One night I turned up at the Club Baths to find the place closed for renovations. I'd been on routine training which comes around every six months or so, simulator, dinghy drill, fire fighting, all tedious, boring stuff, so I hadn't been in NYC for a few weeks. I was pissed off, I'd really looked forward to this night of debauchery. I bought a copy of 'David', the local gay broadsheet. There was a full page advert for Man Country. I had been there once before and was wholly unimpressed, but the ad claimed that it had been entirely revamped. "All new Games Room and Dormitory" it said. The Continental had by this time been burned out, I didn't much care for either St. Mark's or Mid-Town Baths, nor could I rejoin the rest of my crew because I'd told them a pack of lies about going out to Long Island to see some fictitious friends, so I was in a quandary. I finally decided to try the 'all new' Man Country.

The entrance certainly looked better, some really sexy murals. I felt quite optimistic as I stripped for action. It didn't take long to realize that I'd been conned. The 'all new dormitory' was the same one I'd been in before, a big bare looking room with some mattresses scattered around on the floor. I don't even think the mattresses were new. The 'games room' was new, but the guy who designed it had obviously never played sexual games in his life. It was another large bare looking room stretching back about thirty feet from the entrance, maybe twenty feet wide. The only thing they had done was to build what looked like a stage covering about half the floor area. It was on the right as you went in, about three feet high and covered in carpet. Just inside the entrance door it was about six feet from front to back, the front edge curved as it went back into the room so that at the far wall it would have been about twelve or fourteen feet deep. This was the entire reconstruction, a stage in an empty room. Well I'd paid so I decided to try and get at least something out of the evening.

There had been about a dozen guys in the dormitory, which was the only place that seemed to offer any hope of sex. I tried to get close to one or two men but didn't get the right vibes, they were probably as pissed off as I was. I was wondering if I might do better by cutting my loss and going to another place when two of the youngest looking boys I'd ever seen in a bath house came in. I was stunned. I guess they had produced some form of I.D., but 18 they weren't! They walked in holding hands, like school girls, the towels around their waists, folded very small, showed off the curves of their neat little asses. I imagined that they had come in together to have sex together and was still looking at them in awe when two other guys, more switched on than the rest of us, rose from their mattresses and closed in on the boys. Each of the men had come from a different direction, each wanted to take their prize back to their own mattress. As the older men led them

away the boys' arms stretched out, fingers still touching as long as possible until finally they were parted. One of them was brought to the mattress next to the one on which I was sitting. The older man stood the boy

not five feet from me, then stripped away the towel. The boy was lovely. His dick was slim but long: his balls quite small, but low hanging: his nipples were just pimples: not a trace of hair on his body and only a fuzz around his crotch. After admiring his prize for several minutes the man laid the boy down, then took up position on all-fours astride him in the sixty-nine position. That's when I got the next surprise. Far from being abashed, or having to be told what to do, the younger guy raised his head to take the whole of the big cock dangling over his mouth. He didn't just take it, he worked it, then reached higher for the balls and finally brought his top's body down so that he could rim the hairy ass. For the next hour or so the two boys gave virtuoso performances. Yes, the other one was equally enthusiastic. It was a joy to watch when the tops finally fucked the sweet butts, although it would have been even better to have been the one doing the fucking. When the two tops finally came they still didn't leave the boys, but led them away, presumably for more action back home.

The men who had been watching drifted off when the boys were taken away, but after watching at such close quarters for so long I was hot, I needed a man. I wandered around the building hoping that I'd come across some secret nook or cranny crowded with sex-crazed men. No such luck. However I did find that quite a few of the guys who'd been in the dormitory had moved to the games room. I wandered in. Was there more action? No, no action, just men looking sideways at other men, no one prepared to reach out and take what was available. I had to try something so I slipped off my towel and moved up close to a good looking guy. I honestly think he was embarrassed. Maybe it was all those others just watching, waiting, but he just froze. I tried to ease the situation by reaching out to stroke the bulge in the front of his towel. Still no response. Feeling a bit foolish I wandered off down the far end of the room and sat up on the raised platform.

