

I looked for a hollow in the sand. I had to choose carefully, didn't want it to be too secluded, I'd come here to experience public nudity so there was no point in cowering in a deep hollow. On the other hand I didn't want to be too much on view either. I spread my towel in a niche, I was only wearing shorts, a tee-shirt and flip-flops so it didn't take long to get naked, but I still felt pretty self-conscious before I got down into the safety of the hollow. Once I was horizontal I realized that I was really well hidden, too well hidden. It took a while, but I eventually got up and moved my things to the top of a hummock, then lay down again. OK, I admit it, I lay face down, but I was going to turn over as soon as my cock subsided a bit.

There were some lovely sights from the top of my sand castle. Amongst the dunes there were lots of cocks, and twice as many balls, all toasting in the bright sunshine. Below me the flat beach stretched to the sea about two hundred yards away. More sights, gorgeous girls, fantastic figures, cavorting with gorgeous men, all naked as the day they were born. There was a mixed group playing volley ball, tits, cocks and balls all bouncing around, how those guys remained flaccid I'll never know. And not far from them a group of young men played with a Frisbee, two or three of them trying to make each catch which often ended in a wrestling match in the sand,. They were clearly stimulated by the full body contact, their penises definitely stretched, but still they weren't sticking up and hard like mine. How did they remain soft? I never found out, the sight of naked bodies always got me hard, still does.

I was really enjoying the warmth and the sights. I spread an ample covering of high value sun-block over my butt and balls. The last thing I needed on the next ten to twelve hour flight was a burned ass. But after an hour or so I realized that my back needed protection too, up between my shoulder blades where I couldn't spread the cream properly. I rehearsed what I'd say in Italian. The nearest guy was asleep. I got up, well I actually kept as low as I could without crawling, and went over to another man a little further away, and made my request. I must have got my pronouns crossed, he seemed to think I was suggesting that he needed the protection. I tried again. He made it absolutely clear that whatever it was that I was trying to give him he

didn't want it. I gave up.

A little while later a young man stripped and threw himself down just a few feet away. I decided to ask him to apply the cream. I was trying to re-word my request when he spoke to me.

"Questa ora prego?" I knew perfectly well what he was asking, 'What's the time?' but for some reason I was quite unable to come up with an answer to this simple question. On a street I'd have answered him straight off. Now, just because we were both naked, my brain seized up. I mumbled, started again, finally got up and went over to show him my watch. As I moved towards him his eyes latched on to my crotch. By the time I sat down the time wasn't the only thing on his mind. He applied the cream, all the way from my shoulders to the creamy white outline of the bikini swim togs that I normally wore. We talked in a mixture of two languages, luckily his English was a little better than my Italian. He said his name was Ayo, that's what he wrote in the sand when I couldn't grasp what he was saying. Maybe short for something, but I don't know what. He explained that the dunes, where we were, was for gays, the flat beach was for straights.

After sometime Ayo suggested a swim in the sea. It was a hell of a long way to the safety of the water, but I couldn't immediately think of any reason for not joining him, so I agreed in what I hoped was an off hand manner. He stood up to go, it was too late to change my mind so we set off together. As we came down from the dunes the sea seemed to be even further away than I had thought. It wasn't of course, but there was a lot of open space, and a lot of people, between us and the water. During our stilted conversation my dick had wilted some, it wasn't exactly soft, but it was 45º below horizontal as opposed to the usual 45º above. By continuing to talk as we walked I managed to hold the status quo for a while, then what I saw ahead brought it back up hard. There was this couple, she was lying on her back, he was kneeling beside her spreading oil all over her body. And what a body! Beautiful breasts, glistening with oil, a very flat stomach, virtually no

pubic hair, long, long legs. He was rubbing oil over breasts when I first saw them, but as we got nearer his hand moved down between her parted legs. By the time we were beside them he was working the oil into her cunt with his middle finger. From that point on I didn't have a chance, my cock was out of control, I broke into a run. Even having made it to the water the slope of the beach continued to be almost imperceptible so I still had a long way to go before my cock was hidden.

Eventually I was in deep enough, hidden, and could relax. I might have if there hadn't been any surf, but even though the waves weren't big they produced millions of bubbles which swirled around my body. In my mind I was right back in Tangiers where it had all begun. I was in the water for a long time trying to relax, and from time to time I did soften a bit. Ayo had long since departed, but every time I thought about the walk back to the dunes my cock came up. Eventually I began to get cold, my fingers were wrinkling, I just had to go. If the walk down had been bad, going back was much worse. I felt every eye appraising my gear, still hard, but impressive it wasn't after all that time in cold water.