I waited hoping that something would galvanize these guys, get the sucking and fucking started. A few minutes later another man came in, slipped off his towel which he draped around his neck. From where I was sitting I could only see his head and shoulders, but the thing that I noticed was that all heads turned towards him, he had the undivided attention of every man in the room. One man reached out to his crotch. The newcomer paused for a while, then moved forward again. Another hand reached out, he paused again for a minute or so, then moved on. By the time the fourth or fifth hand had delayed him I could see why they were all so interested, his cock was enormous. I don't know what it measured in inches, all I can tell you is

that I haven't seen a bigger one yet. It wasn't just long, it was thick too, a monster penis. He kept stopping and moving on, gradually getting closer to where I was sitting on the edge of the platform. He was a good looking man, about six foot tall, crew-cut fair hair, nicely muscled body. He had a lot going for him. It was obvious that he was in no hurry, he let them all stroke his cock. It was as though they were paying homage to it. Some of them bent down to take the head in their mouths too, then he'd ease himself free and move on to the next waiting hand. I was fascinated in a detached sort of way, he was way too big for me to take down my throat. As for being fucked by that pole, I wouldn't even consider it in my dreams. I cannot think of any way to describe my feelings when he stopped in front of me.

I looked at him and said, "Man, you look magnificent." It was the only way to describe him.

"Well," he said modestly, "I thank you for that." It struck me as an old fashioned expression, but very gracious too. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed gently backwards.

"Look," I said, "It's fantastic, but way too big for me to handle." I didn't see any point in starting something I couldn't finish.

"No," he said. "It's big, but not too big. Let me show you." He was much closer now, his cock thrusting out towards my crotch. Suddenly I realized that he might want to fuck my ass with that thing!

"I may as well tell you that I've never been fucked. Just haven't been able to take it."

"That only means that no one did it right." I knew that it would be madness to let him start, it would split me open for sure.

"No really... I haven't been able to take even a small cock... just too painful." Even as I was speaking he was moving closer. He was between my legs now, the monster head just an inch from my balls, his hand still pressing firmly against my shoulder.

"It won't hurt at all...I promise you it won't hurt...Let me show you... Just say the word and I'll back right off." His voice was calm and strangely reassuring. I didn't want this to happen. A small part of my mind was screaming that this was madness, I just knew I was going to be split open. The strange thing is that I didn't resist, it must have been something in his voice, or his manner. I allowed myself to be pushed gently right back down on to the carpeted surface.

His strong arms moved me a little so that my butt was right at the edge of the platform. He took my feet and lifted them, not up over my head as I expected, but just put them up on the carpet either side of my hips. I could feel the head nudging between my cheeks.

"I've got some oil," I said suddenly remembering the small bottle I still held in one hand. In the face of this monster cock I was clutching at a straw, KY hadn't helped in the past, but it was my only hope.

"We won't need it." I couldn't believe it.

"No... Please use it," I said pleading. But looking back on it that was a stupid thing to say. I shouldn't have been saying anything, I should have been up and out of there.

"If it hurts just say, I'll stop." There was an air of finality about it, he was in charge now. He dribbled saliva on to the head and shaft, it was easy, there was plenty of meat for the drops to land on. Then with his finger he started massaging my hole. I thought he'd use two, then three fingers to open me up, but he didn't, just one, round and round, in and out. In spite of my fear I began to respond.

"Didn't I tell you?" he asked.

"A finger isn't like that thing you've got there." He just laughed gently and went on stirring my ass. I was really enjoying the sensations and moved my hips to respond to his thrusts. When his finger slipped out and I felt the head lodge in the opening I tightened up again.

"Just relax." They'd all said that, but this man's voice told me that I could. He started rocking from side to side, then after a while he used his hand to move his cock up and down. Up and down, side to side, with just a steady pressure against the sphincter. He went on and on and on: up and down, side to side. After a while I could feel that I was opening up, he wasn't in yet, but no man had got this far before. The movement continued, the pressure never let up, nor did it increase either. Millimetre by millimetre his penis was easing its way in. Suddenly my whole body was body was alive with sensations I'd never felt before. It was like having the whole Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing in my head. I wanted him to smash through the last shred of my mental hymen, rip it away and bury himself in my body. I begged him to fuck me hard: he didn't change his rhythm one iota. Side to side, up and down, millimetre by millimetre he came on in. It seemed to take an eternity, but suddenly I felt the weight of his body against me, felt his balls pressing at my wide open crease. I wanted to sing, to shout, to laugh. I was drunk with delight. For the first time since he'd started I became aware of the figures all around us on the stage, crowding in close to get a good view.

"Look at me you miserable fuckers!" I wanted to shout. "I'm being fucked by the biggest cock in the world!" Of course I didn't say a word.