Back in the dunes I dragged my towel over close to Ayo's. We resumed our awkward chat. He told me that his girlfriend was away on holiday in Tunisia, but that his passport had been confiscated by the Italian authorities after he was thrown out of Morocco for being in possession of cannabis. The story of having a girlfriend may seem at odds with the fact that he'd chosen to stay in the gay area of the beach, but as I have explained, a lot of Italian men do have sex with both men and women. We also taught each other all the

most interesting words that you don't find in tourist guides, like cock, balls, assholes and fucking. The only ones I can still remember are pene for penis, and boule for ball. Now that the conversation had taken an

interesting turn I asked him if he'd ever had sex with a man. He became a bit embarrassed, but admitted he had. When I told him that I'd had sex with many men, and many women, he seemed more comfortable. I asked what he'd done with men. With gestures he indicated that he'd sucked, and been sucked.

"And anything else?" I asked.

"No...." It wasn't a short no, it just sort of hung there. He was looking down at the sand, I sensed the tension.

"Maybe you'd like to try?" There was a long pause. He didn't say yes, nor did he say no, but I wasn't going to give up that easily. "But we can't do it here?" I added. It wasn't really a question, the Sparticus guide had said that sex on the beach was banned, but that there was an area in the woods just inland of the road where couples went for sex.

"No," he confirmed, "not here." Then he seemed to come to a decision. "I will show you." He got up, pulled on his shorts and gathered his things. I did the same and followed him back through the dunes towards the road. There were so many tanned bodies lying around by this time, one in every nook and

cranny. I'd like to say that they all looked like the statues of naked men that adorn the streets and squares of Rome, but they didn't. In fact too many of them looked like stranded whales that had been left behind by the


When we got to the road there was a steady stream of traffic in both directions. As we waited to cross Ayo did something that surprised me, he took hold of my hand, just the way you see couples in the street. There were quite a few people about, some walking along the road, some waiting for a bus. We crossed at a run when there was a brief gap in the traffic, then went down the unpaved road that was right opposite the entrance to the beach. I was very conscious of all the eyes watching us heading into the woods, there couldn't have been much doubt in their minds about what we were going to do.

After about fifty yards the road turned right, from this point on it was no more than a narrow track. The surface was just sand, an extension of the beach really. There were trees and bushes on both sides of us, and every few yards I could just make out small clearings on the left and right, each no more than a couple of yards across, big enough for a couple and nicely secluded. Ayo took no notice of the clearings, went straight on by, still holding my hand as though he was leading me someplace. We went round a bend to the left. Another hundred yards on we came to a wide open sandy space perhaps a hundred yards across. I guess it was a fire-break because there wasn't a tree nor a bush and the break extended for a hundred yards in both directions. When we started across this open space I assumed that we'd come to a more secluded area on the far side, but to my surprise Ayo threw down his stuff and spread out his towel on the sandy surface right out in the middle. Why he wanted sex just here I have no idea, maybe he was making a statement, do it out in the open, we certainly would have been seen by anyone coming along the track as we'd just done, maybe he even wanted to be seen. This struck me as odd, everything I'd learned about Italian men told me that although they did enjoy man-on-man sex it was always a very secretive affair. Whatever the reason he just stood there on his towel looking at me. I spread my towel beside his to give us a bigger area to play on. He was still standing, completely passive, waiting. I came close to him and released his belt, he didn't move. I undid the waistband of his shorts, still no reaction. I undid his flies and they fell away. In just seconds I was naked too.

I dropped to my knees in front of him, at last I saw his cock the way it was meant to be seen, curving up out of his pubes and rigid. It was a fine specimen, about seven inches, strongly curved with a flaring head. I took

the head into my mouth and played with it with my tongue. He whimpered. I reached around with both hands to grasp him by the buns and pulled min in all the way. He gasped and thrust his hips forward to sink his penis in my willing mouth. I worked on him for a few minutes and was wondering if he wanted to come in my mouth. When I moved my hands from his butt to his balls he put his hand on my forehead and stopped me.

"I lie down?" Ayo asked.

"Sure, any way you want," I replied. As he got down to the ground it looked as though he was going to lie on his back, that is the way he started, but before I could take his cock again he rolled over on to his stomach. I caressed his neat, tight buns.

"I want you..." he stopped.

"You want me to what?" I asked, hoping I was going to get my cock into that sweet slot.

"You do fuck me?"

"Oh yes," I said happily. "If that's what you want I'll fuck you."

"Yes... I want..."

I spread his legs wide and I knelt between them, then bending forward I pulled the cheeks apart and let a large drop of spit fall right on target. As I spread it around and up into his hole his sphinctre gripped tightly on my finger.

'This,' I thought, 'is one tight ass, it'll be one good fuck.'

Ayo put his head down on the towel, then raised his arms on either side as though surrendering, his whole sweet young body was mine for the taking. I wedged my cock-head in his hole, then came down on his back pressing steadily. He let out a gasp. I pressed a bit harder. He cried out.

"Have you been fucked before?" I asked. He didn't respond, but I wasn't sure he understood what I'd asked. "Is this first the time?"

"Si," he said quietly.

I knew just what he was feeling, I'd been there myself, but now that I'd started I really wanted to fuck him. I thought of the suntan lotion. I aimed it at his hole and squeezed out a large squirt. I remembered how that guy from Fort Laramie had eased his monster cock into my tight ass by rocking from side to side as he pressed it in. I tried to do the same. With my weight balanced on my arms and knees it wasn't as easy to keep a steady pressure on his sphincter, either I pressed too hard and he gasped, or I backed off too much and my cock didn't penetrate at all. This went on for quite a while with sharp gasps exploding from Ayo every minute or two and I still hadn't broken through. Eventually he turned his head to look at me over his shoulder.

"You do it now! You just do!"

"No, I don't want to hurt you. We take it easy."

"No easy! You do!"

That's what he wanted, that's what he got. I increased the pressure slowly but steadily. His head reared backwards, his shoulders flexed, hands clenched, but he didn't utter a sound. Suddenly I broke his resistance, I was through. I stopped with my cockhead just inside his sphinctre and waited for him to relax. We lay absolutely still for two minutes, maybe three, then I felt the cheeks of his ass soften under my hips. I eased my cock in another inch, he tightened up. Another wait; he relaxed; another inch. This way I worked my way right up into his body and waited again. When he relaxed again I started to pump his ass with long slow strokes. Now he was making little whimpering sounds, like a puppy. I raised myself to look down at his body and to see my cock as it plunged in and out of his tight crack. It was a strange feeling fucking not just out in the open, but in a position where neither of us could have seen anyone approaching. But by this time I'd been hard for hours, my balls were aching, nature superseded common sense, I needed to fuck. Using my hands to massage his back as I pumped I felt his whole body go limp. Now I knew I could do as I wished, he was in heaven. I knew I wasn't going to keep this up for much longer so I came down on his back again and reached under him with both hands to get at his cock and balls. His curved cock was as hard as a pole. I was able to make a hollow in the soft sand under the towel, his balls fell into my hands. As I took hold of them he grunted, but he didn't struggle, so I played with them, not real rough. He came about five seconds later with a roar. The cum was still pumping out so I didn't let up. I held his balls, one in the fingers of each hand and kept thrusting hard and deep into his hole. When I came he got a heavy load.

As we lay there, my cock still lodged in his hole, the juice that had been building up all day long in my balls slowly seeped out of his asshole. I found the pool of cum that he'd pumped into the towel, it was still jellied

so spread it all over his softening balls. Ayo moaned. Eventually I rolled off him and we lay side by side. He raised himself to look at my cock, still pretty stiff. He said something I couldn't understand, then reached down and ran his finger down the length of my urethra. A drop of jelly oozed out of the slit. He moved down my body. First he licked up the drop, then took the head of my cock into his mouth. He sucked the head for a minute or so then continued on down the shaft to take the whole length of my penis. To me that was so hot, I just had to show him how much it meant to me. I reached down, took hold of his head, brought his face up to meet mine, then gave him a deep, penetrating kiss. We must have rocked and twisted in each other's arms

for quite a while, by the time we broke apart we were both ready for more. He'd already cleaned up my cock so now I licked all the cum off his balls, right down to the entrance to his hole, then we sucked each other off. That was one ejaculation! Had there been pips in my testicles they'd have been squeaking.



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