Once he was all the way in he wanted to move me back so that he could lie on top of my body. I thought he'd pull out to move, but no, he was strong enough to drag me with his cock still buried up to the hilt in my ass. Once we were settled again he started fucking in earnest, long, strong strokes. I could feel my balls being squashed between our bodies, his balls slapping at my ass. I was almost in heaven, but there was one thing more that I wanted, needed.

"Please...Can I turn over?" I asked.

"You want to be fucked from behind?"

"Yes... I've always wanted that. Will you do it?"

"Sure will, I love it that way too."

This time he did pull out. He was kneeling between my legs when I sat up. The guys all around seemed to lean a little closer. His cock was right in front of my mouth. It looked even bigger now, I could hardly believe that it had been right up inside my body. Looking at it I got a sudden urge, I leaned forward and took the head in my mouth. Just a few sucks was all he allowed me, then I turned over. I wondered if it would hurt when he came back in, not that it was going to make any difference now. Again he was gentle until he was all the way in, then he started to fuck. I looked at the faces, the mouths slightly open, the lips being licked. I knew I was getting what they wanted, what I'd needed for a very long time. I felt the spasm in

his body and the flexing of his cock when he pumped his semen into me. He lay on my back for a few minutes then slowly rolled over to lie beside me.

"Did that hurt?" he asked.

"No, I can't believe it, but it didn't," I replied. I rolled on to my side to look again at his magnificent cock. It was still huge, but it was softening now. That's when I discovered that I had come too, don't know just when it happened, but there was a pool of jism soaking into the carpet. I was ecstatic, on cloud nine, in Nirvana, all of those things. I could feel his juice slipping out of my ass. I felt my balls, they were slippery, I

spread the jism all over them.

"Come...what we need is a shower," he said patting me on the butt. I didn't want a shower, I wanted to smear the cum from my ass all over my body as I lay there reliving my first fuck. I reached out to touch his penis. It was sticky now, the surface sort of wrinkled as the heat of his body dried the cum on his skin.

"I'll clean you up," I offered. He laughed.

"We'll take a shower, then go get a drink or two. How's that sound?"

That's what we did. I discovered that he was from Fort Laramie, Wyoming, it sounded historic and interesting, he assured me it wasn't. He was one of four brothers, the others all teased him about the size of his dick, his was the smallest! All four brothers had had sex with each other since he could remember.

"Hey!" he said, "We live way out of town, what can growing boys do before they're old enough to drive?" But he was the only one who considered himself gay. The others were married, but still had sex with each other, and other men whenever they could. I knew exactly what he was talking about. He

was in the Air Force, a mechanic, and was only in the city for the one night on his way home from Germany. The reason he'd stopped in NYC was because he'd wanted to visit the Club Baths which he'd read so much about. Like me he had gone there only to find the door locked. Not knowing the city he'd bought a magazine, seen the same ad I'd seen, and that's how we met. He spent the night with me in my hotel room.

I woke before he did. He was lying on his back, covered only by a cotton sheet which was lifted way up like a tent by his morning erection. I wanted to lift the sheet, just enough to look at his penis while he slept, to gaze at it, soak up the beauty, but as soon as I moved he stirred.

"Oh man that feels good!" he said as he stroked his cock. I moved his hand away and took over the stroking. "I need a piss."

"No...not yet...let me enjoy it a while," I begged. He lay back and let me have it. "You know what I want, don't you?" I asked.

"Well now, it didn't hurt last night, but if that was the first time for you then I'd have to say it'll definitely hurt this morning."

"It doesn't matter, I don't care about that, I want it."

"Now listen up," he said patiently. "The inside of your rectum's been stretched, it's been bruised, you can't feel it now, but if I was to come into you again so soon it'd really hurt. You could have a big problem."

Like a fool I insisted, he tried. The pain was way too much, just like he said it would be. We settled for sucking each other off. When he took my cock in his hand I was desperately conscious of how small it felt, like a small boy's, or a toy, compared to the massive thing I had in mine. He took my cock into his mouth, right down to my balls. I had the head of his, plus an inch or two, in my mouth, but there was still plenty of shaft to pump with my fist.

As we showered and dressed I said something about the size of my cock and how he must have wished it was more like his own. His reply was interesting.

"You got to remember this, you're average, you're normal, I'm the freak. Every guy I go with has a cock pretty much like yours so I don't ever expect to find anything much bigger."

"Except when you go home," I added.

"Yes, they're bigger. And no matter what, they'll all be around to fuck me tonight."

Now that's something I'd dearly loved to have seen, the four brothers fucking each other with their monster cocks.



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